because deep down inside

Everyone has that one person they can’t quite get over. You can move forward with your life, you can find happiness elsewhere but every once in a while your mind will always linger back to this person.
It just feels… unfinished… like there are things left unsaid. But the funny thing is, even if you find this person and say all the things you want to… even if you do this time and time again, you will never get rid of that feeling. You will always feel unsettled and uneasy about the way it ended because the truth is it’s not about anything left unsaid or undone… What’s unresolved has nothing to do with words or actions – it’s your feelings. And it doesn’t matter how many times you go back to this person, weather you confront them or write them a letter or call them on the phone to say the things you feel you need to say to get closure… none of it will make a difference because deep down inside, for better or for worse… this person will always have a piece of your heart.
Nothing you say or do will ever change that and it’s pointless to try so you may as well accept it.
No matter what you do… it will never be over between you…
Everyone has that one person they can’t quite get over.
You can move forward with your life, you can find happiness elsewhere but every once in a while your mind will always linger back to this person. It just feels… unfinished… like there are things left unsaid.
But the funny thing is, even if you find this person and say all the things you want to… even if you do this time and time again, you will never get rid of that feeling. You will always feel unsettled and uneasy about the way it ended because the truth is it’s not about anything left unsaid or undone… What’s unresolved has nothing to do with words or actions – it’s your feelings. And it doesn’t matter how many times you go back to this person, weather you confront them or write them a letter or call them on the phone to say the things you feel you need to say to get closure… none of it will make a difference because deep down inside, for better or for worse… this person will always have a piece of your heart. Nothing you say or do will ever change that and it’s pointless to try so you may as well accept it.
No matter what you do… it will never be over between you.
Crawling Chaos - Part Three - Void Stiles

Author: @mf-despair-queen

Characters: Void Stiles/Reader

Word Count: 5,827

Warnings: NSFW, 18+, Oral (female receiving), Masturbation, Shower Sex, Pool Sex

Notes: The much requested third and FINAL part of Crawling Chaos. I really hope you guys like this, and please don’t kill me for the end. I have no idea how you guys will take the end of this. Literally, I owe m life to @minhosmeanhoe because she was super encouraging while I wrote this and helped me work out some kinks in the plot. She is a godsend and I love her to death. 

Part 1  Part 2

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I can’t believe that one of the healthiest and most decent shows on TV is about the Devil

First off look at the cast. It’s actually gender balanced

And if this is not great enough the women are not just there to further the male story lines but actually have their own stories

But wait! It gets even better. I know what you are thinking. A show about the Devil. So naturally Lucifer is the typical attractive male monster ala Loki, Kylo Ren or any random CW character and we are supposed to ignore all the murder, pain and violence he causes because deep down inside he is sensitive right? Nope

Lucifer is the opposite.

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and he makes it absolutely clear time and time again. He is not evil. He punishes evil. He has never murdered a human being, despises monsters who use and abuse others and all he wants to do is have fun and make sure that everybody around him is happy as well. And if this is not great enough he actually recognizes that he needs help with his issues. Literally one of the main characters in the show is his therapist Dr. Linda.. Sure he never listens to her at first but we actually see his character get development, he also constantly get called out and most importantly learn lessons every once in a while. Also once they got season 2 they had enough leverage to actually discuss Lucifer’s bisexuality openly even going so far as to show his male lovers and talk about them

The other main character of the show is Chloe Decker

Originally posted by chloesmoaningstar

She is a divorced mom and an amazing detective. A complete professional who believes in justice and is even willing to after other cops. She has no chill and constantly calls Lucifer on his shit and even this wasn’t great enough she is not just there to further Lucifer’s story lines. If anything it’s the other way around. She usually goes her own way and Lucifer follows her like a puppy

Another amazing thing about the show is that it absolutely doesn’t tolerate any toxic behavior. All characters who do shitty things whether it’s lying, committing crimes , taking other for granted etc are not only called out on it but actually suffer consequences. No matter if they are a human or an angel. Hell they even call out God several times for being an asshole who doesn’t treat his family right

And another very rare thing in shows nowadays. The female characters are not only treated with respect but they are not pitied against each other. In fact they learn to respect and outright love each other.. And yes the female characters regularly interact with each other and quite often without even mentioning the men

Watch this show. It’s worth it


                                                         Cross the line again
                                                   Because deep down inside
                                             There’s something that begs to be

                                                         Broken Inside


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Zach Dempsey x pierced!Reader
Request: i got my septum pierced back in january and i’m probably getting my smiley pierced soon so could you do a zach dempsey one where the reader gets those two piercings and surprises him at school the next day and he gets all smiley and is like “you look so cute with those i’m so lucky” and yeah just cute fluffy zach dempsey x pierced!reader?? thanks so much!
Word Count: 405
A/N: Just a little Zach Dempsey blurb! Hope you enjoy and it’s not too short! :)
Warnings: None.
Italics = You, Bold = Zach

   You always had a fascination with piercings, that was no surprise at all. But to think that you’d actually get one, let alone two, is kind of crazy. If someone would’ve asked you a couple months ago if you would ever get a piercing, you probably would have said no. You had a very low pain tolerance, which held you back most of the time. And yet here you were, staring back at the septum piercing that you had just gotten. This is the second piercing you had, on top of a smiley piercing, and honestly you thought of getting more. Since this was so unexpected from you, you decided you’d surprise your boyfriend Zach Dempsey. You were a little nervous to show him, in fear that he would judge you. It was a new concept for you, and you were afraid people would make fun of you because you looked funny. But as long as you were happy, and you please your boyfriend, nothing else mattered. He’s been there for you forever, he would accept you.
   You squealed, grabbing your backpack and running out of the door. Nearly sprinting to school, you made it in a shocking 6 minutes. You carefully spotted Zach before walking through to big doors. “Zachy-Poo!” You yelled as you skipped over to him. All of his friends laughed at the newly flinch nickname, but Zach looked like he could care less. “Look at what I got!” You pointed to the septum piercing and then smiled showing the other one off. The look on his face hadn’t changed which made you a little nervous. But when you started to frown, a smile creeped onto his face. Your insides were fluttering, because deep down you really did care if Zach liked it or not, and thank gosh he did. He pulled you closer to him and brought his hand up to play with your septum piercing, it hurt a bit because you’d just got it but you were excited that he liked it, so you didn’t tell him that. “(Y/N) you look so cute with these.” You blushed at his words, not expecting them at all. “Gosh, how did I get so lucky?” Zach chuckled and pecked your nose before leaning down to kiss your lips. Whistles and hollers were heard in the background from his friends, but you waved them off, enjoying the sweet moment with your boyfriend Zach Dempsey.


Tape 4, Side A - Zach Dempsey

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Warning: Explicit language

Can you be both popular and lonely? Perhaps Zach can explain that to you. For while he may be part of the crew, like for Alex, there are certain sides to his person he can’t reveal to his “friends.” So that was part of the reason he approached Hannah. She knew what it was like to be alone and he wanted to be friends with her, maybe even date her, but she publicly rejected him.

I was the reason for her rejection because she was only being a friend to me but deep down inside I wish she would’ve accepted because then she would still be alive today.

See it is not exactly easy to see someone with the person you are in love with but that’s life isn’t it? You get to experience horrible moments but never like this one, Hannah and I weren’t exactly that close but somehow I wish we were, I wish I could’ve been the friend she needed.

“You’re going to tell me this one’s no big deal but let me tell you about being lonely. Humans are a social species,We rely on connections to survive Even the most basic social interactions help keep us alive. Statistics prove the subjective feeling of loneliness can increase the likelihood of premature death by 26%.
 If it sounds like I’m quoting from a school textbook I am.
 Too bad nobody bothered to read it.
 And let me tell you
 there’s all kinds of ways to feel lonely.

I’m not talking the garden variety lonely in a crowd lonely.
 That’s everyone, every day.And it’s not that “when will I find love” kind of lonely.
 Or that “the popular kids are mean to me” kind of lonely.The popular kids are always mean.That’s how they get popular. I know. Ironic.Old news.”

I walked through those double doors of what felt like hell and was surrounded by everyone I knew but didn’t really know, they felt familiar at the same time they felt like complete strangers to me- I saw the look in his eyes and it is now clear I see shadows of loneliness lurking behind those beautiful brown eyes, it became clear to me that Hannah was right, those tapes spoke the truth and it now that I walk out of my oblivious world.

I walked straight to the empty classrooms as my mind drifted off to what I had heard from that specific tape.

