because everyone finds it so amusing

1. Mila and Victor are like those two kids in the back of the class who the teacher hates because they always find a way to disrupt everyone (pray for Yakov, y'all).

2. Years ago, Mila was asking (begging) Georgi and Yuri if either of them would learn the Moskau dance with her. Both said no (Yuri said “fuck no”), but Victor overheard and enthusiastically volunteered. Thus began their transition from rinkmates to friends.

3. Now, Mila and Victor can do the entire Moskau dance flawlessly and they will. not. rest. until Yuuri learns it too.

4. So, their break times are typically this: Georgi watching with an amused expression while Mila turns on Just Dance and Victor tries to get Yuuri to loosen up with Yurio hating life (probably complaining about it to Otabek via text message) and Yakov contemplating retirement off to the side.

Yoonmin Highlights in 꿀 FM 2.0

looks count: ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||   

-Yoongi’s “Jiminie was running like di di di” if that ain’t the cutest shit

-Yoongi directing all his stories towards Jimin on instinct and focussing so intently whenever Jimin was talking

-Jimin’s fond eye-roll chuckle at Yoongi’s dramatic ‘i spent AGES on this script’

-Jimin knowing when it was Yoongi’s first time popping champagne because yoonmin are confirmed drinking buddies !! U heard it from the men themselves !!

-Yoongi finding zero amusement in Jimin’s “jin oppa is the best!”

-Yoongi revealing that Jimin went with him for mixtape recordings and even recorded the demo for so far away bc jimin was the one he trusted most with the personal, raw, imperfect, rough framework of his songs

-Yoongis subtle “Jimin is..” in order to get in a round of compliments from everyone for Jimin…

-*blank face* Jimin is the coolest when he raps *dazed smile*

-Jimin knowing instantly which anonymous comments were Yoongi’s

-Jimin saying ‘he was really upset that day when i saw him’ (real concept: whenever Yoongi’s down they have cuddle time and he just pouts and snuffles into jimin’s embrace)

-Yoongi finding any excuse to dismiss that Jin had the plain audacity to wink at Jimin during concerts….how dare he

-Jimin absolutely EXPOSING Yoongi for being deadass jealous and upset that Jimin and Hobi wrote letters to each other so JImin teased him about it then felt really bad about it after i love boyfriends

-Jimin sending a cute lil heart to yoongi and laughing at Yoongi’s awkward dance moves

-Jimin giggling into the camera when he realised his face was next to Yoongi’s butt

-Jimin saying he’s looking forward to Yoongi’s performance most ofc??


anonymous asked:

Could you write something about Lena discovering the existence of the alien bar, so she talk about it to Kara like "Hey, it might be a good subject for an article or something" and she sees that Kara is nervous so she propose to go with her if she wants and Kara have a hard time finding an excuse to refuse so she just... kind of end up with Lena there and everyone recognize Kara and Lena is like "Oh." and explanations ensue because why did the alien device didn't work and all ???


she focuses on her page, doodling mindlessly in the corner of it.


“i’m ignoring you.”

“ignoring me?” lena sounds amused, of all things, and kara scowls down at her page. without looking up, she flicks a paperclip lena’s way and she can’t help but grin when she yelps.


“centre mass, actually, which you would know if you would look at me.” her tone turns inviting, hopeful. the nicest possible version of wheedling. kara stares down at her paper and wills it not to burst into flame. “kara,”

“lena,” she mimics.

“it was an accident,” lena tells kara, which kara already knew of course, but having a drink spilled down the front of her shirt - and then being photographed by the paparazzi that always slinks around lena - means she’s embarrassed but also incredibly aware of how easily her disguise might be found out. white shirt, meet liquid; kara danvers, supergirl, meet the entire world knowing her identity. that they don’t is another source of concern, and confusion. because sure the drink had been dark but also lena had whisked a coat around her instantly and they’d made it back to her place where she has several outfits.

in lena’s wardrobe.

which she does not remember leaving there - no, well, she does remember it except now that she sees she has left her lucky belt, her second favourite boots, and her most comfortable sweat shirt there… it means something and she’s not entirely comfortable with that.

the idea of dating lena? no problem. the idea of dating a luthor? minor problems, named alex and clark. the idea of dating lena luthor, her best friend of some six months, who still doesn’t know that she’s supergirl? DING DING DING, huge problem.

there’s a soft touch to her hand and lena’s voice, jerking her out of her thoughts with a gentle, “kara?”

“wuh- huh?” she looks from where lena had been sitting to where she is now, standing next to her. “i zoned out, sorry.”

“no, no, it’s alright.” lena takes the seat next to her. “is everything okay at work? or,” lena waves a hand in a small motion that encompasses everything else.

“yeah, yeah, it’s all fine.” kara gives lena her brightest smile and lena nods but doesn’t look away. “i’m sorry, i’m being a bad friend.”

lena shakes her head, lays her fingers on kara’s hand again. she does it so hesitantly, always, and kara likes the way her smile eases when she turns her hand and holds lena’s.

“you’re not a bad friend. just distracted. which is why i thought we could go out tonight. there’s this bar,”

“i really am not interested in a repeat of last time lena,” kara whines.

“which is why we will get my driver to ditch the followers. it’s a hole in the wall, please,” lena asks - begs is more like it, and kara can’t look away from her pouting lip, her wide dark eyes. “you can write, i can drink, it’ll be a regular girls night out. please!”

“ugh. fine! but,” she searches for some kind of argument. “you’re paying!”

“deal.” lena squeezes her hand and kara ducks her head, grins, at the little spark the gesture shocks.


“uh, lena,” kara looks properly at the building they’ve pulled up outside and she hesitates. “i don’t think we should go in there. you know, it’s, um,”

“an alien bar, i know.”

kara nods slowly. she had guessed that. she just isn’t sure how much lena had planned this out.

“okay listen when i say this and i don’t mean it in a bad way,” kara tries to find a not bad way to say it but she’s coming up empty so…straight to the point then. “you’re a luthor. they’re aliens in there. i just think, i know how much you’re doing for your image and i just don’t want you in danger or, i also don’t want them to…get scared,” kara finishes softly. lena presses her lips together flat, nods. “i know you, lena. i know how good you are, and that you would never hurt these people, but they don’t.”

“isn’t that what your articles have been for? everything i’ve been doing? i have to test it out sometime.”

“it doesn’t mean you can walk into their bar, lena!” kara snaps. she shakes her head, tries to soften herself, her words, her shoulders, her hands. “this is a place where they can be themselves, without having to worry about that stuff. you have all the bars in the city, lena, they only have this one.” kara widens her eyes pleadingly, and lena nods slowly.

“i- you’re right. of course. i hadn’t thought of that.” lena purses her lips. “you know an awful lot about this place.”

kara grins nervously. she shrugs, happy to play it off on research, only the door swings open on its rusted hinges, music pouring out alongside obviously alien shouting, and all kara knows lena can’t be seen here. she picks her up, moves her into the shadows of the alley.

“hey kara, you coming in?” m'gann isn’t hiding her green tonight. or wasn’t. she looks to the woman in kara’s arms and her skin ripples back to her human form. “you two coming in?”

