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As odd as it may seem one of my favorite cutscenes in the entirety of Kingdom Hearts is when Sora first meets Pooh. Winnie the Pooh has got to be one of the purest franchises in media, so when you see Sora nonchalantly approach Pooh to sit by him to greet him you can’t help but feel at ease.

The picture itself of them both sitting together is very endearing, and you appreciate how well Kingdom Hearts captured the essence of Pooh and even went as far as to bring Sora too into that innocent atmosphere.

But then Sora starts talking to Pooh, and out of nowhere Pooh seems confused, sad, distraught even, because everyone and everything he’s known is suddenly gone, and he figures he might as well say goodbye to himself too. And you try to push back that unsettling thought of Pooh considering suicide as you watch how he casually walks away, leaving Sora behind, whom was probably taken by surprise too and couldn’t think of anything to say.

The mood of the scene even changes abruptly from existential crisis to flowers and happiness when the music finally sets in and the title of the Hundred Acre Wood is displayed on the screen. And after that strange and surprising encounter you are just left there to wonder what is it that you’ve done with your life.

And honestly, I think that’s freaking beautiful.

Yuri On Ice During the Superbowl
  • Viktor: The one who says goal instead of touchdown
  • Yurio: Gets aggressive and never stops being angry, even during halftime
  • Yuri: Gets too much anxiety to even focus on the game so he just quietly cheers when everyone else does
  • Otabek: Isn't there because he has "something to do that day"
  • Christophe: Doesn't go because he doesn't care
  • Minako: Goes for the drinks and hot men
  • Minami: Can't go because he is too young
  • Phichit: Takes pictures of everyone and uses the hashtag "Superbowl" for more likes
  • Mila: "What's a Superbowl?"
  • Leo: Screams the whole entire time and explains how America is great and everyone thinks he is obnoxious the whole entire time
  • Georgi: Only goes to impress his girlfriend with football knowledge, but he actually doesn't know anything
  • Yakov: Calls Viktor, Yuri, and Yurio to see where they are
  • Lilia: Calls Yurio to see where the hell he is for his ballet lessons
  • Everyone else: "haha no Football sucks no thanks"

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I read Stony stories of Tony being a Captain America fan. And when it's Winteriron instead of Cap, Tony is a huge Bucky Barnes fan. But I really love the idea of him being a Bucky Barnes fan, even though he is dating Steve. Every one thinks that he has always being a Cap fan. Until they see old baby pictures, instead of baby Tony holding a cap bear, he is holding a Bucky bear

(Be forewarned. Lots of typos ahead)

Nice! That’s a really good idea, because it can lend itself to angst or fluff. For example, if you stick to canon, imagine everyone finds out that Bucky used to be Tony’s hero. Now, imagine just how much that doubles Bucky’s sens of guilt. Not only did he murder Tony’s parents, but he’d been Tony’s hero. Tony witnessed his childhood hero murder his parents. Bucky thought he already felt like he was the worse person on the planet, but now he realizes there on new depths to his vileness (his opinion, not necessarily everyone else’s). And of course, Tony is hurt too, but his realization had come a year or so ago, so while it still hurts to think about, it’s not as devastating as it once was. It does cause him to have moments in which he worries how many children who have looked up to him over the years that he has let down. 

Then there is the Steve angst angle, not nearly as devastating, but still angst. Steve most likely would be thrilled to learn that his boyfriend once that of Bucky as his hero growing up. He’s probably think of it as adorable. Bucky most likely would be shocked at first, but once he got over the surprise, he would tease Steve about it mercilessly. 

And at first Steve doesn’t think much of it, but he begins to wonder: “Why not him?” So he asks Tony. Tony explains as a kid he just found Bucky more relatable, which Steve accepts. However, the more Steve thinks about it the more he recalls learning that kids often favor heroes because they like to envision themselves as the hero.So Steve just keeps prodding, trying to figure out if Tony had wanted to be like Bucky as kid as well as a few other things, and finally Tony rolls his eyes and says, “Steve, you were just too damn perfect. The comics were propaganda pieces. There were boxes of narration that waxed on about how perfect you were and painted you as the ideal American Soldier. Add in that Howard was obsessed with you, and it’s a miracle I didn’t hate you growing up.” 

