because everybody be loving you

Matt said yes guys, what a surprise, wow.

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I wish it were as easy as everybody seems to think it is… Moving on. But it isn’t. It isn’t even close to as simple as people make it sound. I had my heart thoroughly broken almost a year ago now, and it’s healing but it isn’t healed. I’m not sure it ever fully will, because even now as I’m writing this my ex is passed out on the floor somewhere after a will night of partying and that makes me truly sad, it makes me want to slap her and hug her all at once. Why? Because true love doesn’t ever really vanish from one’s heart and love means you want to help a person when they’re breaking inside. Even now as I’m writing this I can still tell you her coffee order and her favourite book growing up and almost everybody in her family’s name. Why? Because when you love someone as much as I love her you make the effort to know those things and in fact, care about them as much as they do. Even now as I’m writing this, I haven’t spoken to or heard from her in almost 7 months but I still write an email to her every single week, sometimes more than that. Why? Because when she broke me, she was also the only person I could confide in about it honestly, she was the only person who made me feel less alone and fearful and betrayed even though she made me feel that way in the first place. Even now as I’m writing this I know she wants nothing to do with me, but I want everything to do with her. Why? Because I promised her years and years ago that I’d always be here for her, that I’d never leave her, and as long as I live I’ll try my best to stay true to my word.

The truth is though, that even now, as I’m writing this, I’d let this girl come back and break my heart again if it made her happy. Because all I’ve ever truly wanted for her is that she be happy and healthy and safe. And right now, as I’m writing this, I have a hard time believing she’s any of these things.

- Even Now, I still love her as much as I did a year ago, if not more.

anyways i see people saying that selena is a hypocrite for showing her half-naked body on instagram because of her speech at the AMA’s from months ago… but what i thought was that yall were open minded enough to understand what the speech was really about, it was never about her telling the world not to show their bodies on instagram and that’s it. it was about doing it because you’re confident enough in your own skin, it was about doing it for YOURSELF. “I’M NOT TRYING TO GET VALIDATION, NOR DO IT NEED IT ANYMORE” get it? do whatever you want with your body, get naked and pose for instagram if you want to, but never for the opinion/validation of others, do it for you, because you want to share how much you love your body, everybody deserves to love themselves, celebrate themselves and share their bodies in every way they feel like. This is not about selena not showing skin ever again, it was never about that, for the sake of god she’s posed half-naked before this speech, THE COVER OF HER DAMN ALBUM IS JUST HER SITTING THERE HALF-NAKED!!!! so why would she come and give a speech on what yall thought was about not showing skin on social media, when she’s done it herself before? she’s not only posed half-naked for magazine photoshoots or the cover of her latest album revival, but she’s also done it on her own instagram before so? is this really yall misunderstanding something so obvious or just yall trying to AGAIN diss her for every little thing she does?

I just want to say...


Just wanted everyone to know 


(ɔ ˘⌣˘)˘⌣˘ c)

uno headcanons: karasuno vs johzenji (or, karasuno vs terushima)
  • (where terushima attempts to flirt with Ennoshita with UNO pick up lines)
  • terushima: say, are you a *holds up a skip* because you make my heart skip a beat
  • ennoshita: nah. I’m a skip because I’m skipping your turn
  • terushima: would you be my +1
  • ennoshita: it’s +2 Yuuji. +1 doesn't exist.
  • terushima: BUT YOU EXIST IN MY HEART!
  • tsukishima: *does the "pathetic” thing*
  • terushima: (as a last resort) you are numero uno in my heart
  • everybody: *silence descends*
  • tananoya: *first instinct is to glare at terushima because are you worthy of our chikara’s love*
  • everybody else:
  • everybody else: *cringes and shrinks away from him*
  • ennoshita:
  • ennoshita:
  • ennoshita:
  • ennoshita: *giggles*
  • everybody:
  • everybody:
  • everybody: *STARES AT ENNOSHITA*
  • daichi: *is crying*
  • suga: hey daichi
  • suga: i guess you could say
  • suga: ennoshita picked the wild card
  • daichi: S T O P
  • narrator: #STOPSUGA2K17
  • suga: BUT DAI HE'S SWEET
  • nishinoya: hey daichi-san….. i guess chikara totally Reversed your expectations
  • tanaka: lucky he didn't skip this one
  • asahi: you wanna +2 cents on that, daichi?
  • suga: uno something, daichi?
  • suga: i guess that means we’re skipping your turn
There’s a difference between loving him right and letting him step all over you.
—  Love advices and schtuff #4 // lily rose.

my mom just picked up food from my dad’s restaurant I have lamb shawarma, baba ganoush, pita, and vimto 😭😭😂😍

Jacksepticeye PAX East 2017 Panel Intro Transcript

I saw a lot of people asking for a transcript of the intro, especially the Anti parts, so here we go! If something needs to be changed let me know.

