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How you meet BTS on the campus

College/university life AU (is that how you call something like this?)

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BTS and A.R.M.Y. fighting! <333

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Jin: *is one of your roommates in the dorm. The two of you are constantly arguing over who gets to use the bathroom first*

You: “[fooling around] See, I’m already LAYING in the bathtub, I should be the one who gets to have a bath first.”

Him: “Someone take this dongsaeng out of my bathtub - [sees what nonsense you are doing now] waaa when did you become so flexible, this is hilarious~”

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Suga: *Yoongi sits next to you in the cafeteria. Half-way through the meal, he starts showing off his special trick of devouring a mouthful of meat and salad. Your friends all get grossed out by it, but you find it cute and enjoy this rare display of a healthy appetite*

Yoongi: [notices your stare] “Hey, you! Yes yes, you~ Genius Min Yoongi, nice to meet you. I’m Daegu’s pride and this is my special trick. Want to try some, too?~”

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Rap Monster: *Namjoon is the Einstein of your group project. He keeps quiet most of the time while you try to cope with the dumb ideas of the other group members. At the end of the day, though, Namjoon suddenly gets all excited and presents a ground-breaking idea that will guarantee you top grades.”

You: “Thank you, oppa, you really saved the day. I was getting tired already because we couldn’t come up with anything good in two days.”

Him: “Ah…ah that. It’s nothing, really~ I just like to think a lot anyway, so I might as well try to help the group as best as I can~”

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J-Hope: *You meet Hoseok at the laundromat one day, despairing of how to properly wash his clothes. You feel sorry for him and explain all the programmes to him, including how to use the dryer afterward. At the end of it all, Hobi hugs you tightly, almost jumping into your embrace [see gif ^^]*

Him: “Thank you so much, _______! I felt so lost before, and now I don’t have to worry about the laundry anymore. If you need my help, let my know anytime, okay? This oppa here will make it up to you~”

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Jimin: *He works part-time at your university’s coffee shop to finance his modern dance studies. Jimin sells coffee with his angelic laugh, and you find yourself suddenly getting addicted to caffeinated beverages. All the other employees already know that you can’t stop glancing at him from your corner seat, and sometimes they whisper stuff into his ear and you have to look away real quick before you get caught. One day, you find a “Wanna go out?” scribbled onto your cup. You automatically look into Jimin’s direction, and he cutely winks at you [see gif]*

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V: *Your friend excitedly shows you all the pictures from her house party last night that you missed because you had to do some chores in the dorm. A few pictures in, you notice a really cute guy that you haven’t met before, but he really seems fun and the life of the party. You ask your friend who it is, and whether he’s always been to her parties*

Her: “Oh, that’s Kim Taehyung, but we just call him V. He’s my cousin’s best friend. He’s attended for the first time yesterday, but he said he had so much fun that he’ll come next time, too. I’ll make sure to introduce you then~”

You: [In your head] *YASSSSSS*

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Jungkook: *is the star of the university’s swimming team so you go to all important competitions and cheer him on in the crowd. One time, you happen to stand next to his best friends, Jimin and Taehyung, and when they notice how dedicated you are, they tell Kookie all about it. After the next competition, he succees in catching you on your way back home, thanking you for your support*

Jungkook: “Hey! Yes, you! Please wait a moment! My friends told me they saw you at several competitons this year. You like to watch swimming, don’t you? Should we go watch a competition together sometime? I’d be better than going all by yourself, right?~”

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~Cockles smiles/laughs~

Real smiles, happy smiles, unicorn laughs; they can’t be faked, not even by the most talented actors. When these guys are together their happiness gushes out unbridled. That’s why many times they get caught doing intimate things as if they were natural occurrences. When I see them smile, I smile; it is contagious. I think whatever they have it’s a beautiful thing and I hope it lasts forever.

The famous ‘Unicorn Laugh’!

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The ‘I am a shy little cutie’ smile~

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The ‘gross playful boyfriends’ smile~

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The ‘we are shameless, but I adore you’ smile~

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The ‘I ‘m a mischievous little shit’ smile/laugh~

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The ‘he’s so adorable I could eat him’ smile (from Misha’s pov)~

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The ‘I love to tease him’ smile and Jensen’s ‘I forgot how to breathe expression’~

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The ‘we are dorks’ smile~

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The ‘he’s the funniest thing that has ever happened to me’ smile~

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The ‘let’s make everyone around us uncomfortable with our ridiculous laughter about something that wasn’t even that funny’ smile/laugh~

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The ‘I’m pretending to smile at what you’re saying, but in reality I’m smiling because that ass is mine and vice versa’ smile~

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The ‘please staph before I seriously jump you’ smile~

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And I could continue on sempiternally, but I have to get back to reality and try to get my sanity back. Thanks assholes LOL

PS: When I’m sad I look at cockles gifs to cheer me up~

The Mekakushi Dan on Tumblr

Ayano: Probably a pretty generic blog, a mixture of personal, fandom and aesthetic, with a bit about the Mekakushi Dan thrown in. She’s always sending positive messages of encouragement to people and reblogging Shintaro’s music with tags like “This is my jam” and “This is so good Shintaro!”