“not tonight,” kara says quietly. lena doesn’t say anything - she grips tight to kara’s arms, shaking slightly. “we’re gonna head out, actually.”

“call you an uber?”

“that’d be great,” kara nods.

“down the road, you know the pickup spot.” m'gann tilts her head toward lena, shakes her head very very slightly.

kara nods. “have a good night.”

“you too.” after a moment, m'gann adds, “lena,” and she disappears back into the bar.

the noise muffles with the door closed and kara eases away from lena. she urges her gently down the alley, and together they walk side by side down the road to the spot the Uber always arrives.

“i gather you’ve been there before,” lena says finally.

“um. yes.”

lena nods.

the uber pulls up after ten minutes of painfully empty silence. it takes another twelve minutes to get to lena’s apartment building, six to get into the building and up the stupidly fast lift to the sixteenth floor.

“you can come in,” lena tells her, and kara follows her. watches almost desperately as lena toes off her heels, the way she sighs and rolls onto the balls of her feet when she shrugs off her coat. “coffee?” she offers.

“um. sure.”

kara hasn’t felt this uncomfortable around lena since…never. not in this way. not in the horrible, teetering, this-is-the-end kind of way.


“i’m sorry,” she blurts out. “i’m sorry i didn’t tell you, and i’m sorry i broke your alien device, and i’m sorry about how weird tonight was and again, really sorry about not telling you but, but i had reasons, really good ones, and,”

“kara,” lena sighs, and she sets her stupidly expensive coffee pot down on the counter and steps over to her. lays her hands on either side of kara’s face, tugs so she’s looking right at her. “stop.”

kara stops. she stays very still, barely breathing, certainly not blinking.

“you’re an alien.” lena closes her eyes. she doesn’t pull away - if anything, she grips on a little tighter. she’s soft again when she drags her fingers down kara’s cheeks and away. “i understand why you didn’t tell me,”

“i really doubt that.” kara walks with her into the kitchen, pulls open the fridge. she takes out lena’s favourite cheese and, of all things, carrot sticks. sets them on a little plate. she pulls herself up onto the counter and waits as lena makes her coffee. it’s fine, they’ve done this before, this is how it’s supposed to go.

except, she’s never made late night snacks as an alien before. she’s never drunk from a cup as an alien, never eaten her food, never touched her things, never been in lena’s home as an alien before.

“it makes a lot more sense how appalled you were about that device,” lena muses. kara just nods. lena twists a little to face her, almost impeccably calm aside from slight, polite curiosity. “how did you break the alien device?”

kara covers her mouth, not wanting to spit cheese out. she swallows quickly. “zapped it.”

“you release an electric discharge?”


“how did you zap it? when you touched it?”

“no, with,” kara stops, horror dawning slowly. lena knows she’s an alien, she doesn’t know that she’s supergirl. “rao help me,” she mutters, tilting her head up so she can look up at the stars.


“okay.” kara hops down off the bench, backs up several steps. “i’m…yeah, i’m just going to do this,” she says, mostly to lena but a little to herself. “alright. okay.”

she pops open the buttons on her shirt quickly, too fast for lena to see, and peels it open slowly. lena stares.

and stares.

kara shifts her weight from one foot to the other.


the coffee pot hisses. lena turns, pours herself a mug and then kara. she sets the mug out on the side and retreats into the corner of the kitchen, leans back against the corner where the two benches meet.

kara moves softly like lena could spook, and she stands opposite her. she sips at the coffee, grimaces. lena pushes the sugar over to her, watches with the same look of fascination as she always has as kara spoons sugar into her mug.

“is that an alien thing?”

“i don’t think so.” kara hesitates, but adds one final spoonful. this time it tastes right. mostly of sugar. “um. not to make this weird night weirder but, uh, you’ll have to sign stuff. now that you know.”

lena nods slowly.

“i…i should go,” kara says. she pours her coffee out into the sink, half drunk, and washes it out. sets it on the drying rack. “i didn’t mean for this to happen, not like,” kara shakes her head. there’s plenty of stuff she wants to say, or maybe just a couple very important things, but lena is still just staring - into her coffee or at kara, it changes - so it can wait. “i’m really sorry.”

“the only thing i can think right now is…i know something he never did.” lena laughs a little, a short sound and not happy. she closes her eyes. “i think you should. because, if that’s my first….my only thought?” she shrugs one shoulder. “i don’t think i’m someone you should be around right now.”

“i’m not afraid of you,” kara tells her. it lacks, completely, any defiance. how strange, for that to be a reassurance. lena doesn’t look like she believes her, if the dark little curl to her lips means anything.

“tell them i’ll sign. i have no interest in seeing the inside of a cell. again.”

kara nods. “i’ll see you soon?”

lena sets her mug in the sink, and disappears into her bedroom. it becomes clear she’s not coming out again. kara tips a little food into the fish tank, makes sure the windows are locked, and locks the front door behind her.

vexedcer  asked:

Ok I was just thinking abt, how does Elaine react to Jace? Does she know who he is pre-romantic relationship? Is he "the one with the tattoos"? Has Simon already come out to her when he brings Jace up? Does she insist on having a family meal when he formally meets them as Simon's boyfriend? I'm just word vomiting on you and smiling like a fool on the bus but gah I needed to get it out to someone ik who'll appreciate it


