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Let’s go through each gif carefully shall we?
First we have Dean and Cas hugging right? Cas has got his eyes shut enjoying his first realy hug with Dean yeah? But then we’ve got Dean trying to look behind him making sure that there isn’t anyone thinking that it’s nothing more than platonic.
The second gif we’ve got Sam and Cas hugging yes? We’ve got a smiling Sam, an eager hugging Castiel and then we’ve got Dean, who again is looking around to see if anyone is watching, making sure that it’s just a platonic thing going on between the three of them.
And then we’ve got the third gif where we see Dean shielding Cas and Sam from his view, pretending that he isn’t jealous of the fact that Cas is holding onto Sam like he owns him

On Dean and Bucky, Castiel and Steve

I think I understand what bettydays​ said when she told me she tends to fall for the ships of certain personality types.

Dean Winchester and Bucky Barnes could be AUs of the same character.

Take one out of spn verse and put him in mcu and vice versa, and I’ll bet you’d get very similar reactions out of each of them.

Boys who’ve had a tough life with a huge protective streak, who are willing to compromise themselves to save the ones they love.

Same thing with the doubting soldiers Steve Rogers and Castiel.

In whatever ‘verse you place these characters, they will always find each other, always want to protect each other…

…Always love each other.

  • Charlie: So, Cas, describe your perfect date.
  • Dean: Oh, c'mon, Charlie. What kind of weird question is that? You don't have to answer, Cas... unless you want to, of course. I mean, it's a free country, whatever, not like I'm curious or anything... heh.
  • Cas: Well, Charlie, that's a tough one. I'd have to say April 25th. Because it's not too hot, not too cold. All you need is a light jacket.
  • Charlie: ...
  • Sam: ...
  • Dean: ...
  • Cas: ???
  • Dean: ... God, you're cute.
Bond With the Fishes

Prompt from codenameianto: I was thinking about the “don’t step on that fish, castiel” line, and just- what if cas can talk to fish? like, an angel thing? and team fw are walking across the street to the grocery store or whatever and pass like a petco with goldfish on display in the windows? cas hearing all of the fish horror stories of the pet store and buying EVERY LAST FISHY there. destiel bunker + like 200 fish.


“What are you guys, twelve?!” As loud as Dean screamed it across the street, he knew it went on deaf ears. With a heavy sigh, the hunter ducked his head and busied himself unloading the groceries into the Impala by himself.

When the last bag was stuffed into the back seat, and the door was slammed, Dean found himself muttering curses under his breath as he made his way across the street. He knew the moment Sam mentioned that there might be puppies or kittens at Petco that Castiel would be gooey eyed over the place. All he wanted was to go back to the bunker and soak in a tub of water that would melt the skin off of his aching bones. But he didn’t grumble anymore when he walked into the building and saw his brother crouching down with a golden retriever on his lap.

It wasn’t every day Dean got to see that spark in Sam’s eyes, the same spark that used to be apparent before Sam found out about the supernatural. It took Dean’s breath away as he stood stone still in the middle of the pet store. The puppy was yipping and lapping at Sam’s cheeks, making the taller man coo and laugh heartedly.

Dean found himself walking over toward Sam with a smile on his face. “No dogs at the bunker, Sammy.”

“You’re such a party pooper.” Sam stuck out his tongue at his older brother before turning his attention back to the ball of fur now curling up against his shins. “She could be a guard dog.”

“Nope.” Dean’s heart hurt a little to deny this but he knew it was for the best. “Our life is no place for a pet.”

“Then you should probably go find Cas. My best guess is he went straight for the guinea pigs.” Sam shot Dean a shit-eating grin. “Good luck saying no to his ‘puppy face’.”

“Fuck.” Dean turned on his heel before searching frantically through the store. All he needed was his angel to bring home a box full of rodents.

The more empty isles he came upon the more worried he grew. He breathed in relief when he saw that the guinea pig area was Cas-free. Then his gut dropped to the floor. His eyes fell on a dark-haired head on top of a tan trenchcoat at the register. The closer Dean got, the more he could hear what Castiel was saying along with his flailing arms.

“They’re trapped in there! When do you feed them?! They are starving! One of them dies and you allow it to float there for hours! How could you be so blatantly cruel to one of God’s creatures?!” Castiel was menacingly glaring down the worker with the wrath of God Himself.

“Shit,” Dean murmured under his breath when he saw how red his angel’s face was. Taking in a deep breath, he reached out and pressed his palm against Cas’ choulder softly. “Hey, sweetheart? What’s going on here?”

Castiel’s blue eyes flashed over to meet his, a little of the anger receding. “They are miserable here, Dean! I will not allow for such a monumental creature to be treated as such!”

“’Monumental creature’?” Dean glanced over at the worker to see that she was flushing and looking anyway but at them. “How do you know they’re miserable? They could love-“

“They told me.” Cas stated simply before turning back to the worker. “I am taking all of them.”

Her eyes widened comically as her jaw fell open. “All of them?”

“Yes. I don’t care about the cost.” Castiel reached into his coat pocket. “Please have them bagged for me. I will also need a tank.”

“’A tank’? ‘All of them’? Wait, what-“ Dean felt like he was living his worst nightmare right there in Petco. “Cas, we can’t-“

The angel tilted his head to give Dean a seriously deadly glare. “Are you going to stop me?”

Dean swallowed thickly and shook his head. “No.”

As the three of them were driving back to the bunker in the Impala, Castiel was idly chatting with the fish that were bagged and spread out across the entire back seat and floor. Dean couldn’t find the heart to pretend like this wasn’t one of the reasons why he loved Cas so much. And even though he spent a week getting dirty looks from Sam, he thought it was worth it when he’d see Castiel reading a book by one of the many tanks now littering the library.

Castiel's missions so far this season:

Black: Must get to Dean

Reichenbach: No but must get to Dean

Soul Survivor: Hannah, not now. Dean

Girls, Girls, Girls: Okay, Hannah. Dean’s good (for now.)

The Things We Left Behind: Claire, oh wait crap DeAN

The Hunter Games: No but Claire… Dean is Dean

There’s No Place Like Home: ??

About a Boy: ???