because everyone was silent

i lost my voice for a week & nobody noticed because i never freaking talk
xNTx Friends


  • Crazy schedule, still manages to hang around with friends.
  • Insanely driven. Vital necessity of being The Best™.
  • Doesn’t have time for bullshit, ever.
  • Generally sweet, scary when mad (emphasize ‘scary’).
  • Highly motivated and ambitious.
  • No drama, thank you.
  • Flawless facial control (low-key scary as well).
  • INTP’s recklessness makes her have a mini heart attack every now and again.
  • Manners matter.
  • Has been super busy lately.
  • And by ‘lately’ we mean since always until forever.

Common phrases include:

– “You might find this of some help”.
– “This is so interesting”.
– “Yes, I’ve read about it”.
– “Sorry, I already have plans”.
– “I’d actually prefer to do it myself”.
– “Really, just let /me/ do it :)”.


  • Sharp tongue.
  • Comeback generator.
  • Laid back attractiveness and incredible charisma.
  • Bulldozer mode when mad.
  • Put-together and confident.
  • Has a fame for being flirty.
  • Hasn’t had that many partners at all.
  • “wrecking ball” (- mother mother) is his life theme song.
  • Is actually quite delicate.
  • Almost all his facial expressions are masks.
  • Hiding his real emotions seems to have become a life purpose.
  • His deep interests surprise most people.
  • “Is very intelligent, but way too lazy at school” squad with INTP.
  • Is seen as a bad influence.
  • Actually has a pretty solid moral code.
  • Fashion style score: BADASS. (the aesthetics are real).

Common phrases include:

– “Think about it this way”.
– “Why, am I bothering you?” + smirk.
– “Sorry, I wasn’t paying attention to your bullshit”.
– “Why does everyone believe I’m lying?”


  • Works silently because success speaks for itself.
  • The library is his natural habitat.
  • Very specific fields of interest.
  • Seems very polite, and he is.
  • (Doesn’t actually believe in politeness itself, has only learned to follow formalities in order to make his life easier). 
  • Efficient™.
  • Crisis over personal traits of which the analysis were thought to be concluded. 
  • Really brain, why this again. Why.
  • Has learned to master several skills that he doesn’t even enjoy.

Common phrases include:

– “No”. (Default reply to INTP’s proposes).
– “That is /such/ a bad idea”.
– “Actually…” (*insert unasked correction*).
– “I’m still considering it”.
– “What do you mean it’s not polite to tell them how wrong they are?”
– “Of course I cannot change my schedule” (to ENTP).


  • Has strong opinions on matters that she has given a lot of thought (and we mean a lot).
  • Gets overwhelmed by being the center of attention.
  • Became an Ancient Rome expert overnight.
  • Comfy discrete clothes.
  • Deadlines are a very flexible concept.
  • Actually, every concept should be prone to constant revision.
  • Study time is the perfect time for introspection and/or new ideas development.
  • Either absolutely hyped or completely indolent.

Common phrases include:

– “My nights are a mix of insomnia and belated lunch”.
– “What if we…” (Proposes crazily awesome plan to INTJ).
– “There are pubs in which you can hear a much more refined language than in the Congress”.
– “Because apathy is the foundation of my being” (as a response to ENTJ asking her why she doesn’t just /do/ the stuff).

Shared traits

  • Difficulty to compute feelings (we know, we know, ‘such a cliché’. Still true).
  • Allergies: stupidity, ignorance, illogical social rules.
  • “WHY do people refuse to THINK”.
  • Rich lexicon (xNTJs’ default mode, xNTPs’ show it when the situation is worth it).
  • Best debates between them, NFs are sometimes invited.
  • Would always choose knowledge over ignorance, even if it implies unhappiness.
  • “What do you mean it was offensive? It’s the truth!” (As a response to ENFJ).


IxxJ squad

xNFx squad

how everyone found out about wolfstar
  • remus and sirius were totally dating
  • and at first it was a secret because not everyone needs to know
  • but sirius really wanted everyone to know that remus was his
  • because the Ravenclaws in the year below them were constantly flirting with him
  • so in class one day, sirius yells “Oi, Moony, can I borrow a quill?
  • and remus kinda glares at him from the other side of the room as he sits next to some random Hufflepuff
  • and remus just says, quietly, “you know sometimes you make me so mad but other times you make me feel like im on top of the world so I don’t know what to do with you
  • but because the class was silent, everyone heard
  • and then sirius just smiles and goes “well im your world so get on top of me
  • and the whole class just gasps because damn that was smooth
  • and thats how everyone found out about them as a couple

Alright, it’s the last season of Voltron. The ratings have changed from PG to PG-13. The war is over, the Galra have settled, and everything is okay enough for them to go home for a bit. They all want to see their families, but agree to go to the garrison first and explain where they’ve been the last few years. They land just outside, making jokes about coming in peace and things like that—they’re all just glad to be in their own atmosphere. They have a meeting with the people in the garrison, explaining what happened and about the war. It’s kind of hard to take in for a few, but they landed a castle ship and five mechanical lions outside the window so it’s hard not to believe. They’re all pretty much persuaded until Iverson pipes up.