  • like, she definitely begins to notice that simon is into guys when he’s in high school and they go to temple one day and simon flushes when dear old harriet’s son compliments simon
  • so she’s like hmmm and she keeps an eye on him and she almost forgets about it because he’s so in love with clary, and she’s a little torn because clary’s a lovely girl but she doesn’t want her son to get hurt and clary, she knows, has a habit of unwittingly pulling everything around her into her orbit
  • and then, you know, strange things start happening to her son and she spends a long period of time thinking, hysterically, that he’s dead, or off getting addicted to drugs, or just - so many awful things, and she wonders often if it’s her fault, if her picking up that bottle when ethan died set off a chain of karma so bad it’s destroyed her children - but no, she has to remember that rebecca and simon are their own people and that they’re family, no matter what, and oh god she hopes simon is okay she hopes her baby is safe - 
  • simon starts reappearing, slowly but surely. he looks intensely uncomfortable, and every time he comes over for dinner he has a friend with him, that band manager raphael, or his ex-girlfriend maia, or that lovely girl isabelle, or clary, or a friendly boy named bat that appreciates her tamales more than simon seems to at this point - simon’s not eating again, which is worrying, but he looks healthy, if a little pale, and he still hugs her and holds her tight and say i love you, mom, so she perseveres in pretending nothing’s wrong until he wants to tell her - 
  • and she begins to piece it together after a while, because she hears that jocelyn is dead and she sees tattoos flicker across clary’s body sometimes, and the scars that peek out across maia’s neck are far from natural. and there’s a faint echo of a memory in the back of her head of simon with sharp, sharp fangs. she understands something’s happening, remembers ethan once tell her that he’d known someone, long ago, who under the full moon - but it doesn’t matter now. she begins to understand that she’s better off not knowing, so she turns her head when simon slips a flask of a thick red substance out from under his coat, and starts to harp on the benefits of animal blood and blood banks when simon’s around. 
  • in the middle of all this, she peers out the window by the front door one night to see her son arguing with…thin air?
  • she watches for a few more seconds, bemused, until the air shimmers and seemingly out of nowhere a handsome young man with blonde hair and a ridiculous amount of tattoos decorating his arms flickers into existence, looking extremely put out, but still acquiescing when simon grabs his wrist and makes his way to the front door. 
  • she opens it, and simon determinedly introduces her to jace, who shakes her hand and very politely calls her ms. lewis. he hovers a little behind simon, who rolls his eyes and pushes him into a chair, and elaine hides her smile behind a stack of plates as simon hisses “act natural, herondale” and jace whispers back, furiously, “easy for you to say, lewis”
  • she isn’t completely sure of their dynamic, but it’s clear that the two of them are intesely familiar with one another, moving easily in each other’s space. simon serves jace almost unthinkingly, and jace absently takes simon’s garlic bread and starts eating it. rebecca, bless her soul, wiggles her eyebrows at elaine - are the two of them, maybe, you know? - and elaine pointedly looks at rebecca’s plate - mind your own business, dear - and rebecca grins, turning back to her own dinner. 
  • during dessert, elaine absently asks “and what do your parents do, jace?”and jace replies that he’s isabelle’s sister. “you two look very different,” elaine says, “you must take after the other parent.” 
  • jace stiffens unexpectedly, and elaine opens her mouth to immediately backtrack, because she can recognize that discomfort anywhere, but she’s momentarily shocked into silence when she sees simon’s arm move slightly under the table, his biceps briefly flexing. 
  • elaine was young and in love once too, and she remembers a dinner conversation like this a long time ago, with ethan’s parents sitting across from her and asking her and what happened to your little brother, dear? and the immediate choking sensation she’d felt as visions of smashed windshields and her brother’s limp body flooded her mind. in the midst of all that, as she’d sat, frozen and petrified, ethan’s hand had found her thigh under the table and squeezed lightly, comfortingly. nothing big, no declaration, no sudden hero; just a little reminder, i’m here and you’re not alone, you are hurting and i know you are not alone. she remembers what it had looked like out of the corner of her eye, what it looks like now as simon angles his body towards jace and gazes at him with a warmth and support that’s so very ethan that elaine finds herself momentarily blinking back tears, stuck in the past and the present. 
  • “it’s okay,” jace says, his voice marginally smaller but a falsely bright smile plastered to his face, “i’m adopted.” 
  • “well, the lightwoods have a set of very attractive children, then.” elaine says without missing a beat, and jace laughs and rebecca laughs and simon flushes red and groans “mom” and it’s all fine, but elaine is still looking and she sees the way jace nudges simon as simon buries his face in his hands in embarassment, sees the look of fondness and amusement that jace gives her son, and she thinks he did it, ethan, he found himself his forever
  • because she knows simon, she knows people, she knows love like no one else knows it because ethan was the kindest person to walk this earth and he taught her how to find it in everything and everyone before the earth took him back, so she waves simon and jace goodbye and knows in her heart that one day jace is going to be in her living room, asking to marry simon. 
  • and sure enough, when weeks later simon swallows hard on her front porch and says, slowly, quietly, “mom, jace and i - he’s my boyfriend, now, i think - “ and jace presses a quick kiss to simon’s cheek, the tips of his own ears burning as he murmurs, “we’re dating, lewis, you don’t have to say i think, you idiot - “, she blinks back tears as she remembers the way ethan’s lips felt skimming along her cheeks, and she sweeps them both into a hug. 
  • “i’m happy for you,” she says, ruffling simon’s hair, and he ducks his head and looks pleased, and jace says - polite as ever, what a charming young man - thank you, and she looks at the stars briefly. 
  • our son likes boys, too she thinks to ethan, confident that wherever he is he’s got an eye on her, and if you were here, you’d be so happy that he was happy. 
  • but you’re not, she thinks bitterly, smiling sadly, so i’m going to be happy enough for the both of us
  • she turns and makes her way inside, and she swears she can feel the ghost of a kiss pressed to her cheek. 

TJ Perkins, 205′s resident MemeLord. 
I can’t for a second believe this dabtastic tumblr shitpost in human form is 32 years old ie. OLDER THAN MUSTAFA/DAIVARI/JACK GALLAGHER no, nope. Not having it.
He’s the peppy, energetic, annoying baby brother backstage who deserves all the noogies he’s getting to that perfectly pomade hair. 

He’s gonna be sending everyone fanfics he finds amusing and having competitions on who has better fanart with Mustafa Ali and diverting their driving routes for Pokemon Go, and yelling at Youtube comment sections and writing five-page essays about Legend of Zelda conspiracy theories before he inevitably gets dragged off by Mustafa/Jack to adult. 
I’d cut him some slack though—-he’s had it rough growing up being homeless and shit, so if he wants to dab/do nerd things then please child be one with your inner nerd forever. 

Also one of the easier guys to draw because he has a face practically made for Shonen anime. 

A Lesson in Love (Intro)

Summary: (College!AU) In which you’re assigned to write a story about romance, a subject you know nothing about, and Bucky, a hopeless romantic, offers you his assistance.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 1,419

A/N: This is going to be a multi-part fic and I’m super excited for it. Be prepared for fluff galore :) 

“A Lesson in Love” Masterlist + Soundtrack

@avengerstories - thank you for putting up with me and encouraging me to write this.

Originally posted by ghostwritingforyou

“I’m going to flunk out of college.”

“No you’re not.”

The heavy weight of your backpack is nothing compared to the burden that has been placed on your shoulders due to the assignment you were just given. “Yes, I am.”

“You’re being overdramatic,” Wanda retorts as she quickens her pace in order to stay in step with you.

“Will you let me crash on your sofa when I end up homeless and degree-less?” She snorts and you respond with a glare. “I’m serious.”

“I know. That’s what makes this so funny.”

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Allura + Earth

So last night at like 1AM, instead of sleeping I was crying because “Who’s gonna adopt Allura when the war is over??” and I was sad for about five seconds before the solution became clear: the paladins will have joint custody of Allura. As in, when the paladins go home for some R&R before flying back into space to deal with the problems left behind by the defeat of the Galra Empire, Allura will spend x amount of time with one paladin and their family, then she and Coran will move on to the next paladin and their family.

And then I lost control of the idea and I’ve been weeping ever since. So! Here is a list of ridiculous feelings and headcanons about Allura on Earth. Warning: It’s long.

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anonymous asked:

Will you do RFA reacting to MC who is really messy and always forgets to clean up after herself? Lol I'm a mess

Hi anon~! I rarely pick up after myself too, whoops ^~^” I can relate pretty well lololol

I hope you like it!!



  • Honestly? He’s even messier than you!
  • He can never tell the difference between your mess and his mess
  • It’s just piles of clothes, bits of trash and food wrappers EVERYWHERE
  • So when he finally takes the time to clean the house, he’ll end up cleaning your stuff too (Mommy Yoosung)
  • Only to come home to another mess.
  • “B-But MC!! I just cleaned it all up yesterday!?!”
  • Will take it to the chatroom to complain
  • He’s not mad, he’s just… not happy.
  • Will probably insult Zen non-stop while he’s whining in the chatroom
  • “Zen, stop talking about yourself already, you narcissist! No one wants to hear about you!” 
  • -insert angry Yoosung sticker here- 
  • You’re even worse than Jumin. He has modesty, Zen. That’s something you should learn—oh wait, do you even have the brains to learn, or are your looks all you have?”
  • Yikes. Angry Yoosung is brutal.
  • (but he’ll never get mad at you!)