“But you don’t see me as that now?”

“God, no. I live with you, Steve. You’re an asshole. I love you, but you’re an asshole nonetheless. Even if the media still likes to make you the golden boy.” And Tony rolls his eyes again, and Steve… well, he’s happy that Tony loves him, but he’s insecure now too. Steve’s relationship with the media has always been shaky. He hates the image they paint of him, but he’s learned to deal with it. 

It’s just…Steve admits this isn’t the first time Tony’s mentioned Steve’s portrayal in the media, but it is the first time Steve sees how much it really bothers Tony. And not just just in an empathetic way. Tony personally dislikes it. 

And Steve’s not quite sure what to do about that, and he worries if there are any other things that annoy Tony that he’s missed just because he never really listened before. 

That’s the mildly angsty route for the Tony is a Bucky fan scenario. 

For fluff and humor, the story could start similarly to the Steve angst story above, except after Bucky starts teasing Steve, Steve decides to get back at Bucky in the best way.

Steve buys Tony all of the Bucky Barnes merch he can find. Tony has a Bucky Bear watch, lunchbox, and backpack. Steve even bought a replica jacket of the one Bucky wore in the comics. 

And Tony, sweet and supportive Tony, wears and uses it all. 

Bucky begs for them to stop and feels like a heel every time he pleads because Tony always turns around and says, “But you’re my hero, Bucky. I just want to show my love for you.”

Seriously, how is he supposed be mean and grouchy towards that?

Batfam Headcanon

Tim finds out Damian is getting bullied over his Arabic heritage. He overhears some boys calling Damian a terrorist, Damian is controlling his anger because he’s on his final warning.

Bruce eventually gets a call from Gotham academy telling him his son got into a fight. He goes into the school preparing a lecture for Damian when he sees Tim sitting on the chair face full of anger. Damian is sitting beside him holding him back.

Everyone eventually is scared of Tim because he’s broken the boy’s nose and twisted his arm until he apologised to Damian and obviously he has video graphic evidence for blackmail.

Damian eventually questions why Drake would even help him but Tim tells him no matter how much he calls his little brother demon and brat calling him a terrorist is pathetic and harmful.

Damian probably draws him a picture and helps him to meet the titans because Bruce has banned him from leaving the manor for a month.

Damian is proud to have 3 older brothers who he loves even though he strives to be the best he understands that with family everyone has their strengths and weaknesses but no one is weaker.

ELF Japan Update with Super Junior D&E:

Everyone in ELF-JAPAN, Hello! We received a picture from Donghae~

Hi everyone, I’m Donghae, because I wanted to see Eunhyuk, so I went to look for him and meet him. It’s really cold so everyone has to be  careful not to catch a cold. Eunhyuk and I will come back to you guys soon, just wait for a little while more~ ©

What you were to selfish to realise about breaking her heart;
She wanted nothing more than to run after you as soon as you started to walk away, she hates herself everyday for not trying but how can you chase someone who has made it obvious they don’t care about you at all.
The only reason there is ‘new’ guys in the picture is because she can’t stand the hole you left her with. It’s better to have the wrong company than being alone with the voices in your head.
She will tell everyone she’s fine, she doesn’t care anymore, because she desperately wants to believe it herself.
She still checks on you, it doesn’t matter if you don’t give a second thought about her. All she wants is to see you smile.
She has every right to be mad at you, she put her all into you and all you gave back was lies and heartbreak. She trusted you and you stabbed her in the back without a second thought.
She would rather continue sobbing endlessly in the shower than calling you, it’s much less lonely.
She will never realise she is the one that can do so much better, she’ll always believe she deserves it but we both know she doesn’t, she’s the best you could get and maybe that’s why you ran away scared.
She hates that she still gets jealous when she sees you with someone else but unlike you she cannot just erase the moments shared, her love for you was true, something I doubt you can say.
Most importantly one day she is going to realise what a coward you are, she’s going to let it all go. Her flame might be flickering right now but just you wait until it lights up again. It’s hard watching someone who deserves the world hurt over a jerk who would rather sleep with meaningless girls than be with a girl who is worth 100 times that.
What you don’t know when you broke her heart is one day she is going to break yours when you see her triumph over you.
—  B.L letters I never sent

