because even though she's filled with sadness

I find kinda interesting that in this season, Sana’s season, we don’t have literally enough time to be sad for sana. We never experienced this before. In season 3, we were desperate as hell only for isak and noora in s2 and Eva in s1. We weren’t sad for anyone else, just for the main. We were focused on the main.

But in this season, first we were worried about even and now we are upset about noora. And from the beginning of the season I asked the same question with anger ; WHY DO I FEEL WORRIED ABOUT OTHERS? THIS IS SANA’S SEASON, WHY DO I KNOW FEEL ANXIOUS ABOUT OTHERS? and I feel so dumb that I finally understand this now. Because Sana is worried about others. This is why I feel anxious. because she feels anxious. Sana is not only fighting with her own demons, but fighting for/with others. Everyone trusts her because Sana knows™, right? She takes everyone’s problems as herselfs and be sad for them. She even can’t find enough time to be sad for herself because her friends are not doing ok. And even though this fills my heart with warm feelings, it triples the pain. Now we are sorry not only for Sana but even and noora and others. Because my girl has this huge heart that can’t stand see anyone sad.

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Akira's s/o keeps telling self deprecating jokes and it worries him. Then she broke down when he ask why she keeps joking like that

“Why do you keep saying that?” Akira Kurusu asks.

It’s a Sunday. The weather forecast this morning claims there’s low chance of rain, so she doesn’t pack an umbrella. She regrets the decision now, considering how quickly the pale pool of grey in the sky darkens to an ominous black while she makes her way to Leblanc, and she realises that if it doesn’t let up soon, she’ll have to go home drenched. Still, at least she has a roof over her head, and Leblanc’s not a bad place to get stuck in the middle of a rainstorm; there’s something inherently calming about sitting with a hot cup of coffee while the pitter of raindrops trails paths of water along the window.

When Akira greets her, he keeps a polite level of distance. She’s not surprised. It fits the kind of half-friend, half-lover routine that they’re at right now, barely close enough to really invite to each other’s homes. He looks happy to see her, but she thinks it’s probably just her imagination.

“Sorry for barging in on you like this,” is what she says, when she first comes in. Akira’s soft smile hardens into something a little less pleasant – something more confused.

“I was the one who invited you,” he says. “It’s really no trouble at all.”

She nods at that, but the implication feels too foreign and raw for her to really understand it. She takes a seat, and everything about her movements feels overly polite: her legs are neatly together, and she’s taking up as little space as possible on the edge of a seat, even when the entire café is empty.

“You can sit at front, you know.”

He watches her back straighten in genuine surprise, until her shock melts away to something a little sadder - a little more subdued.

“You haven’t had enough of me lately?” She asks, and laughs, even though she’s getting up to sit at the front table like he’s asked her to. Wordlessly, he begins preparing coffee, but there’s a certain slowness to the way he does things that shows he’s thinking about something else entirely.

“Not really,” he says, eventually.

She nods again.

The rain outside gets worse, turns into something a half-way between a drizzle and a shower. It’s a good thing too, because giving the silence free reign in this situation would be awkward at best.

“Thanks for the coffee,” she says, when he hands her a mug. It takes him a little too long to pour his own afterwards, because the place where their hands touch makes his fingers feel all funny and tingly, like he’s losing control on his own skin.

“Ah, sorry,” she says.

“It’s alright.”

There’s thunder, and then rain again. Even though it’s far too hot, she takes the first sip, and through the burning in her tongue she feels a little calmer.

“I’ve been looking forward to this all day.”

There’s a wistfulness to the way she says it, but Akira chooses to pick up on the genuine way her eyes crinkle instead.  His smile is subdued, but it’s still undoubtedly there, and honestly, he’s a bit embarrassed that’s all it takes to make him feel smug.

“Me too.”

There’s that surprise again, making her way through her face and pulling her features together defensively. Her face scrunches, like she’s unhappy with something.

“You don’t have say stuff like that to be nice, you know.” She laughs as she says it, but he doesn’t really find it funny; his face falls, and his expression crumbles away into something that shares the gaping feeling of sadness in this chest with disappointment. “I’m sure you can probably think of some more interesting things to do.”

“I’m being honest,” he states firmly, but all it does is make her face scrunch up a little more. He takes a sip of his own coffee, and it too, is hot against his tongue. “You don’t believe me, do you?”

He can tell he’s hit the target right on when she flinches. When she puts the mug to her lips, it’s more to delay the inevitability of having to respond to his question than it is to taste the coffee.

“Well, wouldn’t you rather hang out with someone else? Ann was asking about you today.”

He, on the other hand, doesn’t do anything to delay his response.

“I wanted to talk to you.”

Her grip on the mug tightens; she’s rubbing small circles into the side of it, trying to figure out what she should do with her hands that it still looks natural, because this conversation is still normal, right?

“Ann’s a lot more fun to talk to though.” And then a little quieter, she adds, “She’s really pretty, as well.”

The sadness ebbs through his chest again, fills his lungs with genuine pity. Because here he is, barely convincing himself she can’t hear his heart thrum through his chest with how much he feels his pulse everywhere on his body, all because of her, and she doesn’t even think she’s worth his time.

“I like talking to you more.” It feels a little on the sudden side when he pushes it out. He wants to make her feel good; there’s something inside of him that tells him she need to know more of what he feels towards her. “Besides, I think you’re pretty too.”

It’s hard to maintain eye contact with her when she looks up, several shades of doubt messing with the serenity on her face. When she looks away, he has to release the tension through a long, drawn out breath.

“Should have gone to Specsavers,” she laughs. He doesn’t laugh with her, and this time she can’t even ignore it, because the rain has eased for a few brief seconds and left space for silence that’s louder than anything else Akira can say.

They stew in it for a little while.

“Why do you keep saying that?” He asks, although it’s more of a statement than it is a question. From the way he says it, she can tell it’s been on his mind for a while, and she can almost feel it shoot straight through the centre of her body.

“It’s funny?”

It’s more of a question than it is a statement.

(Because really, it’s not funny. Never was, and dancing around it is getting tiring.)

“Sorry,” she says, instead of expecting Akira to believe her. “It’s probably getting annoying, huh?”

There’s more thunder. As the rain comes back threefold, Akira can’t help but think it’s kind of fitting. It’s not a pitter anymore – and it’s not a shower, either; it’s a full storm. A flash of lightning colours the edges of his vision white.

“I just…” She continues. There’s a lump in her throat. He doesn’t want to cut her off, so even if his first instinct is to deny her insecurity, he stays silent. “I don’t know why you’re so kind to me.” Her fingers are still around the mug of coffee, but she hasn’t drank from it for a while.

“If I told you, it would probably scare you away,” he says. It feels like he’s made his intentions clear with just that sentence, but he knows for fact there’s no way she’ll read in-between the lines.

“Please, I want to know.”

Maybe it’s not really fitting for the relationship they’ve got going on right now. Not when Akira has barely recovered from when he kind of confessed to her three days ago, with vague words that might have worked had she had enough confidence to pick up on their actual meanings.

‘Love’ is a strong word to describe what he’s feeling. It’s a little on the intense side for a half-half relationship that’s lasted barely two weeks. But well, he’s running out of other ones. He’s already said ‘I want to protect you;’ he’s already said, ‘I don’t want anyone else to have you;’ and he’s said ‘I like you’ more times than he can remember. He wants her to understand it this time around.

“I love you,” he says.

She doesn’t say anything, but the storm rages on.

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How about Drake x MC and 35? 😊 -hartfeld

Hey, @hartfeld​! I hope you like this fic. I swear I keep trying to right happy Drake x MC fics, but all the angst is all that comes out! 

35 - “Do you regret it?”


He should have left when she married Liam. Why didn’t he leave? Drake walks across the grounds of the Cordonian palace contemplating the events that led him to this moment.

Louisa and Liam have been married for almost a year. To the the people of Cordonia, the press, the entire outside world, she’s the picture perfect queen smiling beside their picture perfect king.

It’s only Drake who knows the truth.

He got another one of her texts tonight. Meet me is all it says. But that’s all it needs to say. He’s become her sounding board, her drinking buddy, and he thinks, the last person she can be herself with anymore. Every time they meet like this late at night, hidden away from the world, his heart gets a little more wrecked and yet he keeps coming back for more. Because while he may ask himself why he didn’t leave, he already knows the answer. He lost his mangled heart to Louisa a long time ago and he’d rather have these stolen moments with her than lose her from his life.

He waits for her in his office in the stables. Liam gave him a job as stable manager not long after the wedding. He likes the work. He’s missed working with horses and he’s damn good at it. While the stables are a flurry of activity during the day with stablehands and trainers running to and fro with high-spirited horses, this time of night everyone is long gone. The only sounds are the quiet snuffling of the horses dozing in their stalls. Drake pulls a bottle of whiskey out of the bottom drawer of his desk. He’s just finished pouring two glasses when she arrives.  

“Your majesty,” he says, offering her a glass. He always greets her like this. It keeps a certain distance between them. One he doesn’t want, but needs to have.

“Don’t,” she warns him. “Just…don’t.” Usually, he gets at least a smirk out of her but not tonight.

Drake leans back against the front of his desk and examines her. She’s dressed in her jeans and an well-worn sweatshirt. There are dark circles under her eyes and her cheeks are red from the cold autumn air. Her hair is pulled back in a messy bun. Drake wonders if anyone out there would recognize her as the queen. Right now, she just looks like Louisa…his Louisa.

She sits on the desk next to him, feet dangling, and takes a long sip of her whiskey as she staring blankly at the closed door of his office.

“So, what happened?” he asks.

“I fucked up again,” she grimaces. “I said something stupid to someone important.” She takes another sip of her whiskey.

“What’d ya say?”

“Oh,” Louisa sighs, “I may have heavily implied that the King of Grebania is a sexist jackass for refusing to let his daughter join their parliament. And by implied, I mean I said those exact words…to his face…in front of the entire court.”

Drake chuckles darkly, “I’ll bet that went over well.”

“Not exactly, but Liam fixed it, like he fixes everything.”

The two of them fall quiet as they continue drinking. It feels so comfortable and easy when they’re together like this. It tears Drake up when she leaves and when he sees her with Liam, but when its just the two of them, the pain fades and he forgets all that. Being with Louisa is like being home, even if their time together is fleeting.