  • Will pick up everything without a word of complaint
  • He thinks it’s cute how you’re so messy
  • He’s a very organized person, so he reasons, “It’s because opposites attract, honey~!”
  • He’d watch as you finish a bag of chips and leave it on the couch you just sat in. He won’t even nag you or remind you to throw it away. No, he just finds it completely amusing the way you’re so forgetful. (Actually, you were just too lazy at the moment and lying to yourself that you would throw it away later.)
  • He will actually post pictures of your messes to the chatroom, “Guys, look at MC! She made her desk messy right after cleaning it!! So cute~!”
  • Yoosung: “Seriously, Zen? stfu, it’s too early to deal with your bullshit right now”
  • Seven: “lololol Zen is obsessed”
  • You end up feeling pressured to clean up after yourself because it gets irritating when he tells everyone and their godfather
  • (But your messy habits were still much too difficult to change.)


  • She’s already used to cleaning up after Elizabeth the 3rd.
  • She goes through long days at work and comes home to messy tables, couches and drawers, and you really do feel bad, but you can’t help it!
  • You really, REALLY try to clean up after yourself, but you keep forgetting, and you somehow misplace everything
  • It gets so ridiculous, that Jaehee has to tell you that it’s okay
  • “MC, please don’t worry. This is nothing compared to working for Jumin or taking care of Elizabeth the 3rd…”
  • That’s what she says, but you still try to help as much as you can, even if it’s not much… 


  • First things first: this guy has maids.
  • Every morning after he leaves for work, the maids come around to clean (it’s mostly your mess, honestly)
  • The maids kind of hate you oops
  • (Jumin has to give them extra tips so they would keep working here. It’s the only thing making them stay.)
  • But Jumin wouldn’t EVER scold you for being messy.
  • “Everyone has flaws. It’s only logical. It’s not a big deal, so please don’t worry about it too much, MC,” he reassures you, staring gently into your eyes before gently kissing your forehead. “You’re already so perfect to me… this is nothing.”


  • He finds your bras everywhere (you throw them EVERYWHERE)
  • Will DEFINITELY wear your bra and prance around the house until you whine at him to take it off
  • “Does this look good on me, MC?” he asks you, posing seductively in a lacy red bra.
  • Despite being a messy person himself, he actually cleans up the house more than you do! In fact, he even organizes cleaning days, and makes you tidy up around the house with him. (Although you still don’t get his strange obsession with wearing his maid costume when he cleans.)
  • He’s SO satisfied with himself when he looks at the clean tabletops, shiny floors, and organized cabinets.
  • “Aren’t you proud of me, MC~?” he asks with sparkly eyes, clasping his hands together. “Give Maid Seven a kiss~”
  • Proud? No, not really. Not when he was STILL wearing your bra.
Road Trip AU

-It’s all Viktor’s idea

-After the Grand Prix finals, he invites the skaters Yuuri competed against on a road trip

-Somehow, they all agree (Yuuri is sure he threatened them in one way or another)

-They rent a minibus

-Seung Gil decides to be the driver for the most part, since he’s probably the most responsible one

-Leo is the dj

-They decide to travel through Europe, visiting as many countries as they can

-It’s decided they’ll be on the road for two weeks, because that’s the most time they can afford to lose

-Michele is constantly yelling at all the boys to stay away from Sala, but Sala and Mila find it very amusing

-Minami is always talking. It was cute at first, but please shut up

-Emil always sneaks candy into bus, one way or another

-Yuri tries to sleep through most of the journey, but is always woken up by everyone else because they’re so loud godDAMMIT

-Phichit is pretty much the unofficial photographer

-Everyone has to keep Christophe from groping random people, like ‘no Christophe, that’s illegal’

-It’s always the worst and the best when they go out drinking

-Georgi won’t shut up about Anya

-Viktor and Yuuri end up in a compromising position

-Guang Hong, Minami and Yuri can’t drink (underage) so they’re stuck taking care of the drunk ones

-Surprisingly, JJ has an extremely low alcohol tolerance and when he gets drunk, he’s even more obnoxious

-Yuri actually punched him once

-Viktor always wants to sleep in expensive hotels, but they can’t really afford that

-So they either find a shabby hostel or sleep in the minibus

-It’s an unspoken rule to have Viktor and Yuuri sleep in a room where they can be alone

-But when the rooms are with two beds, it’s usually done like this
Viktor and Yuuri
Guang Hong and Leo
Sala and Mila 
Michele and Emil
Phichit and Minami
Yuri and Georgi
Christophe and JJ
Seung Gil usually manages to get a room for himself. If it doesn’t work, he joining Yuri and Georgi

-At one point, they stumble across an ice rink and it somehow turns into a competition

-People literally get out of the rink to give them space for all the jumps

-There’s no official winner, but no matter whom you ask, they’ll claim it was them who won

-Let’s be honest, Viktor would win

-When it’s all over, they realise they’ve somehow become really good friends

-They decide to do this again in the future, maybe visit different countries and have more time than two weeks


Asked: “Hey!! I really really love your blog, and I loved the last scenario you wrote with Hoshi-so my request is if I could get the kinda same thing with Dino? Thank youu~”

Members: Dino x reader

Genre: fluff, soulmate au

a soulmate au in which things you see that relate to them cause you to see them

Word count:  2000

It was the day of your 18th birthday, the one of which many people refer to as a special one. Whether it’s because you’re now “legal,” or because now you have the chance to know when you will meet your soulmate. People find them in all different ways, but one thing everyone has in common is that they know when their soulmate is close. And now that you’re of age to experience it yourself, you were excited, to say the least.

Your friends had previously made plans to take you to the amusement park early in the morning, so lines were shorter, and then if you felt up to it, go out and eat, maybe hit a few karaoke places too. They never said it aloud, but you knew they wanted to take you many places to increase the chance of you meeting your soulmate on the first day you were eighteen. 

As soon as the park gates were opened, you and your friends rushed inside. They bought admissions for themselves and you in advance, and everyone got to skip ahead in front of the small line and just head straight in. There were about 10 of you, and you all made a plan to split into pairs and just run around to whichever rides you wanted to go on; there wouldn’t be any fuss if someone hated one of the rides that someone else wanted to go on that way. 

“Where do you want to go first?” asked the friend that paired up with you. You look around, unsure, and just decide to leave it up to them. “You pick!” She shakes her head.

“It’s your birthday, you get to pick what we do all day~” she says in a kind of sing-song voice. You smile and nod, thinking, before pointing at the biggest roller coaster in the park. Her eyes follow your gesture before they widen. 

“Ohh-kay..” she begins, but grabs your arm and changes the direction you point. Your finger ends up pointing towards a ride called “Musical Express,” a ride where you sit in a “car” that goes in circles, going faster the louder people scream over the blaring music that is played. Besides the small bump the cars go up and down on, it wasn’t a very thrilling ride. But, you agree. 