hear me out for a second. stefan salvatore wants nothing but to make caroline forbes happy. that’s his sole purpose. even when he leaves it’s for her. in 6x15 he broke her heart cause damon convinced him that she deserved better than him and that whatever he felt for her wasn’t enough, so he walked away cause he thought that she deserved better than him. in 7x16 he leaves cause everyone and everything got him thinking that he has to let her go. klaus told him to let her go, lily told him that she’ll always choose her kids, damon told him that the kids will come first and he saw her with rick and the twins and she was happy and he didn’t see himself in the picture (his words not mine) so he left, thinking that he was doing right by her and choosing to leave her rather than watch her get hurt because of him.

I’m not saying that stefan will leave caroline, but i’m saying that when he said he can’t see their future, he didn’t mean that he suddenly loved her less or his feelings changed or he started to think that he deserves something better! he’s basically saying that he thinks he’ll hold her back and that SHE may not want their relationship at some point in the future. meaning that again, he’s thinking about her and not himself.

stefan never left caroline cause his feelings changed or cause she wasn’t enough. it’s the other way around, he always fears that she deserves better than him and he’s always willing to let her go just to make sure he doesn’t hold her back. and that? that’s love, my friend.

*Toriel takes yet another selfie.

Everyone was so kind to me…I still can’t believe it! ;;;w;;; All the undertale cosplayers who I met were so lovely. There was a point where I was just standing in one spot because I got so many pictures taken of me! I loved all the people that I met at this con. If anyone has any photos of my cosplay, I’d love to see!

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I hate when pax happens because I feel like everyone is going to the party of the year and im that one fella that can't go because I wasn't invited so I stay home and look at all the photos of everyone else having fun and just cry myself to sleep (jk I hope everyone has a great time and seeing pictures of people meeting makes me emotional)

dude… that is like…. literally how i feel. except, for me living in boston, it’s like being the neighbor to that party and looking out the window and seeing everyone have a good time and you weren’t invited and it’s like siiiigh.

but i do hope people enjoy themselves too! i’ve never been to pax, but i go to boston comic con every year, so i’m hoping it’s just as fun as that! 💜

Day 8 || March 14th || Free Day 

Here’s a really nice picture of Yellow that I drew! (tfw everyone’s tired of me drawing yellow for pokespe week but she’s my precious forest child idc anymore)

While I was drawing this, I was listening to Love Like You by Rebecca Sugar (the credits song from Steven Universe, you know?) on repeat, because the song kinda makes me think of someone who’s singing about Yellow, I guess. It might just be my interpretation of the song, but what does everyone else think? 

I’m experimenting with new styles of digital art, so you might be seeing some similar pictures in the near future, if I’m not busy procrastinating.

Anyways, this week has been really fun, even if it was busy, and I hope to do events like this sometime in the (near) future!

EXO reaction: to your baby photos where you were naked:

Chen: *teases you nonstop* 

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Chanyeol: *finds it cute and is a bit flustered* Why are you so cute?!

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Sehun: *uses them for blackmail* You better get me some bubble tea or I’ll make sure everyone sees these pics *sassy queen*

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Xiumin: *hugs and cuddles you* You look so cute!! Wanna show me how you look now? *daddy xiumin is back*

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Baekhyun: *uses them for blackmail and teases you the WHOLE FUCKING TIME!*

Baek: “Let me see those baby butts!!”

You: “Fuck off”

Baek: “You better show them to me or you’ll regret it…” *daddy mode turned on*

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Lay: *hangs the pictures all over the walls in the dorm* Everyone should appreciate how cute you were as a baby!