Of course, the truly shitty thing about all this is that he only gets these moments with her because she’s unhappy. He knows she is. She never says as much, she never would, but he can tell. And lately she’s been texting him more often, asking him to meet her three or times a week. It’s never anything more than this, drinking in the dark and venting to him about her royal life, but he can see clearly its all taking a toll on her.

Drake hears a quiet sniffle and glances over Louisa. Her eyes are squeezed tightly shut, but there are tears running down her face. The whiskey glass in her hand shakes, the amber liquid sloshing slightly, as she brings it down from her lips.

“Hey,” he says softly. He stands and takes the glass from her, setting it on the desk along with his own. “Lou, are you okay?”

She shakes her head as she throws herself forward into his arms, clinging to him as she cries. Drake freezes for a moment before wrapping her in his embrace. He nearly shudders at the contact. It’s been so long since he’s held her. He doesn’t say anything for a long moment, savoring the feeling of her closeness, breathing in the scent of her.

Turning his head slightly, he whispers in her ear, “Lou, what is it?”

“I can’t do this, Drake. I thought I could, but I just keep screwing up.”

“You’re doing great. The people love you and Liam…”

“I think Liam is getting tired of cleaning up my messes. I am not made for this, Drake. I don’t know if I can keep this up. I just…I wanna go home.”

Drake holds her a tighter as she cries again. He aches to make this better for her, but he doesn’t know how he can. He murmurs comfortingly to her, “It’s okay, Lou. You’re okay. I’ve got you. You’re okay.”

“I’m so sorry, Drake,” she cries and he can feel her hot tears on the skin of his neck. “I’m sorry for using you like this. I’m just screwing up again. I should be telling Liam this stuff. He’s my husband for god’s sake!” She sobs and Drake feels the word like a punch to the gut. Husband. Liam is her husband.

He slowly lets her go and pushes her away. Her eyes are red rimmed now as she sniffles again, wiping at her face with the sleeve of her sweatshirt.

“You know I’m here for you, Lou, but we probably shouldn’t let that happen again,” he says regretfully.

“I know,” she says, clearly trying to hold back her tears. “I’m so sorry, Drake. You’re the only one who feels real to me anymore and I just couldn’t hold it in any longer.” She gazes up at him. Her watery eyes are filled with tenderness and something more, something Drake can’t afford to acknowledge.

“It’s okay,” he says with a sad smile even though he feels anything but okay right now.

“I just…I sometimes wish…” she looks down as she trails off. “I mean, I care about Liam and Cordonia, but sometimes I just…”

Drake stares at her, his stomach clenching painfully. There’s a question that’s lingered in his mind for months now. It’s a question he shouldn’t ask her because her answer could change everything for the two of them, for Liam, for all of Cordonia. It sits on his tongue, begging to be asked. 

He really looks at her again. The weariness, the profound unhappiness that she wears when its just the two of them and her guard is down. He’s felt for a long time that he can’t live like this anymore and, after seeing her break down tonight, he doesn’t think she can either. He takes a deep breath and asks the question that’s haunted him for so long.

“Becoming queen, marrying Liam…Louisa, do you regret it?” he whispers, hoping for the answer that could be the end of so many things and the beginning of everything else.

Louisa swallows hard before lifting her gaze to his once more. That something else he saw in her eyes before shines even more brightly. Is it longing, desire, or…could it possibly be…love? When she answers, her voice is sad and trembles slightly, but there’s no uncertainty in it.


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i have a request for a prompt : sana and elias have a heart to heart talk and yousef is brought up.

Sana opened the front door of the apartment feeling quite tired after a long school day. After all the stuff with Yousef, she hadn’t been able to keep her mind in place. Even the russ bus wasn’t enough to distract her from thinking about him. She kept thinking about the flowers he had handed to her, his attentiveness when she was speaking, the butterflies he was able to give her while simultaneously bringing her a sense of calm. Sana had wondered if this was what being in love felt like. But love shouldn’t be this difficult, should it? She caught herself thinking.

Sana took of her shoes and outerwear and walked around the apartment to ensure Elias didn’t have his friends around so that she could take off her hijab. It was a rare occurence that they weren’t around, you’d think they had been adopted by Sana’s family the way they always hung around. Sana sighed out of relief that she could take off her hijab now, but she couldn’t lie to herself and say she didn’t feel that sting in her stomach from realising that Yousef wasn’t here. 

As she took out the pins in her hijab she couldn’t stop herself from thinking about if she were to marry Yousef. If it was possible. She couldn’t stop herself from thinking about the day of the wedding when she would be his and he would be hers. The day they would begin their lives together. The day he would see her without her hijab, the day she would open up to him completely and let him in. She imagined a look of awe painted over his face. Or at least that was what she hoped. She still wasn’t even sure if he liked her. 

“Sana?” she heard Elias call out from inside his room.
She heard the opening of a door and seconds later he was beside her and fully occupied by the inside of the fridge. Sana looked at him, sceptical of whether or not she should talk to him about friday. About why he got so drunk. She had a million questions in her head but she had no idea where to begin. 

“Uhm, El-”
“Do you know if we have any spaghetti left from last night?”
Sana shook her head lightly. Elias was acting really casual, perhaps too casual. 

Before she could think, she blurted out, “What happened last friday?”
Immediately after she worded her thoughts, he looked over at her with a mix of guilt and nervousness. Which in turn made Sana nervous, she was worried about him. 

“I-, I really don’t want to talk about it,” 
Sana rolled her eyes at his stubbornness. Now he decided to be a man of few words? Sana gave him a stern look nonverbally telling him he needed to answer her. 

Elias walked over to pick up a fork and he started eating some potatoes. He looked disgruntled and very tired overall. 


He gave out a loud sigh and said, “I said I don’t want to talk about it, especially not with you. I’m supposed to be a good role model to you according to mom. You weren’t supposed to see me like this, Yousef should have never called you.”

The mention of Yousef made her heart skip a beat.

“Also, whats going on with you and Yousef?” Elias meant to sound casual but there was a clear hint of cautiousness and interest. He inched closer to the table at which she was sitting.

Sana was thrown aback by his bluntness, although that was his trademark after all. 

“Wha- what do you mean?” she said, in a miserable attempt to act casual. She started taking out a biology book and her laptop from her schoolbag and wished he would take the hint. But instead, he sat down beside her and rolled his eyes in mock annoyance. 

“Come on, you can lie to mom all you want, but not to me,” 
Sana just hinted at her biology book in response, resolved on not giving him any answers. She was far from ready for that talk, especially from her brother.

“Yousef’s been talking about you, you know.” that made Sana’s eyes shoot up at Elias in shock. A million thoughts were going through her mind at that moment. What had he told Elias? How much did Elias know? What did Yousef feel?

Through all these different thoughts in her head, all she found herself uttering was one simple word, “Oh,”

Elias was staring intensely at her, trying to figure out what she felt. “Yeah, uh, he told me he needed to talk. About friday. He really likes you.” When Elias finished the sentence she hadn’t even noticed she was holding her breath. Sana felt a slight blush forming in her cheeks. 

“What about you? Do you like him?”

Sana had no idea what to answer to that. The fact that she was even having this conversation baffled her. “I- It doesn’t really matter does it, nothing can happen anyway,” She responded in a grave tone. Sana looked up at Elias and noticed his worry for her but also his confusion. 

“What do you mean?”

“Elias, you know why,”

Elias looked at her with understanding painted all over his face. He loved his sister and couldn’t bare seeing her looking this sad. 

“Just because he isn’t muslim? Sana, you and I both know he’s a better guy than most of the other guys who actually do believe in islam.”

“But.. What about mom and-”

“You never used to care about what people thought, why start now? And also, I wouldn’t even be friends with the guy if I didn’t think he was good enough for my sister.”

Elias was right. This made Sana fill up with love for her brother. She couldn’t believe how supportive he was, even though he could be extremely annoying and nosey, but when push comes to shove, he knew what to say and do.

Sana knew what she and Yousef had felt right, she knew that they had something special. 

Nicky and Lorna Season 5

Hello everyone, its Sunday, and I felt that after 2 days, now might be a good time to discuss Lorna and Nicky’s story in Season 5. This is going to be a long analysis, so settle in :)

So in the first episode, Riot FOMO, we see Nicky holding Lorna’s hand running through the halls of Litchfield. (I love that they were holding hands). They decide to stay away from the major action, and decide to take control over the pharmacy. Lorna, worrying about Nicky’s new found sobriety, is not too keen on the idea, and suggests, going to electrical, and even jokes that she will let Nicky tie her up. Nicky thanks Lorna for her concern, but says that she will be fine, and she’s not going to take any drugs. After drugging Leanne and Angie with sleeping pills, they gain control over the pharmacy, for the remainder of the riot. During this time, Nicky and Lorna resume their flirtatious friendship, but Lorna firmly states that they will not be more than friends which Nicky respects.

In the third episode, Nicky and Lorna are playing Doctor, and Nurse. Lorna listens to the patient’s symptoms, and Nicky tells her which pills to give them. During this, a grieving Soso visits them in the medical cage, wanting to take pills to numb her grief over losing Poussey(the most perfect, kindhearted soul). However, Nicky being the honest, empathetic person that she is, tells Brook that she cannot cheat grief, and that using drugs as a way to cope with her pain will only lead to drug dependency. Then in a beautiful love letter like fashion, while explaining to Brook why she shouldn’t take drugs, Nicky says, “you’ll get sent down to Max for doing some stupid Junkie shit, and find yourself sucking off a CO in a closet for one last hit, and maybe you’ll realize that you were just hopelessly in love with an incredible, insane, beautiful woman who will never love you back, and its just not worth it (I DIED). Now a person can have several opinions on why Nicky decided to indirectly yet publicly say in front of Soso, and a line of people, as well as Lorna, that she loved her. 1. Nicky was tired of waiting for Lorna’s response, and this was done out of restlessness. 2. Nicky knew that Lorna already knew, and wasn’t saying anything she didn’t already know. 3. Nicky wanted Lorna to know that she was more than comfortable telling everyone that she loved her. Now I personally believe that it was all of these reasons combined. I think that Nicky knows that Lorna knows, and that she has spent all of this time avoiding it because she is confused on her own feelings (Even though Lorna already said that she has feelings for Nicky in season 4). Nicky perceives this confusion as Lorna not loving her, but we all know that is not the case. 