You were so sweet.
 Just like Kat said, once upon a time.
 So sweet.
 Well, welcome to your tape, Zach
. She deserved better than that, Y/N deserved better than that and it is the reason I rejected you but you didn’t seem to focus on that reason, did you? you went beyond that and decided to build your anger based on only the rejection that you caused my loneliness to spread and drove me closer to doing what I did.

Y/N if you are hearing this as well- I know your name shouldn’t be mentioned on here but I had to tell my truth because you also deserved better, you deserved an explanation. I know you probably heard so many things based on that event but you stayed true to me and that’s what I needed and you helped me live other days with your genuine kindness, for that I thank you. Thank you for having a quality that others lacked, thank you for spreading your kindness through it all and I am sorry if you are hurt by my truth but it had to be said.”

My train of thoughts ended as the classroom began to fill up by other students and I wiped the tears off my cheek and shifted my attention towards our educator, I couldn’t help but feel a pair of eyes on me and it felt intense and so I searched and instantly I met those lonely eyes once more. He was staring at me and not once did he break eye contact well that was until Justin nudged his side and he laughed pretending everything was okay.

The hours dragged by until class was dismissed and I couldn’t wait to head out, I slung my bag over my shoulder and headed towards the exit when I felt a pair of hands grasp my arm and pulling to them, it was Zach and he had this emotionless expression painted over his feature.

“You’ve been ignoring me all day, why is that?” his deep voice echoed to my ears and my heart skipped a beat.

“I heard my name on the tape, your tape. She was looking out for me because I loved you and you drove her closer to her death.” I knew I couldn’t hold in the emotions so I let the tears fall.

“It was never my intention for any of this to happen but we dated after I attempted to ask her out, that is why- I knew you liked me right after I asked her and she rejected me and I know my reaction wasn’t the best but I didn’t know what to do.” those lonely eyes began to fill up with tears as his lips parted to speak once more.

“I love you Y/N, more than I thought I could ever love someone and Hannah was right, you are the nicest and I don’t deserve you but I have you right now. Help me to do what is right.” he sobbed and I couldn’t just sit here and look at him be miserable and so I wrapped my arms around his torso and pulled his body closer to mine as I engulfed him in a loving rapture.

“Someone should know about what happened, tell your story and how it happened- tell the truth and you will be free from painful consequences later on” I was met with his glistening eyes and I saw they weren’t lonely anymore.

Zach’s POV

Y/N had been dodging me all day, my messages, my phone calls and my presence and I needed to know what was happening with her- I care about her.

After class ended I decided to reach out to her and find out what has been going but when I found out the truth, it actually broke me but it also broke my loneliness and I felt loved and cared for,for once.

Shortly after relieving myself of this destruction, I had met up with Courtney, Alex, Ryan and Marcus but Tyler kept trying to join in while others spoke about whether we should say something about.

“Hannah is a liar” Courtney spat

“Was” Ryan corrected.

Everyone’s face sunk low at the thought of her being used in the past-tense as if she was never a person- which is why I agreed to tell the truth, my truth.

“I think we should say something about this, it has become a burden on my shoulders and a secret disgrace to my family that I cannot bare anymore at this point. I have things to focus on in my life and this stops me from doing them- I believe if we come clean about it now then the consequences would be less harsh as it was before.”

“I agree, I want to tell the truth as well and besides Bryce is the rapist here so he should be the one to actually be severly punished” Ryan spoke behind me and actually supported my suggestion. I couldn’t care less of what they would say because I had made my mind clear of what is right and what I choose to do.

“I cant fucking believe you guys” Courtney was annoyed

“Honestly, Fuck you Courtney” Ryan slammed his hand onto the table and dramatically stomped off while I did the same.

I went to find my girl once more to enjoy her while she still cares and to enjoy not feeling lonely for once because Hannah was right- Y/N does deserve better.

Incoherent Screeching about 403

We start with SO MUCH BRAVENLARKE I am enjoying this even if they’re bickering.

I honestly can’t decide if Clarke’s snappish reaction to Bellamy’s “I’m not going to be one of the hundred” is a sign that this is an argument they have been having for days and she’s sick of it because you will live if I want you to live, dammit or if it’s the first time she heard of it and she’s caught off guard.  Either one would make me flail like a turtle on its back, though.

So @ponyregrets pointed out that the way Bellamy knocks on the window of the rover and makes Jaha get out is a clear sign he watched a bunch of cop movies on the Ark, and we both agreed that this was because Octavia was super into Lethal Weapon and both Blake siblings probably really liked Speed and long story short, it’s now officially canon that Bellamy Blake has a crush on Sandra Bullock and Miss Congeniality is the official movie of the Blake family as it unites Bellamy’s two great loves (Sandra Bullock and feminism) with Octavia’s two great loves (makeup and punching.)

I am going to deal with the Raven arc in one fell swoop because eventually I’m just gonna be screaming about bellarke, so here goes:  I feel AWFUL for Raven.  She’s making decisions entirely on her own because she’s literally the only person who can, and fucking no one is stepping up to be her shoulder to cry on.  I was definitely on her side over Abby in the medicine debate, and it really hurt to see her sort-of-mom challenge her, even if Abby truly believed she was doing the right thing.  Raven’s arc is clearly not over and I do like where it’s going, but god, someone draw her a bubble bath and pour her an entire bottle of wine because my girl needs it.

I also really, really, REALLY loved the brief scene with Bellamy and Luna.  I was surprised by how it was initially presented with Luna thinking she doesn’t deserve their help because she didn’t help them with the flame, though, because I never saw her decision as wrong?  Like, yes, it would have helped them immensely, but the way they went about it was SO AWFUL and TERRIBLE that I felt Luna was totally justified in being like “no fuck you get off my rig.”  So to have Luna frame her decision as having hurt them was surprising, but also very in character for our lovely pacifist mermaid.

HOWEVER, what I loved about that scene was the genuine remorse and understanding on both their sides.  Luna basically admitted she would get it if he saw this as her just rewards, and Bellamy flat out refused that interpretation.  His “no one deserves to suffer” was just the right amount of heartbreaking, because he probably does resent her a little but he never, ever wanted this.  I also think he understands her pain better than most, and I have to move on now because if I don’t this will be too fucking long so check back this afternoon for 2k on Bellamy/Luna parallels.

To conclude the radiation arc: absolutely none of us are surprised that Luna’s nightblood makes her resistant to radiation, but that pales in comparison to that gutwrenching death scene.  I cried and cried and thank you show, for remembering what you’re good at.

Murphy and Emori: god I love those two grifters so fucking hard, and I am really glad they at least addressed the complete lack-of-consent bullshit that was Murphy/Ontari.  I also love that Murphy is ingratiating himself to Abby as a way of making sure he and Emori survive because that is On Brand for those two assholes and I could not be happier.

Before we finish with the bellarke flailing, back to Polis!  ROAN’S ELVEN CLOAK IS EVERYTHING TO ME as is Indra having a daughter and backstory and an arc for this season that has almost nothing to do with the Skaikru.  I am here for it, and I am here for Indra and Gaia having a complicated mother/daughter relationship that is just as deep and nuanced as Clarke and Abby’s.  I am also really pleased with Octavia’s “fuck it, she’s family” decision to go against Roan, because that is insanely reckless and probably the wrong call politically but it is from the heart and in that respect it is 100% Blake and that makes me happy.

Also making me happy: Murderous Elf Prince!  He’s so handsome and angry and yeah, I’m into it.

Okay, so….The Road Trip and the List.  First of all, I laughed at Jaha sitting in the back while people young enough to be his kids drive the van, because….god, Jaha.  Of COURSE you would think a cult can save everyone.  That’s literally your first instinct: You know what could fix this? A cult!  However, (and there will be MUCH MORE IN DEPTH FLAILING ABOUT THIS IN A SEPARATE POST) I really appreciated that his role in that scene was to a) present Bellamy with an easy option to assuage his guilt and b) lampshade the role that Bellamy fills in Clarke’s life, and then Bellamy rejected them both.  He does not think that “it was for my people” is sufficient justification for the massacre (which: agreed, it isn’t) and I think that line was more about Jaha than Bellamy.  Jaha has decided that so long as he thought he was doing the right thing, it’s okay, but Bellamy is following Beard Dad on this one, which I think is the right call.  Bellamy also cannot see how important he is to Clarke, but he can see how important she is to him.  It’s like, instinctive– Jaha says “you center her” and Bellamy is like “lol no she centers me.”  He doesn’t even take a beat to consider it, it just is.  However, while he was right to reject Jaha’s solution for guilt, he was definitely wrong to reject his place in Clarke’s life buuuuut it’s also understandable because a lot of Clarke’s feelings for him are still buried deep down inside of her and only come out when he’s sleeping.

