because damn roy


A/N: OKAY. So this right here is a little gift fic for Elena (aka @theysangastheyslew). Why you ask? Because 1) ItotallyhadsomethingplannedforherbirthdayforeveragoandthenlifehappenedandsuddenlyIhadtoomanythingsIwantedtowriteforherandcouldn’tmakeupmymindI’msorryI’mhorrible and 2) Because she totally deserves all the writing for her wonderful art *-* 

So this piece is based off of this incredible picture she submitted for Royai Week 2015. I hope you enjoy it, Elena~! AndsorryI’mhorribleIjustcouldn’tmakeupmymind.

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Arrow is back in seven tortuous days and even though we have missed it a lot, you guys know what the aftermath of the episode will be