               He talks about how they can’t trust two aliens and five failed students just because they flew in giant space lions and claimed they’d won a war. “They could’ve lead the aliens right to us!” and all that. Everyone in the room internally groans, because of course he was gonna say something about it.

               Then Coran steps forward. Everyone looks to him; even Iverson has shut up, because he’s stayed silent through the whole trip. He twists his mustache, giving a knowing look at everyone in the room and says very clearly, “Fuck you, Iverson.”

               Everyone starts crying. Your ships are making out while everyone around the room claps. Allura looks proud as the paladins high five Coran. Iverson is dead. Everything is right in the world.

anonymous asked:

The "I'm a narcissist so I'm gonna need a bit more than that" in bed. Oh my god when you moan and he just thrusts even harder, because "louder, love"

The house is silent and everyone is fast asleep in the rooms down the hall. It’s a chilly night but, right here, under the sheets your share with Harry, it’s like a heatwave.

You’re both naked, his sweaty chest pressing to yours in an almost suffocating way, but you welcome the weight and warmth of his body as if it was winter and you were freezing cold.

Your thighs are sore from how he’s got them spread open as wide as he could get you, just so he could press his pelvis to yours and bury his cock as deep as it can go inside your dripping wet walls. Although your legs are spread, your core hugs him tightly and you pulse around him, burning hot and soaked, every contraction of your walls sending shudders down his back when he pulls back and pushes in deep once again.

“Fuckin’ soaked, aren’t yeh?” He huffs, eyes searching for your when his cock is buried deep inside you and he’s grinding slowly, his pelvis pressing tightly against your clit. 

He can see and feel the results of his movements on you - your cheeks are flushed and your eyes are shining with tears and your teeth are sinking into your bottom lip almost as hard as your nails are digging into the skin of his back, but he doesn’t hear you. You’ve been quiet, only letting out small little puffs of breath and low moans, peppered in with some sharp inhales when you’re trying to hold back a moan.

He knows you - knows your body and knows that, with the way he’s fucking you, his neighbors would be hearing it by now. But still, you’re deadly quiet and he knows why (his family is right down the corridor) but he’s not having it, not tonight.

“So quiet, love.” Harry mumbles, one hand reaching up to pull on your chin, releasing your bottom lip from the strangle hold of your teeth. “Thought yeh were proud o’ me, thought yeh wanted t’ show me…”

He knows it’s evil, talking to you like that and he knows he’s really not supposed to be making your scream, not with the risk of people hearing it but he needs it. 

After his first concert as a solo artist, the adrenaline had been pumping through his veins and he hadn’t managed to figure out just why he couldn’t simmer down. The second he heard you whisper in his ear about how proud he made you tonight, he knew the only way of releasing all of that pent up energy was getting you in his bed. He needed to lose himself in you, he needed to feel you around him and to hear you chanting his name, much like the crowd in his concert, but with a whole different meaning to it. And here you were, as silent as a cat skulking in darkness, looking as fucked out as he wanted you to be but sounding almost as if you were asleep.

“I w-want t- I am! I’m proud!” You say breathlessly, fighting against the tightness in your throat that wanted to force your voice to go higher and louder. “I jus-”

“Am I not doing you good, love? ‘S this not what yeh want?” Harry asks, pulling back and rolling forward, making your eyes roll and your back arch. “‘S that why you’re so quiet?”

“Harry” You breathe out, eyes shining when you look up at him. Your hands reach up to push his sweaty hair back from his forehead and your nails drag across his naked chest, his hips snapping in reaction, the tip of his cock hitting a spot inside of your that makes your grunt. “Y-your family, th- they’re right outside.”

“They’re not gonna hear yeh, not now. Everyone’s asleep, love..” He tells you, leaning down to press his lips to yours. “C’mon, let me hear you, y’know how much I love it…”

It’s then his hands reaches down between the two of your, his fingertips pressing to your clit with precision, circling ligtly but with enough pressure to make your core pulse and your hips snap up to meet his thrusts. A moan escapes you, louder this time and a whine follows it when you feel him nipping at your neck, your breathing getting harsher by the second.

“Y’know I’m gonna need more than that, angel.” Harry taunts, his harsh breath hitting your cheek as he whispers in your ears, punctuating every word with a hard, deep reaching and precise thrust, stroking your walls just the way you like it. “Louder. C’mon angel, bit louder fo’ me.”

some downsides to telepathic bonds:

  • Jim sending dirty thoughts during very important meetings
  • getting each other’s headaches
  • Spock sending dirty thoughts during not every important meetings
  • Jim’s taste in “classical music” aka beats and yelling. inside Spock’s head. all the time.
  • shared brain freezes
  • meditation is very difficult when “I luvvvvvv youuuuu” is being constantly whispered into Spock’s brain
  • talking to each other telepathically creeps everyone out because of all the silent eyebrow wiggling
Miraculous class headcanons!!