Sidenote: so clearly, some of Second Dawn survived and guys, this means Grounders are descended from Scientologists.  I find this utterly delightful.  Thank you, show, for being bonkers.

And then, we get a brief moment of peace.  I am going to go with “Bellamy fell asleep and Clarke chose that moment to write out the list”  as my headcanon for this scene because I don’t see a scenario where Bellamy is like “you do this awful thing; Big Boy needs his nap.”  That’s not how they operate, and while I could maybe see him falling asleep due to pure exhaustion while they work on the list together, that also doesn’t feel very likely to me.  So unless I hear otherwise, that’s the interpretation I’m going with.

So Bellamy falls asleep and Clarke watches him, glad that he’s getting a moment of peace in the oncoming hell.  I suspect she kept his name off the list for several reasons, but the most important one here is she knows he doesn’t want to be on it.  She’s trying to honor his wishes, but then she looks at him and is like, “I cannot imagine a world where he doesn’t deserve to survive.”

And then she breaks down.  Because Clarke is never going to put her own name on that list, and it means she’s going to lose him.  (Of course, she’d also lose him if they BOTH died, but she has already decided that is Not An Option).  The weight of everything hits her at once, and Bellamy’s Clarke Alarm goes off and he wakes up.  (Aside: Bellamy being kind of snort-y and noisy when he wakes up is like, the cutest fucking thing in the universe A+ work Bob).  He knows right away what’s going on and he does the only thing he can think of: he offers his life in exchange for hers.

Except this time, they’re not dying– they’re living.  He’s saying “fine, you want me to survive?  I’ll survive– but only if you do too.”  Clarke just can’t bring herself to say “yes I deserve to live” so Bellamy does it for her, and then he touches her– gently, and just the once– to show her she’s not alone, and then he makes himself leave.  I have SO MANY thoughts about why he chose that moment to walk away, but I think the main reason was that he needed to, because he’s on the edge too and breaking down in front of Clarke wouldn’t help her.  And that’s his only goal in that scene– help her, lift some of that burden, remind her that she’s not alone.  She’s his center, so he does what he can for her and then he walks away before he has to ask her for something, because to him that would be adding to her burden and that is unconscionable.

Because guys…he loves her so much.  And she loves him too.  

Lost Stars

Pairing: Jeon Jungkook and Park Jimin / Jikook
Genre: fluff and angst, friends to lovers, canon compliant
Length: 25k words, oneshot | crossposted on ao3
Warnings: homophobia, biphobia, swearing, jealousy (not the toxic kind tho, more like insecurity)
A/N: i swear this is not as shallow as the summary might seem
ps: shout out to my best friend, this story would never happen without your encouragement, you’re the real mvp man asjdjfk i lov u vivi

Summary: Park Jimin has another maknae in his life and Jeon Jungkook is completely losing it.

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Wrong Place Wrong Time (9)

Part 9 of an ongoing series, enjoy :)
A fanfic for a more Mature audience due to violence and language. Read at your own risk :)

Themes=😖,🌟,💣,🎭. (☠️- Harm towards characters and Strong language.)

Summary: You end up in the wrong place at the wrong time and it has negative repercussions. Main characters include: Reader and EXO.

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3 Part 4  Part 5 Part 6  Part 7 Part 8  Part 10  Part 11  Part 12  Part 13  Part 14  Part 15  Part 16  Part 17  Part 18  Part 19  Part 20  Part 21  Part 22  Part 23  Part 24  Part 25  Part 26  Part 27  Part 28  Part 29  Part 30  Part 31  Part 32

Word Count: 3,610

You woke up on the floor of the dusty room that Baekhyun had brought you to, looking up at two familiar faces. Chanyeol and Baekhyun.

“What happened?” Baekhyun frowned looking down at you.

“I don’t know I just came to see if she needed anything and to talk, but then I saw Sehun strangling her, she just blacked out.” Chanyeol bent down rubbing the side of your arm, trying to provide you with some comfort.

You lay there motionless for a while, wondering what exactly had just happened and why it happened. You knew Sehun was a nutcase but not to this extent. You allowed yourself to be helped up unto the bed by Chanyeol and Baekhyun, each taking an arm and escorting you over, supporting half or your body weight.

“What happened Y/N?” Baekhyun asked, stroking your shoulder lightly and waiting for your response. You sat there for a while not saying anything, still dazed by the situation and the loss of breath, eventually turning to Baekhyun you blinked and shook your head slightly.

“I don’t know. He just got mad, shouting about me not being allowed in this room or something. And then all of a sudden I –I couldn’t get his hands off of my neck.” You spluttered and burst out crying for the thousandth time in the past 48 hours. Chanyeol held his arms out towards you signalling an invitation for embrace, but you rested your head into Baekhyun’s chest instead, earning a scowl from Chanyeol.

“Hey that’s okay, don’t cry, you’re okay now right?”Baekhyun whispered in your ear, stroking your head almost lulling you to sleep. You nodded your head slowly, you were so tired all you wanted was some sleep, but you kept getting denied the chance. You were just about drifting off when a shouting voice brought you back to consciousness.

“Baekhyun! Baekhyun! Where are you?! Baek—oh here you are. What are you doing in here?” It was Kyungsoo standing at the door with bloodied hands by his sides, beads of sweat were rolling down his face and his dark hair was stuck to his forehead, he looked an absolute hot mess. “Why are you in here?” He said coldly, staring at Baekhyun square in the face. He stood there at the door breathing deeply in and out, you couldn’t tell whether or not he was breathing heavily due to the fact that he had ran down the corridor to the room or because he was getting mad at you Baekhyun and Chanyeol for being in the room. Why was this room conjuring such strong emotions from these men?

“That’s beside the point right now.” Baekhyun broke the unnerving silence. “What happened? Is everyone okay?” He pointed down at Kyungsoo’s blood- stained hands.

“No. It’s Jongdae he’s been shot. I –I don’t know if he’s going to make it. You have to do something. I can’t… with all that blood. It just –I just… I feel sick Baekhyun. Please go help him.” You held your breath, witnessing a crying Kyungsoo in front of you. Something you never thought you’d see. His crying was soundless but tears were streaming uncontrollably from his red eyes. He had that same blank expression on his face, but this time around you were capturing a sense of sorrow from it instead of one of hostility. Baekhyun didn’t need to be told twice, he bolted up from his place on the bed and sprinted out of the door to wherever he was needed, followed by a worried looking Chanyeol.

“Look after Y/N okay.” he called before he disappeared, but by the looks of things you were the one who would be looking after Kyungsoo. His face had turned pale and he was staring blankly at his hands, covered in what you now assumed to be Jongdae’s blood. His breathing was shallow now, the sound of it barely traceable and it was at this point that you found yourself dumbfounded at how ridiculous and ironic it was for a man who killed many others on a regular basis to be traumatised by the sight of blood and affected by the current situation so badly. You stared at Kyungsoo’s hands for a while, feeling a stream of bile rise to the back of your neck. His hands were absolutely soaked in blood, as though he had dipped them in a bucket full of it. Silently you stood up from where you were sat on the bed and exited the room down the corridor. Before long you were back with a bucket of soapy water, a sponge and a towel. Placing all of the items on the floor in a row you sat cross legged on the carpet in front of Kyungsoo, delicately taking one of his hands in yours you began to scrub the blood away. His face was still blank, staring at his hands in silence. He lifted his head up looking at you and blinking, once you were done with one hand, you placed it back down and carefully set about scrubbing the other hand.

“S-stop that.” Kyungsoo scowled at you, but you carried on washing his hands, making sure you reached under his nails.

“I said stop it!” He roared, grabbing his hands out of yours and rising up from the bed. “I’m capable of going to a sink and washing my hands!” He grabbed the towel that you had placed next to the bowl on the floor and set about drying them.

“I was only trying to help…” You trailed of, scooting yourself into the far corner of the room, you had been abused too many times in the past 48 hours and you didn’t want any more of what you had already received.

“Did anyone ask for your help?!” he raged, blood rushing to his face. “Honestly, I told Chanyeol to stop talking to you, for 3 years now I’ve been hot on his ass to ditch this stupid friendship of yours and he never fucking listened to me, now look where we’ve all ended up. Chanyeol can’t perform well, Yixing won’t concentrate and Jongdae is…” He let out a short breath and sank into a heap on the floor, shaking his head violently.  
Whipping his head back up, he glowered at you, a fire of fury and hurt burning in the depths of his eyes.  “And you’re in this fucking room.” He stood up again, picking the bowl of bloodied soapy water up with him, emptying it’s contents over your kneeling figure and dropping the bowl by your side. You were shaking with shock and the realisation that you and the carpet surrounding you were soaked in blood-mixed water.
“If you’re really desperate to clean something up, then deal with this shit. Don’t ever touch me without my permission again.” He kicked the bowl at the desk and stormed out of the room.

