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141013 Sohu News’ in-depth analysis of Kris and Luhan’s lawsuit– EXCERPTS:

…SM knew luhan would leave the company. He planned to leave 6 months ago; around same time as Kris but he wasn’t in a rush so chose a better timing…

…Kris wanted SM to let him be in Somewhere Only we Know but they didn’t so he had no choice but to file the lawsuit…

…There was unfair treatment in the same grp. Korean members had musicals, dramas, movies. SM turned down 15 movies for Kris (READ: 15!) and only took supporting role for Luhan…

…Fans are more powerful than SM–the reason why EXO was able to secure endorsement for Meilishuo is because the CEO of the company is former baidu VP’s (which is also luhan’s fan) husband…

…Addressing allegations that there is a powerful driving force helping lu & kris—There are lots of people who got in touch with Luhan and Kris after they got famous. Family and friends in China are helping them to connect (network)…

…Did they use the same PR? both disappeared after their schedule in china. Media released their health situations. Fans talk about unfair treatment. Filed a lawsuit…

Translator: mystifize•twitter
T/N: The article is in a Q&A format

Trainwreck (2015)

Should I Watch this Show?: Only if you have an extremely dry, viciously sarcastic, inappropriate sense of humor. Or if you can appreciate an extremely dry, viciously sarcastic, innapropriate sense of humor. If this does not apply to you, save your money, because I guarantee you’ll think this movie is shit otherwise. 

What Should I Know?: Judd Apatow and Amy Schumer are the key and Sole driving force behind this Masterpiece. Bill Hader is evolving his career, and we’re really seeing that in this performance. Hella celebrity Ensemble. HELLA. 

Graphicness 1-10: 8. It might sound intense, but it’s all used in such a joking casual way, you don’t necessarily realize that you’re watching/hearing/snorting something extremely mature.

Awesomeness 1-10: 8.3. I’m favoring a little because I am 100% extremely dry, sarcastic, and inappropriate. And I think we’re all a little bit of Schumer ourselves.  So it was beautiful watching future self on screen, and empathizing FULLY. 

Writing: Quick and full of lethal comebacks. Wonderfully human. There’s not a single joke that goes unnoticed. This isn’t a film that fluctuates between heart and humor, with key moments that have you on the floor, with a cramping stomach from laughing so hard. Rather, this is a film that is constant heart, and definitely deals with serious matters, but uses very real comedy to move it along. It’s more of a constant median, in that way.

Cinematography: There were some really great shots. Nothing pretentious or putting in an Epic shot for the sake of putting in an Epic Shot. Lunch with Lebron was great, the love montage, but also, the repetition of certain shots, showing an evolving timeline (i.e. Amy in the Bathroom.)

Wit & Cameo Movements: 10/10. Just Beautiful. Go watch this masterpiece. This movie will be your workout because you will Laugh, your ass off. 

Performances: Schumer was BRILLIANT, but no surprise, as it’s not much of a far stretch from her personality. Hader made GREAT choices, of creating a character, but showing exemplary humanity. Lebron, Cena, also great. LET’S TALK ABOUT TILDA SWINTON THOUGH. DAMN. DAMN. I BET YOU DIDN’T EVEN KNOW SHE WAS INTHIS. Ezra, Randall, Brie, Everyone, is fantastic! But Tilda wins for Boss-Ass-Bitchiest performance and Chemeleoning for a role. Check out full cast Here.

Originality: So there. A modern messed up love story.

Other Things You Should Know: This, ultimately, is a love story. Even though so much happens outside of her love life. There’s a few moments that drag, but are necessary evils. 

Also, the Movie in a Movie, that happened, was genius. Thank you Team Radcliffe and Team Tomei.