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Truth or Lie (Part Thirteen)

Part One

Part Twelve

A/N: A bit of a long flashback in this chapter. Good things are coming, guys. Good things. Lucifer x Reader fic coming up next!

Pairing: Rob Benedict x Reader

Warning: Angst, fluff, flashbacks, anxiety, mention of alcohol, explicit language

Word Count: 3439

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“Just kiss him already!”

You pinched the bridge of your nose as Quinn kept encouraging you to do the one thing you told yourself not to do. “No, because that’ll most likely lead to a relationship.”

“Ohh, you want a relationship with him! You don’t want to just punch your ticket once. You want a season pass,” Quinn smirked, giving your shoulder a playful nudge as the two of you sat on the polyester couch in her living room.

You sighed loudly and buried your face in your hands, feeling lost on what to do. “Maybe I should just quit my job and leave the country.”

“Maybe you should just kiss him and see where it goes. I mean, what are you really afraid of?”

Getting you and Rob killed. “It’s just a lot of exposure, you know? I’m just not sure I’ll handle that well,” you replied, drawing your face out of your hands to meet your friend’s gaze.

“You already deal with that type of exposure. You’re attached at the hip wherever he goes. The fans know of your existence already,” Quinn pointed out.

“It’s the media I’m worried about. There’s talk about him coming back for Supernatural and he’s all over Comic-Con, so they’re bound to get nosy about his personal life. You know how the media is,” you muttered, knowing you had interviews to schedule for him in the future.

“Just don’t tell anyone. Keep it a secret,” Quinn suggested, really capturing your attention.

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