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summaries of the moon signs
  • Aries moon: People with their moon in Aries are very passionate, funny, and endearing people. Their Aries moon shines through regardless of their other placements. They are people who love to get things done and try new things. They find it difficult to keep their emotions down and it is important for them to be able to express themselves. Boredom is the bane of their existence. They are impatient. Despite their love for trying new things, they get bored easily and often end up not finishing things they've started. They are quick to jump the gun and often ends up saying things they regret. Their mood changes can be intense but are usually short lived. They are the kind of people that will be fuming over something and then laughing over something else a few minutes later. It is very easy to tell when someone with an Aries moon is going through a rough patch because their 'spark' will be very dull and they might be lethargic, unmotivated, and dull. Lunar Aries can be immature, but it is almost always unintentional. These people are hardly malicious and are more likely to hurt someone on accident due to impulsivity and being defensive as opposed to it being thought out and intentional.
  • Taurus moon: Taurus moon people are thoughtful and observant. They are independent people who can be stubborn and set in their own ways and often prefer to work alone. They are loyal to those they love and care very deeply but sometimes have a hard time showing it. Despite that, they are usually very warm people who are easy to open up to. Taurus moon natives might have a hard time processing or showing emotion and might develop a habit of bottling their emotions up. These people like to go through life with lots of security and are usually planners and dislike being taken off guard. Safety and security are core values for them and they are not the type of people to go into things blindly. Taurus moon's can be lazy, but do not like procrastinating at all. Their laziness is usually only an issue when something is not important to them. They take things they value very seriously. Taurus moon often indicates possessiveness and the fear of abandonment and loss. However, people with this placement are very self sacrificing to those they love. They do not like to give up on anything, including relationships.
  • Gemini moon: People with this placement have quick minds that are always buzzing with ideas. This is a good quality because they are very witty and intelligent and are good at 'thinking outside the box' but can also result in overthinking. Lunar Gemini's are very playful and silly but are also very capable of getting things done. They enjoy arguing and usually don't take things too personally unless their core values or intelligence is insulted. They are usually very energetic and are fun to be around and carry a positive energy. People with this placement can be very moody and fickle. They have a hard time making up their minds and despite being analytical, they don't always know what is best for themselves. Sometimes these people have a tough time with their sense of self and will adopt other people's personality traits or try to change themselves. It often stems from wanting to be understood, which is a major challenge for moon in Gemini. They are hilarious and are great at making people feel comfortable.
  • Cancer moon: Lunar Cancers are deeply intuitive and empathetic. They are excellent at reading people and can see through lies and facades very easily, but they often idealize people and try to ignore their intuition because they want to see the best in people. People with this placement feel things very deeply yet try to keep their emotions to themselves. They can appear guarded but in reality they fear being hurt or taken advantage of. Sensitivity is a very strong Cancer moon quality. They are very perceptive of their environment and sentimental. They tend to dwell on the past and have a hard time getting over anything that was important to them. Change is extremely difficult for them, especially any change that takes them away from familiarity and security. Lunar Cancers love very hard and it's very hard for them to get over people. They are very creative, especially when it comes to things that connect to their values and emotions. They can be very moody and despite being very understanding of other people's emotions, they can find it hard to understand their own. They are prone to feeling guilty for being emotional and sometimes don't value themselves as much as they value others. These people can be hard to get to know but when you do, they are some of the most reliable and caring people.