After this indirect admission, Lorna and Nicky continue to control the Pharmacy without discussing what Nicky said. In episode 6, Nicky who was playing a therapist in the medical cage, is seen talking to weeping lady, and eventually Morello. Lorna then begs Nicky to have sex, and at first, Nicky is skeptical, and asks Lorna if she is serious about this, and if she’s thought about her husband. Lorna reassures her that she is sure, and they have sex in the pharmacy. About an hour later, Nicky and Lorna are in the cafeteria, and Nicky assumes that Lorna is going to tell her she regrets sleeping with her, and we can see that Nicky is visibly heartbroken by the thought that Lorna regretted being with her. When Lorna informs her that she only slept with her because she was pregnant, and that she did not mean to lead Nicky on, Nicky who at this point started crying, finally says “I love you so much Lorna”,(she had tears in her eyes, and her voice cracked, and she started stuttering, showing how emotional she was) but says that Lorna can’t keep leading her on(by sleeping with her) {even though Lorna knows that Nicky is in love with her}, and saying she regretted it thereby breaking her heart, and assuming that Nicky will just forgive her for hurting her every time. Nicky points out that she (Nicky), was stupid for allowing herself to hope and believe that maybe Lorna would want more than friendship (She admits that she does this out of slight desperation because she loves her), and says that she is done with her, and that Lorna should seek help for her mental illness. 

Over the next few episodes, we see Lorna spin out, denying mentally ill inmates their medication, and refusing to take a pregnancy test. This shows that without Nicky, Lorna’s sanity actually begins to wain. Nicky in an effort to mend her broken heart, undergoes a makeover, and sleeps with “new girl” in Poussey’s memorial, and we see that Lorna was visibly upset, and jealous, implying that she is not comfortable with Nicky sleeping with anyone else. After Nicky is kidnapped by Piscatella, and rescued by Freida, Gina, Yoga, Norma, and Anita, she returns to the medical cage. While she was gone Lorna, who was called crazy by Spanish inmates, a white supremacist, and Black Cindy, had finally decided to take a pregnancy test, 12 to be exact, and……….. they were all positive. 

When Nicky returns to the Pharmacy, Lorna noticing her friend’s disarray, asks her what happened, however, Nicky says that she does not want to talk about it, and that she just wants to sit with Lorna to feel better, showing that simply being in Lorna’s presence, calms her. Lorna asks if Nicky is still mad at her, to which Nicky replies that she is not. Lorna believing that she has become so crazy she is seeing things asks Nicky to look at the 12 pregnancy tests that she had taken, and Nicky confirms that Lorna is crazy, but she is also really pregnant. 

Nicky then offers her crying friend, warmth, and acceptance by saying that she is happy for her, and that she will help her through her pregnancy, and that they would make it work with or without Vinnie. 

Nicky in a selfless act, showing the magnitude of her love for Lorna calls Vinnie, and tells him that Lorna is pregnant, and that he needs to be there for her and the baby. She tells him that Lorna is cray cray, and that she will probably hack his phone, and key a female coworker’s car but she will only do it because she loves him, and that he needs to reassure her that he loves her. Because that is all Lorna has ever wanted her whole life, someone to assure her she is worthy of love. Then Nicky states that if he does that then Lorna will be good to him, and take care of him, and overlook all of the deeply fucked up things in him(Which is basically Nicky explaining why she fell in love with Lorna in the first place). She then tearfully tells Vinnie that some people would do anything to be loved by Lorna like that (She kills me every time, her face, her voice, the tears in her eyes, its like holy shit, Lorna is the love of Nicky’s life). This was the most heartbreakingly beautiful thing that Nicky has ever done, she put Lorna’s needs (her worry for her unborn child), ahead of her heart, and in a way let Lorna go, so that she could have the life she always said she wanted. She tells Vinnie exactly how to cope with Lorna when she gets crazy, and why she will be crazy sometimes. Like Peyton Sawyer told Lucas Scott, the most perfect act of love is sacrifice. Putting your love for someone aside so that you can be a good friend to them. “I love you Lucas, but if what you need is for me to let go then I am going to do because I want you to be happy, I want that more than anything.”(But as we know, in the end, Lucas went back to Peyton, just saying Lorna will probably go back to Nicky). 

In the last episode, when the violent riot police begin entering the prison, and Nicky goes to Lorna telling her they need to get her out of there to keep her safe. She reassures Lorna that her baby will be safe, and great because she is. Even though every time Lorna mentions her pregnancy, Nicky gets this sad, pain filled look on her face, showing that even though she says she will be there for her, the fact that Lorna is having a baby with someone else actually breaks her heart. Lorna afraid to let Nicky go, asks her to stay with her, for just 5 more minutes. Nicky then kisses her forehead, and holds her tight (I almost cried). When Taystee, Cindy, and Nicky realize that the guards are getting closer, she suggests hiding out in the abandoned pool. Lorna wanting to go with Nicky says they should leave now but she is quickly rebuffed. Nicky fearing for Lorna’s safety tells her its too dangerous, and that she should surrender with her hands up, telling the guards that she’s pregnant, so that they will not throw her on the ground. Lorna then hugs Nicky and begins crying, not wanting to let go. Nicky then sends her off, and looks heartbroken and worried. After hearing Lorna being arrested by the guards, Nicky continues to look sad, and when Alex, and Piper ask about Lorna and whether she is safe, Nicky hesitates, and says she believes so(she has that pained look, like sending her off, and not keeping Lorna with her is crushing). 

The last time we see Lorna is when she is being loaded on to a bus with other women, and she looks through the crowd of faces to see if she sees Nicky. She doesn’t, and Lorna is now the one with a pain filled look on her face. Showing that Nicky might be trying to let Lorna go so that she can have the life she says she wants, but Lorna isn’t letting her go, she is hanging on for dear life. The last 3 episodes show us that Lorna needs Nicky in a way that she does not need Vinnie, or anyone else. Most of us need our best friend, but if I were married, I would need my wife more than my best friend, if I loved my wife more. This shows that Lorna loves Nicky more than Vinnie, and that the only way she can get through her pregnancy in prison is with her not without her. The idea of living without Nicky is terrifying for Lorna, and also shows us how much she does love Nicky (in love). Nicky may be trying to let Lorna go, but that is not what Lorna wants at all, and I don’t believe that either one of them will ever get over each other.

Since we have to wait another year for season 6, and literally every single character’s fate is left unknown, we don’t know when Lorna and Nicky will see each other again, but they will, their story isn’t over. After all, Lorna is Nicky’s Piper, and as we see from the happy ending Vauseman got, (engagement), there is a happy ending in store for nichorello. 

You know what oppression is? That your child grows up in front of your eyes. You treat them with love and mercy all your life and then the age of marriage comes upon them, and you ignorantly deny and prevent them over and over and over from getting married to someone who they want to marry even though the person is good for them because he/she is not from the same caste and the elders of the family are not pleased.

Eventually, they reach an age where they feel old and unhappy. They are filled with sadness and anxiety and even contemplate haram, but you continue to blame it on them or Black Magic in order to escape the reality that it is your fault, and you still refuse to change your mentalities. This type of parenting brings sadness to the heart of the Messenger. ﷺ

—  Shaykh Mohammad Aslam

AN: // I cried whilst writing this, and as I’m sure y’all are aware I very rarely write fanfiction and I never ever ever thought I’d be writing something like this, but I guess it just kinda wrote itself? I’m sad now. I tried to write this as a kinda “Hayley’s life flashes before her eyes as she lays dying” kinda thing because I kinda hope that’s what we’ll get? That we’ll get mini flashbacks of everything that we’ve seen happen

So what we know? Hayley is burned to death, Klaus tries to rescue her but is unable to because someone (we don’t know, though speculation is either Elijah or the new Margot character?)

shout out to @andromedatonks for proof reading this for me because writing fic doesn’t come naturally to me at all.

TW: fire, burning, death by fire?

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finnrey angsty headcanons/AUs

(for us finnrey fans, @finnreyfridaysand for those who claim that Finnrey is too “vanilla” for them (but who really just lack imagination))

  • Finn gets hurt real bad, and believing him dead, Rey becomes overwhelmed with grief and anger and turns to the Dark Side (especially that she blames the Resistance for what happened). Finn, who actually survived his injuries, tries to find Rey to bring her back to the Light.
  • Finn and Rey are forbidden to date each other because of Jedi bullshit, they sneak around as much as they can but they’re still miserable to not be able to fully live their love.
  • Thinking it would protect them, one of them did something that broke the other’s trust, and now they’re not sure they could ever repair their relationship.
  • Finn gets knocked out and wakes up with amnesia, and the First Order finds him first. Snoke brainwashes him and convinces him he’s always been a Knight of Ren. But Finn is plagued with doubt and weird dreams, most of them about a young woman. Meanwhile, Rey is desperately looking for him.
  • Rey was found on Jakku by Snoke. He convinced her that her father, Luke Skywalker, abandoned her to starve and die on Jakku because he feared her huge potential. Feeling betrayed and filled with sadness and rage, she turns to the Dark Side and trains to become a Knight of Ren. However, she meets a Stormtrooper who is not like the others, and his innate compassion and bravery wakes up something in her, reminds her that even though the world is cruel she doesn’t have to be, too.
  • Rey and Finn are both Knights of Ren, but Finn can’t live this life anymore and wants out. Rey is torn between her loyalty to Snoke and her love to Finn, and Finn is torn between staying there with Rey but living a miserable life, and running away with no guarantee that Rey will choose to come with him.
  • Finn is the son of Luke Skywalker, and is an incredibly powerful Jedi. It is said that no one ever embodied the Light as much as he does. Rey is the adoptive daughter of Snoke, she’s the Master of the Knights of Ren and her abilities are feared across the galaxy. Snoke convinced her that the only way to protect the galaxy from itself is to rule it with merciless strength, in order to get rid of those seeking to create chaos and confusion (aka the Resistance and other rebellious groups). Rey and Finn often cross light sabers, the Master of the Knights of Ren against The Last Jedi, her clad in black and wearing a mask, him dressed in white with a large hood on. They are each other’s nemesis. But then, during one of their fights, a natural disaster happens and they find themselves stuck in a maze of caves. They have to rely on each other to survive.

anonymous asked:

Prompt: Emma and Regina join a research team on a south poll expedition because they both LOVE penguins 🐧. One day when the team are overlooking the large herd Emma goes on one knee and proposes.

Thanks for the prompt :) 

It’s the Emma’s favourite team as a penguin researcher - the moment when the female and male penguins reunite and wait for their eggs to hatch. She loves these few days because they’re mainly filled with joy. There’s always, sadly, a few sad moments, missing penguins, no-one to reunite with but mostly it’s a time of happiness and celebration.

