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Day 3 - Fashion Week

I was pretty inspired for this one but very little time… so let me know if it’s confusing heeHHh

p.s. bonus points if you can comment all of the symbolism in the bracelet

Game Of Love

Pairing: Gabriel x Reader
Words: 861
Requested by Anonymous:  Could I please get a Gabriel x Reader one where he doesn’t believe the reader’s boyfriend truly cares about her so he puts him into a game show kind of thing where the reader watches as Gabe asks questions about the reader where he knows the answers but her boyfriend doesn’t and she realises it’s Gabriel who really loves her?

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Gabriel’s Point Of View 

           I had been around Y/N for years. She was an amazing woman and I had never met someone in my existence that I felt deserved happiness more than Y/N.

           But then she met Justin. And something just told me that I needed to keep an eye on her more than ever. He just didn’t seem like the guy Y/N should be with. It was more than jealousy that I was feeling; I was worried she was going to fall for someone who didn’t deserve all the love she had to give.


Reader’s Point Of View

           “Gabriel?” you were surprised to see the archangel show up at the apartment you were currently staying in.

           “Hi, Y/N,” he smiled.

           “What are you doing here?” you asked.

           “I thought I’d come see you and see how you’re doing,” he said.

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Alternate Death - Extra Feels

Feel free to hate me after this.

What if? 

Now hear me out… 

What if Gabriel didn’t die right away after Lucifer stabbed him and left…?

He’s still mortally wounded and cannot move, but he doesn’t die quickly… He’s just kinda laying there, slowly dying in horrid pain.

Michael, who’s still free at this point, feels the surge of Gabriel’s grace for the first time in thousands of years! He doesn’t realize it surged because Gabriel was just stabbed by an archangel blade. So, he quickly flies to Gabriel’s location.

Only to find him dying on the floor.

Michael rushes to his side to try and heal him but can’t (because archangel blade!). So, Michael, trembling with too many emotions, just kinda holds his little brother in his arms.

Gabriel, who’s leaking grace from his true form and blood from his vessel,  wakes up. He has no energy left. He’s only got the  strength to do one thing.

“H-hi, M-mikey.” Is all he can get out with the weakest of tired smiles.

There’s no snark, there’s no apologies, and no jokes. He’s got nothing left to give beside a simple greeting.

Michael’s so destroyed with the sudden encounter with emotions that he doesn’t even know what to say.

This leaves Michael unable to do anything but kneel there, clutching Gabriel to his chest, as he waits for the youngest archangel’s grace to slowly burn itself out.

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when the weird yelling lizard who kidnapped you and feeds you cookies as a means of flirting turns out to be super hot 

based on a convo I had with @teal-colored-trash and @space-birdie on stream, and this awesome drawing that resulted from it!

Bonus: Dad to the rescue


Self indulgent edgy dads doodle before bed // Gabriel’s inaccurate height is intentional // Try to stop me ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

reaper wears a mask because gabriel reyes aged like a fine wine and gazing directly at his beautiful face would absolutely obliterate you