because fudge rounds

anonymous asked:

*stares at sickle* i haven't been here long enough. But i am getting serious Karkat vibes here.

(( Congratulations, you made me have to recreate choking on a fudge round because that was my legit first reaction to reading this, XDD

Fun Fact: Back before Mun lost her place reading Homestuck, I was going to cosplay Karkat, hence why there’s a sickle. I was going to paint it up the proper colours, and, y’know, eventually get a second one. BUT. It never happened. I lost my place in the web comic, couldn’t get back into it, and just…eh. Homestuck’s cool and I can appreciate it (hence why I cracked fun at the batterwitch a while back), but it’s really not my thing.

BUT I still have this cool prop sickle laying around. Years ago when I used it in gifs for this blog, the backstory was that ‘Someone left it at Canada’s house, and no one claimed it, so he started using it as his own because why the hell not?’ 

Many people just assumed it used to be Russia’s, but honestly, it’s forever going to be a mystery. )) 


glad to be here.