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He’s never thought of Hannibal as being capable of love. ‘Cause like most of us he probably had love put off on a kind of pedestal, as an idea, a more perfect thing, as he made the awful realization ‘Oh crap, maybe this thing I’m feeling is like love’. It’s so dirty and awful and… you know… I don’t know. I’m basically making this up on the spot, but that would be my answer for why he might not have arrived at or realized that thought. Because look at Hannibal and you could be like… nice suits, great kitchen, great conversations, nice hair, you know, but you wouldn’t go anything like… ‘Wow, what a loving guy’.
—  Hugh Dancy about why Will didn’t realize that Hannibal was in love with him sooner than Season 3

sh cast: there’s a lot of malec, very sweet, romantic moments

sh promo team: *spoiling every little malec scenes* stills, teasers here you go guys

*episodes air*

me: where. are. those. FULL. scenes. ?

sh prod: yeah we had to cut out a lot of it, the episode was too long, you will never get to see them but they were filmed don’t worry

Imagine sleeping over at the Seventeen dorm and having to share one blanket with Woozi because there wasn’t any extra for you to use so you two had to cuddle really closely just to fit both your bodies under that one blanket.



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Eh, I tried to draw Jay with no reference. Sorta failed. But on the bright side I like this style a lot. I think I’ll be sticking with this one. This was supposed to be a part of an AU that I might disclose some other day. The Kabuki mask is currently temporary until I make a final design with the rest. 

guess which idiot forgot her headphones at home and now bored as hell

angelboyjack  asked:

omg im from cali !!! there isnt a lot in this part of norcal except for farm towns but theres lots of little cows n sheep so thats fun i guess !! :-)

aww!! that sounds so adorable omg please tell me you get to feed and pet them 💜 i may be a city gal, but i love farms and open areas so much. and cows especially omg 🐮

Cut & Run Fan Meme

I was pleased to be tagged by @savesteeb. Thank you.  :)

What drew you to C&R?

I had read the Quinn and Blay Black Dagger Brotherhood book when it came out in 2013, and thus so desperately wanted more m/m,…better m/m (not bashing the book, because I love the couple, but come on, it should have been better), that I googled best m/m romances or something, and found people recommended Cut & Run, so I jumped in blindly, and absorbed it immediately.  After I read them, I needed to talk about them, and my little conservative world was not going to help me there, so I found Goodreads then Tumblr then wonderful friends and….here I am now, almost 4 years later. 

Favorite C&R book?

Touch & Geaux.  Hands down.

Favorite Ty/Zane moment of the series?

Oi, umm….I adore the proposals in Ball & Chain.  I love the pacing of them.  I love how Zane responds each time.  I love how Ty accepts that and ruminates over that.  I love how Zane’s reasons are not that he wants Ty to not earn it but that he wants Ty to learn.  It wasn’t out of spit or anything on Zane’s part.  It was out of love for Ty to slow down and stop and see the man now in front of him.  To make sure Ty wants this Zen Zane.  Not get married because they had survived this long but because they want it.  To be a natural extension of them.  The proposals grow that so efficiently and lovingly.  I just adore them.  

Favorite love scene? 

It is in Touch & Geaux.  I call it the “But then” scene.  It is the sex scene that happened near the end before the amusement park shoot out.  Ty is a lonely nervous mess lying next to the man he adores more than anyone in the world, and that man is furious with him.  That man had just saved him and yet still rejects him.  Ty has no words to make it better; he had already tried.   Zane, for his part, has ever right to be furious about the lies Ty told.  He is still processing everything that happened between them, trying to decipher what is true and what is false basically since they first met.  Trying to figure out if any of it was true.  Zane needs his space yet is still there.  Next to Ty.  Ty is respecting that space just lying next to Zane for however long Zane lets him continue to be near him.  So in that scene,  Zane asks a question.  Then they start talking.  And appears as if, once again, they won’t have detente.  But then…it is just so perfectly executed.  Not everything was resolved, but you know that scene shows their connection is real and worth working for, fighting for.   It is just so emotionally rewarding.

Non-Touch & Geaux moment that broke your heart (because T&G is just one massive heart-breaker so it’s too easy to go there)? 

That fucking cliff in Ball & Chain.  The dynamic between Ty hanging desperately onto Nick who is begging him to let him go breaks me every time.   Because I know Ty would never do that.  Ty would go over that cliff with Nick rather than let go, and Nick knows that too, which causes Nick to attempt to force Ty’s hand brandishing the very knife Ty gave him to do it.  Which of course makes Ty hold on even harder.  I mean I knew they would both survive.  I knew that they would get past this moment, but the way Abi wrote it - I felt the pain in both of them and the yearning between them to save the other regardless of their own life.  It just breaks me every time.

Oh and to back Ami up, Abi is a dear friend to both of us, and I can 100% concur she loves to make people cry over her characters.  She broke us during her writing of C&B and P&PAsshole would write heartbreaking scenes and just drop it in chat with no warning and we would just cry, clutch the characters, and glare at her.  It is so much fun beta-ing for her.

A moment that made you laugh out loud?

“He’s Preston, Julian’s driver,” Cameron said.

“Driver,” Zane said, voice wry. “Do you sell antiques too?”

“No, I kill people.”

- A&D (Kindle Locations 4870-4871).

A moment that put hearts in your eyes? 

Ty growled and rolled, wrapping Zane up in his arms. “You need rest,” he said. He lowered his voice and moved his lips against Zane’s skin. “And I need you.”

-A&D (Kindle Locations 1518-1519).

Also any time either of them calls the other “baby”.

Favorite pun?

Oi, puns.  I have issues with seeing them.  Ok, as an example: the “spend the night in Beaumont” one annoys me because being from Texas, I know that Beaumont is like 5 hours away from where they are near Austin which is too far for them to drive really, especially to the boring ass town that Beaumont is.  And OMG Melody stop thinking so much, Zane said a pun, stop it.  Look, I know I should just read scene and giggle at the moment, but instead I am like Harrison all - that makes no sense, son.  terrible idea. - oh, it’s a pun. -  So yeah, puns remind me I am too literal some times and I am completely inable to just turn that off.  So oi.  Puns. 

Favorite Grady not named Beaumont Tyler? 


Favorite Sidewinder? 

Rude.  I have to say Crown Mob Prince Nick right now, but if Abi would write more of Owen (::cough::), I think he would rise higher.  Granted the facecast of Sebastian Stan helps him a lot there.  A hell of a lot. 

Favorite of the FBI crew?

I…I don’t really have one there.  Meh.

Favorite Ty moment? 

One?  I have to choose ONE?  How the hell do you expect me to choose just one?  He had me at flashy blue lights. 

Favorite Zane moment?

Can I choose a favorite Zane?

A song that reminds you of Ty & Zane?

If I may, let me put this here.