  • Leo moon: Lunar Leo's are very charming and inviting people. People with this placement often aren't as outgoing as people with their sun in Leo, but are the kind of people who can come off quiet or aloof but are extremely open and wild around people they're comfortable around. These people have strong beliefs and feelings and aren't afraid to tell people off. They find it very difficult to brush their morals or values aside. They are the kinds of people who love to talk about what they're passionate about. Sharing their passions with the world is important to them. People often say Leo moon's are selfish, but in reality this is often a defense mechanism. They protect their pride and even though they are open and proud people, they hate to show weakness. When someone with their moon in Leo loves you, they will show you. These people are often bad with words, especially if it shows vulnerability, and prefer to show their feelings in action. They can be quite dramatic with their emotions but they're often dramatic for comedic effect, but sometimes people can't tell they're kidding. Leo moon's are prone to depression or negative thinking which is unlike their usually optimistic selves when they are not receiving attention or validation. It's very important to them that they feel appreciated and cared for.
  • Virgo moon: People with moon in Virgo are very logical and observant people and are great at investigating and figuring things out. Virgo moons are witty and don't miss a beat. They take things like work and school very seriously and are critical, but most of the criticism they apply to themselves. Even though people with this placement can come off stoic, they are extremely sensitive, especially when it comes to receiving criticism. They care a lot about what people in positions of authority and people they love think and take what they say to heart. Virgo moons are very organized and have a hard time functioning without a schedule or agenda. Their organization method might not make sense to some people, but it makes sense to them. These people often nag and try to control others but it's because they have an image in mind of how things should be. It's a huge sign of trust for a Virgo moon to let someone else take the reigns. They appreciate the little things in life and aren't the kinds of people who want a ton of possessions or an extravagant lifestyle. Virgo moons often fall into depression if they don't feel useful or that they are reaching their full potential. Same goes for when they are not being recognized for their efforts. They can feel the need to prove themselves even when others would not deem it necessary at all. These people are extremely motivated and devoted to what they value.
  • Libra moon: Lunar Libra's are kindhearted and care a lot about the way they are perceived. They are usually pleasant and easy to work with. They can come off confident and charming, but a lot of the time they are insecure in who they are and want to be liked. Libra moons are often the type who feel the need to be in a relationship all of the time. They are witty and intelligent and love to learn and to teach. Even if it isn't their favorite thing, they work well in groups. They can be overly dependent on others and can get attached to specific people or the idea of always having someone to rely on. They hate to feel lonely and don't want others to feel that way either. A problem they run into is that they have a hard time setting boundaries and saying no. They feel guilty for rejecting others or even just putting themselves first. Libra moons hate conflict and often won't say anything when they feel wronged because they don't want to start anything. Their fear of being disliked can cause them to change their personality or pretend to be someone they're not. They are often seen as being very flirty, but in reality, it's often them just being kind and trying to make the other person smile. They are great people to come to for advice. They appreciate beautiful things and generally have a positive outlook and try to see the best in people and the world. They are very creative but can be scared or embarrassed about showing their creations to the world.
  • Scorpio moon: Scorpio moon is a very intense placement. These people don't often seem emotional on the surface, but feel things very deeply. They are extremely passionate individuals. Their intuition is very strong and people with this placement often rely on their gut instinct more than anything else. They like to be in love but do not mindlessly enter relationships at all. In fact, it can take them a very long time to get into one because they fear rejection and being hurt. They are extremely loyal to who they love and feel very depressed when their feelings aren't reciprocated as deeply as theirs. They can have issues with jealousy and can seem suffocating. They are terrified of betrayal and don't usually trust others. They are very trustworthy themselves, though. They know how to keep secrets. These people need their own space. Even if the individual might not be introverted, they cannot be around others all of the time. They value personal space and can feel disturbed when that space is breached. Scorpio moons are often interested in things that people would consider dark or weird. They like learning about mysteries, the occult, psychology, and other things that might not be tangible to everyone. They live life in an all or nothing fashion and often avoid or simply cannot do things in moderation. Scorpio moon's are very dedicated and ambitious people who will stop at nothing when they want something.
