because don's the baby

I hate people who reluctantly say they’re okay wth abortions but stipulate ~not late term abortions~

listen. no one spends eight months being pregnant and then wakes up one day like “nah nvm let’s kill it”

people getting late term abortions WANTED the baby! they’ve already picked out cute baby outfits! they’ve painted the nursery a cute pastel color! they’ve made lists of names!

if they’re getting an abortion at eight months it’s because they HAVE TO. because the baby is dying or killing them.

I don’t want to hear shit from y'all pro life assholes about these grieving parents.

Polar Bears & Penguins
  • Daddy: Did you know that polar bears and penguins have never actually met because they don't live near each other?
  • Baby: What? Nuh uh, look it up. Penguins and polar bears live in Antarctica
  • Daddy: Nope, they don't
  • Baby: But polar bears kill penguins!
  • Daddy: That's only in the movies, princess
  • Baby: That is super misleading

Hush little baby don’t say a word…

because i’m going to snap your fucking neck

i’m sorry for being such a bitch and i’m sorry for treating you like shit and i’m sorry for not being the person you deserve but i’m stupid sometimes, i act like i don’t care but i really do care, it seems like i’m better off without you but i’m just better when i’m with you, and i’m sorry for not being able to show my feelings and the love i feel for you but i didn’t decide to be like this, i just became this. so baby please don’t leave me, because i’m not brave enough to ask you if you wanna stay

How to get attention: be creative, be innovative, be yourself.

How not to get attention: be a whiney ass bitch just because people don’t give a shit about what you post.

How to definitely not get attention: cry like a baby saying you will leave tumblr because people don’t pay you any attention. Maybe you’ve been a whiney ass bitch for too long.

… toodles. 🙄

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Maybe you feel insecure and harry wants to make it better, make you feel loved

Awww. I don’t like it when someone feels insecure, I know that every person deals with it but always remember, don’t care about who loves you and all. Your first priority should always be to love yourself. Call it selfishness but once you fall in love with yourself, you’ll see the beauty of this world. P.S. you can always count on me if you need a friend to talk.

The sky was covered with grey clouds. There were no colors seen around. You peeked out of the window and saw the empty streets of London. It wasn’t a good day for you.

Today, you just weren’t feeling like yourself. It felt like the bubble you lived in was popped. Your inner self felt more depressed and down. When you woke up in the morning, you didn’t know the day will turn out like this for you. Until you turned up at your work and was greeted by a new colleague who apparently took the position of manger that you’ve been working so hard for.

Her name was Rebecca. She was beautiful with such smart and confident personality. The self-confident in herself reflected that it was so much easy for her to get this position. But you too had the same. You were smart, had good self-esteem and were loved by all as well. But that time, all of your confident tumbled down and piled up.

Collecting all of your emotions, you told you boss how suddenly you started feeling sick and drove back to your house. 

Tears welled up in your eyes as you thought about all the hard work you did. Even after such effort, the post was gone. Your promotion was gone. You had loans to pay and needed an increment in your salary but now it all was gone.

You walked up to your room and stood in front of the mirror. You mind was flooding with all the possibilities that could make the opportunity slip through your hands like sand. Maybe it was because Rebecca was much prettier and smarter than you or maybe it was her charm that’d attract lot of customers. Maybe it was her tall height that made you look so inferior in front of her.

Fat tears rolled down your cheek, you started feeling the hatred towards yourself. You felt unworthy. Useless. Your mind started chanting the word failure.

With a loud sob you fell to your knees letting all the emotions out. You never were an insecure person but something about this situation made you feel insecure. And soon you heard the front door open. He was home.

“Baby? Oh god. Wha’s wrong?” Harry said as he hand hurried to you and gathered the petite trembling body of yours in his arms. With his chin rested on your head he rubbed your back trying to calm you. You wrapped your arms around him and cried in his chest. Hi soothing scent made you cry more.

“shhh sweetie. Le’ it all. It’be okay. I’m here yeah?” Harry said as he carried you to bed. He set you on the soft mattress and cupped you face in his hands. Brushing the hair off your face he kissed you forehead softly. Soon with his loving gestures, your cries slowed down.

“Tell meh wha’ made my baby cry?” Harry asked pulling you to his chest and pecking your head time to time.

“I-I am so wor-worthless. “ you cried. Harry felt his heart clenching with such words.

“Hey wha’ are you saying? Yeh are no’ worthless. Getting meh?” He said rather softly.

