because damn son!

me: i really hope monsta x gets their first win tomorrow, but i know it’ll be okay if they don’t and i believe they’ll get it one day soon for sure :)

also me: i know this is only the first music program for the comeback, but if monsta x doesn’t get their first win i’d kill everyone in the world and then myself

Hogwarts houses : what kind of friend they are

Gryffindor: protective friend - they’re the kind of friends who’ll make you laugh to counteract your tears, whilst swearing not to hurt the person who caused them. But 10 minutes later they’ll be ready to fight that person regardless,,,, oops

Ravenclaw: good advice friend - they’re usually awake until 3am reading, so they won’t mind late night rants. They’ll listen to everything you have to say and come up with the most logical and beneficial advice, without turning you against anyone or making you feel like you need to change unimportant parts of your life. Hates unnecessary drama. Educated n honest in everything they say.

Hufflepuff: vegetarian friend - they don’t mind you eating meat, it’s your choice, they just love animals too much to do it themselves. Plants are pretty cool anyways. Known make the most unique meals known to man, but holy shit they’re good. Will probably buy you flowers whenever you’re sad and take you on a walk to see their “friends”. Those “friends” are hippogriffs. Maybe occamys.

Slytherin: shady friend - they won’t hurt anyone, they don’t want to be seen as violent because they aren’t. BUT DAMN SON if you need to talk about your distant cousin Victoria, you know where to go. Lovely people. Just don’t cross them or their friends.

Okay Kingdom Hearts fandom, I’m here to talk about a thing. 

So it’s pretty obvious after playing Ventus that his fighting style is the most similar to Sora’s. it’s faster, of course, but he does all these little jumps and spins while smacking things around with his keyblade and firing magic off. The fighting style of both Sora and Ventus kinda come off as a fairly relaxed, fun style. While they’re fighting things, it’s not hard to believe that they’re having fun. Both Ven and Sora can use light-based moves such as Salvation and Faith. It should be noted that, along with Roxas, Sora and Ventus are the only characters that use glide/superglide outside of Neverland.

While Riku shares many abilities with Terra, such as Meteor, Zantetsuken, Sacrifice, and Meteor Crash, I find his fighting style itself is far more similar to Aqua. His “hand spring” resembles Aqua’s cartwheel, for starters. Riku’s fighting style seems to be very structured, with quick strikes and prominent magic, extremely similar to Aqua. In Dream Drop Distance he learns abilities such as (Dark) Barrier and Double Flight, moves exclusive to Aqua. He also develops Link Styles that are similar to Command Styles in Birth by Sleep, such as Blade Charge which is a command style used by Terra and Aqua, and Rising Wing, which bears similarities to Sky Climber, a command used by Aqua and Ventus. Later on he obtains a Dual Link Style called Ghost Drive which correlates directly to a Level 2 Command Style, also called Ghost Drive, which can only be used by Aqua.

With all of that in mind, I absolutely, sincerely hope that Kairi will just BE TOTALLY DEVASTATING.  Basically what we would get from Kairi is these flowery cute keyblades THAT ARE COMPLETELY OVERPOWERED. And y’know, I’m kinda sick of the “girl is good at magic” I mean, I’m cool with it, but to me Kairi just doesn’t seem the type to rely on magic all that much. So I feel like she’d totally be the most like Terra when it comes to fighting. She’s always been the slowest, ever since KH1, and though we haven’t seen her use a keyblade very often, when she does they way she holds it seems to be a good way to make powerful and effective blows. Furthermore, in concept art from Nomura we see her “fighting” a heartless with a branch. Yeah, a FULL BRANCH. Not a flimsy little Roxas stick or wooden baby play sword. A BIG TREE BRANCH. And she just whacks a fricken heartless like a piñata . In KH2 we see her fighting heartless and the way she swings doesn’t exactly hint at a dainty little magic user. Basically, I just want kairi to be this super cute girl who is a princess and has an adorable flower keyblade and a pink dress and JUST TOTALLY DESTROY HER ENEMIES. WITH A SWING OF HER CUTESY KEYBLADE HEARTLESS FALL TO HER FEET IN DEFEAT (haha). That’s the Kairi I want. The Kairi that wants to be trained by Terra because DAMN SON YOU’RE SO STRONG TRAIN ME no not you Aqua like you’re cool BUT TERRA I WANNA KICK BUTT LIKE THAT.