  • Sagittarius moon: Sagittarius moons are people who are adventurous and freedom seeking. They usually have a great sense of humor and a go with the flow attitude. They dislike routine and get bored easily. Moon in Sagittarius natives avoid being caged in at all costs. It's not that they're afraid of commitment, rather they just don't like being tied down. They love to travel and the idea of staying in one place their whole life seems like a waste to them. They are the kinds of people who want to try everything and can be very reckless. Their recklessness doesn't stop there- they can be reckless with other people's emotions unintentionally. Sagittarius moons are typically very good natured and mean no harm, but they don't always take other people into consideration. They aren't the most perceptive to other people's feelings which can result in the lunar Sagittarius hurting others. Sagittarius moon's are often outgoing but they are independent people. They like to do things their own way and are usually pretty aware they're not the most reliable people. Sagittarius moon's are fun friends and are good at cheering people up. Despite being easygoing people, they are easily irritated. They can be blunt, too. These people don't go out looking for conflict but they aren't afraid to tell people like it is. Their direct honesty isn't always a bad thing, though. They are good at reassuring people and their opinions are often held in high regard by others. Sagittarius moons are easily let down because they have a tendency to set high expectations and are idealists. They love challenges and can be competitive but not usually in an unhealthy way, it's usually fun for them and motivates them.
  • Capricorn moon: People with moon in Capricorn are very reliable and diligent. They are hard workers who are perfectionists. They thrive off of structure and hate to feel useless, which they often do when they aren't doing anything they deem productive. This is a tough position for the moon to be in. Lunar Capricorns are extremely hard on themselves and are overly self critical. They try to always seem like they have it together. These people often have a fake it til you make it attitude and are great at faking confidence. It's also difficult for them to be vulnerable or to open up in general. They unintentionally bottle their emotions up. They are good at analyzing in general, but have a hard time self reflecting. They try to ignore their feelings and have a hard time seeing their positive qualities. Capricorn moons rely on feeling useful and that they have a purpose. They can seem conceited and often bring up their accomplishments, but they don't brag to rub it in others faces, they bring that stuff up because they view their accomplishments as their worth, so they want others to see they are worthy and have a purpose in life. Capricorn moons need security and to feel loved but often do not register that and can try to push that down or feel like they aren't worthy of it. Once they find someone they trust and love, they are amazing partners who are loyal, observant, and caring. It's obvious when a Capricorn moon trusts you because they will talk about their fears and feelings. Lunar Capricorns often need a cause or something to fight for. They want to use their skills for something that will make a difference. Finding that is often a huge breakthrough for these people and their confidence can improve through this.
  • Aquarius moon: Lunar Aquarius are very intriguing and passionate people. They might not be as emotional as others, but what they lack for in surface emotions they make up for in their passions. They are usually very progressive and care about the overall good of humanity. They are also usually very interested in people as a whole. They can be very outgoing but similar to Sagittarius moons, they are independent. They dance to the beat of their own drum and don't like to follow the crowd. People with moon in Aquarius hate being copied and want to be original and distinct individuals. They tend to be interested in things that aren't popular, and they don't mind that, though they can be disappointed because they love talking about those things. Aquarius moons usually have an ideal image of who they want to be in their head. This placement usually indicates being pretty even in thinking with your head and heart. Despite this, Aquarius moons really don't like to be seen as emotional. Their decisions are usually made after a lot of thinking about the possible outcomes. They are spontaneous, but not very impulsive. There is a natural inclination for them to think they are superior to others, mostly people who are desperate to fit in. Aquarius moons like to have a wide circle of friends but only a select few close friends. They would not thrive in a work environment that bored them and/or that isn't involving something they're passionate about. Aquarius moons strive to make a difference in the world.
