because fall out boy is reuniting!!!!!!!

Okay say what you will about TPM, but…this was genuinely heartwarming and cute.

I think it highlights really how adorable and genuine their relationship started out.

I mean yeah I doubt Padme looked at this kid at the time and thought she’d marry him. (no she always thought of him as that sweet little boy and as a friend but cut to 10 years later and she’s like “oh no he’s hot”) But it was a cute moment in their friendship.

Padme is looking all serious and regal and elegant.  But then Anakin just flashes her this little half smile, and then suddenly, we get this unabashedly happy smile from Padme.  It was little moments like that, that reminded me how Padme was really YOUNG in TPM. I always kept forgetting that she was just 14 years old, because she was so mature for her age.  But it was always these little moments she had with her friendship with Anakin that she let down her walls of the big responsible leader, and showed us this youthful innocence.

But another thing about this scene seems…awfully familiar.

I know there were a lot of nods to ANH in TPM.  I mean you have the female political authority figure dressed so regal and beautiful, a huge celebration after a long and tough battle…

But this cute moment is shot for shot very similar…

Just…so adorable these stupid Skywalkers need to stop making me feel things

Like with Padme, growing up I often forgot how young Leia was in ANH.  Because Leia is a leader, she’s strong, smart, independent…and she was 19.

I love how both the boys brought out the hidden youthful innocence and could get such genuine smiles out of them. 

I love how these are both just simple moments from acts of friendship. Highlights a natural connection that formed between two characters.

With Anakin and Padme, it was the connection of two friends that would one day grow to fall in love. With Luke and Leia, it was a reunion-a platonic connection of the two siblings were reunited years after being separated at birth.

Just…agh, I love this stupid family so much. I love Star Wars so much. Don’t look at me.

prompts for writing about historical couples
hey u wanna start a comic or a fanfiction set in historical times but u have no idea what to write about? u’re tired of reading same shit set in victorian england or seeing stories of western world’s perspective of ww2 ? i have an idea for u. write about poland!! use our history! (all of those ideas are destined for same-sex relationships, please make them queer)
  • 10th century, after the Christianisation: gay couple splits up, when one of them converts to christianity and becomes a clergyman during his travel to rome. did i mention his boyfriend is a pagan druid? no? well, he comes back with a mission to continue christianisation and they reunite…
  • Teutonic Wars: they’re both Polish-Lithuanian knights, they fight together, Person A reportedly dies and Person B swears he’s going to found his partner’s killer (a teutonic knight, of course)
  • 17th century: love story between a winged hussar warrior and a cossack of a tatar origin
  • tadeusz kościuszko in america. flirting with girls as well as boys. that’s it.
  • emilia plater. just. her kissing other girls
  • Partitions:
    • polish napoleonic soldier who takes part in moscow campaign meets young lithuanian country boy
    • assistant/associate of viceroy of congress poland fells in love with young polish politician
    • austrian actress/artist falls in love with a beautiful girl from galician countryside; will do anything to rescue her from poverty
    • woman’s husband dies in november/january uprising, she meets another widow with children, together they help the wounded, take part in conspiracy, work at secret university, make love,
    • polish girl from poznań is forced to find job in prussia due to her family’s poverty, her landlady’s daughter falls in love with her. meanwhile, the 1848 poznań uprising breaks out and the girl’s family is in danger….
    • boy from kraków, who is a poet and boy from lviv, who thinks only about revolution
    • they once were a teenage sweethearts, then got separated, couple years passed and they both ran away because of november uprising’s repercusisionsand suprisingly reunited in paris
  • 20th century:
    • love between two medic girls during polish-soviet war 1920
    • big gay gang of cabaret artists
    • couple got split during ww1 and they end up in different former-partitioned lands; now they need to find each other
    • lots of multi-ethnic polish-jewish couples where they protect each other from prejudice (also good for 16th century); only requirement: NO ONE DIES
    • queer spies; queer couples in warsaw uprising; queer pilots during battle of england
    • polish art critic desperately tries to save as many works of art as she can before the governor hans frank’s people destroy them; her jewish/ukrainian/german/russian girlfriend helps her out
    • Person A signs up for insane attempt to save their significant other and/or their family from stalinist regime in early communist poland
    • full of internalized homophobia member of civic militia/security service/the communist party gets involved in operation hyacinth and he’s terrified when he discovers he’s in love with one of the “suspects”
    • casual queer teenage couple doing casual stuff in polish people’s republic, drinking pepsi-cola, dreaming about american jeans, listening to republika, kult and, destroying communism and shit
    • power lesbian couple in solidarność

feel free to add more ! go and write/draw/read, get inspired and remember, have respect and research is your friend!!

Fanfic Fridays

The Brightest Lights by Rearviewdreamer:  After watching yet another actor walk away with his Oscar, Louis is on the lookout for the role of a lifetime that might finally get him the one thing he has always wanted. He didn’t think coming out of his self-proclaimed break to do another film would be all that difficult, but that was before he met his new co-star. (70,037 words, Larry, AU, age difference, b!Harry, b!Louis, side Niam, mature)

Night Changes by colourexplosion:  Louis and Harry are soulmates. (With a twist.) (40,208 words, Larry, AU, supernatural, werewolves, body horror, pining, fluff and angst, explicit)

Gonna Dress You Up In My Love by FallingLikeThis:  Harry decides to take up knitting. He’s horrible at it. Louis wears everything anyway. (3,128 words, Larry, fluff, teen and up)

I Am the Blinking Light by dearmrsawyer:  There is a legend of a lighthouse far out to sea. It can’t be found on any map, and those who do find it never return. They say a ghost haunts the lighthouse, and you can hear it calling out in loneliness on the ocean waves. (19,516 words, Larry, AU, supernatural, shipwrecked!Harry, general audience)

dream our dreams of dazzling blue by sweetrevenge: Harry and Louis meet at a rollerskating rink. Louis might be a little bit in love with the boy who keeps fucking falling down. Or, the one where Harry and Louis start out as strangers but become so much more. (13,448 words, Larry, AU, fluff, side Ziall, explicit)

I’m coming home (just in time) by larrycaring:  A time travel journey where Harry fights his way back to Louis, because when two souls are meant to be, nothing can stop them from reuniting. (20,815 words, Larry, AU, Dr Who, time-travel, soulmates, angst, mentions of Louis/OFC, Harry/OFC, not rated)

taste on my tongue by bethaboo: Louis Tomlinson, second place winner on TXF four years ago, is looking to reinvent his career. Harry Styles is a baker who is desperate for a bakery of his own. Louis doesn’t bake. Or cook. Or know how to use an oven.Take Louis. Take Harry. Add in a heaping cup of sexual tension. Another cup of delicious (and not so delicious) food. A smidgen of competitive spirit. A dash of hopes and dreams. And you get Kitchen Wars, a TV show that promises to be the must-watch event of the fall. (77,934 words, Larry, AU, fluff and smut, b!Harry, b!Louis, explicit)

We did air a lot of dirty laundry. I remember there was a lot of conversation about how not to talk over each other. There were a lot of issues. The good thing was everyone was really into working those issues out. It only worked because we did not get together for four years. People got it out of their system- projects and bands, things we needed to do to grow. Then we were able to get together and have a conversation where there was some fighting and apologising and agreeing and disagreeing, but we were on the same page.
—  Joe Trohman, talking about the first band meeting before reuniting