And poor Terra has no idea what to do because he’s afraid he’d corrupt her even though she’s incorruptible and he’s not sure she could handle his training regimen aND THEN HE WATCHES HER SPAR and Aqua’s like “oh” and he’s like “OH. OH OH OH THAT’S WHY SHE WANTED ME” and he’d be down for it and teach her to swing like a pro and kick butt like there’s no consequences.

SPN pickup lines

1.Do you carry on Wayward?

because damn son… that the colt in your pants?

or are you just happy to see me?

3. Was I captured by a Djinn

 or is this really a dream come true?

4. You’re so hot I could see you on my ceiling

5. If I was a leviathan 

I’d eat you first 

  • Sun Jing: Hey babe.
  • Qiu Tong: Yea, babe?
  • Sun Jing: I love you, babe.
  • Qiu Tong: OMG babe, I love you, too, babe.
  • Qi Fang: Hey guys, can you shut the fuck up please?


Dean Winchester came back just when you thought you had let him go for good. He left over a year ago, telling you he had family business to take care of. You knew what Dean’s family business was like. It meant that he might never make it back to you. What Dean did for a living wasn’t normal and definitely wasn’t safe. 

Saving People. Hunting Things. The Family Fucking Business. 

Now, here he was a little over a year later, begging you to come with him. 

“Y/N, I need you. You can’t go,” Dean swallowed, staring you down. “Not now.”

You stared back at him, running your hand over your face in frustration. You couldn’t believe after everything that you were even letting him talk to you. He had no right to ask you to stay. 

Not now. 

But here you were, listening, because you loved the damn son of a bitch and that would never change, and you fucking knew it. 

“Please?” he begged as he took a tentative step toward you his hand reaching out for yours. 

You stepped away out of reach.

“I’’ll do anything,  sweetheart,” he continued, his eyes full of sorrow and regret. 

You swallowed the knot of emotion that was building in your throat. You wanted to believe him. Your bones ached with need wanting to accept the words that were coming from his mouth, but his actions had spoke volumes. 

“You left,” you managed, blinking slowly, meeting his gaze. “You left. I begged you to let me come with you. I begged you to let me help find your dad, and you walked away.”

Dean pursed his lips as he furrowed his brow. “ I didn’t think…”

“Damn right you didn’t think, Winchester,” you half yelled, shoving him in the chest with conviction.  “I’d do anything for you. I’d go anywhere with you. I’d give my damn life for you, you idiot. I love you, Dean.” 

Dean’s eyes widened with hope at your words. 

“You love me?” Dean asked, his voice full of hope. 

“And you sure as hell don’t deserve it after telling me that you couldn’t take me with you,” you added, closing the gap between you and grabbing his shirt. “Dean I knew everything. I could have helped,” you choked, your fist clenching his shirt tightly. “I hunted with you and your dad. I could have helped.” Your voice was cut off by the emotion that had been building deep in your chest, pressing in on you, suffocating you. 

“I know,” he whispered, his hand reaching up to caress your face hesitantly. “I know that now,” he said, looking away from you as he tried to blink away the tears that were building in his eyes. “I should have known it then. I’m so sorry.”

His face was inching towards you. Everything inside you was screaming for you to walk away. To run as fast you could in the other fucking direction. Do to him what he did to you, but your body had other plans. 

You met his lips half way, all the emotion of the last year and half bursting out of you in a single kiss. You wrapped your arms around Dean’s shoulder and held him desperately to you, shaking uncontrollably with all of the feelings and emotions you had been so afraid to feel and express. 

“I’m sorry,” Dean pulled away and breathed before kissing you again. “I need you,” he managed between breaths, his lips capturing yours again hungrily once he had uttered the words. “I love you,” he whispered against your lips. 

Your eyes flew to his. 

“Take me with you.”

It wasn’t a question, and this time Dean didn’t hesitate. 