You sat there, covered in Jongdae’s blood hugging yourself and rocking yourself back and forth. This had to be a bad dream, a crazy nightmare. This couldn’t be where your life had ended up. You thought about it, you had been ‘missing’ for 48 hours now; your phone was ‘off’, you hadn’t shown up to work. Wasn’t anyone you knew worried about you? Your friends, your family your colleagues? Hadn’t anyone filed a missing report for you? Where were the police? You couldn’t live like this for much longer. But deep down inside you knew you had to cope because you weren’t getting out anytime soon, not if it meant you’d be getting out alive anyway, so you had to bare it no matter what. The blood was sticking to you now; you had to wash it off. Slowly you rose to your feet and trudged out of the room. You hadn’t been here for too long and you were already becoming overly familiar with how sick the corridors were making you feel, you turned a corner bumping into Chanyeol.

“Ah shit –You scared me. I was just coming to see how you were and—Y/N, what –what happened?” He stared at you with concern and confusion, pushing some of your hair out of your face he squinted, as if to get a better look at the state you were in.

“Please Chanyeol, I just need a bath.”

“But I —”

“I said I just need a bath!” You side stepped him quickly rushing further down the corridor and locking yourself inside the bathroom once you finally reached. You filled the tub up with warm water and threw in whatever type of soap you could find. Peeling the sticky clothes off of your skin, you threw them to a corner and sunk inside the tub. Dipping your whole body under water seemed tempting right now, but to be totally honest you were too cowardly to even dream of doing such a thing, so instead you grabbed a yellow sea sponge from the side and started scrubbing away at your body. You weren’t sure who it belonged to but you didn’t care at that point in time, you were just focused on getting Jongdae’s blood off of your skin.
You were rubbing so hard that your skin was becoming sore, no longer just scouring off the blood, you found that you were also trying to scrub away the emotional turmoil and physical pain that you had come face to face with in the short period of time you’d been here. Now you weren’t sure whether or not the blood washing away into the water was that which belonged to Jongdae or that which belonged to you and the new cuts and sores you were creating with the sponge.
Once you were sure that you were done, you pulled at the plug in the tub and had one last rinse down before jumping out. You saw a white bathrobe hanging on the back of the door and slipped into it before quietly making your way down the hallway. This time instead of going into Chanyeol’s room, you had found yourself in Baekhyun’s and were rummaging through his wardrobe before you found a navy blue baggy T-shirt and a grey pair of shorts. You didn’t know what to do after that; you were slightly lost you didn’t know where to go, you couldn’t go back to that room, you’d probably get attacked again, so instead you just curled into a ball under Baekhyun’s desk and feel asleep there.


That morning you weren’t woken by the beautiful cliché, fairytale sunlight peaking through the blinds, but instead you were greeted with a piercing scream. Your eye’s shot open and you looked to your right seeing a half naked Baekhyun standing there in his boxers, attempting to cover himself with his hands. You shut your eyes tight, covering them with your fingers.

“Y/N, what the heck are you doing here?! Get –get out!” He threw a pillow at you under his desk and wrapped his body with the duvet. He didn’t need to tell you twice, you scrambled to your feet and ran out of his room, not turning back as you apologised running down the corridor.

Your next point of call was the kitchen, you were starving and your rumbling stomach was telling you that it was time to eat, but when you go there you were alone with the last past person on earth that you wanted to be with. Kyungsoo.
Catching each other’s eyes, you quickly averted your gaze down to your feet and shuffled along to the fridge, looking through the shelves you saw a yoghurt and granola pot, it looked more than appetising so you grabbed it, taking a spoon out from a draw nearby and sat at a stool. The silence in the room was deadly, it was thick and could be cut with a knife. You did everything in your power to not look up and over at Kyungsoo, he seemed a lot better than he was yesterday. He still wore his signature unbothered pissed off expression but the hurt was no longer evident.

“Sorry.” You heard him mumble from across the table. You looked up at him in confusion knitting your brows together, surely you had heard incorrectly.
“What?!” he spat slamming his hand down onto the counter top. “Don’t act like you didn’t hear me. I’m not repeating myself.”
Gosh this man was stubborn you thought to yourself.

“Sorry… I was just shocked.” You mumbled, shovelling your yoghurt into your mouth.

“I’m man enough to know when I’ve made a mistake.” He rolled his eyes, his features softening slightly for the first time ever, making you raise your head in awe. He moved his head forward, narrowing his eyes slightly as he did, peering at you.

“What’s that on your neck?” He asked you, pointing his finger below your chin.

“Oh that.” You brought your fingers up to your neck and traced lightly above the cuts left behind. “Minseok —”

“No not the cuts, I’ll already know I was there remember.” He cut you off ignoring your statement, “I’m talking about those bruises. I didn’t know Jongin was into that weird kinky shit.” A look of disgust lingering on his face.

“Oh that… It wasn’t Jongin. It was Sehun.”

“Sehun? I didn’t know he was into that shit either. You’ve only known us for 2 minutes and you’re trying to get with everyone in the house. Wow you really are a whore. Jongdae wasn’t wrong.” He scoffed. You shook your head; you had enough of being called a whore, you were anything but that.

“No it’s not like that, I don’t like Sehun! He’s a fucking psycho! He strangled me, I was in that room and he got mad then he strangled me.”

“Oh he did? Of course Sehun did. Good, you deserved it.” Kyungsoo stared straight at you, gracing you with a twisted smile and rising up from his seat. “I don’t know what you thought you were doing waltzing into that room in the first place.”

“I didn’t just waltz into it.” You raised your voice defending yourself. “Baekhyun took me there.”

“You’re such a dirty liar Y/N. The only place lying will get you in this house is dead.” His face returned back to its usual expression and he started walking slowly out of the kitchen.
You had enough of the men in this house, but you knew you were stuck here so you had to endure it whether or not you wanted to. You sat there silently on your own finishing your pot of yoghurt when you heard someone else come into the room. Was it too much to ask for a moment’s peace?

“Can I speak to you please?”

It was Yixing he looked tired and pale, unlike you had seen him before and it was quite shocking to say the least. You nodded your head slowly.
“Actually maybe we can get out of this house for a while, what do you think I mean you’ll have to change first and put a mask and cap on, we can’t have anyone you know seeing you.” Your eyes widened with excitement, the thought of getting out of this hell hole for even just a second setting your heart racing with exhilaration and pleasure, you jumped up from your seat and walked over to him. You didn’t know what he wanted to talk about, but anything was worth it in exchange for a little taste of freedom, even if it was temporary.


The weather outside was grey and really nothing special, but to you it felt like paradise, when you realised that you hadn’t been outside for a couple of days now, you were wondering whether or not this was actually doing you any good since you’d be cooped back inside again soon and may end up more depressed after reliving everything that you were missing all over again. You took a quick glance over at Yixing and although he was pale and sweaty he looked so much more handsome in natural daylight. The sun was hidden behind the clouds, and yet his dark hair glistened and had a beautiful kind of sheen to it.

“Wow this is nice. I haven’t been out in the day for a while. This is nice right?” He looked to his right, down at you. You nodded meekly, things were still awkward between the two of you and him acting like nothing happened was making the tension even worse the air between the two of you was thick and you were sure he was aware of it just as much as you were. He sighed heavily and began to speak.

“Look I’m sorry I was rude to you yesterday. I’m aware me and Baekhyun are the only ones ‘you have’ right now. So I shouldn’t have acted that way, but I felt a bit let down. You not taking my advice and everything, I felt like I was wasting my time talking to you. Also you defied me. That’s something I can’t stand.”

“I didn’t purposefully find Jongin and have a conversation with him; he practically dragged me to his room.” You frowned, angry that Yixing thought it was his business anyway. “Besides he didn’t seem that bad to me regardless.”
Yixing stopped in his tracks sneering at you and shaking his head.

 “You know nothing about Jongin. But if you want to hang out with him fine, you can do whatever you want.” He continued walking ahead of you, angry at this point. “Hurry up and don’t fall back!”

You arrived at a clothes shop on the corner of a high street that you did not even know existed. Yixing handed you a card that didn’t belong to him. “Go and pick stuff that you need and be quick about it.” He huffed crossing his hands over his chest tapping his foot on the floor impatiently. Nodding once, you rushed off down the aisles of the shop in search of clothing items that you needed

 “You’re sure that’s all, because you’re not coming back here anytime soon. The others don’t even know we’re here right now.” He said pointing at the bag in your hand and taking the card out of the other.