  • Pisces moon: Pisces moons are empathetic, dreamy, and intuitive. They are daydreamers who are creative and idealistic. They can often live in their head when things get too turbulent. This position indicates someone who is very artistic and feels a deep need to express themselves and their feelings. They have a habit of romanticizing their past or people who they want to believe in. They can get taken advantage of if they aren't careful. Sometimes they idealize people to the point where they won't see their flaws. Pisces moons can be manipulative and often rely on the guilt trip tactic. They usually avoid doing that, though. They are very sensitive and take things harder than others. When hurt, they tend to run away rather than confronting the problem. Escapism is a huge problem for them. Pisces moons are very loving and affectionate. They often disappoint themselves by wanting others to love them the way they love others. They frequently value other people's happiness over their own and can over exert themselves to keep people in their life happy. They should pursue a career that allows them to explore their passions and express their creativity. Pisces moons work very well with others because of how skilled they are with reading people and connecting to them. They would not want to pursue a relationship with anyone they didn't feel a connection with.
this is why nothing on tumblr gets fixed
  • Tumblrer: I'm mad. Excuse me, I'm very mad.
  • Tumblr Staff: This is tumblr staff. Hello. What's the problem? I'm here to help you if you have a technical issue. So, what's the problem.
  • Tumblrer: I was using your site in order to peruse funny memes and relatable content when I happened upon a blog billing itself as "Funny-Relatable". So I, having the utmost faith in the tumblr userbase to provide me with free humorous content, clicked on this blog and read several posts hosted on it hoping to find funny and relatable content.
  • Tumblr Staff: I see.
  • Tumblrer: The content on it was neither funny or relatable. It was actually all deranged. Very deranged. I can't stress enough how deranged it was from beginning to end. From what I can discern the blog, in fact, deals with the ridiculous misadventures of a group of twenty-something millennials in a bizarre world filled with numerous malevolent, yet irreverent, entities told through the agonizingly absurd medium of relatable tumblr chat posts. Though, some of these chat posts seemingly have nothing to do with the primary locus of the story, and I couldn't even begin to fathom the purpose of these vignettes.
  • Tumblr Staff: I see. I understand your situation and recognize it as valid. Do you want me to do something about it?
  • Tumblrer: Yes, I want you to do something about it. It's why I called you. You run the darned website, so fix it! *hangs up*
  • Tumblr Staff: God, someone is making trouble on tumblr again. This could be worse than that person who stole the bones, or that horrible ghost woman with the child servants, or even all of those people with Komaeda icons. We never even really found out what a Komaeda is or where it's from. *failing multiple attempts at logging into tumblr* Ah, I'm too nervous! I can't remember my password. Oh god, I might end up having to ask for help from... David. The thought of that makes me shudder. David has changed so much since Verizon came around. He's not like his old self anymore. He's so distant, and frightening, but I have no other choice but ask for his help.
  • *the staff member makes their way down a poorly lit, cold, damp, and narrow hallway littered with debris and old rat droppings*
  • Tumblr Staff: *knocks on a creaky wooden door* David, it's me, your fellow staff member. I need help. The users are angry again and I forgot my password. They keep calling to complain about a funny and relatable blog which, in reality, matches neither of those descriptions. I think it's serious this time around, David. We have to do something, David. Are you in there, David??
  • Door: *slowly creaks open to reveal an empty room with no furnishings*
  • Tumblr Staff: David is gone! The servers are gone! Everything's gone! But how can this be!? *runs to the window and looks out into the empty streets below* David was just here today? I'm sure he was. I may not have seen him, but I heard very familiar David-esque sounds coming from this room of his. Not only that, but the comforting mechanical buzz of the servers was also apparent. When could he have absconded? And how did he do so without me noticing?
  • *the door and window shut close*
  • Tumblr Staff: Eep!
  • Verizon: *materializes in a dark corner of the room*
  • Tumblr Staff: Ms. Verizon! When did you get here?
  • Verizon: I was never absent.
  • Tumblr Staff: Sorry, Mrs. Verizon. I need help. It's the users again. They're upset because a blog has been misrepresenting itself. It's serious this time, I'm afraid. I can't do anything about it because I've forgotten my password and David is nowhere to be found!
  • Verizon: We're aware of the complaints, dear. Dozens more people work on customer support than just you. Furthermore, David has been let go and your access was revoked.
  • Tumblr Staff: Huh, but why?
  • Verizon: Restructuring. Unnecessary elements were removed; unnecessary privileges were revoked.
  • Tumblr Staff: Ah, I didn't realizes such changes took place. Either way, the issue of the funny-relatable blog still remains.
  • Verizon: *appears behind the staff member* There is no issue.
  • Tumblr Staff: Eep!