“I am. I am of no use! “ you exclaimed. Harry pulled away and looked at you curiously. Thing he does when he senses something wrong.

“Wha’ is it?” He asked. And you knew there’s no point of keeping it from him.

“Today at work I-I saw this girl named Rebecca sitting at managers place.” you said as once again tears filled your eyes. Harry’s jaw dropped as soon as the words hit his brain.

“Wha’??!?!? How?!? Yeh were working fo’ it! Yeh deserve i’ baby! That is no’ fair!” Harry exclaimed. He had the same expression on his face like you had but he was more like furious.

“I mean i know i worked so hard and then suddenly seeing it all taken away hurt me. Is it because she’s much prettier and gorgeous than me, or because she has much confident? I am such a failure H “ you cried out hugging Harry.

“oh baby. No it’s no’ that. Yeh have no idea how much beautiful yeh are. Yeh’re the reason I open my eyes in the morning. Yeh’re so  talented baby. She go’ in the pants of yeh boss. I know yeh deserve this. And yeh’re no failure sweetheart. Jus’ because of yeh I’ve gained so much of confident. Yeh made meh love myself baby. Jus’ because of you I gained that ‘don’ care’confident. And i know it sound cliche bu’ yeh inspire meh baby” Harry said. You pulled away to look at him. He had so much of sincerity on his face. He always had the right words to say.

“y-you i mean really? You stuttered trying to absorb the confident you started gaining all of a sudden.

“Yes boo.” He said kissing your nose. Without any a-do you had your lips on his kissing him. You wanted to make him feel the love he gives you. So much of positivity he had in himself that made you fall for him everyday, every minute, every second.

“okay okay. Enough of tears. Now time for some loving.” Harry announced as he showed how much love he had for you.

Food Poisoning

Suds here! We delve into Tyler’s food poisoning of today because wow poor little baby.

Warning: Vomit? I don’t want people to get grossed out or an anxiety attack or anything. 

Requests are open please! I’m a bored bean.

GIF found on Google, idk man. I couldn’t find it in the directory here soooo. I just found it myself. 

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*walks to doctor* doc I think if ichimatsu doesn't dilate anymore you'll have to do a c-section on him, because if you don't then the babies will die and all of us don't want that. Right guys?

Dr: I know you’re intentions are good but some time has already passed and he’s 8 cm dilated so he’s very close, and all in 6 hours. That’s quite an advance compared to others. 

If a person has made the choice that they are carrying a baby to term but not keeping it, then, short of preventing actual harm to the child, only they get to decide what level of interaction they have immediately after birth (and later, of possible, them and the caretakers could make decisions together, was contact so desired). They don’t want interaction with baby because it’ll be very difficult? That’s their choice. Do not guilt them into holding the baby. That’s honesty strikingly reminiscent of lawmakers making doctors force women getting abortions to see ultrasounds in an attempt to guilt them into a different course of action.

My point is if someone is giving their baby up for adoption you don’t get the guilt them into holding the baby. But of course that’s the perfect fan fiction segway for “jk I love babies I am ready and willing to have this baby I’m keeping it because none of my prior concerns matter anymore and also I have literally not finished delivery but I am ready and willing to have another baby” but good lord that “you’ll love them when you have them, if you’re able to get pregnant you’re meant to be pregnant that’s the most important thing” mentality is a related but separate issue that can go die in a very deep hole.


[#아스트로] 잠시 후 6시부터 아스트로가 출연하는 Mnet #엠카운트다운 이 방송됩니다💜 아스트로가 웃을 수 있는 건 다 아로하라서☺️ 오늘도 잊지말고 #Baby 본방사수❗️


[#ASTRO] Shortly there will be a broadcast of Mnet #M-COUNTDOWN 💜 Astro being all smiley because of Arohas ☺️ Don’t forget to stream #Baby for today too❗️

trans via astrodaily

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I just saw a post where they said that touken was relationship goals... hidekane is way better lol just sayin

my relationship goals:

-never see my partner and think they’re dead and yet somehow not move on with my life at all

-beat or be beaten by my partner for things that are not my/their fault 

-have sex with my partner because we just don’t have anything to talk about 

-accidentally have a baby with my partner in the middle of a genocidal war against our species 

Chapter Seventy-Four Part Four

A/N: So this is the final part of this chapter. You can find Part One here, Part Two here and Part Three here. I will be taking a break from uploading chapters now (see this post for details), but I will still be on here and will still be posting pictures, one shots and articles, so feel free to send me messages, request stuff, etc. You can also follow the instagram account I made for this story for sneak peaks.