After rushing over to join the few other people getting on, you and your friend get into a car, locking it too. The staff at the ride make sure all of them are locked before one of them flicks a switch on the microphone in the control booth. He taps it before speaking in an excited voice.

“Are you all ready for the Musical Express?” The question earns screams from everyone, and the ride starts up, already gaining a ton of speed. The chorus of Michael Jackson’s “Bad” is blasted over the speakers, and you and your friend start shouting the words out.

To your surprise, you feel something odd, something you’re feeling for the first time. There’s a near shiver that runs through your body as your mouth stops moving, and the sight of the things around you being a blur changes to something completely different.

It’s almost like you’re dreaming. The image feels so vivid, like you’re actually there, sitting on the floor as your look ahead in the mirror, watching an unknown boy dramatically dancing to the exact same song. And he’s pretty good, too, as if he knows the song inside and out, never missing a tap or beat. 

“Y/N! Get up already!” Your friend says with a giggle. “You know we need to line up again, we can’t just stay on the ride,” she says and extends her arm to help pull you up. You look a little dazed as you get up, but she doesn’t notice. 

“Hey, I think I just-”  you get cut off as she pulls you urgently, wanting to rush to get on another ride. You just smile and try to forget about what you wanted to say for the time being.

“Now that we’ve warmed up with that ride, we should go to the roller coaster you wanted!” she suggests, but you just shake your head. “I was kidding, let’s just go on one of the smaller ones?” you suggest instead. She nods eagerly and keeps pulling you along - you’re almost stumbling over your own feet.

She pulls you a bit away from the main park, over to this huge grassy area you had no idea was there. She claimed that this would be a short cut to the smaller roller coaster, and you trusted her, following along. “Oh, look!” 

You saw a pond in the distance, this time pulling her to it. She slowed down and followed you along instead. When you both were standing just by the edge of the pond, you saw small, shiny fish underneath the water’s surface. Intrigued, you sat down on the ground, wanting to see them closer. As you were admiring the colours and their sharp movements, your friend spoke up. “Ducks!” She giggled. 

“Hey, look how that one’s tail turns up! It’s like how those guys do their hair at school~” You giggle and look, laughing out louder when you see the resemblance. Your friend tries pushing her hair up in the front to be like the style she means. You look down at the water again, seeing her reflection before everything in your sight changes, again.

Now, the image in front of you is the same boy as before. Except, in a stylist’s chair, getting a duck tail hairstyle. It’s completely different from what people usually mean by that name. When people say “duck tail” their first thought is usually Elvis or someone similar - definitely not something like this. 

Without your knowing you giggled aloud, covering your mouth. He looked completely serious, which you couldn’t help but see as adding on to the humor. “What is it?” you hear, the image fuzzing out. The boy looks over at your eyes when the question is repeated. Just then, he’s gone.

“Hello? Earth to Y/N?” Your friend bends down to sit beside you. “What happened? Did-” she pauses, her eyes widening. “Is- is it already happening? Did you see your soulmate?” She jumps up, excited. “Then he’s probably here! At the park! Come on, we have to find them!” 

You two skipped going to the rides and were walking around, covering as much ground as possible. And then over again. Your friend would not rest until your soulmate was found, and you were the only one who knew their face, so it wasn’t like you could just sit and rest while your friends go look.

Besides, this added a bit more excitement too.

Your friend had her arm linked tightly with yours, asking questions about your soulmate. You had informed her it was a boy who dances, maybe even professionally, that likes Michael Jackson and had a bad haircut at one time. With only that being said, it still raised many possibilities. These aren’t things you can tell by a glace at someone.

But, now, you two were passing through a near hallway of games. Those rigged ones that nobody ever wins. Except maybe the darts. And like usual, you hear a lot of people screaming - maybe due to their losses, or shouts to encourage their friends. 

You were looking at the games, when you see a weight lifting one closeby. It seemed more like a gym class test though. There was a harness someone would put around their waist, and staff attach weights to it to see how much someone can lift with their legs. The more weight lifted, the better the prize. 

“Come on!” “Yeah!” You hear people supporting anyone that went up to try. There was one comment that caused something to happen to you again. When someone finished, winning one of the biggest prizes - a huge stuffed dinosaur - one person commented, “wow, you have strong thighs.” 

Those exact words rang through your ears, and you heard them in many different voices. One was particularly deep, but the rest were so well blended together that you were unable to tell any other differences. There was no image this time, but you knew this had to do with your soulmate. 

“Dino! You should go up!” 

When those words replaced the others, it was like time froze. You whispered the nickname over, looking through the people moving in slow motion, to see a boy smiling wider than you have ever seen anyone smile. He was shaking his head and hands in denial though. 

Before even thinking, you let go of your friend. You were scooting your way through people, slowly, but as if you were being pulled to him. Suddenly, everything was a normal speed again. A few taller boys who seemed like they were his friends had cut in front of you to get a better spot to see. They were shouting his name and cheering him on, and you joined too. All you did was shout his name once, and hearing the unfamiliar voice, he looked up.

Before he passed through the small gate to enter the game, he saw you too. 

Initially, he lurched towards you, grabbing onto your shoulders. At any other time this would have frightened you, but this was your soulmate. He looked at you with a frantic expression before both yours and his minds were filled with abrupt memories from both your pasts apart from each other, and from your future, together. 

Not many people around had noticed what happened. Those who know the feeling and had found their soulmate in the same way though, were watching as if it was a public proposal. 

The images faded in the blink of an eye, and you two were left looking at each other. His face spread in a small grin, and so did yours. No words were shared and none needed to be - until his friends came up. They were very confused. “Who is this?” “Are they from your school?” 

He shook his head, his eyes never leaving yours. You had assumed your own friend was just standing back and watching, and you know Dino wished his friends did the same rather than come talk to him. He replied with a simple statement; “This is my soulmate.” 

Those simple words earned gasps and coos from his friends, one of them even finding it so dramatic that they hit him lightly. “Why did you never tell us they were close?” Dino finally breaks the eye contact, keeping a hand on you as he turns.

“I did, maybe if you guys would just listen-” he was cut off by the boys cooing again, coming over to hug you, wanting to let you know his friends were your friends too. The moment was very short due to Dino pulling you away. “Hey!” 

Your back is met with his chest, and his arms wrap around you protectively. “You guys go get your own soulmates! Shoo!” He waves them off, earning a laugh from you. They put their arms up in surrender and slowly back off, leaving the both of you alone. He tilts his head to be able to talk into your ear.

“Why did it take so long to find you?” You turn to get out of his grip, wondering how old he may be. You stutter before saying it only took you a day, and he laughs at your surprise. “That’s cool, we have the same birthday~” 

You laugh and hit his shoulder like his friend did. “Don’t play around with me like that!” 

You both laugh as he slings his arm around you again. You start walking and he does too, leading you nowhere in particular to just spend some time together. He starts asking you a bunch of questions about the images he saw, and you comment on his in return.

“I like your hair by the way. It’s different now.”

Reaction to You Getting Lost Easily. . .

Anonymous said: could you do a got7 reaction to you getting lost easily? thanks!

