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Yeah but consider this:

SteveTony AU where Tony is an alien who came down to Earth purely out of curiosity, yet Steve and the rest of the Avengers see him as a threat.  They try to fight him but Tony just plays defense as he marvels at the differences in their technology and superpowers from his home planet, and is amazed because THESE humans aren’t like the one’s he’s heard/read about.  

Eventually the Avengers realize that he isn’t a threat and take him into SHIELD, and Steve teaches Tony about Earth and the Avengers and his own past, while Tony teaches Steve about his home planet and his love for outer space and the stars and science and technology and they end up falling hopelessly in love.

I really like the idea of transboy Lance and shance. Because I like transboy Lance headcanons in general (especially in relation to Pidge’s gender reveal - like he didn’t question her gender because he just accepts what people tell him. Pidge says she’s a guy? Lance won’t question it even if he does pick up on things that might contradict it because he’s respecting what she’s told him so far). And I like the shance dynamic

Shiro’s spent all this time telling Lance off for flirting and then he finds out Lance is trans and it kinda makes sense why Lance is so loud with his masculinity. And he feels pretty bad for shutting him down all the time. But on the other hand - “Lance, being a guy doesn’t mean you need validation from pretty girls. Your masculinity doesn’t depend on how many dates you get. So I’m still going to tell you off until you learn to behave like a gentleman.”

Shiro doesn’t treat him any differently, on the whole, and Lance develops a whole new respect for him. Like Shiro was already his hero and now that impression has just been validated. And that’s probably when he starts really crushing (he’s always had a lowkey crush on Shiro - everyone has a lowkey crush on Shiro, let’s be real). Assuming Shiro’s the only one who knows (maybe he figured it out while Lance was unconscious after the bomb incident - someone had to change him out of his armour), Lance can completely trust him not to out him to the others or slip up and use the wrong pronoun or anything like that.

So when they did get together, that trust would be at the core of their whole relationship. And it works the other way around as well. When Lance notices Shiro is having a hard time sleeping and sometimes gets depressed, he doesn’t tell the others. None of this ‘but it’s for your own good’ attitude, he’s not going to announce private stuff simply because he wants to help. Instead he asks Shiro directly how he can help him, if at all, and just that knowledge his privacy isn’t compromised soothes Shiro a whole lot.

!!!! PSA !!!!

I fucking love Shinee

What it seems like a lot of people don’t understand (especially here on tumblr) is that it is okay to change your mind on things you love. You might ship one thing forever, then go to another ship. You might love one character, and then as you grow, you might appreciate another character more. It is okay to do that. You don’t have to stay constant with everything in your fandoms. We are all fluid individuals that are growing. It is better to see your opinions changing and growing as you grow versus staying exactly the same every time you read a book within a fandom, etc. Don’t act like people aren’t genuine fans just because they go through stages and growth with differing opinions about the series.

I know from personal experience, my opinions/top ships change a lot. My favorite characters can change a lot, too. That doesn’t make me less of a fan just because I like change or am open to different interpretations. That’s what makes a series interesting, to think about them from different angles throughout the years. It helps expand your creative mind.

I’m rambling, but my point is mainly to not judge someone just because their opinions clearly change/expand. If you don’t like their changes, unfollow them, but they aren’t less of a person or a member of a fandom because they change their mind.

like I sometimes seriously wonder why I share my love for twice with my friends that don’t stan them because I know that they a) don’t care as much, b) are critical. so very critical. and, c) make me sad with their comments tbh like I can’t live for loving this group with all my heart

like I get that you don’t like them as much but I don’t point out shit about your bias group do I

I just can’t enjoy any of the CS scenes as much as I normally would when they’re lying to each other.  I was so hyped about this episode because I thought, finally, no more secrets, it’s all ending tonight.  And then this shit happens.  I’m bitter.  I just want them to be honest with each other.  They’ve been through too much not to trust each other at this point and it just doesn’t feel right.

Hey y’all! I just wanna say hi and hope everyone is having a wonderful Sunday!

Also, happy asexual awareness week! Technically, it starts tomorrow, but it’s already trending and I’m just…so happy about it! It’s absolutely wonderful to see so many ace spectrum and non ace spectrum people in that tag being so positive about this! I am overwhelmed with joy about it.

Ha, in case you were wondering, yes I am asexual. I love who I am and I don’t care if people think that it’s just because I “haven’t met the right person.” I am content.

And to all you ace spectrum people out there: you are wonderful, beautiful human beings. You are incredible and amazing. You are who you are and absolutely nothing is wrong with who you are. If you don’t think anyone loves you, just know I do! ♠️💜

you know sometimes in my castle Kaze says that he doesn’t do much recreationally and that he doesnt really have any hobbies. And I realized that’s probably the case because he’s been raised to be used as a weapon his entire life and taught that duty is more important than anything

……………I just made myself saaaaaaaaad

anonymous asked:

i was just wondering if u mind me venting about some omega!kook headcanons???? cuz im not sure if u like that or not ;;;;; but anyways i rly like how i can relate to u w ur love for kook cuz it always rubs me the wrong way whenever ppl keep on being "mean" to him when they would praise the others if that makes sense??? cuz like he's still so young and growing and i just want the fandom to be more considerate in teasing him and stuff u know

Hi anon! I’m going to be very straightforward with you and let you know that I don’t personally find omega!Guk compelling in any shape or form. Please don’t take this the wrong way, because I’m not saying I’m not okay with Guk bottoming, but omega!Guk specifically has the connotation of a certain… hmmm, submissiveness (in both a physical and mental/emotional sense), which I’m personally uncomfortable with due to him being the youngest. 

