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It was 3 am and I was wondering how Izuku would write his autograph. Then I ended up doing a few more.

(Also, sorry if the Japanese is like completely wrong. I tried my best.)


“What?” you asked, reaching for Dan’s phone, but he held it just out of reach. “Why are you doing your nervous laugh?”

“My nervous laugh? What the hell is my nervous laugh?” he asked, his smile quickly fading in the wake of his eyes narrowed at you.

“i know your laughs,” you said. “What’d they dare you to do?” You took advantage of his momentary distraction and pulled his phone from his hand, looking at the dare on his screen.

“They dared us to kiss,” he said, clasping his hands in front of him and staring you down. You looked back to him, surprised by the sudden nerves twisting around you.

“Are you going to do it?”

“It’s not just up to me,” he laughed. You chewed at your lip and handed his phone back. A slow smile bloomed over your face with realization.

“Wait. That’s what made you do your nervous laugh,” you said, pointing a finger at him. “You want to kiss me.”

“Pot calling the kettle black. You know my laughs,” he retorted quickly. “Maybe you want to kiss me.”

You stared back at him, defiant and still smiling, crossing your arms.

“I dare you,” you said, and he laughed again. One you’d never heard; something full of hope and surprise at the same time.

In the end, you realized you’d forgotten to turn the camera on, but it didn’t seem to matter so much anymore.

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I’m also gonna share this from fivedaysofdan just cuz I’m really sad that this isn’t happening after I get to post all the stuff I’ve been drawing for reasonswhywelovephil

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this is an art piece I like to call ‘when we thought the idiots were going to lose’ or alternatively ‘dan ashcroft is at his happiest when he has the upper hand over nathan barley’

cause of death: dan favouriting a tweet linking to an article about a Japanese wedding venue when it’s 5am in Japan :))))

Ugly Christmas sweaters (requested) - Preference #347

Winter/Christmas Edition 2015 


Dan - Normally parties weren’t your thing, but during Christmas you couldn’t pass up the chance to wear the matching sweaters that you had bought just for the occasion. You wish you had a picture of the moment you unveiled them to Dan, because with the face he had made, you immediately burst into laughter. “Are you bloody serious?” He deadpanned, staring at his sweater, “where the hell did you find this monstrosity?” “Around.” You giggled, hugging the sweater to your chest, “come on! It’s an ugly sweater party! With these we’re sure to win.” You winked.

“come on, we have to look like the couple that brings their two children and drive a minivan while we drive Timmy to soccer practice and Rosalinda to ballet every saturday.”



Phil - You and Phil loved Christmas parties. With all the lights, chilly air, and good food, there were times when you’d go to two in one night. And the fact that everyone invited you two to their party, you always had something to do. “With these we’re sure to win all that chocolate.” You smiled, poking the nose of your sweater reindeer. “You’ve got that right.” Phil laughed, “we’re going to get chocolate wasted.” “Did you seriously just say that.” You burst into laughter, before a few people came to say hello. “You guys look adorable.” They gushed, “seriously adorable.”

“If I don’t get a picture of you two, this will be a wasted party. Come on, come on, get together.”


♥ heart ♥ eyes ♥


No fucking idea what’s going on here but Dan’s 25 and I don’t know how did that happen he’s an actual child
This is definitely one of my favourite pictures of him because it completely crushed my soul :) happy birthday to the danny man right

Today I met Dan Reynolds in the hotel lobby, took this blurry picture of us, and then tipped over a chair I was currently sitting in, crashing it and myself to the ground, and flung my phone into a lamp. Basically, I have mixed reviews about my experiences.

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