Today though, Emma looks away from the penguins and to the brunette beside her. Even bundled up in a thick winter coat, scarf and hat, Regina is the most beautiful person she’s ever met. It’s not just the dark ebony hair and captivating eyes - it’s the soft smile as she watches adoringly over the penguins and the shine in those eyes as she sees their joy. 

Emma sucks in a deep breath. It’s only been a few months. In fact before this expedition they’d never even met and yet it doesn’t matter. From that first day they’ve bonded, sharing their love of penguins and more. 

“Regina,” she says, her breath appearing in a cloud in the freezing air as she drops down to the ground, kneeling on the ice and trying to suppress a shiver. 

“Emma?” Regina asks, her eyes widening and her smile brightening as she sees Emma kneeling down before her. 

“I know it’s only been a few months…and to some people this might seem crazy, but I love you and I want to be your penguin. I want us to be together, to be happy and to make a life together. Regina Mills, will you be my penguin?” 

Regina beams dropping carefully down onto the ice and taking Emma’s hands in her own as she nods, “I want to be your penguin too.” 

clutching your pearls

Standalone; season 2/season 3; NC-17; SMUT SMUT SMUT (femmeslash, voyeurism, exhibitionism); Mulder/Scully and Scully/Other; based off of this prompt - “One time Scully was getting eaten out by a beautiful young woman (who Mulder had flirted with before, but he hadn’t succeeded with seeing as she was a lesbian) in her hotel room, and Mulder happened to walk by the window, stopping and staring in intense surprise. Scully’s hands were caressing the young woman’s head, whilst her eyes were glued onto Mulder. Keeping her eyes trained on Mulder, she proceeded to have the most earth-shattering orgasm ever known to man or woman.”

A/N: Lucille Tate is definitely based off of Xena the Warrior Princess and please don’t read this in public. Please let me know if it’s hard to follow because of the style - no dialog format, just Mulder’s stream of consciousness. Would LOVE feedback! Also Mulder has his canon colorblindness here. 


Running is the choice exercise for the man who is always trying to escape something, be it criminals, full-fledged Honest-to-God-Monsters-Scully, or the veritable wreckage of his own warped psyche. But tonight he isn’t. No, really. Tonight he likes where he’s at, staying in this crappy motel, living his crappy little life.

It’s been a good week. The good guys caught the bad guys, the little boy is reunited with his real parents while the demon-like replacements rot in jail or hell, and his teams are winning. Most of them. He’ll go on his run, come back, maybe jerk off a little and then, and then, get the best night’s sleep he’s had in ages.

He pulls on a sweater, grabs his water bottle, and makes the short trip over to Scully’s room to invite her along. She’s been complaining about gaining weight, which is stupid, but he figures he should ask her anyway.

He doesn’t get to knock on her door. He just barely reaches her window before he trips into a bush. The blood in his head, his big ol’ brain, leaves so fast he absurdly wonders if he’s dying.

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A Persistent Attraction

TITLE: A Persistent Attraction
PAIRING: Reader/AU!Castiel
SUMMARY: Your parents are having their 30th anniversary and you are visiting your hometown after years of being gone. After living in the city for so long, coming back to your small town is overwhelming and also brings about a lot of baggage. Including your intense high school romance with Castiel.
WORDS: 1,859
AUTHOR’S NOTE: BTW, that “memory” is 105% from Broad City.


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anonymous asked:

What about some HC's on how Sero, Tooru, Tokoyami, and Shinsou would react to their crush being insecure about themselves? (Like they think they're ugly and everyone is just pretending to be nice to them)

(Oh, sweetheart… I am so sorry that you feel like that! Everyone is amazing and beautiful in their own way. It’s okay to need the time to learn to accept yourself the way you are!

Sero Hanta:

  • In Sero’s eyes, his significant other is the most amazing and beautiful person. He cannot see them less than the fantastic individual they are and is baffled to hear about their insecurities.
  • Each day, before they go to bed or wake up, he will send them messages filled with emojis and things he loves about them. He wants them to know how appreciated they are, even with the flaws they see in themselves.
  • Sero sometimes sees himself as plain and not that interesting, so he understands if his partner is sometimes low because of some of their features. But nonetheless, he will always lift up their spirits.

Hagakure Tooru:

  • Even though they can’t see it on her face, Hagakure will be so sad to hear her significant other is doubting themselves. The first thing she does is to hug them close and comfort them.
  • She is her partner’s number one supporter and will do everything in her power to lift up their morale. She makes a list with all the amazing things they have ever achieved and point out every little thing she loves about their appearance.
  • Tooru is so grateful that her significant other always compliments her, even though she’s invisible, so she wants to return the gesture and help them have more confidence in themselves.

Tokoyami Fumikage:

  • Tokoyami easily observes when his partner’s mood changes and he’d be able to tell they weren’t feeling the best about themselves. He won’t know how to approach them directly, but he’ll certainly want to talk with them about it.
  • He totally understands their insecurities and knows that sometimes it’s hard to accept yourself the way you are. He has a bird head and he’s still learning to deal with his self image, so he’s 110% there for them.
  • Toko will reassure them that if people didn’t like them they won’t go to such lengths to stand them. He also gives them a hug and lets them know that no matter what, he and Dark Shadow will still be by their side.

Shinsou Hitoshi:

  • His significant other’s happiness means a lot to Shinsou, so hearing them thinking such low things about their own person would pain him greatly. He somehow blames himself for not being the most attentive boyfriend.
  • He will take them on a walk while constantly reminding them his reasons for their amazing personality, great achievements and why he holds them so close to his heart. He wants them to see themselves through his eyes.
  • Shinsou promises he will stand by their side, even if the whole world would be against them, which wasn’t the case anyway. There are so many reasons why people won’t fake liking them for the person they are.

With no calendar to keep up with, with her daily schedule reduced to climbing up to metal shutters in the corridor to stick her nose outside and breathe in the chilly air, feeling it move the tiny stray curls around her face and sighing with relief after the stench of burnt candles, sweat and dirty laundry, and then going back to sleep in her crumpled makeshift bed, Emily loses the track of time.

She can hear the broadcasted announcements sometimes, but all meaning is faded and bleaked by the time the wind carries it all the way to this establishment. It’s as incoherent as the girls from the other rooms talking to each other in hushed voices, either afraid that the madame will overhear them, or Emily would. Sometimes there’s an extra tangerine for her in the fruit vase, sometimes a few pieces of stale bread, dull and tasteless and nothing like the one she used to have for breakfast back at home, sometimes a bunch of grapes, half of which have gone dark and soft, and sometimes a stack of old, unused paper for her to draw on with the few crayons they dug out for her. 

Old ads printed on yellow paper, Piero’s remedy (her favourites, as they’re the biggest), a atelier, canned hagfish, a barbershop, an apothecary, a pub in the distillery district, dog fights, Cullero cigars (her least favourite, as they’re the smallest and the paper is too grainy), the old unused leaflets of the place itself.

Emily tries hard to keep her imagination and her thoughts within it. Outside the metal shutter, she sees nothing but the rooftops of abandoned homes, black against the setting sun, and the mirrored metal letters saying The Golden Cat, with shiny metal cat sitting on top of them, so it’s the cat she draws on her leaflet turned upside down, and “Rothwild’s Whale Meat for you and your family” still shines throw it when she presses hard enough.

She hears footsteps outside her door, louder and louder, on her left, from the staircase, heels clacking on the wood hurriedly, awkwardly, irregularly - the girl must be limping.

“When is the doctor coming again? Was it every two weeks? It’s been longer than that…”

And she hears from the room on her right:

“It’s second weekend each month now, and the first day of Rain is today. He won’t be here another week, then, Prudence says he’s a busy man…”

The frustrated, helpess whine of the girl on the left escapes her, as heavy, prickling feeling, both hot and cold, spills over her cheeks and chest and palms, and she goes very still. Earlier this morning she opened the metal shutters to have chilly, moist air blow in her face, and realised the trees in the garden outside went bleak and yellow without her even noticing. Today is the first day of the month of Rain. 

Tomorrow is her birthday.

Just a year ago, she got a carved toy leviathan as a present, wonderfully detailed and a little scary it ints naturalistic appearence, from back when her mother and Corvo returned from their short trip to Morley. Two years before that, she got a dollhouse as tall as herself, with real wallpaper decorating its thin wooden walls and tiny teacups waiting on the table. Any parties in the Tower were always for the adults, but she wore long, cream-white gloves on that day, too hot and a little awkward and constantly afraid she’d get them dirty, but standing with her chin raised high and feeling regal as she accepted everyone’s congratulation, feeling older than her years, feeling important like her mother, who’d only peel her own gloves off in the evening, in the privacy of her music room.

Just a year later, she’s no one important. She knows its place for what it is, but she doesn’t know where it is. She overheard one of the girls call her Amy, thinking herself unheard - they can’t even get her name right. She won’t get any surprise tomorrow. She won’t get to wear her cream white gloves. 

Emily feels as if some cold, harsh hands grab her by the throat, by the skin of her face, pulling in all directions, and her chin is shaking, and her throat is sore, and the tears spill out like fresh wine stain on a tablecloth, spreading and spreading, and there’s no way to stop it.

She won’t be there to make another notch on the wall, marking how much she’s grown since the last year - and it must have been a lot, all sleeves too short for her these days. No cake with jellied serkonan peaches on top. No picnic in the garden on the next day. No mother and no Corvo. They’ll bring her another tray of withering grapes and no one will ever know it’s her day, that on the day that belonged to her, everyone is gone.

She stares at the holed wallpaper in front of her, the rusty pipes running along the wall, barely giving out any heat in the room, and tears collected under her chin grow cold and sticky and disgusting on her skin. She wishes, once again, she was fearless, wishes she could climb better, so she would pull herself up to that window next to her door, and get down on the metal railings, and run and run until she reaches the rooftops of the buildings nearby, as this place closes around her, giant, confusing and eternal, not a thing changing from day to day even though she becomes a year older.

She flips another leaflet upside down, this one nothing but a filled, foamy beerglass and the words Center of the Universe typed above it, and she writes with her black crayon, and she tries her best to make it look presentable, the way the princess is supposed to keep her cursive.


I am very sad. They say that you’re dead like Mother, but I’m going to put this note in a bottle and throw it into the river because I do not believe them. Living here is very strange. I do not like it, so please come for me if you can.