Reaction to You Getting Lost Easily…

A/N this is so me. it took me four years to figure out the system of where classes are in my high school, and i just got this year… and im graduating… i tell ya, my life is a mess because of this flaw

Kai ~


He would find this insanely frustrating. Like, he would love to take you out places like the amusement park or the mall, but he would be fretting the whole time of where you were at every moment. So it would kind of defeat the purpose, because he would be like a fierce mama bear watching over his cub after it first steps out of the den. There would be zero fun for JB. Like, the moment you’re out of his sight when you’re out in public, he’s having a panic attack within 0.5 seconds, and everyone around can tell and would be highly concerned for his blood pressure. When you did get lost (on those rare moments when JB wouldn’t be holding your hand or would take his eyes off you because of something the other members are doing that needs scolding), he would assemble all the members together, go over what you were wearing, and then have them fan out to find you. This would be a Got7 version of S.W.A.T and you best believe that in seconds you are found by either Jinyoung, Jackson, Mark or JB himself. As soon as you are found, JB would go into scolding mode, telling you how dangerous it is to wander off on your own, especially when you’re already so bad with directions. Nevertheless, he would pull you into a tight embrace, whispering to you how worried he was. The day would then proceed with JB having a firm protective grip on your hand.

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Jackson would just think of this as an everyday routine. Like, Jinyoung would tap his shoulder and be like, “I think we lost Y/N.” And Jackson would just look around and be like, “Ah, time to find Y/N. She honestly lasted longer than I thought today.” He would just assume that you had seen something in a store’s window and had gotten distracted. When this first happened when you guys started dating, Jackson would have been a worried hysterical mess. But this has happened so many times by now, that Jackson just thinks of it as a daily chore, not giving it much thought anymore. This attitude kind of rubbed off on the other members as well, so whenever you all go out, they all place bets on the longest you’re going to go before getting lost. When he found you, he would hug you close and ask how your adventure was. However, there are times when Jackson is more worried than others. It would usually be unfamiliar places, like you just visited a new aquarium and you got lost, his heart would beat a little faster and he would be more concerned, or at night as well. Or if you were to call him and tell him you’re lost. That would be when he panics the most, because he would be stuck at practice which means he’s not near you to protect you, and he would keep you on the phone until you figured out where you were again, and even then, he would keep the call going for an extra five minutes to be sure you’re not going to get lost again.

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Jinyoung would find this amusing and cute. He would think it’s funny how scatter-brained you could be, but also find it cute how, after he would find you, you would be flustered. When he realized he had lost you, he wold use logic and simply call you if you hadn’t called him already. He would then ask where you were, making you describe what stores are around you. He would then tell you to stand by the front of the closest store and keep an eye out for him while he heads back towards where you had wandered off. Once he found you, he would smirk at you and pull you into a hug, patting the top of your head. “If you really wanted to go somewhere else you could have told me Y/N.” He would tease you. He would then proceed to hold your hand in a tight grip making sure to help you weave through the crowds without getting separated again. He would never complain to you about your habit of getting lost easily, he knew it was just a part of you that came with everything else that he loved about you. And he didn’t really care on way of another, he actually kind of adored this part of you too, making every outing you two had an interesting adventure.

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He would be very concerned about you getting so lost easily. Every time you would tell him that you’re out, or about to go out, he would ask you to tell him where you’re going, and to call him if you need him or get lost. He would do this only because he’s very worried about you getting hurt or scared. He would be very uneasy about you going out by yourself, but he knew that you are grown and can for the most part, take care of yourself, but it would just be that need to take care of you and protect you that would make him take precautions with you going out on your own.This would sometimes lead to small arguments about him being too overbearing or over protective, and in his defense he would say that if you weren’t so clumsy or easily lost then he wouldn’t need to. But by the end of the day you two would make up, knowing that your actions towards one another was just you two showing your care for one another, and the argument would be long forgotten.

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Poor Youngjae would get so worried and panicky whenever he lost you. His mind would jump to the worst case scenario, like you getting jumped, or kidnapped, or killed or caught up in some kind of trouble. His poor little heart would not stop beating like a hummingbirds until you were safe in his arms without injury. He would blame himself whenever you got lost, believing that he didn’t look out for you correctly, or he should have been holding your hand at that time. Once he found you, he would apologize repeatedly while looking over your body and turning you in circles, making sure there was no harm inflicted upon you while you were gone. Then, like the others, for the rest of your outing he would hold your hand tightly and keep a close eye on you, making sure that you two don’t get separated again and he doesn’t need to go through that panic again. But the funny thing is, this occurs so often that one would think you two would get used to it and had a solid plan for when you get lost, considering you two get separated about four times a week. 

Youngjae: “Oh noooooo, I’ve lost her again!”

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BamBam would be so done with your hide-and-go-seek games. Like Youngjae, this would happen often because you both loved to go out and go clothes shopping, so it would be more often than not that you would get lost. The moment he realized he was talking to himself and the spot next to him that you were supposed to be occupying is empty a long and heavy sigh would escape his lips as he make a u-turn and retraced his steps looking for you. He would find you standing there looking utterly lost and confused as you turned around in your spot quietly saying his name. All anger and annoyance that he was building up within him would vanish as he saw how small and vulnerable you looked, like a kid lost in an airport. Then his sympathy would vanish as well when he remembered that instead you were a grown ass girl in a mall, not a four year old in an airport, and you were on a date with your boyfriend, and not leaving the country with your parents. He would call your name, and then once again his anger and annoyance that was growing once more would, for the second time, vanish when he say your face light up and fill with relief and love as your eyes landed on him. He wouldn’t be able to help himself and would open his arms and once you were in his strong protective arms he would hug you tightly whispering, “Ahhh Y/N, you’re gonna be the death of me~ but you’re too cute~” Basically he would be a mess of emotions ranging from pure love to the feeling of a disappointed mother getting who just wants to slap some sense into her child. 

Y/N (you’re Youngjae): “I’m sorry BamBam~”

BamBam: “No. Stop it. I’m trying to be mad at you.”

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He would find this really hilarious. He would always tease you about your habit of getting lost. You need to go to the bathroom? “You sure you can make it there on your own?” He would tease. You say you’re going to bed? “You know where the bedroom is? Down the hall to the right? Very last door.” He would direct you with a smirk. This would be something that the members would catch onto as well, and would pick fun at you too. However, Yugyeom wouldn’t let them go as far as he does, wanting to make sure you never truly feel bad about yourself. However, much like Mark, he would be really concerned if you went out alone, and would make you promise to call him whenever you got to your destination, wanting to make sure you’re safe and okay.