“Actually Yixing, I was wondering if we could go next door.”

“What for?” he frowned, creases on his forehead appearing from nowhere.  

“It was a health and beauty store.”

“Yeah, I know that. But you won’t need any makeup around the house. Trust me the last thing us guys give a shit about is the way you look.”

“Actually I umm… I need to pick up some sanitary towels.”

“Oh…” His face went straight; he nodded not saying another word and following you out of the clothes store to the store next.

Once in the store you hurriedly picked up some sanitary towels and popped them in your basket, you thought some makeup wouldn’t hurt too since you were already in the store, you already felt shit about being locked up in that house, the least you could do was doll yourself up to get yourself into a better mood. You quickly payed for all of the items in the basket and walked over to Yixing who was waiting for you by the door. He was paler than ever, sweating and panting for breath.

You hung your head in embarrassment handing him over the card. “Alright Yixing, I know that was awkward and stuff but it wasn’t that bad you don’t have to act like that.”

He shook his head at you. “No that’s not it.” He said breathlessly, “that’s –that’s not why… agh shit..aghh…”He pressed his fingers against the right side of his rib cage and winced in pain. “Let’s –let’s go back, you’re done right?”

“Yeah but, Yixing are you okay?” You lifted up his shirt to find a slit under his breast bone. You blinked twice out of shock and lowered his shirt. “Oh my gosh Yixing, what the –why haven’t you got Baekhyun to do anything about that?”

“It’s nothing. I’ll be fine”

“That’s not nothing. Have you seen how deep that is? Goodness you need to get that stitched up and treated Yixing.”

“No I can’t, not now. They need to focus on Jongdae. This can wait; he’s the priority right now. He needs Baek’s undivided attention.” He breathed in sharply and winced in pain again.

“This isn’t okay you look like you’re at deaths door. You need –”

“Just leave it Y/N okay! If you tell anyone else I won’t be responsible for what I do to you next!”
Even through his pain he was still capable of glaring at you and threatening you. He was supposed to be the nice one out of the bunch. It made you wonder just how bad Chanyeol was at times. Sighing out, you nodded your head and walked slowly back home allowing him to use your frame to support his weight.


Quite a while later you made it back to the house.
“I think I need to sit down” Yixing wheezed, nodding you walked to the kitchen with him. Minseok was there, eating an apple on the seat closest to you and Yixing.
“Yo, Minseok move down one will you? I have a headache” Yixing breathed slowly, shifting his weight from your shoulder to his feet, but as he did so, you saw his eyes roll backwards and he collapsed to the ground.

“Shit!” Minseok shouted running up from his seat and kneeling down beside Yixing. “Xing! Yixing wake up!” But there was still no reply, he lay there motionless, his skin whiter than before, if that was even possible.  Minseok looked up at you through angry eyes.

“Where the fuck have you two been and what the fuck did you do to him bitch?!”

Okay so Sirius is the brightest star of the Canis major constellation (”greater dog”), and his animagus is a dog right so the link between the name and the character is obvious

and then we have Regulus which is the brightest star of the Leo constellation, the lion is Gryffindor’s symbol
Is it a coincidence ?
Or even if he at first agreed with his family’s ideology and followed in their footsteps because he was conditioned to do so, was Regulus Black deep down inside brave at heart, daring, valiant, courageous, chivalrous ?  

I think he was

Is It Unnatural?

Summary: Ian and Mickey’s daughter come out to them as bisexual.

Word Count: 1035

Notes: I’ll be working on more requests tonight :)

Ian and Mickey had been married now for fifteen years. They’ve been living a happy life with their nineteen year old son Yevgeny, and their fourteen year old daughter Raisa. Yevgeny was completely like Mickey, through and through. Raisa was a mixture between them both due to the fact that Ian was the biological father and Mandy was the surrogate. Obviously there has been some hardships with having two teenagers in the house, but Ian and Mickey wouldn’t trade any of it in for the world.

The past few days though, the men had noticed that something was on their daughter’s mind. Being that the whole family had a very open relationship, they decided to wait to do anything about it until she confronted them.

What Ian and Mickey did not know was that their daughter was holding a secret from everyone around her— besides Yev. She was terrified to tell anyone other than her brother about it because she was afraid of being judged. Deep down inside, she knew she should be talk to her fathers about this, but she was just so scared.

One morning, the secret was the only thing on Raisa’s mind. Her thoughts had completely distracted her at breakfast— so much that it almost was like she wasn’t there. Eventually she noticed she was being too quiet, so she calmly excused herself from the table, leaving Ian, Mickey, and Yevgeny in silence.

After a few moments of Ian and Mickey looking at each other with cocked eyebrows, they turned their attention to their son. “The fuck is goin’ on with her?” Mickey asked in a curious tone.

“Listen,” Yevgeny started. “I know you guys wanna wait and shit til she tells you, but it’s fucking driving me insane. Go talk to her.” He stood up and started to head for his bedroom, but Ian quickly stopped him to ask some questions.

“Wait, Yev,” Ian called out. “Is everything okay though? She didn’t get herself into anything bad, did she?”

Yevgeny snorted. “No. I don’t know why she’s so freaked out to tell you. You’ll be fine with it.” He then proceeded to his room.

Ian and Mickey knew what they had to do. The redhead stood first, and grabbed Mickey by the hand. Slowly, they made their way to their daughter’s room.

With a slight knock, Ian called his daughter’s name. “Rai?” There was no response. “Raisa, can we come in?”

Almost immediately the door swung open to a distressed looking girl with light brown hair. It looked like she had been crying which was strange for her because like Mickey, she thought crying was for the weak. “Wanna tell us what’s going on?” Ian went to sit on her bed and the other two followed.

Raisa sat in between her two fathers and looked them both in the face before retrieving her eyes to her fidgeting hands. She was clearly in full on panic mode. “Hey, you can talk to us, you know,” Mickey gave her a weak smile.

The girl took a deep breath and nodded. “Okay, um, well,” she paused and shook her head. “Obviously you guys know I like boys, right?” She said with suspicion.

“Yes, sweetie,” Ian said with a raised eyebrow. She’s had a different boyfriend every year since like kindergarten so they definitely knew that.

Raisa shut her eyes before speaking again. “I, I kind of like girls too,” she said quickly. Though she was still nervous it looked like a bit of weight was lifted off of her shoulders.

Ian and Mickey shared a loving glance and then looked down to their daughter. “Well, great,” Ian said enthusiastically, causing Raisa’s head to perk up and look at him with confusion. “That’s awesome, Rai. We’re glad that you know who you are.”

Finally, Raisa’s face started to light up a bit. She turned her gaze from Ian to see Mickey’s reaction. “And we’re happy you finally told us,” Mickey kissed the top of her head.

A smile flashed across the girl’s face, but as quickly as it came, it was replaced with a look of guilt. “I-I thought you guys would think it’s like unnatural or something,” she said quietly.

“What the fuck?” Mickey asked with astonishment and love. His eyes were widened, and it kind of broke his heart to hear his daughter say that.

Ian shook his head. “Why the hell would you think that, sweetheart?” He bent down a little to look in her eyes.

“Because you know, like, you two only like one gender. You both only like guys. And for another example, Yev only likes girls,” Raisa shrugged. “I don’t know I just figured you guys would think it’s weird or something.”

“Raisa,” Ian turned his body and put his hand on the back of his daughter’s head. “We will always accept you for who you are. There is absolutely nothing that you could do that would make either of us think less of you,” he said in a serious tone.

An idea suddenly popped into Mickey’s mind. He nudged at his daughter to make her turn her attention to him, and she obliged. Before speaking, he winked at Ian. “Liking what you like don’t make you a bitch.” Ian burst into laughter at the words, it brought him back to the memories of their first days together. When Mickey saw Ian’s gracious look and Raisa’s appreciative smile, Mickey nodded.

“Thanks, guys,” she smiled widely. Now she felt a little dumb for being so scared to tell them, but nonetheless, she was overly grateful and happy with their reaction.

Ian laid back on the bed, and pulled his husband and daughter with him. They cuddled up on the bed together, and suddenly Yevgeny walked into the room. Ian patted a spot on the bed with his foot for Yevgeny to sit and his did. The boy rubbed his hand on his sister’s leg. “Told you it’d be okay.”

Raisa nodded. “Yeah,” she gave her brother a thankful grin. She then looked at each family member. “I love you guys.”