AN: An Nalu prompt for nalu week: secrets. Angst based inspired by Enzo. Self edited. Not sure if it’s good but here it is. I think this is my first angst oneshot. First time participating in nalu week. Yay!

Summary: Because what is life without one another, For Natsu, that was the end of everything.

Title: Past is the Present


“No.” Lucy shaked her head. Was this the truth why the Hearfilia blood continued? Lucy looked at Acnologia’s silent eyes. Her hands twitched, not knowing whether to deny the claim or hug herself in pain of what he was saying.

“That’s crazy!”

Acnologia just smirked, the same knowing smirk Natsu often used on her. The mischievous one where he knew something and was teasing her before telling her the truth. On Acnologia’s cruel face, this was wrong.

“Really Anna? Ooops, nowadays you go by Lucy right?” the black dragon said offhandedly.

“What’s with these memories?” Lucy shut her eyes off in denial, hugging herself as she shook, memories of a long time ago flashing into her head one after another.

“It’s simply the truth. And you haven’t really change, haven’t you Anna?” Acnologia had a thoguthful frown as he crossed the distance between the two.


Any protests Lucy had was done as Acnologia wrapped his arms around Lucy, tucking her under his chin, his hands were just as calloused as Natsu’s did, weaving his fingers through her hair way too familiarly.

Lucy’s tears stopped, eyes’ widening at the very familiar way she was being comforted. The warmth, was it hers that felt the same or the one she and Natsu shared many times? Acnologia waited for a bit of time, waited for Lucy to stop her tears and get her act together. As soon as she did, Acnologia took hold of Lucy’s chin so the two could look at one another.

A watery smile filled Lucy’s face.

“How is this even possible?” Lucy couldn’t help but ask.

“Fate is sick.” was his simple answer.

Lucy gave a sigh at his response. “Fate? Huh?”

Confusion marred Acnologia’s face for a second. “What about it?”

Lucy pushed Acnologia away. “That’s why you gave up?” Lucy asked, sadness marred her face. Lucy knew that the sadness she felt, it was something Acnologia knew because he knew Anna. He knew that the sadness Lucy felt was for Anna’s as well as for him.

Though Lucy shared Anna’s memories and face, the celestial mage knew something Acnologia didn’t.

“I didn’t give up. I just understood what needed to be done.” Acnologia said with a frown.

Lucy’s eyes flared and shined with a knowledge she knew the black dragon wouldn’t like. The next words wouldn’t bode well for him. Or for her.

“It was unfortunate. And sad. Anna didn’t deserve what happened. Neither did you. But this Acky, this Acky, will not solve-” Lucy never finished her sentence as a tight hand wrapped itself to her neck, preventing any words to come out.

For the first time, a wild rage that was unseen showed itself.

“Do not call me by that name!”

Lucy tried to raise her arms feebly, her helpless self trying to claw at him. “It’s not…same… Anna… and I…you, it’s different!” Lucy gasped.

Acnologia laughed. “Saying all those things. You still haven’t changed at all Anna. Still same old Anna. Looking at me with those same fiery sparkling eyes. Still believing in people no matter the lies that you were fed with” He shook his head at her words.

“No…It’s not…late…Not Anna, …I’m Lucy…be…lieve in..Nat…su” Lucy struggled to say, hoped marked her eyes. even as the world was turning blurry for her.

“That dragon’s kid, END?” Acnologia scoffed. “He’s the last thing you would ever hope for. He’s the biggest contraction ever. Even more darker and will eventually be more twisted than me. But Lucy, I’ll at least ease you of your suffering, just so you don’t go through with what Anna experienced.”

“Natsu…?” Brown eyes gazed at nothing in particular, her body stilled as Acnologia tore through her stomach.

And this was the sight Natsu came to.

Lucy was bleeding.

A soft thud was all he heard as the girl most precious to him lay on the ground, seem to look at nothing.

Everything was just a blur to Natsu. Everything was supposed to be okay. He had trained so hard to make sure that the guild was safe, to make sure Lucy would be safe. Natsu didn’t want to see that ever again. Future Lucy’s tearful face as she fell to Lucy’s arms without her right arm. Igneel in front of him but unable to do anything. He swore to do everything to make sure that won’t happen. She was everything to him. The only thing that mattered was to see her smiling again. He wanted to see Lucy’s starry eyes, her shining gold hair, laughing and happy.

The world seem to think differently. Maybe it hated the good things. He didn’t care who or what was happening. Lucy needed him.  Natsu ran to Lucy’s side. All that mattered was Lucy.

Natsu put Lucy to his arms, hoping that this was just a nightmare. “Natsu… everything will be…okay.”

“Shhh, No. Lucy. You’re not going to die! Don’t talk okay? Wendy can fix you!” he said as softly, hands trembling. His body knew how too late it was to save her. Once again, he was late. Too late for everything. Too late to save the person he loved the most. Too late to save the person who mattered the most.

Lucy simply smiled, the lovely brown eyes that sparkled endlessly were now dull.


“Lucy?” despite what facts told hims, even as the thud of her heart faded, Natsu hoped that some twist of fate would save Lucy. Tears fell down his cheeks, some landing on Lucy’s cheeks.

Then next thing he felt was a strong kick that seem to take all the air out of his lungs. “There are strangely, still, seven dragon slayers left.”

Natsu raised his head to see the person who killed his Lucy.

In front of him was a man with wild silver hair, tattoos marking all over his body. He didn’t know the man but his scent was one Natsu recognized. It was the scent Natsu couldn’t forget. It was a scent darker than Zeref’s. It was a scent that emanated death. It was the same scent that ended Igneel’s life. This bastard ended Lucy’s.

The man looked at him with cold eyes. “I thought one of them died. I guess I’ll continue with you.”

“So you’re the one who killed Lucy?!” Natsu growled to which Acnologia seemed a bit happy.

“I just save your Lucy pain that she never had to experience again.” His cryptic words just made Natsu angrier. It didn’t matter what Acnologia said. Lucy was dead. Nothing would bring her back. His clenched his fists not noticing the odd darkness covering him. The usual vibrant red was turning a strange dark shade of red, odd black mixing with his flames. Two horns sprouted. A dark red tail tore through the back of his pants. His back aches as wings grew out on his back. His schlera turned black. These changes didn’t matter to Natsu. He didn’t feel anything but anger and hatred. Maybe Zeref was right. Nothing in this world mattered. Nothing mattered if Lucy was gone. He was never going to hear her voice again. He was never going to see those golden hair shine like the sun again. Natsu will just destroy everything. For the first time, he felt immensely strong. Like he could overpower everything. There was nothing he could not do. It was too bad this power didn’t come earlier when he needed it the most. It just goes to show how worthless everything was. This world took Igneel from him. It made countless people cry. It made Lucy suffer so much. He decided then that he will give back all the pain back. It didn’t matter who. Whether it was this bastard or Zeref, it didn’t matter. Natsu knew another guy would eventually come and cause a problem bigger problem.

Natsu’s irises became sharper. It was full of rage to which Acnologia had a twisted smirk on. He flexed his arms, Lucy’s blood on them which made Natsu see red.

Everything was a blur. His mind was black. There was nothing. He threw punch after punch. He gave whatever hell he could. Pain was nonexistent. Whatever punch, or kick Acnologia sent him, it didn’t hurt. Nothing was worse than the pain of Lucy being gone. He was faster, stronger. His body was more durable. Strength didn’t matter. What mattered was he ends everything. They exchanged blow after blow, not caring what they destroyed: forests, lakes, and people’s screams of terror went ignored.

Acnologia was nothing compared to him.

“Why are you smiling?” Natsu growls angrily. Both were badly injured. Burns, blood, bruises and cuts all over their body.

“Why?” Acnologia stated as he gave a belowed.

“In the end you proved to Lucy how wrong she was. And I was right all along.” Acnologia rasps.

Natsu steps on Acnologia’s abdomen. The black dragon coughs as Natsu watches as the black dragon struggle to breath.

“Now, you’ll be me! If…your Lucy was alive…, she’s going to do everything to stop you, just like Anna did. Now that you’ve done the deed by having me on death’s door, bathed in my blood that killed thousands of dragons, you’re something like me but worse. You’re beyond a monster, beyond saving. Lucy won’t be able to do anything for you Who knows? What if Lucy was alive?”

“What are you talking about!?” Lucy was dead. Life was gone, taken by this dragon’s hands.

“You don’t know much about her as much as you do. You’re forgetting she’s a Heartfilia.” Acnologia smirks weakly.

Feeling a rage at this, Natsu stabs his hand through the dragon’s chest. Acnologia’s eyes are the same as always, that tint that Natsu didn’t like, like he knew something that the fire dragon slayer didn’t. If Lucy was here, she would have known what to say. And that talk of her alive?! Natsu roars in anger. Tears fall his eyes and a loud wailing roar echoes through the sky. She was gone. Lucy was never coming back and all that was left was destruction and a monster.

An unsalvageable monster.

In the distance, a strange golden glow emanated. A golden haired woman sits up, her hands on her flat abdomen that exists. A sad smile forms on her lips and her fists clenches in pain. The sky now had a red hue as if it foretold a tradegy like no other.

“Natsu, I accept this.” she whispered to the wind.

She struggles to stand and her hand fingers her keys lightly. Her celestial magic had saved her. Her luck always had rotten timing. She whispers an apology on what she’s planning to do, brown eyes turning at the red sky. Her other hand clenches by her chest. Her eyes closes in despair on what’s going to happen. Was this what Anna felt when she was at the point that Acnologia had to be stopped?

No matter what happened, Lucy decided a long time ago that Natsu was her future, remembering Natsu’s face when he was suffering from tumor. If this was his decision, she will follow through even if it meant destruction for the both of them.

“After all, Natsu, it’s always fun if we’re together right?”

waltzing-with-my-inner-geek  asked:

Nine/Rose, 28

28: Knocking on the wrong door

Rose was nearly asleep when a soft noise awoke her. She was almost sure she’d dreamt it, until she heard it again: a soft rapping against her door. She groaned as she rolled out of bed, wondering who the hell would make a house call at two in the morning.

“Coming,” she called, looking around her disheveled room for her dressing gown.

She finally spotted it in a crumpled heap at the foot of her bed, and she donned it, cinching the sash as she trotted to the front door.

In retrospect, she probably should have looked through the peephole before swinging the door wide open. It could’ve been an axe-wielding murder, for all she knew, but she was too concerned that someone was knocking on her door in the dead of night. She thought immediately of her mother, alone on the council estate, and she fervently hoped it wasn’t the police coming to deliver bad news.