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Kai: *laughs the whole time, because you’re so cute*

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Suho: *has the photos everywhere with him and would praise you*

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D.O.: *flustered and is a cute lil’ fluffy mess* My jagiya is so cute~

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Kris: *uses them for blackmail too* 

Kris: Get me chicken!

you: I thought you didn’t like chicken

Kris: Get me chicken or I’ll post this!!

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Luhan: *tries to stay manly, but handle the feels* SO cute!!!~ *cuddles you the whole time* (Imagine you’re kai)

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Tao: *fanboys*

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Wait, what's going on with the elevator scene?! Why is everybody freaking out about it?!

Oh, because there is a much better video version of it now! I guess it’s not HD, but it’s much better than the grainy stuff we had before. 

@fitzsimmmonsy made some lovely GIFs where you can see a lot more of Cassian’s face, for instance.

Gifs made from earlier leaked videos:

by @hardyness

Gifs made from the newly leaked video:

by @fitzsimmmonsy

And there’s also better video, which has better quality sound along with picture. Basically anything new is like A+++++ stuff and I will eat that up with a spoon.

so I’m gonna be the queerbaiting fucker of the day, but I believe the writers made it so that the notorious “kiss” scene from Ep7 could be interpreted by the viewer however they please. (don’t worry, this post still has victuuri hope.)

so right here we see the aftermath of whatever went on between Victor and Yuuri, but if you look closely, their lips couldn’t possibly be touching because Victor’s head (by then) is mostly resting on Yuuri’s shoulder. 

however, I did mention before that the above picture was the aftermath. here, we can see Victor is head-on colliding with Yuuri in what some everyone may assume is a kiss. 

I personally (and this has been briefly discussed with @jinsono ) would like to think that whoever wrote this scene was letting the viewer take their own standpoint on whether Victor and Yuuri are hugging platonically or truly locking lips. Either view can be taken, really. And I think the writers were actually very clever to have the scene drawn this way, as there are still some people who may not find the subtle “romantic” aspect of Yuri!!! On Ice very entertaining, but there are also some who were ready for it from the start. They obviously want to keep the viewers who have different opinions on this sort of content and stay neutral, so it’s drawn it such a way that leaves the viewer to assume whichever they prefer. Whether it’s a kiss-into-hug or a no-homo-hug, I’m sure plenty of viewers are pleased with the latest episode. 

but don’t they just look so in love here?


I’m positing this on here too, because I know not everyone has Twitter! 😌
The deadline is the morning of the last show in Bath, as I think it would be nice for her to see all the appreciation after the last show!
I’d love for as many fans to get involved! 😌
Email your messages (and any drawings, poems,edits etc if you want to) to

Things to include:
1) a sweet message (as long, or as short as you like - if you’ve met her, you can also attach your picture with her if you’d like)
2) 1 word you would use to describe Catherine
3) any of your favourite photos of her throughout her career (as there will be a memories section)

Please add your name, age (optional) and where you’re from (optional).

Thank you & hope people like the idea! X Please reblog to spread the word so fans that don’t follow me still have the opportunity to join in! 🤗

Temeraire Characters as @dril Tweets
  • Laurence: if you have a problem with me kissing pictures of Dragons while driving the bus, fight me. i just ate like 30 hotdogs and im near invincible
  • Granby: ive trademarked the term “The guy who fucks up” so if you see someone else using it pleaase stick my Fair Use brochures to their car
  • Kulingile: i am skeptical of the concept "Too Big To Fail" mainly because i am extremely big and i fail constantly
  • Levitas: im sorry to everyone who has ever wanted me to apologize to them for something, and im sorry for apologizing tio you if you didnt need me to
  • Roland: "This Whole Thing Smacks of Gender," i holler as i overturn my uncle's barbeque grill and turn the 4th of July into the 4th of Shit.
  • Wellington: RAT CHECK.., unfollow me , if youre a sleazy low down RAT!!!!! i will knock your block off, I respect honor, Truth in words and action.
  • Rankin: i may be a dim-witted narcissist but at least i hafve really good opinions about life and other things
  • Lien: i feel truly blessed ,knowing that everyone who has spoken ill of my brand is eating bugs in a cold prison cell
  • Napoleon: spend a lot of time thinking about how sometimes even war criminals can be heroes sometimes... Dont like it? Click the unfollow buttobn
  • Temeraire: i can only hope that when a kangaroo court of dipshits comes to haul me to prison that i have the grace and humility not to get mad at them
  • Tharkay: im actualy, probably, the most superbly relatable and normal person in this jail cell as of right NOw
  • Iskierka: i will tell you this right now: I’m from hell. Im highly fucked up. Ive been known to say rude things and watch the carnage unfold brutally