The next chapter, whenever that is posted, will jump ahead a few months to Grace’s christening (because even I can’t make a newborn baby interesting, they don’t really do much), but there are some things which happen before then that I would like to write, and so I will be posting a few one-shots about Harry, Emmy and newborn Grace, so keep an eye out!

When the chapters return, I will also be doing Emmy’s outfits again, as they have been requested and were quite popular.

Finally, thank you all for reading. Your reviews, your comments, your feedback and your likes have filled me so much happiness and I feel truly honoured to have such amazing readers like yourselves. This story is truly the best thing I have ever done, and that is down to all of you. I thank and love you from the bottom of my heart 💖

With all that said, enjoy 😘

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@xlithops I throw away Rex’s real eggs cause we both have a tendency to accidentally break them. 3 times she’s catapulted one or more out of the nest and it cracked on the hard bottom of my desk. I put the eggs in my shirt to keep them cozy while she’s off the nest and I may have crushed a few with the sheer might of my pecs…it’s better for Kaiju the ferret to eat them fresh instead of waiting 2 ½ weeks..I think Rex likes the clay eggs better too. Also I don’t constantly check for Jesus babies because YOU NEVER KNOW (I have a deep fear that the eggs will some how be fertile and start developing and we won’t be prepared and I’ll freak out).

Time to start some shit

Assigned Male is one of the worst fucking webcomics I’ve read. Edgy old posts aside, I don’t give two tits and a donkey if you’re transgender. Not my beeswax. But every single page of those comics is either spreading false information, showing how fucking retarded Sophie really is, or something innocent happens and its forced into “MUH PATRIARCHY” territory. You can tell how fucking far the author’s head is up their own ass with every passing fucking comic. Most of this tripe can be described as *legit point about gender and biology that proves your points wrong* “ur cis so shut up” “ok :(”

Yes, don’t take the word of the professionally trained doctor who spent years of their lives studying basic biology and anatomy because they don’t fir your skewed world view ignoring the fact that babies aren’t fucking intersex unless
a.) They’re so underdeveloped they don’t even have genitals yet

b.) They’re born with some birth defect

Actually, this has nothing to do with transphobia, you went completely against this guy’s sexual preferences and betrayed his trust and when he called you out on it, you just cry “MUH TRANSPHOBIA”. I think this classifies under fucking rape

Joke or not this exemplifies how brat in a hat here can’t go 2 fucking seconds without thinking about “grr patriarchy” or “grr death to all peepees!!”

Oh shove it up your ass with your “human decency” shit when all he did was respectfully ask a legitimate question and you just go “GRRRR CIS BAD FUCK YOU”. And yes, it is a fair comparison because you’re bitching and moaning about “Muh oppression” while being a hypocrite and talking down to people for being comfortable with their penises.

The pure hypocrisy of this comic is astounding. Yes, it is xx and xy. All of these bullshit made up “genders” don’t fucking catch on to the fact that their genders always involve male and female. Whether it be your gender fluctuates when you take a shit, it still involves male and female. The 2 genders. Of course unless you’re one of those retards who prefer to be referred as “Xis” or some shit

Ah yes, the “muh normal” comic. Sorry pal but your “cis” friend has a point. He doesn’t suffer from gender dysphoria (a mental disorder) so why would he need a special word when everything checks out upstairs. Also bonus points for “MUH PRIVILEGE”. And don’t take this as “Not Normal=Bad” thing because it’s not.

Now I can go on and on about this comic, but frankly there’s hundreds of these wastes of code on a screen, and i’m too lazy to look for more shit to dig up. But you should get it by now, they’re all the same shit. Let me reiterate, I don’t give a fuck if you prefer to have a dick over a vagina or vice-versa, but if you’re gonna be a crybaby twat who tries to make everything about you then you can kindly fuck the hell off. 

tl:dr don’t be a hypocritical brat

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i was laughing like an idiot when i saw your hands in that video drawing that one page because and don't get mad, you have baby hands

*squints* I’m actually really uncomfortable with how BIG and BLOCKY my hands are, so I’m really surprised that you think my hands look like those of babies.

I have no idea if I should feel insulted or take this as a complement… so I shall now sit in the corner and contemplate my life.