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I just watched a french fry challenge on YouTube where you are blind folded and have to guess where different fries come from, and now I want an AU where Stiles is a vlogger who challenges Derek to the french fry challenge and if Derek loses, he has to go on a date with him. 

Despite being a french fry connoisseur, Stiles loses the game. He tries to play it casual, tries to be a good sport about it, but he’s actually just plain miserable that he won’t get the chance to take Derek out on that date and woo him. He knows it’s stupid but he just….really wanted the chance to prove to Derek he can be romantic and deserving of him and all that couply jazz. He wanted one setting where he didn’t have to be careful about flirting with Derek too obviously. One night where he could just look a him without feeling self conscious when Derek caught him and chalk it up to the “Stilinski date experience” or something equally as pathetic.  

Basically, he just wanted one night to know what it felt like to hold Derek Hale’s hand (if Derek would have even let him). 

Derek leaves and Stiles mopes for the rest of the day, trying not to feel sorry for himself and utterly, utterly heart broken. Again, stupid, but he’s been pining after Derek for years. He’s considering going to bed early when his door bell rings and standing there, dressed in a fancy cardigan with a bottle of wine and - several bags of….chicken based snacks? - is Derek, asking if he’s up for “another challenge”. 

Stiles loses again but it’s okay because the moment Derek wins, he turns to him and with a grin that can only be described as the love child of ‘shy’ and ‘shit eating’ (if that is even possible), he cups Stiles’ cheek and says, “I’m going to claim my prize now.” 

The kiss tastes like chicken and too much salt but Stiles doesn’t care because it’s the best kiss of his entire life and his stomach won’t quit doing somersaults.

some takeaways

i know a lot of us (especially finn fans, myself included) are feeling very disappointed and angry right now, but i just wanted to share some thoughts on the vanity fair stuff

  • I don’t trust what Vanity Fair says. Seriously, if it’s not from Rian or one of the actor’s direct quotes, i am very skeptical about it. So I think their summaries of what Rian said have the potential to be misguided at best, and potentially just flat out wrong. Literally just yesterday they published the sentence “Leia and Han’s romance didn’t last.” Which is not canon. At all. So they’ve shown that they make mistakes and misinterpretations of things, and also it’s their prerogative as a pop culture publication to word things as click-baity and dramatic as possible in order to generate interest. (Also even though I love “Reylo found dead in Miami,” the only actual quote about the romance thing from Rian himself is that there’s  “no one-to-one equivalent of the Han-to-Leia, burning, unrequited love. In our story, that’s not a centerpiece.” The only person who brings up Reylo or Finnpoe is the author of the article, who is simply editorializing and likely just mentioning what they think are popular ships in order to get big fan reactions to the story. I’ve always believed Reylo is impossible and was never going to happen, but i don’t think this point makes Finnrey or Finnpoe any less likely at all. 
  • I think there’s a plan. While I was immediately terrified yesterday with Rian’s comments, and i’m still very worried, I honestly just cannot believe that there was not a full plan for this trilogy going into it. It just doesn’t make sense or sound likely whatsoever. Even the trilogies, for all their faults, were very planned out by George Lucas from the start. I think anything Rian said in relation to them just handing it off to him without a real plan of where the story was going is mostly hyperbolic either for misdirection, comedic effect, or just to toy with fans. 
  • Finn can still be force-sensitive. Nowhere in the article does it say that Finn definitively is not force-sensitive. Even in the article they phrase is as “A revelation about Finn’s potential Force sensitivity” To me, this honestly sounds optimistic. Even if it doesn’t happen yet in TLJ, I still think there’s a very good chance he’ll get to use the force and a lightsaber again in Episode IX.
  • I’m tentatively optimistic about Finn. Maybe this doesn’t mean anything at all and I’m just looking for something to be hopeful about, but to me, it actually feels like a good thing that Finn was mentioned as much as he was, even if the things revealed were disappointing. His name and things regarding his character and plot are mentioned in the tagline and first paragraph of the article. More than other characters, he seems to be one that they talked about a lot in article and must have discussed in depth in their interview with Rian. Like, there doesn’t seem to be too much about anything to do with Rey or Poe’s arcs in TLJ in the article, but Finn is mentioned a number of times. To me, at least, this seems to show that both Rian and Vanity Fair are very aware of the popularity of Finn and value his importance to the plot, and that things like him being force-sensitive are theories that are important to a lot of fans. Even though I don’t like a lot of the news in the article, i would be MUCH more worried and very angry if it didn’t mention him at all. I think at least seeing questions about him being mentioned and addressed means that whatever they have planned for him in TLJ, it’s a big and fulfilling role. 

