because gi are just so cute

So I got that USB Krillin...

And I guess they fixed their mistake from the website because he is in normal-ish clothing. I guess it is supposed to be his Orin Temple gi? It’s still way off! 

He splits right at the neck. Weird, I know but….

PLUGGING HIM IN THE SIDE OF THE PC WAS A MISTAKE, LMFAO. Look at that stupid smug little grin he sports just hanging there. 


 @uglydbzmerch, check it out! :P

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I find it baffling how people can spend actual money on some fictional girls on electronic cards than actual important stuff.

UM? bruh i could be spending my money on hardcore meth instead so be happy?? let me live my damn life so what if i decide to spend money on cute anime girls thats my decision, my money?? i dont need ur condescending ass tone while im doing something i enjoy and dont even dare to judge me spending money on scouting love live! girls if you ever collected pokemon or yu-gi-oh cards, just because it’s feminine and electronic it doesnt make it any different so. stop shitting on people’s interests when they’re not hurting anybody 

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Hi. I'm the same anon who asked about SJK. I'm just curious what made you like LJK the most from all actors. Because you highlighted many times that you like him the most.

Lee Joon Gi impresses me and intrigues me on many levels. At first you just fall in love with Wang So. You see charisma of this actor who plays amazing character. You feel this glow that radiates from this person so you’re starting to be interested in actor too. So when you learn more and more about LJG it never really stops. You go like- what? He’s so handsome and cute but he also can do this and this? He’s so cool. I usually just like actor’s for their roles but there were only few people who interested me as people. I used to watch interviews with actors that I liked but somehow it eneded after a few days. When I watched interviews with LJG where he talked about himself I was really interesed. When you know that  someone is dealing with typically human problems like you it makes you feel that this person is closer to you. It would take too much time to explain it but it just happens that you find your favourites.