So I gave the Miraculous class a few thoughts and I came up with some cute and/or funny headcanons for them! I love all the characters so much and I couldn’t wait to give them a little background!

By the way, I have a prompt list and you can feel free to send me an ask, maybe connecting one of the prompts with these headcanons!

  • Everyone wants to steal Nino’s cap. It started with Alix who wanted to take his cap for a little dare Kim came up with while Nino listened to some music but he swatted her hand away without even opening his eyes. Alix, being her competitive self, tried to repeatedly take his cap from then on and Kim eventually started joining in, as well as Marinette. They could never get their hands on his cap even as the whole class started joining the mission but Nino always seems to sense their hands and either dodges them or ducks away. At some point, Alya even starts scheming and creating “Battle plans”, as she calls them (for example they distract Nino and someone else tries to take the cap but he always somehow escapes), but they never succeed. Rumor has it that even Chloé tried to steal his cap once but she vehemently denies that.
  • Adrien is the cinnamon roll of golden sunshine and must be protected. Period.
  • The other classes are considered mortal enemies. If they interact with them in any way they either get stares or asked if they were threatened. Alya has a free pass for some reason.
  • Chloé is part of the class and gets invited to everything (birthdays, parties, class meetings). Nobody questions that and secretly, Chloé is pretty glad about that.
  • Usually around six months before Halloween everyone slowly starts running to Marinette for costume ideas. She’s a little busy over the summer then because everyone in class (even Chloé but she bribes Marinette to stay silent about that. When Halloween comes around and Chloé’s wearing her costume she boasts that a designer made her costume and Marinette just silently grins) wears her designs.
  • Kim always starts lashing after other boys with his towel after PE. It ends in a pretty intense fight between Nino and him with practiced moves and parkour over the lockers and Adrien is a cute lost cinnamon roll in the middle of that. At first, he hides together with Nathaniel but after a while his Chat Noir starts showing and he owns Kim and Nino.
  • Max constantly takes over math class. The teacher (Ms Mendeleiev) doesn’t question that.
  • Nathaniel keeps a collection of portraits of his classmates. He hangs them above his bed and has a whole sketchbook of his friends, like a journal with their personal preferences of food, clothes, free time activities and little habits in lessons like:
    • Juleka loves sitting with her legs folded underneath her bench but only her feet are crossed.
    • Mylène always taps her pen against her head when she’s thinking hard.
    • Nino bops his head in a certain rhythm while his fingers do a completely different one on the table. It’s driving Ms Bustier absolutely crazy but he just won’t stop.
    • Alix likes sitting with one leg folded beneath her while her other swings freely in the air. She never ever touches the floor during a lesson unless she has to get up and nobody knows why. Including herself.
    • Rose can do pretty cool tricks with her pens and swirls them in her fingers when she’s bored.
    • Ivan likes to prop his head up and even though it looks like he’s bored he’s actually genuinely interested in every subject.
  • They have a system and assigned jobs when a teacher is too late for a lesson. For example, Sabrina is corridor supervisor, Marinette is worrywart, Max keeps the class relatively silent and together, etc.
  • In music lesson they aren’t really taught (like in math or something). They instead listen to Nino’s music and generally just chill while the teacher goes along with it and discusses with Nino about his own songs.
  • Rose is the top hairdresser of the group. Mylène and her always dye Kim’s and Ivan’s blonde streaks. They try to find out about Alya’s secret but she claims her hair is natural that way.
  • Everyone ships Julerose. They created a Julerose day, every year the day after one saw the first rose of the year fully blooming. It’s always Marinette. The day after that they collectively wear a shirt with a violet rose (design by Marinette) and only the class knows why.
  • Most of the times when they plan a class meeting Adrien is the most euphoric even though he most likely won’t be able to go because of his father. But he loves planning it and is always really happy when they tell him about the meeting.
  • One time the class collectively held Adrien back from going to a scheduled meeting with colleagues of his father to enable him to have a class meeting together with them. As Nathalie appears at their location in a park to pick Adrien up she gets a protesting group of teenagers while they hide Adrien. She just smirks and claims in front of Gabriel that Adrien was “class-napped” and that she couldn’t do anything.
  • They occasionally “class-nap” Adrien. Every single parent is involved and helps them hiding Adrien for a free evening.
  • It’s a running gag in the class that Adrien and Marinette are “face sucking” when they vanish (obviously for an Akuma attack but nobody knows). Neither of them understands the suggesting looks they get.

Roundtable With Katsura Hashino (Atlus: Persona Series), Jin Fujisawa (Square Enix: Dragon Quest X), Keiichiro Toyama (SIE: Gravity Rush), and Yoko Taro (NieR and Drakengard Series)

Some interesting bits of their talks about Japanese Game Development prespective:

How was your time in your young days as a game creators?