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anonymous asked:

Isn't Pepper just nervous because her co-workers are watching?

listen i am sure that’s what she told her co-workers the next day when they were like “so how drunk were you when you visibly melted in tony stark’s arms yesterday”

but i guarantee you people exist in multiple dimensions and this is not just a “oh no my co-workers are watching me” face

let me translate the inner monologue for you: oh my god he’s touching me oh my god he’s touching me *on my actual skin* oh my god oh my god ok it’s cool i’m cool oh god deodorant oh god 

tony’s 100% a little shit about this too like “am i making you uncomfortable?” literally shut your suave face tony stark i am trying to project some Professionalism here Oh My God

she rants with like minimal prompting from tony

tony just stares oh god i can’t believe, he’s enjoying every second of this spectacle and then pepper’s sass shows anyway

he thinks she is So Fucking Cute like literally look at his face he’s just like. please just spend another 16 hours talking because you are So Fucking Cute when you’re sassy and flustered please never stop

“i’m just nervous because my co-workers” lmfao look at this nonsense


 there’s that moment when she’s like “what’s your ssn?” and tony can’t give her a good answer and she’s SO FUCKING SMUG ABOUT IT LIKE MM-HMM IS SOMEBODY SPEECHLESS? MMMMMMHMMMMMM GOOD YOU GOT THIS PEPPER THE UPPER HAND IS YOURS

and tony’s like

yes i am speechless and everything about you is fascinating

*proceeds to overwhelm pepper with the weight of his speechless fascination*

and that’s when pepper has an actual visible “oh fuck” moment

oh fuck what. is. this shit. i am fourteen years old and in love with the cutest boy in my class all over again. fuck. fuck. fuck. abort YES I NEED SOME AIR

(gif sources: x , x , )

honestly we all lose SO MUCH with any depiction of pepper as someone who Deigns To Put Up With Tony like, free yourselves of your chains and accept pepper who loses her Cool when it comes to tony and is not always Perfectly Rational And Flawlessly Objective Always, literally i just

like idk maybe i’ve been too poisoned by the iron man novelization but like

Chapter XI (as Pepper waits for Tony’s plane to land after captivity)

Finally she saw the plane, a C-17, in the distance. The little girl within her wanted to clap her hands in joy, but she knew that Hogan was watching. Besides, she was a professional and needed to project her professionalism whenever humanly possible. That was what she had kept telling herself when she’d been crying uncontrollably in the limo on the ride over. 

and also

Chapter XV (the balcony scene)

“I’m sorry I was so uncomfortable,” she said. “I hate being the center of attention like that, and that’s why in high school when I was supposed to be in a play…”

Tony tilted his head, amused. Pepper was always the picture of total efficiency and poise, so it was delightful to him that she found herself disarmed by the situation. She was clearly aware of both her feeling of social disorientation and his enjoying it, as she continued, “No, never mind.” The words and thoughts were pouring out of her now. She seemed as if she wanted to stop talking, but couldn’t find a way to do so, and so she kept babbling. “But you know that’s why I never wanted to have a big wedding, you know, because I thought everyone would be looking at me wearing a dress.” Her eyes widened as she suddenly thought that she came across as if she were expecting Tony Stark to pop the question. “Oh, no, no – I’m not saying, like, ‘wedding.’ No, not like that. I’m just saying, you know…”

but my absolute favorite is how when pepper wants tony to know that she is a big deal – she, pepper potts, the picture of Cool and Professional, virginia ‘pepper’ potts, blurts out the words

“Tony, I’m not a cheeseburger.”

to which tony replies

“No. You’re not a cheeseburger.”

like literally IM1 and all related materials are my favorite things to have ever existed honestly

Volton parkour au where keith, lance, allura and shiro are all runners, pidge sets the tracks, hunk commentates.
keith and lance always manage to trip over each other at some point, shiro keeps getting lost because he takes the wrong turns, allura wears sparkly sneakers (which distract her opponents), and coran holds the record for fastest time & is team coach

bonus: every. single. time. lance. jumps. he. yells. ‘PARKOUR!’. everyone tells him to stop but coran finds it amusing so he allows him to continue.

Valentine’s Day Love Languages: Physical Touch

If you weren’t a particularly religious person before, Matt Murdock’s introduction into your life sure had you reconsidering. Not necessarily because Matt himself was a God-fearing Catholic, but more so because you personally needed to find God and shake his hand for doing damn fine job on creating your boyfriend.

After all, not everyone could land themselves a miracle in the form of an intelligent, loyal, handsome sweetheart with backside to kill for.

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Julian Albert x Reader Headcanon

Requested: Yes. 

A/N: So like I said in my Julian Albert x reader drabble, I’m going to be posting more things with Julian. Here’s a headcanon that I admit I got a little carried away with haha. I’m going on a late summer vacation on the 23rd though, so I won’t be on my laptop to write a lot. Typing on your phone is annoying :P Anyways, I hope you enjoy! This is unedited whoops.

Warnings: None

  • Being a bit younger than Julian, joining the CCPD straight out of college
  • Him hearing rumors spreading around the precinct about Joe’s “gorgeous new partner”
  • But let’s be honest: he couldn’t care less
  • Until he actually saw you, that is
  • Your first day out in the field had been about a long-term case he was assigned to
  • You had clutched a manila folder outside of his lab with tired but sparkling eyes
  • Being startled when you saw his own alluring blue-gray eyes
  • Julian being at a loss for words for the first time in his life.  
  • “You’re Julian Albert, right?”
  • He had expected his morning to be filled with the irrelevance of Barry Allen’s presence
  • He was pleasantly surprised, to say the least
  • And his lack of social skills making him say:
  • “Who wants to know?”
  • It didn’t have the edge he intended to give it
  • But he was glad for that
  • Him smirking in triumph at the sound of your rewarding giggle    
  • “I’m (Y/N) (L/N). I was told to give these to you.”
  • Julian had reached for the folder a bit too quickly
  • His fingers brushed against yours and he didn’t quite pull away
  • You didn’t mind
  • There was a spark, as cheesy as it sounded, that turned Julian into a flustered mess
  • “Thank you, Miss (L/N).”
  • “You’re making me sound so old! You can just call me (Y/N).”
  • It was an incredibly rare moment that terrified him
  • People warning you about his snappy, reserved persona
  • After all, he’d never been close with anyone
  • More importantly: he never wanted to be
  • Him pushing you away because he was afraid
  • Being disappointed that your co-workers were right
  • You accepting it, eventually
  • Oh, so many of those gosh what are you doing
  • “Black coffee is obviously better, don’t even try.”
  • “You just like anything that mirrors your soul.”
  • “…”
  • “…”
  • “Get out of my lab, (Y/N).”
  • Barry finding it amusing
  • Everyone else getting annoyed at the obvious sexual tension
  • “Get a room, you two.”
  • Barry becoming an older brother figure
  • Ranting together about how annoying Julian is
  • Julian getting low-key jealous when he saw you two constantly together
  • When the flash team needing someone to temporarily fill in for Caitlin, Barry asking you
  • You minored in bio-engineering, obviously
  • Julian was actually quite impressed by that
  • Not that he’d admit it
  • “Great. Now I get to see Albert at work and after work.”
  • “Come on, (Y/N). We need you.”
  • Reluctantly agreeing
  • You and Julian teasing each other
  • Or flirting, whatever you crazy kids thought it was
  • And when you did, the rest of the Flash team being incredibly entertained by it
  • Cisco being on your team for every single argument, impressed by your sick burns
  • “I think that if you mixed up the ego of Mariah Carey and the scowl of an uptight British King, you’ll have the perfect Julian.”
  • “What about his stubbornness?”
  • That was Cisco
  • “Oh, that’s unprecedented. I couldn’t find anyone to compare it to. I’d just be saying ‘the stubbornness of Julian Albert.’”
  • “Jealousy doesn’t look good on you, (Y/N). Do you ever cry because you’re not me?”
  • “Tears of joy, yeah.”
  • It was never serious
  • You would just smile at the ground and Julian would smirk at you and roll his eyes from across the room
  • Two jobs became a lot to handle, eventually
  • You getting stressed out from all of the work that piled on
  • Late nights at the lab together
  • (You didn’t have super speed to finish it all like Barry)
  • Occasional kind gestures from Julian that showed he was concerned
  • “You look tired.  Go home, (nickname). I’ll finish up here.”
  • “Are you going soft on me, Julian?”
  • “Just go before I change my mind.”
  • He couldn’t keep the grin on his face when he said that.
  • Being kidnapped by a meta a few months later and Julian freaking the fuck out
  • He would yell at everybody, constantly running his hands through his hair
  • Him punching the walls
  • Finally accepting that he had feelings for you
  • Taking a week or so before they finally found you, all bruised up and dehydrated
  • Julian’s arms being the first place you run to when you’re brought back.
  • Which surprised everybody
  • You would whimper and bury your head in his chest
  • Him never wanting to let go
  • “Julian…”
  • “Shhh, it’s okay. It’s okay. Hey, I’m right here, okay?”
  • He had to hide the fact that he was shaking
  • Him kissing you for the first time
  • “You’re home now.”
  • Being inseparable since then
  • PDA lmao
  • Pecks across his desk in the morning
  • His arm around your waist
  • Tons of forehead kisses
  • The teasing turning into something more loving and less fiery
  • But it was still there
  • Julian asking you to move in with him
  • Barry was skeptical when you told him about it
  • He was protective, but you didn’t care
  • Saying yes, of course
  • Curling up next to him underneath the sheets, not being able to fall asleep without each other
  • Him saying “I love you” first
  • And being really nervous the whole day up until that point, mind you
  • Never letting each other forget it

