because feelings thats why

mood: royally pissed off that every time an artist fucks up badly and people get angry to the point that they had to send death threats, the ones that really get done in are those who weren’t even rude to said artist in the first place; they just wanted to point out that maybe an artwork is harmful for valid reasons…

but of COURSE the louder and ruder ones get the most attention and of course the “moderate” ones end up getting labelled as irrational and violent along with them. 

thanks for making shit more difficult for queer/trans people in fandoms, kids.

  • Ravenclaw: I feel trapped.
  • Hufflepuff: We're in the middle of an open field.
  • Ravenclaw: No, I feel trapped in this moment in my life. Where am I going? What am I doing? And how am I going to get to where I want to be?
  • Hufflepuff: We're going to charms class, we're going to be doing charms work, and usually hard work and dedication. Try to think in the now.
  • Ravenclaw: Well, in the now I'm contemplating an assault on you.
  • Hufflepuff: At least you're thinking about here and now!

Lance should write a ‘why my boyfriend is crying’ list bc let’s face it. Shiro would.

‘saw one of those dog rescue videos’

‘Pidge did something she was really proud of so he was really proud of her’

‘saw an emotional ad. For a refrigerator’

‘my baby nephew sneezed and it was way too cute’

‘mama said he was a handsome boy and all her friends agreed with her’

‘Keith was in touch with his emotions for a whole 20 seconds’

The whole “Lucius was abusive with Draco” thing has always been so funny to me. Really, I don’t get how people are able to believe something so silly. 

Seriously, guys, wake the fuck up, if Lucius had been abusive with his son, he wouldn’t have been a part of the series. You know why? Because Narcissa “If you attack my son again I shall ensure that is the last thing you ever do” Malfoy would have killed him ten times in a row. 

I had a mighty need to color this panel.


GRIMM | 6.12

I thought I lost you once already tonight. Be careful.

Okay but

AU where everything is the same except the shield is an artifact like Mjolnir. Maybe it’s a long-lost Asgardian thing, maybe it’s some other non-Earth object. Point is, the shield is enchanted so that it only obeys the will of the wielder if their primary goal is protection. It’s just about impenetrable, can absorb any shocks, and strong enough to cut through or destroy just about anything–which would make it a perfect weapon, if anyone could figure out how to fucking use the thing. It doesn’t obey any laws of physics or movement as we know it, and SSR spends years experimenting with it until they finally give up and stick it in a crate somewhere. 

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do you ever think about how Problematic™ your early teen ships would have been if tumblr existed back then? like. jesus. kids these days: you have no idea how great it was to enjoy, for example, violent possession/manipulative bodysharing hard dubcon in peace. thirteen year old me needed space to be freaky.


Jay & Evie protecting each other

anonymous asked:

am i the only one annoyed by the fact that jace keeps going on unsanctioned missions even though his brother/parabatai is the head of the institute and would have to suffer the consequences and probably be demoted for jace's behaviour??

nope, anon, you’re not alone. it’s not the best behaviour from jace at all. 

jace can’t even say he didn’t think about consequences when he saw what happened in s1. unsanctioned missions led to a clave envoy taking over and alec scrabbling to keep the family together. 

at least robert is there to do a bit of sneaky underhanded political blackmail and keep them all going this time.

Mark Lee as a bestfriend

Group: NCT
Member: Mark Lee

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  • mark lee man
  • every time asks you if you want to do something he always ends it with
  • “…be there or…be square…and no one wants to be a square.”
  • WOW mark speaking english makes your heart flutter
  • like you cannot help it.
  • can. not. help. it.
  • you stick with him through all the devastating haircuts
  • and all the times the stylists done him dirty
  • mark trying to make you eggs like he did in nct life and it is still….tragic
  • so you always have to eat out or you have to make the food
  • and like he says that he’s not cute but boyyyyyyyyyyyy you betta believe he is cute all the time
  • even when he’s not trying to be cute
  • aegyo there aegyo here every where aegyo
  • he likes to dance
  • even in the grocery store tbh that’s his favorite place to do it because your cheeks flush because you’re so embarrassed
  • and when you try to walk away he will grab your hands and make you dance with him
  • he was blocking a whole aisle one time and no one could get through and a worker came by and asked you guys to move or he would have to call security
  • he sometimes plays guitar for you when your sad
  • it always makes you feel better because he has such a sweet voice and when its with the guitar is takes it to a different level
  • to get to where to guys met
  • well you know how he doesn’t really have that much time for school
  • so he needed a tutor
  • and that tutor was you.
  • the very first day you came to tutor him you guys instantly hit it off
  • he made studying fun and he actually is very bright so you just had to help him here and there
  • after tutoring sessions when he wasn’t doing anything he would ask you to hang out
  • maybe you guys would go to the park and get ice cream or maybe you guys would go play video games with haechan
  • honestly you guys could hardly go anywhere without haechan wanting to go
  • and if you said he couldn’t go he would whine saying that you’re stealing his bestfriend away
  • but shhhhhh
  • behind closed doors haechan would tell you that mark wouldn’t shut up about you when they hang out so its better if you too just hang out because mark’s annoying
  • mark’s smile kills you
  • he’s just so cute
  • and you know the boy gets stressed and overwhelmed because he always going never getting a break
  • so once in a blue moon that he does get a day off you always let him pick even if he just wants to stay in bed all day
  • when you come over you bring his favorite snacks and drinks and just lay in bed with him
  • he always ends up falling asleep but you know he’s tired
  • so you just watch him until you drift off to sleep wondering how you got the best friend in the world