It was not the police. Instead, it was a complete and utter stranger (not wielding an axe, thankfully). He was a rather handsome bloke, if Rose was being completely honest with herself. Not conventionally attractive, though; his ears and nose were too big for his face, and he was a bit gangly and wore clothes that were a size too big for him. But his eyes were sharp and piercing, and filled with such sadness and desolation. The utter heartbreak reflecting through those blue eyes made Rose’s heart clench in sympathy, even though she had no clue who this man was.

He looked equally surprised to see her. His face closed off into a stony mask, his expression unreadable, as he said, “What’re you doing here?”

Rose balked, and her temper flared. A drunkard, probably, thinking this was his own flat.

“I live here,” she replied coolly.

“Well, what do you do that for?”

“Because I do,” she said exasperatedly, internally groaning. A stubborn drunkard, then.

The Doctor looked down at his feet as he mumbled, “Must’ve got the wrong flat.”

His eyes flitted up to her door number, and his eyebrows scrunched in confusion.

“There used to be a woman that lived here,” he said. “Sarah Jane. Middle aged, brown hair.”

Rose shook her head but said, “Well, I just moved in a few months ago.”

He nodded, his cheeks flushing pink.

“Right,” he said gruffly. “Sorry ‘bout waking you. I’ll just be off.”

For just a moment, his expression opened up again and Rose caught a glimpse of the pain she’d seen earlier. This bloke must really be in a bad spot to come knocking on her door (well, this supposed Sarah Jane’s door) in the wee hours of the morning.

Rose was already wide awake again, and she desperately wanted to help this man if she could.

“Well, seeing as you’re already here, want to come in for tea?” she asked as the man made to move away.

He looked at her as though she’d grown a second head.

“Pretty young woman like yourself, just going to invite this mangy old man into your flat at two in the morning?” he asked, making her feel like she was being chided like a child.

Rose shrugged and said, “If you’d wanted to hurt me, you’d’ve done so already.”

She stood back and opened the door in invitation. He hesitated for just a moment before heaving a great sigh and following her into her flat.

She fixed up their tea in silence, only speaking to ask him how he took it. Two spoonfuls of sugar later, she handed him a steaming mug and ushered him to the kitchen table.

They continued to sit in silence until she said, “My name’s Rose, by the way.”

“John Smith,” he said gruffly. “But my friends call me the Doctor.”

“The Doctor?” she asked skeptically. “Right. Okay. So then, Doctor, what brings you to my flat at this hour?”

His expression pinched in sorrow before he smoothed it back into a neutral mask.

“Just wanted to visit a friend,” he replied.

“At two in the morning?” Rose asked. “Odd hour for a house call, innit?”

The Doctor shrugged and raised his mug to his lips, until he realized he’d already finished.

“You don’t have to tell me if you don’t want,” Rose said hesitantly. “But I hear talking helps.”

“And how do you know I’ve got something to talk about, eh?” he asked sharply.

Rose winced at his raised voice and shrunk back into her seat a bit. The Doctor noticed, and he slumped into his chair, looking more defeated than any human ought to look.

“Sorry,” he said softly. “Shouldn’t be taking this out on you.”

Rose said nothing, and continued to watch this man.

“Just got home from being overseas,” he finally said to the table, his thumb nail tracing the grooves of the wood. “Bit of a tough time.”

That was an understatement, judging by his outward demeanor. Rose desperately wanted to help this man, at least comfort him in some way, and so she hesitantly slid her hand towards his. He stiffened when her palm slid over the back of his hand, but relaxed, and flipped his hand so they were palm to palm.

Rose suppressed a shudder as her fingers twined through his. His hand was rough and calloused, but warm and inviting; their hands fit together so well.

“I’m sorry,” she whispered, squeezing his fingers, hoping to offer some measure of comfort through the gesture.

He gave a nod, and started speaking quietly, staring at their clasped hands. He told her of the past two years, and how he’d been on the front lines of a war they should never have gotten involved with. He told her how he’d watched so many of his friends and fellow soldiers die, and how he had desperately wanted to join them. Fate, it seemed, had other ideas, and he was delivered home last month with only a few broken ribs and haunting memories to show for it.

Rose’s eyes prickled with tears that she fervently tried to blink away. The desolation in his voice broke her heart, until she couldn’t stand it anymore and stood up from her chair.

The Doctor blinked in surprise. Once her hand was out of his, he folded in on himself and mumbled, “Right. Sorry. Didn’t mean to lay that all on you.”

He was surprised when a pair of soft, warm arms wrapped around his shoulders. He froze for just a moment, until he returned her embrace, clinging to her. He hadn’t realized how starved he was for affection and interaction until he stumbled upon this beautiful woman.

They stayed like that, with Rose crouching down and the Doctor leaning up, for a long while, until her back and his ribs protested.

“I am so sorry,” she whispered.

He nodded gruffly and stood, burrowing his hands into the pockets of his battered leather jacket.

“I should go,” he said to his boots. “Thank you, Rose.”

She watched him walk to the front of her flat, loathe to see him leave. Just as he opened the front door, she caught up with him, a piece of paper in hand.

“Here,” she said, thrusting it at him. “It’s got my mobile number. Call me sometime, if you need to talk. And, well, I guess you know where I live now. You can come by at any time.”

The Doctor looked from the paper to Rose a few times, until a slow smile spread across his lips. Blimey, if she thought he was gorgeous before, he was absolutely breathtaking now. Her heart stuttered in her chest as she returned the smile, before watching him walk down the stairs of her building and disappear into the night.

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anonymous asked:

hey (: can I request a imagine where I'm embrys girlfriend/imprint and he finds out who his dad is and runs away without telling me where he's going he's gone 4 months he comes back in the night and she's pissed and imagination for the rest idk

Title: Father, Oh Father

“So, what was so important that I had to rush over here?” you start, looking at all of the pack members huddled around Sam holding a piece of a paper. Your eyebrows crease in confusion. Emily makes her way over to you, resting her hand on your shoulder in sympathy, “what’s wrong?”

“Just… read it,” she snatches the paper from Sam and gives it to you, causing you to look at everyone with a confused expression. They all look back at you with pity.

Dear (Y/N) and the pack, I am incredibly sorry for leaving without telling anyone. I found out who my dad was and I had to go and find him. I know you won’t understand and you’ll be extremely angry at me, but I have to do this.

(Y/N), I love you. I don’t know how long i’ll be gone, but know that I will miss you to no end. Just writing this makes my heart hurt immensely. At least you have Emily and Leah, right? I mean, I know we’re meant to be together, but there comes a time in everyone’s lives where they have to be away from the ones they love for a period of time, and it always hurts the relationship. But, I love you, and you’re my soul mate. If I end up losing you because of this, well, then that’s what happens. I just want you to be happy. Just try to forget me if it makes you feel better while i’m gone.

To the pack, I know i’ll get major crap when I get back, and that’s okay. I’ll take my punishment or whatever with complete pride. I just pray that if something happens between (Y/N) and I, you’ll let me mend that first. I don’t have much to say, other than that I need to do this. I hope you can understand.

From, Embry

You let the tear slip from your eye, letting the paper flutter to the floor, “he’s gone? And he didn’t warn anyone? I can’t believe it,” you whimper.

“I’m sorry, sweetie. I made you some hot chocolate to make you feel better,” Emily smiles slightly at you, holding out a mug of steamy hot chocolate.

“I don’t want any. I just want Embry,” you whimper, running your hands over your face.

“I know, but he left without telling anyone. You can’t go after him; we don’t know where he went,” Emily sighs.

“Yeah, I know,” you reply, looking down at the floor, “but he is so dead when he comes back.”


It was the middle of the night; you were dreaming peacefully when you heard a door shut from downstairs. Immediately, you went into hyper-drive, snatching the base ball bat that lives underneath your bed. Springing up from your bed, you make your way down the stairs, peering around in the dark.

“(Y/N), it’s-” before they can finish their sentence, you swing the bat at the person, only having them duck the second before it would hit them, (Y/N), it’s me, Embry!”

You stop, your mouth dropping in shock, as well as the bat. Just hearing his voice was odd to you; as was his name. You stopped thinking and talking about him after the first two months, “Embry?”

“Yeah, it’s me. I’m back. My father, he, uh, he didn’t want to be found by anyone. Although, he met with me and told me all of these things for a few months, but he didn’t want to come back, so I had to leave. I missed you,” Embry smiles, reaching out to hug you. However, you lap his cheek, shocking him immensely.

“I get that you wanted to see your father, but that isn’t something you should hide! I am your soul mate, dammit, and you should of at least kept in contact! I kept worrying so much and almost got myself killed by snapping at Paul, so after two months of you being gone, I just decided to try and forget you. I still love you, if you’re wondering, but things can’t just go back to the way they are,” you shake your head, the repressed feelings for two months coming back all at once, leaving you in sobs on the floor, “I felt like I could barely breathe when you were gone, and now that you’re back, I feel suffocated. Do you know how much you hurt me?”

“No… and i’m sorry, (Y/N), I truly am. Whatever you want me to do in order to get you back, I will,” Embry pleads.