Ian kissed the side of her head. “We love you too,” Mickey said. This perfect family is a blessing.

anonymous asked:

If requests are open umm can i request a ambw smut with jay park where it's a ddlg relationship and you are needy for him so you come to the studio naked? (If your willing to put my name in it its karruche! 😘thx)

I have the perfect song for this. You should listen to feature by Jay Park and Cha Cha. It’ll fit it well anon ;)


Sighing softly you looked up at your ceiling chewing on your bottom lip as the ceiling fan as the blades went around in countless circles circulating the air to keep you nice and cold. Naked and frustrated you lie there just trying to get your head to stop producing the images of a naked Jay. A wet dripping, naked Jay. And it wasn’t all of his fault no, not his fault for making music or lip biting and being a tease. He was simply doing his job, knowing that it would pay off in the end. And luckily enough you were the one to have him coming home to you every night. Giving you those deep stares and teasing touches on your soft pussy lips. His touches always you feeling weak and needy for more. Just thinking about it right now made you more needy for him. 

It wasn’t going to get any better from here and you wished that you could just get up and go to see him… But.. Why couldn’t you? He was your man after all and he said if you needed anything and he wasn’t home or answering his phone you were welcome to come see him. So you would try to call and then  you would go see him. Having a plan you rolled over on your stomach, grabbing your phone to dial his number. Of course you knew he would always answer your calls no matter what because he kept his phone close to him always for you. But this time when he answered you looked around for paper finding some on your desk.

“Hello? Hello? Jagi???” He questioned over the blare of the music. You ran back to your bed from the desk crumpling up the paper to make scratching noises. 

“I can’t hear you! I’m needy and my phone is breaking up! I’monmywaybye!” You said it all in a rush hanging up. You knew he was trying to talk to you, to tell you to wait for him to come home and be a good girl but you simply didn’t want to do those things. Because you were a princess and princesses didn’t get told no. Or wait in this matter. 

Standing up, you applauded yourself before you made your way towards your closet with dancing like steps. You were so thrilled in this moment because you had it all planned out. Going towards the back you grabbed at a long brown thick coat you had which had the strings to wrap around your waist and button up. Putting it on your naked body you grabbed your lace black pumps next. Smiling like a vixen you did everything you needed to do, sprayed perfume on your skin, combed your hair, did your lipstick lightly. Not putting on makeup because if and when this plan worked you would just sweat it off anyway. 

Making your way down the stairs once you were done with everything, you hauled a cab towards Jay’s studio. The driver lifting an eyebrow and watching you. You could tell he knew you were either lacking clothes or didn’t have on a bra because your nipples were poking through the fabric slightly. It was worth it. Lotion on your long brown legs you grinned to yourself looking out the window. It wasn’t long before you were paying the male your fare and hopping out the car to walk up the steps. 

You had a few missed calls from Jay and deep down inside you felt bad because he was probably worried. But soon, it would all be okay. Opening a glass door you walked on the inside towards an elevator hearing and seeing the quiet halls made your smirk widely. Eyes roaming around you combed your hair back as you got on the elevator pressing the button for his floor. As it went up to his stop you felt your stomach twist becoming a bit more nervous so you decided to give yourself a pep taught. 

“Ok Karruche you can do this. Your man is sitting up there waiting for all this chocolate you have to offer- he just doesn’t know it yet. But when he sees you like this he’s going to be like ‘damn baby’ and you’re going to be like ‘yes daddy Jay~” Frowning you turned around whining in embarrassment not looking in the reflection of the walls anymore or trying anything. The elevator stopped and you took a deep breath before you got off walking past some of the doors. You saw Gray and Ugly Duck in a room recording, only Ugly Duck saw you but the look on his face turning from serious to a smirk had you laughing. 

Walking straight to Jay’s room you opened the studio door to see him in there with Cha Cha and Simon D who were working on a beat it seemed. All three of them paused what was going on and they turned to look at you. Jay was the only one standing up and his body seemed rigid the more he stare at your figure. Your curvy brown body, or your sexy ass lips. He couldn’t think straight, and seeing those long ass legs made his dick jump in his pants. He cleared his throat and stood up a bit straighter eyeing you. 

“What are you doing here Karruche? I tried calling you back over three times.” He spoke softly but his eyes held a burning fire. 

“I told you I was on my way. I don’t think you really want me to tell you in front of your boys why.” You pursed your lips letting your eyes meet his coolly and with confidence. 

“That’s our cue to leave. Jay we can finish the rest tomorrow.” Cha Cha clapped his back before him and Simon both got up walking out of the door, but not before saying your name in unison and shutting the door. As soon as they were gone you simply stare at him before your hands worked to take off your jacket. Leaving you naked and in heels. 

Jay let his mouth open widely, a soft ‘damn’ leaving his lips as he looked over your chocolate skin. He couldn’t even be mad or question you more. Walking towards you slowly he rolled his head. His loose bagging jeans suddenly feeling tight, the white tank he had on showing his hard nipples. His hair was messy but swooped back. Eyes hungry and mind racing with what he should do to you. 

“You came here like this? You’re so risky and I honestly want to punish you right now. But I know this means you’re needy and I’m more than happy to help.” He stated picking you up by your thighs walking you back to the black swivel chair. Sitting down with you straddling him he tilted his head, leaning forward he pressed play on a button and you heard the opening of a song come on. Cocking an eyebrow you wrapped your legs around his waist. 

“You’re such a distraction. But I can’t have you dripping puddles around the house or here. And I am glad to see you. I can’t tell you how long your moans have been on my mind.” Jay started reaching a hand up to play in your hair. His free hand coming to play with your harden right nipple causing a soft groan to leave your lips. “I just made this song with Cha Cha today. It’s called feature and it made me think of you. I am going to fuck you to this song. And when I’m done with you, I guarantee it’ll be enough to last you until we get home. Because if not I will punish you for being a vixen.” He groaned leaning up to press his lips against yours in a rough and needy manner both of his hands gripping at the back of your hair. You knew what this meant, it was going to be a quick one. And rough at that.

Jay let his lips continue to press against yours in a rough manner, his lips meshing against yours before he was prying your mouth open with his sliding his tongue through your slick wet entrance swirling his tongue around yours and stating dominance. Hands moving back down to trace his fingers over your collarbones, nipples and waist he ground you down against his growing erection breaking the kiss to give you a lustful gaze while you caught your breath.

“Do you see what you do to daddy? Teasing me with this sinful chocolate body and those soft words of seduction. You knew damn well you’d get me. But it is ok because daddy wants to bury his dick nice and deep inside of your tight pussy too.” He moaned out bucking his hips up against yours teasing lightly. Your hands gripped at his hair and you shook your head practically begging at this point because you didn’t care.

“Daddy no I need you right now. God please fuck me, fuck me like a dirty girl. I just want you to fucking fill me up to the brim with your dick daddy, I want to bounce on you and make you feel good nice and hard. I’ve been so wet all day thinking about you and I can’t take much more before I’m cumming.” You tried to edge him as best as you could and it must have done some good because soon he was lifting you up, moving his hand at a fast pace to unzip his zipper. Not even bothering to take off his pants and just pulling himself off he lined himself up with your dripping entrance slamming you down on his length. 

Your head rolling back his head leaned forward to rest against your chest. He leaned down to suck on your nipples greedily to give you time to adjust to him. But some time after you giving him the okay to move, he was lifting and dropping you on his shaft making you take all of his hard inches. You helped him by circling your hips and winding yourself against him. The music looping over and over again as he bounced you, the sounds of hips slapping against hips and breathy moans filled the studio room. Your skin beaded with sweat as he continued to mark your breast and collarbones with his teeth and lips. Soon he was going to your neck biting on your sensitive spot just to drive you up the wall. 

His hands gripped at your ass, slapping the flesh to make the cheeks bounce. He started to dig his nails into your soft ass cheeks as his thrusts got rougher and harder. Your breast sliding up and down his chest with the pace of his thrusts, he growled watching you leaning over to whisper against your ear. “Yeah that’s right, moan for daddy let his boys know how good he’s fucking this wet pussy. You like it how daddy fucks you don’t you princess? All needy and screaming for me on my dick, you can’t even hold it in. And you’re so fucking wet just look at how I’m sliding in you.” His hand came up and gripping the back of your hair with his hand, he moved your head to look down at his dick entering you repeatedly. Your juices were overflowing against his base and down to his balls making him groan more. 

The sight alone had you on edge, but when he reached a hand up to rub his two fingers roughly against your clit, the pads of his digits pressing on your throbbing bud, that’s all it took to have you cumming for him. Walls wrapping around his shaft, your eyes shut as you blacked out for a moment, your cries of his name leaving your lips as you gave into your orgasm. He watched you helping you ride it out and soon he was cumming inside of you making sure that he was burying himself deep inside of you letting the cum fill you up. He sighed gently as he held you close to him, calming his thrusts down to help you both ride out your orgasms. 