imagine kageyama calling kenma and akaashi “kozume-senpai” and “akaashi-senpai” when they have the training camp.

tanaka and noya are vaguely offended while kenma is just embarrassed and akaashi looks on with some sense of satisfaction because nobody calls him senpai. also the face kageyama makes when he calls them that is pretty adorable though kenma is loathe to admit it; akaashi has no problem commenting, “Kageyama-kun, your earnest expression is very cute,” which makes kageyama splutter and blush and not know what to say because?? everyone just calls him scary?? no one has ever told him he’s cute before besides a few times growing up and in his first year of middle school. the only other person who regularly calls him cute is suga but suga dotes on everyone– it’s not the same as a person like akaashi saying something like that to him.

bokuto is very upset at this development because even if he isn’t called senpai by akaashi, he refers to him as “bokuto-san”, never with -kun. kenma finds it vaguely amusing after awhile because of the angry shade of red kuroo gets over the fact kageyama only says “kuroo-san” and never “kuroo-senpai”.
“kids these days are so rude and never respect their elders,” kuroo says, though he is seventeen,


❝    Karma :)  ❞
❝    i can’t stop laughing at your comments on my page,   ❞
❝   you sound like a bunch of school kids with your little insults..   ❞
❝   going to do some drawing   ❞
❝   feeling a little emotional right now.   ❞
❝   not really. I’m not making anyone write on it.  ❞
❝   They’re the ones stalking my page and harassing me.   ❞
❝   I’m just sitting here.  ❞
❝   I wrote it myself ?   ❞
❝   I don’t get your point here.   ❞
❝   I wrote it myself ? I don’t get your point here.   ❞

❝   Fresh start, new blog, new character.  ❞
❝   Hate will NOT be tolerated here and will result in a block. :) ❞
❝   Now I understand why you’d get defensive.   ❞
❝    I understand why you’d be upset about it and I understand why you’d get so protective. However here in the UK racial attacks and deaths rarely happen, at the moment we are dealing with terrorism but that’s a whole different story.   ❞
❝   I just want to say that I won’t be accepting your apology .   ❞
❝    I feel like if you can’t accept mine why should I accept yours?   ❞
❝  The way you come across to people, me and my friends is aggressive, nasty and quite gross the way we see it. .   ❞
❝  You go on about how you want equality and respect yet you don’t do the same for others..   ❞
❝  As people say, everyone is equal, so maybe stop spreading gross hate about white people   ❞
❝   start acting like you’re an actual human being who believes in equality.   ❞
❝  This doesn’t give you an excuse to act like the way you are acting.   ❞
❝   What happened to poc with slavery and all of them issues is disgusting yes but you have to remember this is 2017, we have moved on from that and it doesn’t happen anymore.  ❞
❝   It’s part of history. White people made mistakes, other ethnicity, races etc made mistakes but we move on and learn from it. ❞
❝  Maybe take a chill pill ? :)  ❞
❝   I’m sorry but my apology wasn’t half arsed or fake .  ❞
❝   and I would really like to know how I quoted someone when it’s words people say everyday???   ❞
❝   tried my best to reason with you from the start but you just didn’t want to listen and spread your vile words to others.   ❞
❝   stop acting like some special snowflake and maybe come to me if you wanted to sort stuff out without spreading rumors on how I’m a racism when simply saying “ this community is toxic “ because that my friend is twisting words - this is not me making this issue about myself :)❞
❝   So I just wake up to find you’re still carrying this rubbish on ❞
❝    I’d like to know who the hell i quoted cause in fact people use them words everyday .  ❞
❝    how is that bad or offensive or whatever to you?   ❞
❝   How can you be so wrong to not accept MY apology but then go ahead only to make your own and have everyone accept that? What’s your logic there. Thats just wrong..  ❞
❝   will people ever understand that i’m just commenting out of amusement   ❞
❝  some people are getting so worked up over this whole issue   ❞
❝   like, you need to chill..   ❞
❝   don’t drag me into stuff, threaten me and say things like “this is a warning” you know how stupid that sounds?  ❞
❝   You’re all bark and no bite.  ❞
❝   I mean…you can threaten and comment all you want?   ❞
❝    I’m not really bothered? ❞
❝  ????? you okay there ???  ❞
❝  Just so you know my post wasn’t about you..   ❞
❝  JOIN US. ❞
❝   Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you.  ❞

anonymous asked:

Can you do headcanons about the batfamily reactions to Selina (Aka Mama Cat) marrying Bruce?

-they’re all pretty chill with Selina, despite the whole ‘she-technically-robs-people’ thing

-Damian takes this as a sign that he can bring as many cats as he wants into the house (he does this and sure enough they end up staying because the combined power of Damian and Selina’s pleas to keep the cats completely demolishes Bruce’s willpower)

-Selina takes over as Dick’s fashion advisor because this child cannot under any circumstance dress himself logically (*cough* DiscoWing *cough*)

-She and Jason bond over their several arrests and it confuses Bruce to no end because why would they be proud of being arrested??? But to each their own, so whatever, at least they’re getting along

-Everyone in the family is very polite to her at first but once they loosen up to the prospect of her as their new adoptive mom (stepmom?) they totally go back to their disfunctional crazy selves.

-Selina doesn’t mind the chaos at all and actually finds it incredibly amusing, even though Bruce is driven mad by the chaos ensuing before him. She keeps him tethered down and calm even in the craziest of times