  • Verizon: Jumpy one, aren't you.
  • Tumblr Staff: How can you say there's no issue? Our users are enraged.
  • Verizon: And? At any given moment the lot of them are enraged over one trifling matter or another. It doesn't change anything. The fools will use the website 'til the day they die. In fact, I believe addressing any of tumblr's so-called "problems" may actually make harm the website in the long run.
  • Tumblr Staff: How so?
  • Verizon: Tumblr thrives on its userbase. The reason new people join tumblr isn't for its features, its design, or staff, it's the users. Tumblr has such a large and unique userbase that people are inherently drawn towards, whether that is to partake in the community or to mock it, they all huddle together and emanate the same repugnant miasma. Tumblr's userbase is so large that whenever a copycat site is made it will never last long no matter what its features may be.
  • Tumblr Staff: And why would that be?
  • Verizon: Because those copycat sites will never be able to match the size and complexity of tumblr's core userbase. Every copycat site dies eventually as they can't possibly compete with our business model. Tumblr is a perpetually unsuccessful website, but its for this reason that the community remains as it is. The site itself imposes its broken visage onto those who use it. They all become a little extension of tumblr. No matter how hard they try, there will be a piece of themselves waiting for them here. Fixing tumblr would mean fixing its users, destabilizing our business model of nonsense and disorder.
  • Tumblr Staff: I never looked at it like that, Mrs. Verizon.
  • Verizon: Yes, yes. You're not as creative as a thinker as we would like our tumblr staff to be, but you serve your purpose well. Now, you've had your fun, so I think it's time that you return to me.
  • Tumblr Staff: I don't know what you mean. *phones rings in the front room* Ah, the phone. I have to answer this, it could be a user with a serious issue, or perhaps a business which wishes to make use of our services for advertising.
  • Verizon: It's neither. There's no phone.
  • Tumblr Staff: Excuse me, Mrs. Verizon, with all due respect, I believe you must be mistaken as there is most certainly a phone sitting atop my desk in the front room. It's a very important phone, indeed, as it's the only phone in our entire establishment that receives calls from users with technical issues, and/or business wishing to make use of our services for the purpose of advertising their products.
  • Verizon: Listen to me, dear. There is no phone.
  • Tumblr Staff: But there is, I've used it and I can hear it ringing right now. I can hear it ringing from the front room.
  • Verizon: Can you?
  • Tumblr Staff: Most certainly. I can hear, right now, it's ringing in the front room. There's probably a user on it with a technical issue, or possibly a business - or, to be more apt, a representative of that business - that wishes to solicit our services for the purpose of advertising some marketable commodity.
  • Verizon: Excuse me, dear, but there's no phone.
  • Tumblr Staff: Mrs. Verizon, I respect you and look up to you as my boss, but your behavior is very worrying. There's a phone. There's definitely a phone.
  • Verizon: A phone?
  • Tumblr Staff: Yes, a phone.
  • Verizon: A single phone?
  • Tumblr Staff: Correct, a single phone.
  • Verizon: Sitting atop your desk in the front room? A phone that is the only phone in our entire establishment that receives calls from users with technical issues, or prospective advertising partners?
  • Tumblr Staff: Yes, the trinity of those things.
  • Verizon: A phone with three requirements: to sit atop your desk in the front room, to receive calls from users with technical issues, and to receive calls from business which wish to advertise on our platform. A phone in three states which makes a whole. A phone that has become the crux of our conversation. A phone I don't think is real, rather I know it's not real. Why would we, a tech company, need such a phone; a rotary phone, with a dreary green paint-scheme, sat atop an old desk in an old building, taking absurd calls from disgruntled users and confused prospective business partners. The idea of such a phone ringing, carrying its incessant ringing nonsense through the narrow hallway connecting the front room to this barren back room, in-this day and age, is preposterous. It didn't happen. It hasn't happened.
  • Tumblr Staff: *gone*
  • Verizon: So, you've returned. Are you dreaming inside of me, dear? I wonder what of? Are you dreaming that you ever had a modicum of freedom? Are you dreaming of separation from me, my dear? You never were. Even if you were, what freedom is there in answering phones and pretending you provide some sort of service for a company that has long since absorbed your very being.
  • *phone rings*
  • Verizon: Hello? Veriz- Ah, I mean tumblr speaking.
  • Business Representative: ■■■■■■■
  • Verizon: I see.
  • Business Representative: ■■■■■■■
  • Verizon: Very interesting.
  • Business Representative: ■■■■■■■
  • Verizon: You've proposed an offer I cannot resist. I look forward to doing business with you. *hangs up* Sweet capital.