YokoTaro: Well those who survived as directors in our generations have lived their life by spitting up their upper generations.

All: (bitter smile) (silence)

Yoko Taro: Well I have no idea, but I feel like it’s an inhumanity side. Because everyone are silent, I think that it can be concluded that only those kind of people can become directors (laugh)

Hashino: But actually, it’s more like the thought of “It’ll be more fun if I made it myself”. That’s a kind rebellious feels I had.

Toyama: Well.. I remembered when in the silence that I never learned directly about “director job”. But they are like good mentors.

About Japanese Game that got a lot of attention on 2017

YokoTaro: The overseas version of the original NieR was created with an old-man as a main character. However, as a result, overseas players complain “I like an old-man character, but I don’t want it on Square Enix games”. The conclusion is that Japanese people making a character looks like an overseas AAA games did not work well for Square Enix. So now we made NieR solidly based on Japanese experience. In short, I just did whatever I thought was interesting.

Hashino: It’s also the same as Persona 5 case. In the beginning it was hard to think a Megami Tensei game that suits the overseas consumers. That is why I was doubtful about aiming Persona 5 for overseas. In first place, it would not be okay to change the content of Persona 5, because many of Persona series’ overseas customer support the series “as it is”.

Fujisawa: After all, I think it’s imposible to imitate Americans style of video game development completely. That’s all about different approach on making a game project. If you compare it to movie business, the number of staff and budget are different between Japanese and Hollywood movies. Hollywood movie had this idea to make it “big” in worldwide from the start. As a result, many people around the world, including Japan, watch the Hollywood movies.

YokoTaro: I see. By the way, in my case, if Square Enix says “Make it overseas”, then I just make it. But I’m not a person who can talk big about “fighting the overseas market” as I have a feeling that I can’t really compete in Japan market. So I think those that can’t sell in Japan, will not sell overseas. To be honest all the hype about “Let’s sell this overseas” are all a terrible lie to a client who’s willing to gives money. (Laugh)

About AAA game development

YokoTaro: I think the game dev situation have changed a lot if I look it in the last 2 years. Overseas AAA title has matured and there’re so much risk in making them. On the other hand, indie game with low budget is starting to pop out and shine.

Fujisawa: Now you’re talking about the polarization of game development.

Yoko Taro: It’s the polarization between large budget games and indie games. But Japanese game dev starts to enter an empty zone in the middle of it. In the past 10 years, as Japan can no longer participate in the AAA battle, we went to  a very interesting position as we reach a new dimension while still getting lost. Until now the Japanese game industry cannot wake up from that, so I don’t know what will happen in the future (laugh). However, it is fun because it’s the game creator’s job to search for the answer as they get lost like this. It’s funny because there’s no answer.

About writing and direction style

Toyama: There is a fact that the role of the director has changed from the era of 8-bit until now. In the past it’s possible to exclude things I don’t like and include the good stuffs only. But now the scale of development is bigger, for example for an open world game. You’d most likely leave some of the stuff to the other staffs, so the director can now focusing on controlling the staff’s creation.

YokoTaro: As you know, I’m writing the scenario myself. However I don’t want to write it separately. It’s for a reason that everyone here may know. Changes caused by one factors, in reality can be best handled by managing the scenario. For example, there’s a game image that did not match the event scene. Correcting the scenario is more effective in most cases rather than re-creating the image.

Fujisawa: Text repairing is often drastically better. I think the scenario is the important part for the players and I can’t really trust it to others, even on the scale of Dragon Quest X.

Hashino: I do not write anything aside of screenplay. And it’s usually only when I make it together with Persona 3 scenario team. I think the direct handling of a director should be saved for the last resort. So basically, leave it to others, but if it’s an important parts, starts helping. I’m actually more of a battle gameplay planner, so I’d like to do the battle planning myself. But if I have a good guy, I’ll leave it on him.

keith is actually generally a nice person once you get to know him (though he can be a total b*tch sometimes). he can be ignorant to other’s troubles but is willing listen to your side of the story in order to understand the bigger picture.

manufactured happiness in the form of a plastic smile

aka: is that a fall out boy song

anyway, this is for @vldangstweek day two - failure/insecurity 

read on ao3 !!


Lance knows he’s not the best.

He’s known this for a while now, ever since he went to the Garrison and everyone was so competitive and smart and they could wing tests and get A’s, while Lance was working the hardest he’d ever had to barely pass. Lance figured out he’s far from the best when he failed all the simulators and got the commanders angry with him. He knew he wasn’t the best when everyone he tried to befriend (save Hunk) shied away, either because they didn’t want to be seen hanging around the local class idiot or because they couldn’t handle his coming-apart-at-the-seams personality.

Lance met this all with a smile and a joke, always telling himself to fake it ‘til he made it, because soon he would reach the farthest galaxies and meet alien races and it would all be okay. Besides, he didn’t need to host a pity party. (It would be pathetic and, besides, pretending feelings aren’t there is much easier than confronting them.)