“Tomorrow. I finally got some good sleep before you came in and scared the crap out of me. The couch is open,” you growl, stalking up the stairs to show your anger, even though he most likely can tell that you’re pissed. And even though you wanted to go to sleep, you wished to go to sleep, your mind wouldn’t let you at ease, because all that filled your mind was Embry.

~~~~~ THE NEXT MORNING ~~~~~

You gasped as your eyes flickered open to see Emily peering over you. She wore a sad smile, “Embry’s back. He slept on the couch,” she says.

“I know. He scared the crap out of me last night. I told him to sleep on the couch,” you mumble, running a hand through your hair, only for it to get caught in tangles. However, you didn’t care. So, you got up and fixed your pajamas, which were shorts and a t-shirt, before making your way back downstairs followed by Emily.

“Hey, (Y/N), Embry gave you a sympathetic smile, eating at his eggs and hash browns, which Emily must have made. It was weird, because the entire pack was here, at your house. Normally, everyone was at Emily and Sam’s.

“Last night we caught hold of Embry’s scent. Being with his father, a scent we’ve never smelled, made us think he was a trespasser. It got worse once we realized it was headed here, but we soon figured out that it was Embry, so half of us on patrol stayed here to make sure nothing bad happened,” Sam explains.

“Ah, and you made breakfast, I assume?” you turn to Emily with a chuckle, who nods lightly.

“Smell’s delicious, but, uh, did you expect me to throw a knife at Embry or something? I slapped him but hat’s it,” you grumble in annoyance, turning to the kitchen and being surprised that it’s not all gone.

Paul counters, “you hit me for saying a rock was pretty.”

“That was when I was over-emotional about Embry leaving! Besides, he always called me pretty because I’m self-conscious,” you cross your arms in defense.

“Okay, let me rephrase that. You hit me with the rock I said was pretty. It was huge and I almost killed you!” Paul huffs.

“Boo-hoo, get over it. It was two months ago,” you grumble. Paul mumbles under his breath, rolling his eyes. Ignoring him, you turn to Sam, completely passing over a guilty-Embry, Everyone notices.

“You two need to talk, but I don’t want to leave you alone because you’re acting like a hormonal woman on her period,” Sam states.

“Oh, that was the wrong thing to say,” Emily cringes, backing away from me as I stare at him in shock. He did not just say that!

“Oh, really? So you wouldn’t want to kill anyone if Emily and I just took a four-month vacation without telling you? She could be in danger, and you couldn’t help her. She could be having the time of her life, without you. She could temporarily forget about you while she’s off doing whatever she wants. So, go ahead and blame me for being emotional. You, the big bad alpha, would too,” you growl sassily.

“Oh, damn, it just got real,” Paul gapes.

“Okay, let’s try to keep me from fighting Sam for ripping your face off. I know you’re mad, but take it out on me, not everyone else, alright? You can hit me, hate me, whatever you like,” Embry says.

“I wouldn’t give me the option to hit you, Embry, you might regret it,” you roll your eyes, “but i’m sorry, Sam. I went a bit overboard.”

“I know,” he chuckles, “if she goes, i’m going with her, so that wouldn’t work,” Sam smirks lightly, earning a chuckle from you and Emily, who wraps her arms around his waist.

“So, is it okay if I speak to Embry alone? And can I ask you a favor, Sam?” You grin lightly.

“What?” Sam quirks an eyebrow suspiciously.

“Not give Embry a punishment for not telling the pack about his departure,” you smile sheepishly, “because he’ll probably get a lot of crap from me, and getting it from you guys wouldn’t be too nice. Even though he doesn’t deserve nice at this point,” you send a quick glare at Embry, who chuckles nervously, rubbing his hand on the back of his neck.

“Alright, fine. Just don’t ever take Emily on a vacation without my knowledge or kill Embry,” Sam replies, leaving with the pack.

“Well, while I wait for them to get out of earshot, I need some coffee. Want some?” you offer politely.

“Sure. I’ll make you a plate of Emily’s eggs and hash browns. They’re delicious and you haven’t eaten yet. Also because you’re always in a better mood after you eat breakfast…”

I just wanted to add that I loved writing this! <3 I love Embry so much. KIOWA IS SO ATTRACTIVE WHY

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is there any acceptable time for an lgbt or poc character to die in a series?

Yes there is, but it’s a difficult line to tread because there are already so few POC and LGBT characters in media to begin with. This is why it’s so important to have a large group of diverse characters in a show, so that if one is killed off, it doesn’t feel nearly as personal and we can approach it from a different perspective. 

The problem in killing off minorities in today’s television is that afterwards, the characters that remain are likely white men or they’re often killed off for shock factor or to make the protagonist (typically a white male) suffer. Oftentimes, when a show wants to kill someone for shock factor, they do tend to pick the minority (there are reasons this happens that tie back to when tv shows first started becoming popular in the 1950s). 

I guess a spoiler warning is to come if you haven’t watched Sleepy Hollow, Buffy, or Orange is the New Black, or Pacific Rim. 

Buffy the Vampire Slayer killed off Tara, a lesbian character in its sixth season. We see how each of the characters – especially Willow – mourned her death for the rest of the season and the following season. Then, we saw how Willow tried to move on (and sometimes she failed to do so, and at one point, she was finally able to). There were two whole episodes in Season 7 that centered around Tara, an entire season after she passed away, without actually having her appear at all. 

Stacker, a black man, was killed in Pacific Rim. But once again, Pacific Rim was already such a diverse movie that it worked. Especially because this character was written as being the most honorable, strongest man there was out of all the other characters. No one else would have been strong enough to do what he did. He died so that his daughter wouldn’t have to make the sacrifice in his place (his daughter who was an adopted Japanese girl - talk about one of the best diverse and beautifully done relationships). 

The show that I think handled it the best in recent years was Orange is the New Black which killed two POC in its second season – Rosa (a Hispanic woman) and Vee (a black woman who was also the main villain of that season).

From the very start of the series, Rosa was written with the intention that she wasn’t going to live throughout the whole show. She was suffering from cancer – and the show often reminded the viewer of that so we weren’t disillusioned into thinking that she may stick around – whereas in Sleepy Hollow, they baited fans into a false sense of security. Everything about Rosa’s character and story centered over how strong she was, we loved Rosa, even though we knew from the start where her story was going to end. That is so incredibly hard to accomplish – to make a character that the writers explicitly state is dying and then giving them such an amazing story and character regardless so that your audience still loves them and feels sad when they’re gone.

Vee, on the other hand, although she was a black woman, the main people that were most affected by the awful things she did were also black women – Vee’s story centered around racial issues and the conflict of having to get rid of someone so poisonous from your community even though you feel a need to stick together. So even though she was an awful human being, and the fans hated her and didn’t care that she died, there were other characters on the show (Taystee and Suzanne - both black women) that still mourned her when she passed. So even though we weren’t sad that she was killed, we still felt the loss and impact of her death because other black women were so impacted by her passing. 

So yes, there are ways to kill off POC or LGBTQ+ characters. However, it takes the knowledge of how to write minorities and address issues of racism, misogyny, etc in your story in the first place. The problem is that writers’ rooms are often filled with people that have little to no knowledge of how to handle or approach these issues so they often avoid going near them. For example, look at the recent disaster that is Urbance. Even though every single character is non-white, the show came off as incredibly offensive because the pretty much entirely white production team didn’t know how to write or talk about minorities. 

So it’s not to say that you can’t kill off minorities, but the reason we often tell writers and showrunners not to do it is because they don’t know how to do it in the first place.  

Never Enough Pt.2

Omg. I have over 100 followers already. im like in utter shock omg okay lets do this.
Warnings-Hospital and extreme fluff. 

Pt 1 here

A deep voice is getting clearer and clearer. although i cant seem to recognize it

“Ms L/N has suffered a gun shot wound to the stomach, luckily, it did not hit any vital organs and she should be fine. she also suffered some minor abrasions to her arms and face but those will heal quickly”

“T-Thank you so much sir” However, that voice is very recognizable.
You open your eyes and see a hospital room. On one side is Queenie and Jacob looking very worried and on the other side is Tina, Tina has tears in her eyes but is trying to remain calm for Newt.

And Newt, Newt is a huge mess, he’s pacing back and forth with red eyes and his hands are fiddling with his hufflepuff scarf.

“N-newt?” you croak out
His head shoots up at you and runs over to you. His eyes are filled with sadness and relief with a hint of something else.

“Y-Y/N! Your okay! oh i’m s-s-so so glad your okay, I-i saw you walk out and i got worried well we all got worried and i i mean we followed you and we lost you and we heard a gun shot and i found you lying there and oh i’m rambling but i’m so glad you’re okay. I cant lose you i love you”

Your eyes widen at that last statement.
“I i think we should go get Y/N some food don’t you think” Tina said grabbing Queenie and Jacob.

“What do you mean you love me? You ask extremely puzzled
“I mean, I love you. I-I think you’re the best Lady i have ever met and your so beautiful i just…” He stops as he sees you stare at him like he just transfigured into a rat

“What about Tina, You two are a couple. and i don’t see why not, shes perfect and i’m just. me.” You looked away from newt not daring to meet his eyes.

“Oh y/n. you see i feel rather foolish now but iwasdatingtinatomakeyoujealous” he has a look of regret as he says that, obviously seeing how much it has hurt you “I-i asked her to pretend to date me because i wanted you to notice me. she though it was a rather stupid idea and i guess she was right” he says sheepishly

“Newton Scamander. Do you understand how many hours i’ve spent feeling like i wasn’t worth anything. I love you so much. Why would you even think you had to make me jealous?” you say half with anger and half with sadness.

“Im so sorry y/n i was so stupid. Please forgive me i love you so much” Tears filling his eyes with every word.
“You’re lucky i love you so much. BUT. if you ever do something like that again im feeding you to Frank, but seriously Newt just talk to me”

His eyes light up and goes to hug you but retracts because of your wounds.
“of course y/n”
he leans in to kiss you instead and you gladly accept.

You steal a quick glance to the window and see Tina clapping, Jacob smirking and Queenie giving you an “I told you so” look. You roll your eyes and go back to kissing the idiot you fell in love with.
Someone ask me to tag them and i honestly squealed because im just a smol bean who’s writing fanfic.


I Carry Your Heart: Part Two

i like my body when it is with your

body. It is so quite new a thing.

Sakura does not lose her virginity. She gives it away to a man who deserves her. Divests herself of her clothes intentionally and carefully. Strips down to bare skin and an innocence destined to die a little death. Then she straddles her lover-to-be, who is eager but anxious beneath her, and leans over to press her lips to his.

“Are you sure?” Naruto asks.

“Yeah,” Sakura says, because even if this isn’t something she can do without reservations, she’s ready anyway.

They kiss and touch for long, sweet moments, but after their bodies finally come together, Sakura sees her own teardrops wetting Naruto’s chest. Not due to pain of her body, but simply because this is not what she pictured for herself, and it’s hard to accept an unexpected reality. She wipes her face, and when Naruto asks if she’s all right, she tells him, “I’m fine. It just hurts more than I thought it would.”