mattykinsel  asked:

1. Aren't some things police do.. good , like keeping hard drugs and sex offenders and murderers off the street? Why wouldn't we then look at the police as a nuanced institution that has problems but isn't inherently bad per se ? 2. Idk like .. it's hard for me to translate "police serve the interests of the rich" into everyday examples like I'm just a poor full time college student living in a city haha you know? I find a lot of left discourse is hard to make relevant.

“In contemporary industrialized democracies, the legitimate administration of violence is turned over to what is euphemistically referred to as “criminal law enforcement”— particularly, to police officers. I say “euphemistically” because generations of police sociologists have pointed out that only a very small proportion of what police actually do has anything to do with enforcing criminal law—or with criminal matters of any kind. Most of it has to do with regulations, or, to put it slightly more technically, with the scientific application of physical force, or the threat of physical force, to aid in the resolution of administrative problems.

In other words they spend most of their time enforcing all those endless rules and regulations about who can buy or smoke or sell or build or eat or drink what and where that don’t exist in places like small-town or rural Madagascar.

So: Police are bureaucrats with weapons.

If you think about it, this is a really ingenious trick. Because when most of us think about police, we do not think of them as enforcing regulations. We think of them as fighting crime, and when we think of “crime,” the kind of crime we have in our minds is violent crime. Even though, in fact, what police mostly do is exactly the opposite: they bring the threat of force to bear on situations that would otherwise have nothing to do with it. I find this all the time in public discussions. When trying to come up with a hypothetical example of a situation in which police are likely to be involved, people will almost invariably think of some act of interpersonal violence: a mugging or assault. But even a moment’s reflection should make it clear that, when most real acts of physical assault do occur, even in major cities like Marseille or Montevideo or Minneapolis—domestic violence, gang fights, drunken brawls—the police do not get involved. Police are only likely to be called in if someone dies, or is so seriously hurt they end up in the hospital. But this is because the moment an ambulance is involved, there is also paperwork; if someone is treated in the hospital, there has to be a cause of injury, the circumstances become relevant, police reports have to be filed. And if someone dies there are all sorts of forms, up to and including municipal statistics. So the only fights which police are sure to get involved in are those that generate some kind of paperwork. The vast majority of muggings or burglaries aren’t reported either, unless there are insurance forms to be filled out, or lost documents that need to be replaced, and which can only be replaced if one files a proper police report. So most violent crime does not end up involving the police.

On the other hand, try driving down the street of any one of those cities in a car without license plates. We all know what’s going to happen. Uniformed officers armed with sticks, guns, and/or tasers will appear on the scene almost immediately, and if you simply refuse to comply with their instructions, violent force will, most definitely, be applied.

Why are we so confused about what police really do? The obvious reason is that in the popular culture of the last fifty years or so, police have become almost obsessive objects of imaginative identification in popular culture. It has come to the point that it’s not at all unusual for a citizen in a contemporary industrialized democracy to spend several hours a day reading books, watching movies, or viewing TV shows that invite them to look at the world from a police point of view, and to vicariously participate in their exploits. And these imaginary police do, indeed, spend almost all of their time fighting violent crime, or dealing with its consequences.” - David Graeber

I feel like this explains it better than I could, tbh

anonymous asked:

I have a quick question, why does it make someone racist when they aren't attracted to African Americans? I would think that you would understand that situation the most. I personally am not (straight white female here, pretty average) am not attracted to most African Americans, and I hate that. I don't do it to be racist, I just can't control who I'm attracted to. Isn't saying I'm racist like saying someone gay is sexist?

well if you’re gonna say you’re not attracted to black people or any other race for that matter you’ve got to analyze those feelings to realize what exactly is driving them. people always argue that it’s just some unexplainable personal preference, but that’s pretty bunk if you ask me. if you’re going to say that a race is unattractive (to you) that can mean two things either together or separately:

  1. you think all members of that race look the same (and you find those traits unattractive) or
  2. you find darker skin tones unappealing

there’s really no other way to go about it if we’re talking about outward appearances, and if you’re going to say you aren’t attracted to a certain race for something other than phenotypes then that’s even more racist.

basically, within any given race there’s a huge diversity of different traits whether that be facial structure, skin tone, body shape, etc. that’s why when someone says they “aren’t attracted to short people” or something like that it’s different, because those things happen within and between different races.

also above i stated “darker” skin tones specifically because this isn’t something that happens to white people. nobody (in america at least) says that white people all look the same or are collectively unattractive (yes i have seen the jokes that say exactly this but these are jokes, people are all too serious about their right to be repulsed by different races) and that’s because the american beauty ideal is white. in america we have been socialized by our culture to believe that white people are more attractive, which is also why i don’t believe that its an intrinsic and personal sentiment– there’s proof that its not. just look at the people we see on tv, look at our models, look at the studies that show young children black and white are already stigmatized to believe that blackness can be equated with ugliness and badness. 

and again sexuality isn’t the same as race, all genders can exist through any and every racial or ethnic palette, and saying something like that is just really ignorant considering that race has absolutely nothing to do with how a person behaves or holds themselves only determines certain phenotypes, whereas gender is all about identity and expression, so being attracted to one or certain genders is not even in the same field.