okay but if the second scene wasn’t a dream and dennis was dancing up to mac, mac clearly got into it in real life, and dennis could tell that mac was into it, like he could see mac appreciating him hardcore - and now mac is Gay and Out and there’s no hiding that he’s into dennis like that anymore, and dennis still went and writhed shirtless in front of him, Fully Aware that mac was gonna notice that and be like ‘nice, im into this’

Fully Aware, in the context of their entire twelve seasons of interactions, that the odds of mac being into him are nonzero odds

and then he slammed the door in mac’s face

you can’t hide from your feelings forever dennis

Constellations Ch 9 Sneak Peek - NATS


katsuki_yu I see you’re enjoying being back in Thailand

phichit+chu it is time for REVENGE yuuri

phichit+chu there is a national title out there that is soon going to be mine

phichit+chu i am going to worlds next year even if i have to strangle saowaluk on the podium to do it

katsuki_yu lbr he’d probably let you

katsuki_yu honestly it’s sort of terrifying how much the kid idolises you

phichit+chu i KNOW

phichit+chu my very own kenjirou minami

katsuki_yu who?

phichit+chu the skater who kept staring at you at ur nats, kinda gave off a ‘notice me senpai’ vibe

katsuki_yu blond hair with a red streak?

phichit+chu thats the one

katsuki_yu he was sort of… intense

phichit+chu he was very intense and also very much in awe of the great yuuri katsuki and posted like 100 surreptitious selfies with u in the background to his instagram

phichit+chu after the awards ceremony he really wanted to go talk to u but he chickened out when he saw u glaring

katsuki_yu glaring? why was I glaring?

phichit+chu bc u couldnt see anything

katsuki_yu so you mean squinting

phichit+chu when half the skating world thinks ur fckin terrifying yuuri, its glaring

phichit+chu maybe u should consider contact lenses

katsuki_yu hahaha ask celestino to show you pictures of my eyes when I tried contact lenses for the first time

katsuki_yu we had to drop out of an ice show in japan and go to the hospital instead

phichit+chu ooooh stories from celestinos midlife crisis yes pls

katsuki_yu I wish you wouldn’t call it that

phichit+chu what would u call moving to a foreign country bare weeks after breaking up with your girlfriend to coach a skater u saw skate on an abandoned rink once

phichit+chu bc i would call it a textbook midlife crisis

katsuki_yu why am I friends with you

phichit+chu bc u were lowkey rude to me when we met and i decided to befriend u out of spite

phichit+chu sent katsuki_yu an image

phichit+chu saowaluk made me a banner

phichit+chu i kno ur thai is shitty so ill save us all a bit of embarrassment and tell u it means ‘welcome home and good luck’

katsuki_yu would you say the banner is better or worse than the voicemail last year?

phichit+chu better

phichit+chu so much better

phichit+chu i dont kno if u remember but it was literally 40 mins of him apologising and crying bc he was being sent to worlds instead of me

phichit+chu i mean fair to him i was ROBBED

phichit+chu but i did miss last year’s nationals so like

phichit+chu its not like it was his fault

katsuki_yu if it had been a year or two earlier they would have sent you regardless

phichit+chu ah yes the olympic effect

phichit+chu basically the driving force behind christophes entire career

katsuki_yu oh my god he did start off in the olympics really young didn’t he

phichit+chu sent katsuki_yu an image

phichit+chu foetus!chris for ur viewing pleasure

phichit+chu looking at him this young and innocent u just sort of wonder where it all went wrong

katsuki_yu idk but I’m like 90% sure its stéphane’s fault

phichit+chu u kno what that makes a disturbing amount of sense

ive had like one crush my entire life and even then i was like??? do i just really want to be your friend???? and i kind of hate that