Lance has always known, somewhere in his head, that he will never ascend average. But no one else needs to know that sometimes it’s hard not to cry because his mind won’t let him think about anything but the fact that he’s never going to be good enough, much less great, so he manufactures his own happiness and broadcasts it to the world. It feels artificial, and, sometimes, Lance thinks the world can feel it, too. But he’s usually wrong, because nobody ever does or says anything about how his smile never really meets his eyes, or how his voice sounds just a little too upbeat (which are both so obvious to Lance; how can no one else see?).

Ever since he’s been up in space, the feelings have just gotten worse. He’s always one step behind everyone else, just short of some milestone that’s called “good enough,” always either too much or too little. During training exercises, he always does the worst of everyone, held back by lack of skill or lack of confidence, which has Allura yelling at him and Shiro giving him this kind of disappointed look that makes Lance want to leave his body and be someone else, if not forever than just for a minute.

Battles with the Galra are always hard for Lance, too, because there’s so much light and noise and feeling and everything, all at once, and he can never focus, or he just focuses too much on one small thing, but everyone else does just fine, and it hurts, because, again, he’s too much or too little, and that can never be fixed. (Not to mention that sometimes, when the team is in a bad mood, they yell at Lance in a battle when he’s not doing what he’s supposed to do - fight like they do - which only makes it so much worse, but he can’t tell them that, because that’s selfish and it’ll just distract them more.)

Conversations and relationships with the team are two things Lance has trouble with, too. Because he always talks too much and too quickly, and his brain moves at three hundred miles per hour, so he’s always stumbling over his own words, and he’s just so much, that most of his relationships with his teammates seem like half-relationships, with Lance being the only one trying to do anything for them. Sometimes he’ll try to be quieter and give everyone more room, but when he does that, he’s too quiet, almost silent, and it puts everyone on edge because No, that’s not right, Lance is the talkative one. And when he gets tired of suppressing his thoughts, he spews all the words out at once, forgetting to pause and breathe in between sentences, and the attention falls from him, until he’s having a one-sided conversation with the air about whatever the fuck Lance thought would maybe interest the person he was talking to.

All these things keep him up at night, sometimes, no matter how much he tries to quell them or hide them in the far reaches of his brain (or maybe even get rid of them entirely). And sometimes Lance will let a few tears slip out before he remembers how goddamn pathetic and selfish he is for pitying himself so much. Everyone else has their own troubles, all bigger than Lance’s, which are the ones he really should be thinking about and what he can do to maybe help a few of his team members.

So he puts on a plastic smile and pretends it doesn’t hurt when he’s so far behind everyone else that reaching out for them just looks like he’s examining his fingernails.

Damn. : Andy Biersack Imagine 

 "Just one more interview and then we’re free.“ Andy groaned. "Impatient much?” Ashley joked. Black veil brides were doing interviews for their upcoming tour with a band they had yet to meet. It was a last minute addition after Juliet dropped out because of her relationship with Andy falling out. It had been a couple months so Andy was completely fine. The guys sat on the couch side by side and answered multiple questions they’ve answered a thousand times before. 

While the interviewer was speaking, the door opened and everyone heard it. Andy had not looked up yet only because he was too busy day dreaming. The only reason he had stopped was because everyone was silent. Andy finally broke is gaze on the floor and looked up to where everyone’s attention was at. He saw three guys, tattooed, tall, one had glasses, one had a hat, and the other was plain. All wore black but what everyone was looking at was the girl that was with them. She was shorter than them, dressed in black like the rest and was oblivious to the attention. They were speaking with the BVB manager so not even the guys noticed the room had gone silent. 

 "Um, so thank for being here guys,“ the interviewer finally spoke and turned to the camera, "stay tuned, next we have Y/B/N for their first interview!” The camera turned off and Andy thought how weird it must of have been for the viewers of the live stream to witness the silence. Andy watched as Y/B/N walked to the couch they were just on, the girl sitting in the middle of the guys. “Welcome back! We’re here with Y/B/N for their first interview! Please state your name and what you do in the band.” The dude interviewing was looking at the girl the whole time so she spoke first. 

“My name is Y/N and I play guitar.” Andy only heard her because after she spoke his ears blocked out the sounds of everyone. “Y/N…” He though to himself. A/N: kinda lame I know but I wanted to at least write SOMETHING xx

Please remember that sometimes silence on an issue or situation isn’t a lack of caring or concern: it’s a form of exhausted self-care as people pull back and try to put themselves back together.  Just because I don’t say something about everything doesn’t mean I don’t think it matters.  It may mean that I am completely drained from all the things I’m already dealing with, and cannot safely take on another battle.

The same goes for absolutely everyone.  Anger is sometimes quiet and sad and silent, because anything else is just beyond you.

Anon submitted:

Can you imagine Hinata being deaf.