Anyway, feel free to disagree with me on any of this because i know a lot of us are upset right now, but these were just some thoughts i came to after reading the article a few times. 

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Please forgive me: this isn't mean to be ill will towards fan artists and it's hard to word this. While I don't agree with the back-handed insult dealt by the recent anon (since I commend and applaud all who draw for you), I do agree that it gets a bit frustrating when notifications for this tumblr page pop up, but it's fan art drawings and not new Zombietale pages. Is there another way to let people checking the notifications that it's fan art with something other than tags or no?

No, but I do have a solution for you, or at least a couple of things for you to keep in mind, friend! 

1. The comic only updates on weekends! (There has only been one exception to this ever, I think.) If something goes out on a day that isn’t during the weekend, (aka Friday night to Sunday night, Japan time), then it is something else.

2. The queue (which only uploads fanart) uploads specifically twice a day, at 8:00 and 16:00 Japan time! You can find out what that is in your timezone and avoid those posts.

3. If you are only interested in reading the comic, that is what @ztcomic exists for! I reblog the pages to it almost immediately after they’re uploaded here.

tl;dr: If you’re here exclusively for the comic go to @ztcomic.

Sooo in my essay about Dark Souls I focus on the way the game incoporates narrative into gameplay and the last sentence is my favourite tbh

To discover everything in Dark Souls’ world you have to take your time, be patient and observant - something that’s not only important to decipher the game’s narrative, but also to beat its bosses.

((OOC: This is Holly. Holly Buttrick. Holly is in Gryffindor - one year behind our beloved Marauders. Holly is very smart but does not have many friends. Holly has a slight lisp and manages to annoy every single teacher with her constant questions. Holly, on the other hand, thinks that everybody loves her and that she’s part of every friend group she approaches. Holly is being made fun of - not only because of all things above, but also because of her last name, but this goes straight above her head, like every other standard social norm.))



ffxv characters + pokemon parties

honestly, my reaction to the end of troilus and cressida was pretty much the same as my reaction to the end of monty python and the holy grail, mostly because in both instances i was like, “haha, this can’t be the end! no way! oh my god, there’s some kind of mistake, there must be something wrong with the—oh. it really was the end. oh. um. well then.”

If anyone wants their heart to be murdered by feels this lovely Thursday, take a listen to ‘Oceans Away’ by Arizona and think of Bellamy up in space thinking of Clarke ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

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do you ever think that ryan ‘literal golden retriever’ hawley is one of those people who is just very good at controlling his anger because lemme tell you that scene with ross in the pub was super convincing for a man who literally never looks like he’s raised his voice in his life

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Another thing about the season 4 finale. It really felt like Clarke was the main character again. That seemed to get lost in season 3 and drifted a bit even in season 4 though it was better.

OK but for real, Bowie’s death was the only ~celebrity death~ that has ever really, genuinely affected me beyond a feeling of “oh shit, that’s sad”. I spent that entire January day last year lying on the sofa, listening to BBC 6Music’s tributes, and crying my eyes out. 

Life On Mars? is one of my two favourite ever songs and has been for a very, very long time.

I am very glad that I’m going to be able to watch Gillian’s Bowie scene in person with Tumblr pals.