because everyone knows how much i love pokemon

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what pokemon do you think each member will pick?? im sorry if this is a hard one to think of bcs theres literally like tons and tons of pokemons but id love to hear what do you think bout it!!

omg anon bb it is a hard one but you know i love pokemon so yell heah wuhu!!! okay let’s see. these regions are going to be all over the place but mostly i don’t know much about unova so. sorry unova pokemon!!

  • jeongguk has a haunter, a red gyarados, a steelix, and a sharpedo
    • me talking to nikkumeul, “gyarados: the fuckboy of all pokemon”
    • he’s a tiny nub when he starts out as a pokemon trainer so he surrounds himself with all these giant water/steel/ghost type pokemon to look bigger than he is
    • when he grows up though, he catches a liddo azurill and it is his tiny baby pride and joy ( ˃̆ૢ௰˂̆ૢഃ )
  • taehyung has a bellossom, a sylveon, a bayleef, and a kadabra
    • i was thinking that taehyung would be the type to have a lot of cute pokemon and one really intimidating one that all his cute pokemon dote on
    • one night he found an abra sleeping in the middle of the street and was like OH NO I MUST SAVE IT 
    • and now when he lets out all his pokemon his others just spend their time making flower crowns for his kadabra and sparkling at it. it is the most kawaii kadabra you will ever see ٩(✿∂‿∂✿)۶
  • namjoon has a ninetales, a metagross, a porygon, and a mr. mime
    • a ninetales to match how regal he is, though. and namjoon with a vulpix is something i would live for
    • metagross and porygon (? i think) are super intelligent pokemon so they’d be able to keep up with his brain ohoho ╭( ・ㅂ・)و
  • jimin has an aipom, a delcatty, a combusken, and an empoleon
    • look at aipom’s face it is literally jimin. somehow this is also applicable to delcatty. jimin is one of those pokemon trainers that looks like his pokemon oh god
    • jimin’s pokemon are pretty reflective of himself because they start out tiny and cute ie torchic and piplup and then they evolve into something you should probably be worried about
    • his and taehyung’s pokemon are all best friends (ɔˆ ³(ˆ⌣ˆc)
  • seokjin has a tentacruel, a milotic, a vaporeon, and a feraligatr
    • he’s a cerulean city gym leader!!! and hands out cascade badges to elite four hopefuls
    • jeongguk challenged him once with a magikarp and a carvanha; naturally, this kid got his ass beat because all those water pokemon against his steelix…
    • trainers are super scared of him and especially his tentacruel but in reality he’s actually super nice and jimin’s empoleon love to hang with his vaporeon huhu
  • yoongi has a snorlax, a slowking, an aggron, and a blastoise
    • oh man you know exactly what he’s usually doing. you can usually find him sleeping on his snorlax with his slowking some distance away chilling out in the water 
    • but if you piss him off his aggron is literally always angry so good luck homie
    • you probably don’t want to humor his blastoise either, he’s had it since it was a teeny squirtle and that thing will hydro pump your ass to mars if he asked it to honestly
  • hoseok has a solrock, a lunatone, a voltorb, and an electrode
    • i know i gave everyone four pokemon but ALSO HOSEOK WOULD HAVE A PLUSLE AND A MINUN that climb all over his shoulders because they don’t like staying in their pokeballs (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧
    • he’s got a pretty good lock on rock type and electric pokemon as you can see
    • he travels with yoongi through valleys a lot which is how he’s gathering his rock type collection now wuhu!!

WOW THIS GOT LONG, I AM SORRY!!! i love pokemon so much it used to be my life and soul as a kid. i hope you like this anon bb!!! these are just my thoughts (◞⁎˃ᆺ˂)◞*✰ –carboxyls