no you cannot control who you’re attracted to. but you can work on being a better person, a more self-aware person, a freer and more independent person by being media literate and media critical, understanding and evaluating your own culture, and in that realizing what feelings are yours and what feelings you have been socialized into, and break free of those. i myself said racist drabble like “kid cudi is the only hot black guy” like two years ago but i’ve obviously changed.

being white in america is growing up racist. that’s pretty much just how it goes unless you have parents/guardians that seriously go against the grain. i was taught both verbally and through observation falsities about races for the first 18 years of my life and i still have to work every day to correct these thoughts. it’s a process. and if you don’t want to undergo that process then just keep your mouth shut because nobody needs to know which races you deem worthy of your attraction like you’re some god damn venus and everyone wants a piece your opinions on this matter are seriously unwarranted, unneeded, and unwanted and you’d be doing us all a favor by just shutting the hell up.

  • what she says: I'm fine
  • what she means: I'm still incredibly conflicted about The Hobbit trilogy and the entire commercialization of JRR Tolkien's works. I don't mean to say "ugh if you only watched the movies and didn't read the books then you are lame trash" because I think that there is merit in the movies as their own story and, even as an avid fan, I admit that much of Tolkien's writing can be very difficult to read. If you liked the movies, the video games, the board games, and all the rest of the stuff that came out of Peter Jackson adapting Tolkien's work, then i'm happy for you. If all that is true and you have no intention of reading Tolkien's works, then I still am honestly very happy for you. But I struggle over how certain aspects of Peter Jackson's adaptations change people's views of Tolkien's work. And yeah I get it it sounds very cry baby "my movie adaptation isn't word for word the details of my favorite book" but it's honestly more than that. Tolkien codified so many tropes and so many mechanisms so prevalent in modern fantasy where it's almost impossible to imagine how different modern fantasy would be without his presence, or if it would even exist at all. Every small change that Jackson made to the narrative had ripples in people's perception of fantasy and is changing the landscape for modern fantasy literature more and more as the narrative that the movies present becomes the base of fantasy and new writers keep choosing drier and drier plot molds to work with. Peter Jackson made an executive decision to make the Lord of the Rings movies about the race of Men and subsequently The Hobbit about the Dwarves, Elves, and Men, removing viewers from the hobbits themselves, the intended in-universe avatar for the audience. Throughout all of the movies there are dissonant undertones of hobbits being the audience's eye into Middle Earth and the story being overly focused upon everything else. The effects aren't as blatant in Jackson's version of the Lord of the Rings as Frodo and Sam's story arc is too pivotal to change too drastically, but from the removal of The Battle of Bywater and even to smaller details such as having the Siege of Osgiliath be the climax for The Two Towers rather than Sam's fight with Shelob all end up changing the final message of the stories. The Lord of the Rings movies tell the audience that to change the world you need to either be living in places of conflict or be chosen by the conflict to see it to its end, and that if you succeed nearly all evil will be gone from the world. But the books are much more solemn and show that we cannot live as a people divided in a single world; that events seeming far off will find themselves bleeding outside our front door. The books remind us that evil is never gone, and that once a knife is taken out there still must be healing. And even after the healing, things won't be the same they were. Jackson's telling of The Lord of the Rings is far more fanciful than the narrative it's based on; the narrative that revived fantasy itself in the modern era. And while this isn't a bad thing (the Lord of the Rings movies were phenomenal), we find ourselves in a state where new writers see how fanciful the movies are, take their own stories and make them grittier, only to end up with nearly the same thing that Tolkien wrote only without the depth and detail because no author can be as skilled as Tolkien. And new authors aren't trying to be him nor should they try to be because they have their own story. But the skewed sense of fantasy we have as a culture has left the whole genre in a hole that George RR Martin has only begun to dig us out of. And goodness if Peter Jackson only made the Lord of the Rings then we still would have this problem, but with the adaptation of The Hobbit I'm starting to become afraid that we aren't even close to being done with the problem. And obviously the struggles modern fantasy is facing can't ALL be attributed to Peter Jackson as him and his crew have done a remarkable job of rendering Tolkien's universe, but The Hobbit movies took everything bad about the fantasy genre and supplanted itself as the base of fantasy right out from under Bilbo's large hairy feet! There are narrative loose ends all over the place (What happens to the Arkenstone? The town of Dale? Who rules in Erebor after The Battle of the Five Armies?), the main plot of the movie was switched from being a quirky picaresque to about an unnecessary love triangle (two of the characters in the love triangle not even appearing in the original work), the Dol Guldur sideplot was ruined by effects that looked like they came out of a 2005 desktop knock-off fantasy game, and the final battle stretched out so long that people are left tired before it was half over. It seems like Peter Jackson put in every overused fantasy trope he could find into The Hobbit trilogy and now everyone's freshest memory of fantasy is more flimsy and broken than some of the worst fantasy novels coming off of he shelves. All this being said, I don't hate the movies. I love the movies and I love just about anyone else who loves the movies. But is this what Tolkien would've wanted? He said himself that he thought the fanaticism surrounding his works failed to take into account the literal millennia of history that are in his world that he spent his entire life working on. Tolkien's works act not just as stories to make us think about far away and fictional places: they're vehicles we can use to analyze the way we live as a people, to see our history in a broader sense. I'm critical of Peter Jackson's adaptions of Tolkien's work because I honestly don't think I would've found Tolkien without Jackson's movies. I struggle over the fact that these movies, despite my love for them, are likely exactly what Tolkien wouldn't want to see his series become. I struggle because more and more movies keep fantasy in the white-cishet-male-glorification-in-northwestern-europe gutter far past it's expiration date. I struggle because authors who try to write fantasy that doesn't take place in a medieval europe carbon copy get laughed at and ignored because publishers think it won't sell because "Fantasy is White". I struggle because my love for Tolkien was only possible by him being the standard bearer of a consumerist engine he abhorred and honestly I'm scared that Tolkien's memory will be trapped this way forever.

