because fandom got creepy and weird

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Pretty much every lgbt+ white feminist I've seen on tumblr in a m/m fandom creeped me out, these grown women be having degrees will sit on the internet writing creepy theories and head canons about cis het white actors etc, and think that because they aren't straight they cant over sexualise gay sex/men. Despite the fact 60% of their tumblr is m/m porn or explicit fantasies, but got fuck all in the way of anything w/w or trans, minority centric. White women are weird af and shouldn't be trusted.

boom. tea. like ive never seen ppl so proud and loud about their blatant fetishization

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Is it wrong to be uncomfortable by fandom moms??? I got called Mom in the small fandom I was in and I was super uncomfortable like, no please don’t do that. And seeing others wear that title with pride just makes me feel uneasy

Nah becuz its creepy and weird. These people call themselves moms and elders and put themselves in a position of authority then interact with only kids with like no boundaries. Like they think because they know about livejournal they can be fuckin weirdos to everyone and are super entitled as well

  • Sansa: I'm sorry, do I...?
  • Septa: Sweet child, this is Lord Baelish, the one who will be obsessed with you for five books, will kidnap you, kiss you, and start with you a weird father/daughter relationship that will creepy out the most of the fandom.
  • Sansa: Oh.