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Love Never Dies (Kojuro X MC)

sequel to Eternal Love

Since the event stories this time were a tear jerker, and Kojuro’s event story were in the second batch I decided to write this. @noomsu, here it is dear. Let’s suffer together. Here’s your angst, dear. @kitty-kat-ty

Love Never Dies

The rain was pouring hard on Oshu. The first rain of summer. An enjoyable weather for the residents, but not for Lord Date and his cousin, Shigezane as they waited anxiously in Masamune’s room for good news. However, they were not the only one who were waiting.

In one of the rooms in the castle, MC sat in front of the Lord Katakura Kojuro. She was waiting for an answer and explanation.

True, the weather was also nice for cuddles and sweet nothings for a couple. Weathers like what they were having today would have been nice. Before.

But for the two of them right now, it was quite the opposite.

Just like the clouds and rain, the atmosphere in the room was quite dark and heavy, with sounds of faint sobbing and downpour, he looked at her with regret in his eyes.

“I don’t want you to see me like this, that’s why… I lied.” He said, looking at her. Kojuro always hated seeing her like this, and he still does.

“…” she remained quiet after his apologies. after all, there were two things she wanted to say to him,

I hate you.
I despise you.

She wanted to slap him, she wanted to shout and tell him every thing she had on her mind. Why he chose to hurt her, when he promised that he wouldn’t.

But the truth is, the person she hated inside the room was herself.
She couldn’t bring herself to hate him, not a day, not even a minute that passed ever since he ended the things between them. Especially not when he’s the father of her child and the first man she truly loved.

“I’m sorry.” He apologized for the fourth time that afternoon, but she still couldn’t find her voice to say anything to him.

Kojuro was dying. That’s why he chose to push her away from him a year ago. Shigezane decided to visit her the other day at the capital, telling her to go to Oshu.

It was a shock for her. She promised Inuchiyo to cut her ties with Kojuro and yet here she was, after hearing that the Lord Katakura was ill.

“You know that I’ll never leave you no matter what happens, right?” She finally spoke. “You know that, Lord Kojuro. You kept your illness this whole time a secret, just because you’d hate it if I saw you like this?” He kept silent at her sudden outburst. He clenched his fists as she covered her face with her hands.

“I don’t understand it… we should be together in this, yet you…” she couldn’t control herself anymore,

“I…” he trailed off, contemplating whether he was going to say it or not.

“Each day without you, might just be as painful as dying. No, much worse than that.” He added, his voice wavering.
“I thought pushing you away will make everything easier for me but, I was wrong.” A sad smile formed on his pale lips. She reached out for his face. “We were both hurt because of my selfishness. I understand if you hate me. But I wanted to see you before I…before I die, my precious girl.” He reached out to tousle her hair, just like he always did. Silence filled the room once more. She stared straight to his eyes, not breaking the contact even though her vision was blurry due to the tears that may fall any time now.

The silence in the room didn’t last long as her painful sobs were heard, and it hurts Kojuro the most. He pulled her close to him, her familiar and comforting scent surrounded him again, memories flooding back from when the two of them were together. Before Kojuro knew it, tears from his emerald eyes started to fall.

This was his precious girl, and she will always be. Forever and always.

“Don’t say things like that!… Please.“She grasped his clothes as she hugged him tighter, never wanting to let go.
“I never hated you… I want to stay with you, so please, Lord Kojuro. Please stay strong, for us…” She begged him, her tears staining the fabric of his kimono.

“I’m sorry… My precious girl.” His once strict voice was now almost inaudible.

“It must have been hard for you, Lord Kojuro… I’m so sorry I should have stayed with you.”

“I should be the one who’s sorry. I only brought you pain.” He cupped her face once more.

They stayed in each other’s arms for some time.

“Lord Kojuro… There’s someone I would like you to meet.” She said in a hushed voice. Kojuro looked at her with curiosity in his eyes. She gave him a warm smile before standing up. “I’ll go bring him to you.”..

Her warmth was gone, he felt lonely. He already missed her warmth in a matter of time. She wanted her back in his arms again.

‘Ah, she would be back’’ He fell back into his bedding, starting to doze off again.


“Da… da!” he heard a small voice and felt a touch of small hands on his face, he fluttered his eyes open. Meeting a green pair of eyes looking at his own. Behind the child was MC. Smiling at them with tears on her eyes.

Kojuro was wide eyed before trying to sit and putting the boy in his lap, looking at the woman he loves, he asked

“C-could it be?” His voice wavering. MC smiled and nodded.

“Lord Kojuro, I would like you to meet our son. Kagetsuna.” Kojuro looked at the boy in his lap, smiling at him. The boy leaned to his father’s chest, mumbling “Da…da.” before dozing off.

“I did not know… and yet I left you.” He said, embracing the child gently in his arms before looking at her. His strong eyes now with tears as they looked at each other. MC held his hands before pulling them into her warm embrace. This might be the first time she saw him like this. 

“I don’t want to leave you again… I want to live and come back to you and our son.” he mumbled between sobs, she stroked his hair, feeling his pain.

Outside the room, stood Shigezane and Lord Masamune. Hearing what Kojuro said, the two lords frowned. A look of sadness and sorrow on their faces.

They patiently waited for the situation to calm down. Before announcing themselves.

“Come in, Milords.” MC opened the door for the two lords. The moment Masamune and Shigezane entered the room, they were surprised to see that Kojuro was with a child. 

“Hey… MC… is that.” Masamune asked, shocked but nonetheless walked closer to the child and Kojuro, who still holds his sleeping son in his arms.

“Kojuro, there’s no doubt about it. He does look like you.” Shigezane stated. Smiling at the both of them.

“Shigezane, can you lower your voice down a little?” Masamune said, before touching the boy.

“Oh right, sorry.” Shigezane answered, before looking at Kojuro, his child and MC. 

“MC, I know this is a sudden request but. Will you stay again Yonezawa for good?”


The following days during their stay, MC was attending to Lord Kojuro. He’s growing weaker each day that it worries them even more. Shigezane looks after Kagetsuna during his free time. But Kojuro always wanted to be around his son. Even though his body is growing weak, the bond between the family he had was getting stronger, that he’d want to stay with them and and cherish each moment they had.

They say that acceptance was always the key to almost everything; Happiness, moving on or being truly free. Accept the possible things that might happen, whether it is good or bad. But for her, for them. Accepting that Kojuro might die any time was hard. That is something they can’t accept wholeheartedly.

One evening, while Masamune and Shigezane dropped by for a visit. Kojuro asked something that shocked the three of them.

“You’re asking permission to marry MC?” Shigezane and Masamune asked at the same time. 

“I want to. Before I die, I want her and my son to bear the name ‘Katakura’. I know this is a selfish request but I already asked her permission.”

Shigezane and Masamune looked at each other.

“Very well. Let’s arrange the marriage in a few days.” Kojuro smiled weakly in relief. despite being bedridden, his hand found its way to hold her hand. They smiled lovingly at each other, before Kojuro closed his eyes to rest.

Once she made sure that Lord Kojuro and Kagetsuna was asleep. She went to Lord Masamune and Shigezane who expects her in Masamune’s chambers.

When she arrived, silence filled the room. Not until Shigezane started talking about the wedding preparations. Which will be held in two days time.

“MC, this must be hard for you. We are sorry we have kept this as a secret.” Shigezane apologized, her tears threatening to fall again. It’s hard for her, for them. Kojuro had been a great part of their life.

“I understand, Lord Shigezane. I just can’t accept it yet. Especially now that we have a child.” She tried to smile for him, he had wanted her to be strong for Kagetsuna and him.

“Doll…” Shigezane mumbled, looking down at his hand. Masamune kept quiet. He himself did not know what to do, but as the Lord of the Clan he must be calm and collected.


The day of the wedding arrived, unlike the other weddings in other clans. They made it a simple one. Just enough for Kojuro and MC to tie the knot. Kagetsuna was held by Shigezane the entire time. He took the liking to their nephew.

After the wedding, Kojuro and MC went back to his chambers. He felt so tired he can barely walk. His body has grown to weak now that just by looking at him, MC has to bite her lip to control the tears. But she still admired him nonetheless, for his strength to fight. He was on his bedding when he held MC’s hand and kissed her fingertips, smiling lovingly at them. Compared to what it was before, his hands were still the same. Big, she will always love every part of him.

“I think I can rest now.” He said weakly, closing his eyes. 

“Please rest, Lord Kojuro. You seemed tired now.”

He smiled weakly, Shigezane quietly opened the door along with Masamune who has Kagetsuna in his arms.

“Da…da! Ma!” Kagetsuna cooed at his father and mother, reaching out that Masamune, who was clearly new to the job had to give him to his mother. 

“Kagetsuna… Be a good child, to your mother. Make your father proud, choose what makes you happy.” Kojuro said weakly, reaching out to his child to touch his face. 

“Da!” The child smiled, looking at his father.

Masamune, MC and Shigezane exchanged surprised and panicked looks. Is this it? Is he saying good bye? No… no.

“Kojuro…”  Shigezane hurried by his side.

“Shigezane, please take care of Lord Masamune for me. Be his right eye, be his claws. Make sure to be with him. And if you would… be a father for my son and take good care of my wife.” He gave Shigezane one last ruffle of his hair. The room was filled with anguish and pain. Tears were falling from their eyes as he listens to his final goodbyes.

“Milord Masamune, forgive me for dying before you. I know I swore to protect you and I am glad to have serve under you, May you find victory in every battle, Milord.” Masamune looked at his most trusted retainer.

“And you have served me well. You may rest now, Kojuro” Masamune said, his voice breaking down.

Kojuro looked at his weeping wife and his son. He wiped her tears, looking at her the same way like the first time he fell in love with her, before looking at his child who keeps on saying ‘Da.’

“And you, my precious girl… take good care of your self. You were a good mother to our child. I apologize to leave you like this. Just remember, you will always be my precious girl… and my love never dies.” The last words he said was barely audible, his beautiful green eyes now closed, his pale body now growing cold as death finally claimed Katakura Kojuro.


14 years later

“Father Shige, what kind of person was Dada?” The young Kagetsuna asked,  his striking features resembles that of his late father. The green eyes and his strict behavior and intelligence. Except that he always keeps his room clean and that he cooks really well like his mother.

“Kojuro, hm” Shigezane pondered on his foster son’s questions.”He’s a lot like you. and he dedicated himself to the Date clan. Well except that you cook really well and you have an organized room. I remember most of the time when he was still alive he often argues with your mother when it comes to his books.” He sighed, a hint of nostalgia in his eyes. Not wanting to press any further to his Father Shigezane, Kagetsuna looked ahead on the setting sun and declared something that Shigezane would never expect.

“I, Katakura Kagetsuna will follow my father’s footsteps. I’ll protect everyone who is important to me. You, Mother and Lord Masamune. I’ll be the son he will be proud of.” He said, determination and pride of a Katakura in his eyes. Shigezane smiled at his son, ruffling his hair.

“Well declared, kid.”