Shintaro: Usually a music blog, posting his own tunes and linking to his Soundcloud. Occasionally personal, occasionally fandom for anime, manga and video games. Secretly has a sideblog for shoujo manga.

Momo: Her official blog is of course strictly for idol purposes and she has hundreds of thousands of followers there. She has a personal blog for her own personality to come through (i.e. shitposting and memes) and although she doesn’t give out her identity she somehow still has hundreds of thousands of followers and is one of the most famous users on Tumblr.

Kido: An entirely personal blog. The only things she reblogs are angry notices telling people to source their art or check their facts or not harass other users and so on. Occasionally she reblogs something cute but gets embarrassed later on and deletes it. Has few followers and her posts often don’t show up on people’s timelines… some kind of Tumblr bug?

Kano: Has a lot of different sideblogs, about many different things, each one with a completely different personality. Likes to post controversial opinions (often completely opposed to each other on different blogs), not because he believes them, but just to see how people react. Sends a lot of strange anon messages to people. May or may not have been behind the Cole Sprouse “social experiment.”

Seto: An aesthetic nature blog, lots of nature scenes, landscapes, plants and animals. Occasionally posts or reblogs advice on nature walks, nature photography, caring for the environment, caring for animals, and charities where you can help animals.

Marry: An aesthetic blog, lots of pastel colours, flowers, puppies, kittens, cute and pretty things, with a few personal posts and book reviews thrown in (and the very occasional picture of snakes, blood and dark things that disappears quickly after she posts it…) She and Seto are both at the top of each other’s activity list for likes and reblogs. While this is her public blog persona, her “likes” list is secretly full of yaoi, BL, gay erotic fanfiction and more…

Hibiya: One of those “Excuse me I’m actually 12.9″ twelve-year-olds on Tumblr. Posts a lot of outdated memes. Posts a lot of sappy poetry about Hiyori which Momo always likes. Occasionally reblogs stuff that twelve-year-olds really shouldn’t be looking at, which Kido chastises him for and Momo eggs him on about. Often gets teasing anon messages which even he knows are Momo.

Hiyori: A Momo fanblog. Occasionally writes personal posts. Blingee gifs, Minion pictures and more outdated memes. Another one of those twelve-year-olds on Tumblr.

Haruka (pre-Haze): Partly a popular art blog who’s always taking requests and commissions, partly a food blog. Mostly cheery, optimistic and sunny, but gets easily hurt by anon hate, and occasionally puts depressing posts about his illness under a read more. Always reblogs any selfies Takane might take with “#cute!” and “#I have pretty friends!” in the tags.

Takane (pre-Haze): Only got Tumblr because Haruka said she should and made puppy eyes, but is now fairly addicted to it. Reblogs a lot of gaming stuff and Let’s Plays, including from her own Youtube channel. Her main blog is flashdancerene and is entirely a gaming blog, her sideblog is her more personal blog where she posts about various things (and where Haruka embarrasses her by reblogging and tagging her selfies).

Konoha (post-Haze): Doesn’t know how to use a computer.

Ene (post-Haze): PURE. UNADULTERATED. SHITPOSTING. It’s unclear whether she has her own blog, whether she’s a bug on Shintaro’s blog, or both. Makes Shintaro do things for her and dares or else she’ll make his likes public (including all the embarrassing shoujo manga and NSFW stuff). Reblogs a lot of stuff like prank videos and microwaving non-food items and failed ice bucket challenges and stupid vines and so on on her personal.

Kuroha: A seemingly innocuous but strange blog entitled “Welcome to my Womb!” which reblogs a lot of snakes and creepypasta and scary stuff. The longer you stay on his blog the weirder it gets - Zalgo text, blood appearing on the background, etc. Responsible for a lot of anon threats to the Mekakushi Dan.


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baconflummox mikouchan (bestest friends ever that have amazing drawing skills, have a wonderful DA account and do lots of collabs with each other. Sometimes addicted to LoL)

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