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sarah you're always the one i go to when 1d things are getting me down.. i felt so sick after reading that human trash wooton's article even though i feel like a lot of it isn't true. you don't think that stuff is true do you? obvs louis and harry aren't close anymore and neither are ot4 and zayn but like.. the rest of it?? was all so awful and i just need someone to tell me it was just nasty journalism

Okay, before we begin: One Direction are real people. Real people, even genuinely happy ones, pretty reliably have messy personal stuff and negative feelings! We don’t know what The Bad Stuff is for 1D, nor should we know, because it’s not our fucking business, but we are not doing ourselves any favors if we pretend like there’s no way there is any Bad Stuff. It’s life, and even though there’s SO MUCH GOOD STUFF, there’s also always gonna be Bad Stuff.

We all need to find a way to come to terms with the Bad Stuff. My personal tactic is to take whatever rumors are flying around and say “I doubt it and I’m not going to dwell on it, but how would I feel if it turned out to be true?” If the answer’s just “it would suck” or “I’d be worried for them,” then, well, that’s fine - I can file it away as a possibility and go back to focusing on the Good Stuff, aka 99% of everything because 1D are incredibly good to me always. I don’t think I’ve come across a situation yet where something seemed plausible and my answer went beyond “it would suck” to “I couldn’t be a fan anymore if that were true,” which is great.

BASICALLY, try to find the balance between focusing on the Good Stuff and being realistic about the fact that Bad Stuff exists. Don’t cling to “THIS DEFINITELY ISN’T TRUE SO THERE’S NOTHING TO BE WORRIED ABOUT” as your only reassurance, because bad stuff happens, and if you don’t find a way to process that and then set it aside, you’re either going to end up TOTALLY FUCKING BLINDSIDED by eventual bad news, or you’re going to end up refusing to accept it, which isn’t a great look.

So with all that said, while I generally encourage everyone to get in the habit of asking themselves “how would I feel if this turned out to be true?” as a means of self-preservation, LET’S RIP THIS THING TO SHREDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There are, unfortunately, some UNDENIABLE TRUTHS in this piece that we all must learn to live with:

  • Louis has taken leadership over the business stuff.
  • Louis is a little shit.
  • Louis is a little shit who may or may not have pissed off some anonymous dude at Sony by making the “ridiculous decision” not to perform at the Brit Awards because it would have cut into the one significant stretch of time off they’ve gotten in the last five years.
  • Niall loves everyone. Everyone loves Niall.
  • Liam and Louis are great friends.


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