I clearly follow the right people here since everyone’s so nice and don’t tolerate any hate or harassment towards the fandom or the actors 💚

It Wasn’t Fredbear

OK, so I’m throwing this out here because I seen a LOT of people miss this little detail.

After night six of the FNAF 4 game we are brought to the cutscene of the crying kid and the plushies of the FNAF characters and this text appears after a few seconds.

(There’s going to be a lot of pictures so bear with me.)


HOWEVER, if you all were paying attention to the text you would see a key thing!

Everyone has a different color of text when they speak!!

So what does that mean?

It mean that these

Can’t be Fredbear because the text color of Fredbear (or the plushie of Fredbear) is yellow!

So who’s saying they’re sorry? 

The only one who has the dark grey text! 

And who has the dark grey text?!?




That is all folks. (Thanks for reading everyone! Goodnight!)

Todays Inktober picture is brought to you by major depressions and feeling like utter shit. I’m sorry. All i managed to do was ink an old Kenma sketch from my sketchbook and slap some excuse of color on.. which i then turned grayscale because the paper sucks for copic coloration (as you can see it’s all blotch and there is actually NO way to blend colors. It just sucks up so much ink…).

I feel like Bo in one of his Emo-modes standing on the sidelines watching everyone else function well. *rests head on tablet* tomorrow will be better, I promise.

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I love your Guzma headcanons so i thought of another one picture this! Guzma's s/o has got a private island and mansion for all of her Pokemon including legends and UB's because of this she invites all of the grunts and Plumeria to stay with them as their new home how would they react to this and seeing the legendary pokemon? PS Rayquaza love's the grunts and Plumeria to Rayquaza she's s/o sister.

All I can imagine is mohn building a mansion on one of the pelago islands

And lugia coming out of the water screeching because everyone isbeing too loud

More points to the Yellow fam. 

Yellowtail: Yellowtail is incredibly supportive of his wife’s painting. Even though he’s not home a lot, his time home is spent with her instead of his own “me time.” We know from Onion Friend that painting is something Vidalia recently just rediscovered because she’s been raising her kids the last few years and YT has been encouraging about it. Posing for pictures is hard and it’s a long process. Besides that, more props to YT for being comfortable in his own body. He’s not the conventional idea of a beautiful man. As an adult, he must know that. But he’s not going to let that stop him. They’re painting this outdoors in the driveway of their suburban street. Everyone can see him. He’s out there in his underwear posing for his wife’s painting. That’s love. And it’s a kind of self-love that really is good for people.

YT and Vidalia: Just bonding as a couple. I mean, they don’t get to spend a lot of time together and when they do they go all-out and that’s adorable.

Vidalia: I’m really glad she has time for her interests because Steven took her up on her offer to babysit Onion, even if she’s not hanging out with Amethyst. It’s really hard to break the cycle of a routine and just spend some time doing art or anything you love. And what I like is that she trusts Steven to take care of Onion. I have a lot of thoughts about Onion, which I’ll put up later, but they’re along the lines of: Onion is different. He sees the world and interacts with it very differently. And I know different people have ascribed different medical conditions to that, but I believe calling it something broader is better so that more people can identify with him. And knowing that, she still lets him have fun with Steven because she trusts Steven will be sensitive to his needs. She’s not going to let anything stop her son from having a fun childhood growing up with people who love him.