“To the ends of the earth, Y/N. I’ll always protect you. I’m never letting you go again,” he murmured before his lips attached desperately to yours once more. 

“You’re gonna have to prove it, Winchester,” you managed, your voice thick with emotion. 

“I’ll spend the rest of my life doing just that, princess,” he whispered, pushing your hair out of your face and kissing your temple tenderly. 

This time you were going with Dean Winchester. His baby brother needed saving, and you were going to be there every step of the way, like you had so wanted to be there when John disappeared. You would prove to Dean that he never should have left you in the first place. 

anonymous asked:

I think it's fascinating how Galad joins one of the most extremist organizations in the world and yet this has zero effects on his personality while Gawyn remains in the city that was supposed to embody stability and order and he is spiraling completely out of control. I don't exactly like Galad(it's hard to like him) but I am kinda envious of just how comfortable he is with himself and his decisions

This is a really interesting observation! 

I wonder if some of it is perhaps due to where their sense of duty/self/purpose originates–externally versus internally. 

Gawyn’s role, and much of what goes with it, was given to him from an external source, and then internalised throughout his life of being raised to become First Prince of the Sword. He was told his duties as soon as he was old enough (or perhaps a little earlier) to understand them, and they subsequently became a core part of his identity. But they didn’t originate with him. So he’s always trying to fill a role that is ‘externally’ defined, measuring himself against a set of standards and often finding himself wanting. He’s striving to meet a bar he didn’t set for himself.

Galad’s role, and duties–and identity–on the other hand, seem to be much more internally defined (or self-defined). After Morgase took the throne, and Gawyn and Elayne were born, as far as I can tell Galad wouldn’t have had a specific role he was expected to fill. (I suppose he could have decided to put in a claim for the throne of Cairhien, but he didn’t). Yes, he would still have been raised in the royal family, and taught a particular set of values and skills, etc, but his actual identity and place were left more to him to define for himself, I think. For some characters that could have been disastrous, but it ended up working for Galad. So he does what is ‘right’ above all else–regardless of the consequences–but he does that because that is how he has chosen to define himself. It isn’t demanded of him, or taught to him as part of a role he is given, but rather forms part of a role he has decided to take on.

So there is an element of choice to it, it would seem. This sort of goes back to something I was looking at with Rand and Egwene, the idea of ‘hero by choice’ versus ‘hero by calling’. Neither one is ‘better’ or ‘worse’ on its own, but they do make for different stories, or different perspectives and therefore reactions to things.

(19) Ignis’ pick up lines.

Noctis: It was funny at first, but it’s getting out of hand, Gladio. You should probably stop walking around shirtless.
Gladio: Why? I’m fresh and comfy like this.
Prompto: I mean, not that I agree with Noct, but…it’s Altissia and people stare.
Gladio: There’s no shirt that’s worthy of my body.
Noctis: There’s none you like?
Gladio: None that looks greater on me than my body does on its own.
Ignis: …
Ignis: You know what do would look great on you, though?
Noctis: Ignis, no.
Ignis: Me.
Gladio: Ignis yes.

Like what everybody says about you and Supergirl?

having to read a post with my own two eyes where an anon asks “is madd legit” made me lose 40 years on my life

This episode kinda showed that, for some reason, the Black Fairy seems to have been waiting for Gideon to be born, like she wanted her son to meet his True Love and have a child because she needed said child.

So… imagine her losing her patience because damn it, her son has met his true love and refuses to pursue her. Imagine her planning a thousand ways for them to get laid. Imagine her being so utterly frustrated by it all, trying a hundred different tricks. Fairy pheromones, magical wardrobe misshaps, contrived “we need to share a bed” trope settings…

I need a thousand fics about this.

Things I would do if I met Sam Winchester (that we should all do)

Things I would do if I met Sam Winchester (that we should all do)

1. Give him a big ol’ puppy dog
2. Slap him because he is the biggest idiot
3. Tell him that we all appreciate everything he does
4. Let him know that he is not a monster, and let him know that Dean never thought he was
5. Want to sleep with him but not actually do it ‘cause I don’t want to die in a horrific and painful fashion
6. Probably find some way to feel his muscles because damn son.