He was soon stopping kissing your lips much more gently this time his eyes looked up at you with affection. He gave a soft laugh and you played in his hair letting your fingers run through his black locks. 

“So Mr. CEO did I do good on your feature?” You teased lightly letting him know you had indeed been listening to the song as he fucked you. You could see the faintest blush appear on his cheeks as he ducked but nodded his head.

“You were so perfect I think we need a remix baby.”

The truth hit him. Jason wasn’t quite Roman anymore. His time at Camp Half-Blood had changed him. Reyna had recognized that.

The House of Hades

I kind of hated this and hurt me a little, because I think that down deep inside Jason is still a Roman demigod. It doesn’t really matter how much time he had spent in Camp Half-Blood with the Greeks, he still keeps the leadership personality and the fighting strategy of a Roman, he grew up like a Roman, and I think that’s something you cannot easily erase, no matter how much he had enjoyed hanging out with Greeks, sometimes his Roman part will come out.

The Jedi Who Knew Too Much

I have a question about this episode. When Anakin and Ashoka are talking in the Industrial Pipeline, when Ashoka jumps onto a ship, why didn’t Anakin use the Force to prevent her from jumping? He did say that, “the only way we can prove that is by going back.“ 

It would be SO COOL if TCW was finished:) I watched a Youtube video recently that showed “The Crystal on Utapau” and “The Bad Batch” arcs. I’m sure if you searched the titles above on Youtube, the video would/should come up:)

via @ feyreaelinmaas

It’s never right to act without the consent of the people you are trying to help. You cannot do things without their permission and then say later, “but it was for their own good!” as an excuse. 

I feel that Anakin pulling Ahsoka and preventing her from leaving with the Force would have severely ruined the trust they have built in their relationship. She would never be able to trust him again regardless of the outcome of her trial.

If you watch through the scene again, take note of how Anakin is passive throughout the entire chase. He never actively takes part in trying to incapacitate her or stop her. He only chases her. 

It is only by his urging that the clones focus on stunning her. He makes the orders, but he does not lead in the chase.

This behavior is almost uncharacteristic of Anakin’s usual methods when he is in any other mission or task. After all, where do we see Anakin in any battle or fight usually?

In the front. In the fray. In direct confrontation with the enemy.

But Ahsoka Tano is not his enemy. 

So, he holds back. He waits for an opening – not to strike, but to steal a moment alone so that he can plead with her to come back with him. 

When he realized that she had taken another turn while in the pipes, he could have easily called after Rex and Fox to come and back him up to help capture her.

But he didn’t.

His main goal throughout that entire chase was only to talk with her.

And this is also why Anakin lets her go. It was never about capturing her from the start. It was to try and convince her to choose to come back.

Before she leaves, one of her parting words are:

I do trust you. But you know as well as I do that no one else will believe me.

He doesn’t try to offer an actual rebuttal for that statement. He doesn’t mention Padme. He doesn’t mention Plo Koon. He doesn’t even mention Obi Wan.

And I feel that is because, deep down inside, Anakin is also unsure of who she can trust and who will be able to help her. He tells her that he trusts her, urges her to trust him.

But the problem isn’t that she doesn’t trust Anakin. 

And he comes to understand that as he lets her leave, just as their time has run out. 

[Why I Love] - Chpt. 6

 Back To Where You Belong 

Negan x Addison 

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Chapter 5 || Masterlist

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“I only want Negan!” Carl yelled. He was sick of all the bullshit that Negan had done to his group; Killing his friends, hurting Daryl, taking Addison, and after hearing nothing for weeks he decided to take matters into his own hands. 

Negan whistled, catching his attention as he walked behind the truck. “Damn, if it ain’t Rick Jr.” Carl held the aim of his rifle straight at him. “Tell me, did you pick that gun cause it looked fucking cool?”

Carl didn’t respond but stared him down, ready to pull the trigger. “Kid, I ain’t going to fuckin’ lie to you, you scare the shit out of me” 

One of Negan’s men jumped forward to grab the gun. Carl shot him down, then Dwight tackled him from the side, taking the gun from him and pointing it at his face. “Don’t even think about it, kid” He said taking his weapons off him. 

Negan walked over, “It’s alright Dwighty boy, it’s alright.” He looked down at Carl extending his hand out. “There we go” He said pulling him up, and patting him on the back. 

“What are you going to do to me?” Carl asked nervously.  

“Oh hell no! You don’t get to walk in here like Rambo and turn around and start acting like a fucking pussy” He took a few steps closer to Carl, pointing his finger at him. “You’re a badass; you ain’t scared of shit, so don’t be scared of me.” 


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“I was so scared of losing you, that I did”

So, this post is just an analysis of Barry’s feelings after seeing the ‘future’ and seeing Iris die and why he made the choice to propose to her to change that part of the future. And also analysis on Iris’ view and her taking off the ring.

First of all, Barry’s attitude since he saw the horrific event was ‘There’s no way this is happening’ ‘This is impossible’ and ‘I can’t let this happen’ In fact, one of the first things he said was ‘I’m not going to let her die.’

He was overly confident in the impossibility of Iris’ death because he knows, he knows deep down inside that it will destroy him. Shatter him into pieces. He knows that indeed he will never get over it, and that he doesn’t want to even consider it. But at the same time, he’s also afraid because of that. He hides his fear in his drive to by all costs, and by all means, save Iris.

1. He considers letting a villain go free.

Asking Iris a pained “Why, why not?” when she tells him he can’t stop protecting the city to save her.

2. He pushes Wally once he realizes Wally’s speed is accelerating twice as fast as his was.

3. Part of his reasoning for going to E2 was also to change events and save Iris.

4. He considers killing Grodd.

Even before this big - big mistake of proposing mostly with the hopes that it will prevent the future, rather than proposing ready to marry her (knowing it was the right time), Barry was already blind to his conscious in hopes of saving Iris.

He wasn’t thinking about anything but the idea of keeping her alive.

And in my opinion this is what really breaks Iris’ heart.

She knows that Barry loves her, and any time he asks her to marry her, he probably does want to marry her because he could marry her at any moment. But he didn’t ask because he thought ‘this is it, now’s the time’ he asked as a means to an end, a chance to keep his happiness.  

And the thing is, Iris was always more realistic about her death, but she was also afraid. Savitar mentions it, and while I would never agree with Savitar, we all know she was afraid.

She wanted to be strong for Barry. 

(As well as wanting to protect herself, as well as possibly being in denial)

She also didn’t want it to consume him, as it already has. She didn’t want it to become something that takes away his moral compass, something that makes him go insane, something that keeps him from being present, from enjoying the here and now which she desperately needed from him because she was more realistic and felt as if she could actually die, even though she trusts that everyone will try their best to save her.

And in a way, Barry’s obsession with changing the future has morphed into one not just to save Iris per say, but also to save his happiness. He said in the beginning ‘I have everything I’ve ever wanted in life right now’. And when he was in that Flashpoint, that was almost like his heaven. He had the three people he will only love the most in his entire life. Back in the real timeline, he’s experienced two of those three people be violently stripped from him.

Iris is his everything.

Her being taken from him is something that ultimately takes away his happiness. His light. His anchor.

He genuinely would do anything to prevent that from happening.

And I think Iris sees this fully when she finds out why he proposed, and it’s why she says it’s tainted because he’s obsessed with saving something he already has with him in that moment. (I also think she means if they had gotten married, it would have tainted their marriage.) He’s so frightened of losing everything, that he forgets that he has everything. She loves him. She would’ve married him, but she wouldn’t marry him just to prevent her death, she would marry him because he wanted to be married to her. And it’s not like he didn’t, but that wasn’t his first or only thought.

In a way, it was as if he was choosing his happiness over Iris. And that might not be the case completely, but it was to an extent. Nobody wants to be proposed to for a specific reasoning other than love. Other than knowing they want to marry the other person. Other than feeling the desire to be called that person’s wife or husband. And Barry had another reasoning, he just didn’t want her to die.  

Iris couldn’t take this. And neither could I. She wants him to be happy, she wants him to be her’s, but she doesn’t want him to be her’s with the constant fear that he could lose her. She doesn’t want him to be able to do anything in order to save her. She doesn’t want him to even use their love a means to save her.

I write this not to make Barry seem like a terrible person or anything, but simply to express this wasn’t something that was sudden, there was a slow build-up of Barry willing to bend his morality in order to keep Iris alive. And that part of it is to save his idea of happiness, rather than only to save Iris. What Iris wants is for him to be with her, in the present. But he’s always got his mind on the future. It’s his vice. This fear of having everything stripped away from him, it’s his greatest vice.

It’s something that makes me have some empathy for him. It’s also something that makes my heart break for Iris.

