because francisco lachowski

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Chaol :) when are you gonna draw him since his Novel is coming up ALSO IM NOT RUSHING YOU, you do you and I love your art!!!!

okay listen up. I love Choal. I really dont understand why everyone hates him. Like. Mm. All those AelinxDorian shippers (even though Aelin and Dorian literally had NO CHANCE), I AM A MAJOR AELINXCHOAL SHIPPER FUCKING FIGHT ME. AT LEAST THATS MORE BELIEVABLE.

Anyway, I love Chaol with a passion. A burning, fiery passion. And I always saw Francisco Lachowski as Choal. However, I’ve been hesitant as painting him as Chico, because bitch know, Francisco Lachowski is Adrian Ivashkov - my number one fictional boyfriend that I have a major nostalgic connection to. So, in conclusion, its coming, I swear. I just have to find a second best to Francisco for Choal!