Well hello there!
How’s everybody doing? Are you all good? Are you all enjoying your PAX?
Good! Welcome to the panel!
I know this is a little bit of an unorthodox sort of intro, but I had a cool idea for this one.
I had a cool idea, before I actually get up and do the whole Q&A thing, and before we start (audio skips and repeats “before we start”)
…this whole panel all completely, I wanted to do a little game with everybody.
Because you guys know how much I love audience interaction and you know how much I love getting in touch with you and doing cool stuff with you.
So what I wanted to do with this, since it’s a live event, what I want everyone to do right now…uh okay so bare with me…
If you have a phone, a lot of you probably have a phone, right? Hopefully. Maybe.
Um, if you have a phone, or you have a camera, or you have an iPad, or anything like that that’s able to record something, we’re all gonna do something together right now and we’re all gonna record a message all together.
Okay? Are you with me so far?
I… I guess I have to leave a minute of space… in here for everybody to actually be able to take out something…
This is uh…this is a little awkward…
Right okay I don’t know this is gonna be weird…(laughs)
Is everybody ready?
Okay, so, what I want everybody to do is start recording and then record a little message saying… (audio cuts out)
And when you’re doing that, then what we’re gonna do… (audio cuts out)
With your phone in your hand, and I think that that will be a really cool thing if…(audio cuts out)

(a quick series of distorted video/audio of Jack from several of his videos plays)

Did you miss me?
(whispered) Did you miss me?
Look at you all! Just sitting there!
You all thought I was gone, not worrying about anything.
You all thought I was gone, but I’ve been here this entire time!
Keeping an eye on things…
You stopped paying attention! Well I hope you’re happy.
You’ve found someone new.
Threw me aside.
Someone to replace me.
I’m not going anywhere! I’m always there, always watching.

Help me… (said very quietly and quickly)

You can’t get rid of me.
Enjoy the show.

I ached for all the things I wish I had said
I should have told you that you make me better
I should have explained that you make me whole

But now we’re here standing shoulder to shoulder
And I know that you make me strong
But I wish you knew that you are my greatest weakness

Because everybody sees that I’m fallen
everybody sees that I love you
but everybody also sees the blood drenching my hands 

You look at me and you see an angel or something worth saving
You look and you understand
But you don’t know the how and why of my love for you

I think there’s a time when every lover realises what love is.

It’s not something you get from just anyone, but something that only the people that really mean something bring you to understand.

Love is enjoying the best of someone, when everything is perfect and you’re able to follow your dreams.
Love is enjoying the times which would be boring without them, when you could sit in silence for hours just feeling their warmth by your side and still smile no truer smile.
Love is enjoying the worst of times, being grateful you have them when they’re there for you, and being there completely when they need you.
Love is enjoying the mildest of things. Love is making food at 4 in the morning just because you can. Love is impromptu adventures. Love is giggling about grocery shopping. Love is inside jokes that make no sense, love is running away from everybody else because you just want to be alone together, love is physical contact, skin on skin, holding hands, soft kisses.

Love is everything that without love would be nothing.

Love is when everything can be falling apart day after day with nothing ever improving, and still not giving up.
Love is when everything finally improves, and their warmth by your side makes you smile with how glad you are that you never gave up.

Sometimes love is all we have.
But your love is always enough.

You constantly bring me to realise anew what it means, my love.

—  You are my everything, you are my love.
Steering off the topic of film, De Caestecker also lets me in on the fact that he’s a huge animal lover. “If I hadn’t pursued acting, I’d have probably wanted to do something in animal rehabilitation”, he remarks, as he cheerfully strokes the on-set cat who’s found her way into his lap during the interview.
—  SID Magazine (2014)