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I’m constantly amazed at how nice writers in this fandom are. Like seriously, every time I find the tumblr of one of my favorite writers they are either incredibly sweet & kind or turn out to be people that have reached a level of fame where they simply can’t answer all asks anymore (but still reblog stuff that I very much agree with). And no matter what level of fame they have reached they are never unnecessarily rude, despite sometimes having to be firm in their replies. I don’t have problems with unfollowing people if they post something that makes me uncomfortable but I’ve never had to do that with any of them.

Just. A huge shout out to all of my favorite writers. I’ve barely talked to any of you and I doubt you know I exist but you guys are seriously the best ;A;

(Also a huge shout out to writers in general. Thank you for being awesome and pouring so much time and effort into something that I can easily consume & enjoy when I’m dying for new ship content. You guys are a m a z i n g too T^T)


#65: Helene Catagin, (later Helene Bezucat) from War and Paws by Leo Tailstoy

It’s such a shame to bury purrls in the country….

The real gag is: Normani Kordei did a cover and sung like five parts by herself over simple 808 tracks by layering and harmonizing with her own voice

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Favorite Jin ships? :)

Namjin, jinkook and 2seok but also yoonjin lately because all my fave artists draw such cute fanart for them and I’m seeing the light????

With a taste of your lips I’m on a ride
You’re toxic I’m slipping under
With a taste of a poison paradise

Original (Aka how Will sings it)
Static Lullaby Cover (Aka how Nico sings it)

I was strolling through tumblr wheN I SAW THIS AND THIS BY @ace-artemis-fanartist​. I legit squealed because one of my fave artist drew solangelo WicDiv AU (also known as the only comic I read lol) and I love that comic so much and the design is just spot on and I just aaaahhhh I fangirled so hard it was embarrassing. I can’t not make a fanart of it ;__;

ALSOOOO I kinda find it funny now that when I see people saying solangelo is toxic I just burst out singing Britney spear’s Toxic which leads me to fangirl more.

The sudden loss of Chester has made me realize how much I take celebrities, particularly my favorite music artists for granted. I always think about the next album or tour. The next interview, photo shoot, or special project always make me excited, but I realize those may not always come. They’re human too and things happen. I am grateful for every day that I can see or hear my fave artist because it can all change in an instant and you never know when it will be their last day. You never know when you’ll hear them sing their last song. 

RIP Chester


My 6 sketchbook cover of 2017. All my favs edited to one big, messy, 5th grade art project 🐣💕 every one of those lil pics is a piece of joy and laughter, helping me through hard times 🍃