However, he can come out of this! Barry can and should learn from this. He can love and cherish Iris as his everything, and still make sure his actions are done purely out of love for her, and also based on the values they both share.

Home Again| 15

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It’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve seen Jay or anyone from AOMG for that matter. Three weeks to be exact. I’ve been distancing myself from them all. If you’re with one, another appears out of nowhere. I can’t risk it. I decided to leave Korea soon. It’s better for me. I really can’t stay here if I’m getting nothing but trouble. It’s my home, yes. But I’m scared for Seulgi. She wants to stay but I know what happens to mixed race children here in Korea. I was one of them. I basically grew up here. Both physically and mentally. But more mentally. They get bullied. I was used to get pushed around. I owned up to it, fought a few girls and boys here and there. But I don’t want her to be like me. I want her to have a good life. I don’t want her bullied because of her darker skin color. I don’t want her coming home crying or coming home expelled because of a fight. She deserves so much more. 

I was currently in Soyoung’s apartment, playing with Seulgi. She brought out a few dolls for us to play with. “Aren’t they beautiful?” I asked. “They’re okay. But they don’t look as beautiful as mommy.” She said. I could only smile at her. She smiled back at me. I heard a knock at the door. I got up and walked over to the front door. I opened it without thinking. I was greeting by an unwanted guest. Sunghwa. “Can we talk?” I shouldn’t have opened the door so wide. He could clearly see Seulgi behind me. “Who’s the kid?” I grabbed his wrist and shut the door behind me. “She’s m-my, my niece. Her dad is my brother Byungho.” I lied. When I lie there are two reactions from my body. My hands either start shaking like crazy or a slightly twitch. This time it was the twitch. Only a few people can spot my lies. Of course Sunghwa was not one of them. He just wasn’t. “You never told me about your niece. Can I meet her?” “Aniya! You need to leave! Soyoung doesn’t like people in her apartment without her permission.” I explained. “Why do you keep pushing me away?!” “Why do you have fucking love me?! Do you know how hard life is for me right now? Ever since the fucking accident! I got hit with a car running after you, Sunghwa! You! Not Jay! You! I care about you! Hell, I am even love you! But I can’t be with you. I can’t be with Jay. I don’t need nor want a man right now. Stop making life so hard and back-” Interrupting me, he smashed his lips on mine. I couldn’t pull away because deep down inside of me, I wanted this. I wanted him. I wanted his lips on mine. I wanted nothing more than to kiss him. It was everything I imagined. His soft lips against mine felt like heaven. I kissed back for a few seconds then pulled away. “I can’t.” I said. 

-Jay’s POV-

I needed to see her. She’s been avoiding me. I pulled up to Soyoung’s apartment, I guess she lives here now. I let the window down. I saw her and Sunghwa? Kissing?!?! I turned my car off, jumped out of it and rushed over to them. She could see me coming. She almost immediately jumped in front of him. “Why the hell are you protecting him?! Move Y/N!” “No! I’m not letting you hurt your friend of me, Jay! Stop this! You two are like brothers!” She shouted. “No brother of mine would kiss the woman I love the most!” I screamed. I tried to push her out of the way but she hugged me tightly, not once loosening her grip. “Please don’t hurt him Jay! Please! I’m begging you! Please don’t do it!” She said her voice breaking. Is she crying? I wrapped my arms around her. She was so soft. I missed this feeling of hugging her. But she was hugging me for the wrong reason. I can feel her tears drenching my shirt. Sunghwa looked at Y/N before rushing off somewhere. I couldn’t focus on him right now. “I’m sorry for everything. Eight years. Eight years.” She said in my chest. Eight years? What the hell does that mean? 

After her little meltdown she headed back inside and I left. It was for the best. I went home. I couldn’t even come into work. Eight years? Eight years? Those two words stuck in my head. She left Korea nine years ago. Not eight. Did something happen eight years ago when I wasn’t there for her? Why did she say it twice? And why was she sobbing over that phrase? I know Soyoung and Steph won’t really help. Maybe, just maybe Steph’s, little cousin knows. What was that sweet little girl’s name? Seulgi? Yeah that’s it!   I made my way to Stephanie’s apartment. She was outside with a friend of hers. I hid behind a railing around the corner of her apartment. “I just want her to tell him, you know?” “You can’t force her to tell him about the kid. Maybe one day she’ll admit it to him. She shouldn’t tell him. He’s not ready to be a father yet. I can clearly tell.” Her friend said. Who the hell are they talking about? Her friend got into her car and drove off. I walked over to her. She slightly jumped at the slight of me. “What are you doing here?” “I wanted to talk to you about Y/N.” She sighed and mumbled a few curse words. She opened the door to her apartment. “Come in.” I walked in and sat on the sofa. There was something off. “What is it? Why’d you come here when you know my sister’s at-” “Is she in love with Sunghwa?” I interrupted her question with my own. She sighed and looked away. “She doesn’t love anyone.” She answered. “Maybe you’re right. Maybe I’m just jealous of every man in a 10 meter radius of her.” 

I looked over across the room and saw a family picture on the coffee table in front of the sofa. I grabbed it and smiled. It was a cute little picture of Seulgi and…Y/N? Y/N was hugging Seulgi. Oh yeah. That’s her niece so it’s not really weird. But she looked like a mother in this picture. I don’t know why. She was holding her so tight. I saw little writing on the bottom. It looked like a children’s writing. “My Mommy” Mommy? This is some joke, right? 

-Stephanie’s POV-

“My Mommy” I heard him mumble looking at Seulgi’s picture. I snapped it and hid it. “Why does that picture say my mommy?” He asked. “That’s none of your business. Let it go!” I shouted at him. He looked like he realized everything. “Seulgi. She’s not your niece is she? Y/N is her mother, isn’t she?” He asked with pleading eyes. I felt bad for him. “Tell me the truth. Is Seulgi her daughter?”

-Y/N’s POV-

Seulgi wanted to go to the park so I took her to the nearest park. We were walking through the park. Well I was walking, she was skipping. “Mommy?” “Yes, Seulgi?” “Can you tell me about when you lived in Korea?” She asked. I sighed and looked up into the sky. “When I lived in Korea. Honestly the best time of my life. People cared about me. I always thought it would be hard because wasn’t like the other kids. But it wasn’t. They actually liked me.” “That’s not what I wanted to know. Tell me about Dad.”

“Your father was the world to me and I loved him with all my heart. I met him in my first few months of Korea. He was my everything.” “Then why did you two break up?” She asked. A tear fell from my eye remembering what happened. “…Please don’t leave. I love you too much…..Then tell me why you’re leaving and I’ll let you go, only if you agree to come back….I can’t live with you Y/N…..I’ll do whatever it takes-” (Shout out to the people who know where these lines come from. Hint: Chapter 6)

I could hear his voice in my head as if it was happening for a second time. “It’s complicated sweetheart. Maybe in the future I’ll explain. But now go have fun. The playground is over there.” I said trying to change the subject. She rushed over to playground and the other kids welcomed her with open arms. I sighed and sat on the bench. I watched the children play with Seulgi as if she was just like them. It warmed my heart. “Y/N?” I heard a voice. I looked to my right and saw Stephanie’s friend and co worker, Yumi. She walked over and sat next to me. “You look a little down. You okay?” She asked. “Yeah I’m fine.” “I had a talk with your sister early about Seulgi’s father and-” “I’m gonna tell him.” I interrupted her. “What?” “I’m gonna tell him about her. He deserves to know about her.” I said. She didn’t say anything. She just sat there in silence. I looked down at my phone. 

Here’s the next chapter since a lot of people were asking about it. We hope you enjoyed. Thanks for reading. Sorry for any mistakes. Admin Kai and Admin June. 

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not yours (stardust) | jonghyun

🌠 pairing; jonghyun / jr (produce 101, nu’est) x fem!reader
🌠 genre; alternate universe (high school), angst
🌠 word count; 1.1k+
🌠 preface. love the stars;

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How much exactly can you stand before you break, Jonghyun?

There are constellations in your eyes. There are fluorescent constellations in the way they glow whenever he catches them; there are galaxies late into the afternoon when he walks you home from school.


There’s something otherworldly about the way you smile, about the way it softly creeps onto your lips. There’s something ethereal about the way you breath, and how it leaves him breathless.

“Are you okay?”

It’s the voice that pushes his heart to go faster, causes his throat to tighten, and renders him a mess.

But he’s good at hiding it.

“Yeah,” He looks into the eyes that reflect back to him the night sky, a navy blanket with dotted stitches of white, and offers a warm curl of his muted rose lips.

“Of course.”

Because I’m with you.

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