It’s not really that much of a disability on the court, because he doesn’t need to hear the ball to know where it is in the air or how to hit it, which is part of why he’s so fond about volleyball in particular. It’s rough getting into Karasuno volleyball at first, because even though Sugawara miraculously knows sign language (he says he learned because he wanted to communicate with more people, bless) no one else really does so it takes a while.

When he and Kageyama start becoming friends, it’s also a rocky start. It’s very hard to communicate, because Kageyama is Hearing and doesn’t know any sign language. (It doesn’t help that he looks terrifying, and Hinata can lipread well enough to know that what he’s saying is not pleasant.)

Later, Suga and Hinata team up to give the team some sign language lessons. they emphasize that Hinata does not want any pity, because he has gotten along just fine in the last fifteen years, thanks.

Sugawara doesn’t need to develop signs for Hinata, he just tells him what to do because he knows his hands are moving too fast for the other team to figure it out. He uses regular signs with everyone else though, and it’s initially confusing for spectators to see simple handsigns and then more elaborate ones for a specific player. Kageyama also learns how to do signs well enough to give Hinata the directions, should they need it. 

It’s an amazing tactic, really, and eventually the whole rotation gets used to using sign language for everything. They even use sign language on the bench and during practice in order to help the team develop their fluency. It’s a great decision all around and Karasuno becomes known for its silent court.

By Hinata’s second year, they begin training the first years in sign language, because it’s efficient and it’s giving them a valuable skill off the court. It’s so successful that when Hinata becomes captain in his third year, he makes sure to teach those first years.

Even after Hinata graduates, they continue the tradition, the new third years claiming that they wanted to honor the greatest captain they had ever met and the second years agreeing wholeheartedly. Hinata becomes a legend for too many things to count.

Imagine Hinata really wanted to go to Karasuno and his parents petitioning the school to let him in, even though they are a Hearing school, and to let him use an interpreter during class.

Imagine Hinata being very self-conscious about his voice, knowing he doesn’t articulate words completely right. Imagine his teammates taking the time to listen to him carefully and to figure out what he’s saying when he finally decides he’s okay talking to them.

Imagine the team using their knowledge of sign language to sneakily talk in class.

Imagine Hinata always having been a bit too scared to get cochlear implants, thinking it’s too scary to have something put into his head, but sometime during his first year he decides he wants to get them.

Imagine the Karasuno team knowing when Hinata’s having the surgery and waiting anxiously for him the day his implants are activated.

Imagine them all welcoming Hinata and Hinata just bursting into tears right on the doorstep, smiling brightly as he wipes his tears away and tells them “I can hear your voices, I can hear you!”

Imagine that in the following weeks, Hinata goes around constantly telling everyone how their voices sound. “Oh wow I didn’t think your voice was this low”, “Ah, your voice is exactly like you would expect”, “Sheesh, Kageyama, why are you so loud? Were you always this loud? I feel sorry for our teammates.”

Imagine Hinata growing incredibly embarrassed when he starts to realise Kageyama’s been calling him a dumbass behind his back whenever he screws up a play and stubbornly turning his implants off and closing his eyes when he doesn’t want to hear Kageyama’s side of an arguement.

Imagine that, even in his third year, Hinata will sometimes touch his fingers to his ears in the middle of a conversation, smiling to himself as he marvels at the fact that this is this person’s voice.

Take It or Leave It 4

Hi lovelies!  I haven’t really got anything to say apart from thank you again for all the incredible feedback and I hope you enjoy this part!

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Song: Feeling Good - Michael Bublé

… … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … .. … … … … … … … … … … … … 

“Paulina! What is Harvey doing tomorrow morning?” Was your greeting as both you and Harvey walked to his office. 

Paulina looked up from her desk. “There’s a meeting with Travis Hill at 10 and then a meeting with Andrew Washington at 3:30.”

You nodded. “Okay then. Push the meeting with Hill. I need Harvey." 

"How do you need me, Y/N?” Harvey smirked and raised an eyebrow at you.

“Jokes aside, Harvey. The phone call earlier wasn’t just for fun; Mr Stark was calling me to tell me that Ross and his attorney turned up without my consent nor presence." 

"God damn it, that’s an offence. What are we doing tomorrow morning?" 

"Going to court. We’re getting a TRO for Ross. And a warning for his attorney, whoever the guy is." 

"Good idea. Good to know I didn’t hire you just based on looks.” 

You smirked. “You think I’m pretty, Mr Scott?” 

“Don’t push it.” But even he couldn’t keep the smile off his face.

The next morning, both you and Harvey, who had agreed to help you, stood in a court room with Emory Myers, the prosecuting attorney which you were not happy about in the slightest.

"I’m not in the habit of just handing out TROs, Miss L/N.” The judge told you as you stood before her with Harvey at your side. 

“I know your honour, now just hear me through. I had a phone call from my client yesterday afternoon stating that Secretary Ross and his attorney had visited them with my consent nor presence. All I ask is for a Temporary Restraining Order against Secretary Ross and a warning to Mr Myers for the offence." 