I’m not sure if I’ve ever spoken about this before, but I’m uncomfortable with a situation where all the power is with one person in the relationship because it makes for a dangerous imbalance, and I find that its a very difficult thing to portray in a healthy way. 

To explain further, Jeongguk being the youngest means that he’s got the least social power of all of the boys (due to Korea’s strict age hierarchy which is so imbibed into their culture that it’s impossible to separate. We have it to a certain degree in Chinese culture (at least certain clans/dialects still do) so I have some understanding of this, even though I don’t think it’s anywhere near what Koreans practice). Moreover, he’s younger by a whole 2 years than 95z, and so in reality there’s not really any chance for him to be considered an age equal with anyone in the group. Furthermore, Guk’s not the most emotionally confident person, and hence also has the lower relational power as well (as in, I think he’d take cues from his partner (whichever one it was in BTS) when it comes to relational things). I think he’s confident about himself in the physical sense, don’t get me wrong, but there are a lot hints that he has little insecurities that he harbors inside, which is part of why he’s such a soft bunny at times and also why I have such strong protective feelings for him. 

A lot of my opinions/thoughts about this dynamic are fueled and impacted by certain past experiences of mine where I was (i) the younger one, (ii) the least emotionally developed one and (iii) the one with less social and relational power. As such, I personally don’t have any interest in Guk being a submissive – at least not in every aspect of a relationship.

( Please, please note that this is my personal preference. I am in no way making a comment about what anyone else should like/ship. We have all had different experiences in life, and I have no desire to dictate how anyone else chooses their brand of escapism. )

You might ask why taekook work for me, then, since I tend to ramble at length about alpha!Guk and omega!Tae. Well, it’s because Tae’s the hyung (hence the one with social power) and also definitely the emotionally dominant/mature one in the relationship even if Guk might have physical dominance (due to his strength/relative size). Moreover, something that I really adore about taekook’s IRL relationship is that Tae pretty much never emphasizes his role as a hyung to Guk; rather he treats him as an equal (chingu) which in the Korean context is very, very significant. Contrast this with, for instance, Jimin’s getting offended if/when Guk is disrespectful to him. Jimin adores Guk but its in a very hyung-like way. Tae’s love for Guk seems to come more as an equal and that’s a big, big part of whats appealing to me about their dynamic. 

I don’t know if you’ve read my suits!au fic (the one that’s full of sin, so if you haven’t it’s 200000% a-okay!!), but I make it a point to show a few things in that specific d/s relationship: (i) Guk is very, very much concerned with what Taehyung wants, that’s his whole entire focus throughout the scene and in fact taking care and bringing Tae pleasure is precisely what makes it a fulfilling scene for Guk; (ii) Tae is still the hyung and in the last scene, Guk mentions that in a very specific way. He’s respectful because they’re not in the office and not in a scene - so in this space, it’s Tae that has the authority and Guk chides him about taking care of himself very much as a concerned dongsaeng would; (iii) even though Guk’s the boss in this au (and hence, in part, has greater social authority) he makes it a point not to drag that into their private lives and, in fact, this is a big part of his guilt/discomfort in the early part of the fic.

I put all of those things into that story because they matter a lot to me, and I hope that hearing that gives you a little context as to why I’m going to say that I’m very sorry, but please find someone else to talk to you about omega!Guk. I’ve been on the taekook tag enough to know there are definitely some people who do enjoy reading/discussing that dynamic, so I hope this reply won’t leave you feeling upset/downcast. If it does, I’m truly sorry. It is not my intention in the slightest.

I’m also sorry for unburdening all that up there… I’m sure you weren’t exactly going for this at all when you sent that ask in. And if it had been literally anyone else (seriously like omega!Jimin? Come at me bb because Jimin’s emotional self-assurance is a very different entity from Guk’s) I would be all over it. It’s just that Guk’s got a special place in my heart and part of my protective feelings for him means I think a lot about how he’s portrayed in fic and why certain things bother me. I hope you know that I’d still love to talk to you! Just.. um, maybe not about this specific thing? 

Also, I agree with everything you’ve said in regards to wanting to protect Jeongguk. He really is such a lovely and loving young man, so admirable and so sweet and kind and there are times I think fandom forgets some of those things? It’s not their fault entirely - kpop’s going through a sexy concept wave and, well, Jeongguk’s good at that too - but sometimes I just think a reminder helps? Anyway. Yes, we can definitely talk about Guk more of you want, bb. <3 *sends you lots of good vibes and hugs*

An addendum to that post: if you are in a relationship with someone who is asexual or aromantic and they realize that’s how they feel in the middle of the relationship it’s ok to break up if you feel you can’t make the relationship work. But the person wasn’t lying to you or deceiving your or manipulating you.
Like obviously don’t stay in a relationship you don’t want to be in, but also don’t condemn someone for being ace/aro or get mad at them just because they can’t give you what you want.

My mind is doing the thing where it can’t focus again, and as much as I want to continue rping, I think I’m going to give it a rest for now. Thanks guys for keeping me company~.

You know that crossover trope where a character is adopted by a character from another fandom at a young age? It’s most common in the Harry Potter fandom, but it’s around.

I have a mighty need for that trope, but with Red. I just need to pick the right character… *plots*

I have a feeling that eventually I’m going to have a disproportionate number of Red fics. I have no regrets.