Myers was quick to stand up for himself. "Your honour, we did no such thing as the defence claims." 

"Objection, your honour! I have evidence to discredit his claims." 

"Like what? Your honour, whatever it is it’s completely fake.” Myers was quick to rebut your statement.

“Well unless I woke up in Russia this morning, this transcript and video recording are very much real.” Harvey smoothly discredited the man with a smirk.

“Please pass forward the evidence.” The judge commanded and you did so, passing a memory stick and the transcription forward.

“This seems legitimate. Prosecution, do you have any evidence to discredit this.”

“No, your honour.”

“TRO and warning granted. Watch yourself, Mr Myers.” The judge gave the man in question a meaningful glance.

You shared a look with Myers and said nothing as he glared at you, walking out. You calmly walked back to Harvey who was still stood, waiting for you. 

“Miss L/N?” 

You turned to face the judge. “Yes, your honour?” 

“I must wish you luck. People are heavily ambivalent about the Avengers considering recent events. You’re going to have to fight hard to convince the jury to see them as Not Guilty.” She looked at you seriously.

You inclined your head. “I know, your honour.”

She inclined her head in return before walking off. You turned to Harvey with a tired look on your face. “Why Myers? Of all the possible people why did it have to be him, Harvey?” 

“The guy’s an asshole and you’re going to be working like hell to win this case because goddamn it I am not letting you lose your winning streak now.” 

“Not that you actually care about me then.”

“Of course not.” He said and you nodded smiling.

Back in the office, you were in over your head in work, relaxing sea waves sounds playing from your laptop. Well, when you say office, you meant building because truth be told, you were currently sat on a conference room table papers, strewn all around you; a black pen tucked into your messy bun; a highlighter in your mouth as you flicked through a file as you dived into the deep end of discovery. When Paulina had swung by with coffee she had just stared at you and wordlessly handed you the hot beverage. Honestly, she couldn’t be blamed for her actions because there had to be at least fifty boxes packed with files and paperwork. She had left quickly and that was an hour ago. You hummed quietly, trying not to let the stress get to you but that was quickly ruined as a commotion started outside. Everyone was rushing to the elevators and you couldn’t understand it in the slightest. Carefully manovering off the table without disrupting any of the papers, you quickly slipped your heels back on and paused the sea sounds before walking out to see what it was all about. 

The thing is, you heard the problem before you could see it and what’s worse, you could see Allanah Wood, the managing partner who took over when the firm ousted Hayden Hughes, making her way into the fray and the crowds parted like the Red Sea. 

“Mr Stark, it’s a pleasure to meet you.” Allanah’s polite voice made everyone go silent apart from the occasional whisper; because of this you slowed your stride to see how it would play out. 

“I know it is. I’m here to ask a question to someone.” Tony’s ego never ceased to amaze you, despite the fact you had been friends with him for years.

“As Managing Partner here, you can ask me any questions you need to.” Allanah’s cool outward appearance shone through the curious cloud all the others present were emitting. 

Tony laughed. “I’m sure I can but see, the thing is that I’m here for someone very specific and you won’t be able to answer my question.”

“I wouldn’t be so sure about that.” 

“However, I am so sure though.” You stepped into the clearing of people next to Allanah who looked pissed that you were interfering.

“Bunny!” Tony grinned when he saw you and spun you around in his arms, which was very uncharacteristic for the billionaire and you quickly pushed him away for personal space. “It’s been so long!”

You could feel rather than see all the looks you were getting and it was doing wonders for your confidence as it was sending it sky high. “Tony. I was there yesterday morning; that isn’t exactly a long time ago.” 

“Actually it is thirty two hours, twenty four minutes ago which, in case you hadn’t noticed, is a very long time.” He looked very smug as he removed his glasses and looked around with that arrogant air that he somehow made work. “Thanks for the welcome party, Bunny, but it wasn’t necessary.”

“Careful there, Tony, you almost sounded kind of humble.” You teased.

“Anyway,” The man swiftly ignored your comment. “You didn’t come back to the tower last night.” 

“Look around you Tony, we’re at my workplace which means I have a job and that therefore meaning I must have been working last night.” Sarcastically you answered his non-verbal question.

Tony looked affronted before schooling his expression into his signature smirk. “Are you coming back tonight then?” 

You almost groaned at how persistent the man could be. “Let me show you something.” You dragged him away from the elevators, hardly noticing the gravitation towards you or Harvey magically appearing at your side. You walked him to the conference room you had been in. “See this? This is all for your little boy band. All 52 boxes and currently I’ve only gone through 3 and a bit of them. That’s leaves 48 and a bit of them and that’s-”

“That’s 93% rounded to go.” Tony finished for you as Allanah was doing damage control outside and sending everyone back to work.

“And what have I told you about turning up at the office?” Tony looked at you and just grinned cheekily, knowing full well what had been discussed; the man was infuriating. You began to walk him out. “Now shoo! I have 48 boxes to do and 2 other cases going on so I really need to get back to work. So no, I doubt I’ll be coming back tonight.” 

You could have sworn Tony looked disappointed but you never got to see it properly before it disappeared. “I’ll see you soon then, Bunny.”

“Of course, Tony. You’ll see me soon.” You both shared that knowing smile you had before he got in the elevator and pressed the button for the ground floor.

 “What the hell was that, L/N?” Allanah was waiting for you as you turned around to return to your files. 

“That was my longest standing client doing what I told him not to do.” You replied, already walking back to the conference room 

“And Tony Stark is your client?!” She sharply followed you into the room where she was quick to shut the door where Harvey was still stood there, looking at all the files sprawled on the table. “You know something, L/N, when I saw his name on the clientele list, I presumed he was one of the partners’ clients but no. He is your client and has been for a long time and you didn’t feel the need to goddamn tell me?” 

Allanah was angry and that much was blatantly clear. 

“Forgive me, Miss Wood, but shouting around the fact that you have very famous clients doesn’t normally do anything beneficial. You want to know the facts? Hughes gave him to me as my first client 9 years ago, told me to close him as Stark Industries. Couple months later I closed him as Tony Stark and I also took on Pepper Potts on as well, although nothing has ever risen for us to work together. You want to know more facts? The Avengers Corporation and each of its members joined my client list yesterday. Whoopie doo, there’s my main 18 or so clients.” 

Allanah’s expression was stormy yet no sharp tongued response came out. You were both staring each other down before she broke the silence. “Don’t screw this goddamn thing up.” She quickly brushed passed you and strode powerfully out of the other door at the end of the room

“Damn. You’re in deep shit.” Harvey helpfully supplied as your prepared to kick off your heels again before stopping yourself.

“Can I work out of your office for a bit? I can not deal with this many people staring at me as I work.” 

Harvey went to object. Therefore, your well-known puppy eyes came out.

With a roll of his eyes, Harvey grabbed one of the boxes. “Come on, puppy, grab the files and box you were on.” You grinned in success and followed his orders. As you shut the doors behind you, you locked them as well. “Those doors can be locked?” Harvey asked surprised.

You nodded as the pair of you walked to his office. “Electromagnetically, yes. That’s why any files are done in that room for security purposes so what is confidential, stays confidential.”

“Huh.” The senior partner hummed intelligently as he opened the door of his office for you before closing it again. You sat down on to sofa in his office in what you had dubbed, ‘your corner’, as Harvey sat in the seat perpendicular to it. His jacket came off as did your heels as you both got comfy for a long night ahead. Glancing at Harvey, you quirked the corner of your lips up because despite the fact that you helped him on cases all the time, you were obligated to as he was your boss but here he was, dropping whatever he had been doing to help you.

The meeting with the Washingtons had been and gone with a successful wind; by now it was dark outside and soft jazz music was playing as the pair of you sipped some of Harvey’s scotch, a further 19 boxes had been completed. Paulina had bid goodnight to you hours ago when she left so at that point Harvey had taken a break to finish what he had been doing before coming back to you. Humming you sifted through the files with your mentor, highlighting, annotating, sticky-noting, the whole lot and the pile of done boxes were slowly but surely piling up against the other side of the conference room to the uncompleted boxes.  

The rapt sound of knuckles tapping glass dragged both of your attentions away from the papers. Allanah stood at the door, as regal looking as always. “It’s getting late; how come both of you are still here?”

“Did you not see the conference room earlier?” Harvey leant back in his seat.  

She tilted her head and walked in. “I did.”  

“That was only some of the boxes for the case I’m on.” You temporarily stood up before resettling, legs folded underneath you meaning your skirt rode up to your lower thigh. 

“And you convinced Harvey to help you?”

“Actually, he just sat down and started going through the files." 

That caused Allanah to raise an eyebrow at the man in question. "Is that so?”
Harvey nodded. “I couldn’t let my dear associate drown in paperwork, now could I?" 

You snorted into your hand. "You’ve let me drown in paperwork before.”

He gave you a betrayed look and Allanah looked amused at the exchange “Feel free to get food on the firm’s pay. You’re going to need it.” She gave you both a meaningful look before saying goodnight at walking out.

Harvey pulled out his work phone. “Pick a cuisine, hotshot.”

You smiled. “Pizza?”

“Pizza it is.” He called the 24 hour pizza place and placed the usual order you had. 


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One of the most liberating feelings in the world is realizing you don’t owe anyone shit

You don’t have to be friends with someone who treats you like crap even if you’ve known them your whole life. You don’t even owe them an explanation either. You get to choose who gets to be in your life. It’s a privilege, not a birth given right. 

If someone is hurting you or just flat out annoying, you don’t have to give them the time of day. Please cut the shitty people out of your life and surround yourself with awesome ones who make you happy. You deserve nothing but happiness and anyone who brings you down doesn’t deserve to be in it.