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Bucky x Water Bender!Reader
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She sits quietly on the couch, staring through the open window. Light plays on the ground in front of her, dancing off of the expanse of buildings that surrounds the room shes in, but she’s not really looking to see what is out there. Shes looking to ignore the world around her, absently she swirls water around her fingers. It flows easily above her hand, extending and pulling into itself. A deep grumble from the doorway pulls her from her trance, her instincts shifting the water into a whip toward the sound, but she drops it as soon as she sees the source.


A huff of air and small smile graces her lips. She pulls the water from the floor and puts it back into the pouch at her thigh. Bucky moves toward the window, looking out into the city she was staring through.

Its late afternoon, the golden light she was previously ignoring plays on his features. Hes beautiful, and she wishes she could capture the way it makes his face almost soft. So often he is guarded, constantly prepared for what could happen in a split second. Prepared for the attack that will likely never come in this secure facility, out of instinct.

His brain may be able to resist the future control of hydra or anyone who learns their secrets. But he is still plagued with the memories of past tortures and experiences. Seeing him like this is a gift and she will remember it for as long as she can.

She gets up from where she is sitting, walking over to join Bucky at the window. She bumps him gently with her shoulder and wraps her arms around her middle.

“I love the sunset. How warm it feels on my skin. How the light plays differently depending on what surface it touches,” she speaks softly, barely breaking the silence of the room. Her eyes tracing the contours of his face more than looking out at what she knows exists beyond the glass pannel. 

His lips curve into a smirk. “All that to describe an orb of gas setting and still you stare at me,” he cocks his eyebrow at her as he turns to face her fully. His heart jumps at the sight of her in the setting glow. “Though, seeing you in the light like this, I’d have to agree, the sight is gorgeous.” Her smile grows reaching her eyes now, a soft blush forming upon her cheeks as she looks back out the window.

“You sure know how to make a girl blush, Buck,” her voice is light as she giggles leaning against his shoulder.

“Thank you for last night. For, healing me. Even though…” his voice trails off.

“Of course Bucky. I hate seeing you hurt,  and when there is something I can do to help make it not, I just…thank you for letting me.”

His arms wrap around her shoulders pulling her into his broad chest, warmth radiating from his body and bleeding into her skin.

“Im learning to let people in,” he says quietly into her hair, she moves her arms from around herself to around his waist. They stand there embracing as the sun falls behind the city sky line. Breathing in eachothers warmth and comfort as the room goes dark and the air grows cold.

anonymous asked:

How would being roommates with Warfstache go??


-would be a good room mate to an extent
-but definitely brings too much candy into the apartment because HELLO SWEET TOOTH
-best at making you milkshakes though, so you forgive him
-actually just the best at cooking in general
-you find him wearing your clothes far too often for your liking
-you think he’s stolen some of your lacy panties but you’re not all that upset because they probably look bomb on him
-he stretches them out when he wears them because his figure is different than yours
-makes you keep your Thursday’s open because that’s movie night and you’re not allowed to go out on movie night
-best at cuddles
-because he’s got a little bit of a belly on him and he’s so soft and lovely
-probably makes the worst kind of dad jokes
-also always has your back
-never likes your partners, mostly because they’re jerks and he can see right through them
-always making sure that he’s your shoulder to cry on when you need it
-because he loves his “little gumdrop”
-it’s no secret that he’s harboring a deep love for you, more than just friends
-but he keeps that to himself as much as he can because he’s so soft hearted and he can’t handle a heartbreak
-but that all goes out the window one night when you’re curled up on his chest while watching a tv show together
-because you look up at him and tell him in the softest voice possible that you love him too, and you lean up to kiss his parted lips ever so softly before going right back to where you were, smiling to yourself and watching the show while you listen to his heart race.

(This got v sweet and cute and wow I love this 💖)

super-skid  asked:

Imagine this: the Host doesn't sleep much so he always come to bed long after the Doctor is asleep, but he still loves to cuddle. The Host doesn't like to feel like he is trapped so he enjoys either being the big spoon or just holding the Doctor while he sleeps. And when the Doctor wakes up early to go on a long shift, he's usually wrapped up in the Host's warm arms. But he doesn't mind because he loves cuddling with his Toasty Hosty.

I 100% live for this

It’s almost dawn when the Host decides to sneak into the Doctor’s sheets, and honestly it’s just the best time for him to cuddle with his love. The Host can hold him tight from behind, so tight that he feels his heartbeat; he doesn’t need to worry about waking him up and hearing his rants about how often the bandages should be changed: the Doctor is always dead tired from work, so he’s a heavy sleeper.
The Host also likes to grab the Doctor’s hands, he likes to study them, scanning every inch slowly with his fingertips, trying to remember everything like he remembers his stories. The Host hates to feel trapped because of past experiences, so he never lets the Doctor be the big spoon and whenever he tries to hug him instinctively during sleep, the Host gently takes his arms off, sits on the bed for a minute to ground himself and avoid flashbacks and then he lays down again, giving soft kisses on the lips of his lover and burying his face on Doctor’s chest a few moments after, wrapping his arms around him, breathing the scent of his clean pijamas and warm skin, finally rid of the smell of disinfectant thanks to the evening shower.

When the Doctor wakes up for work the scene is always the same: the Host is sleeping but everything about his body says “Don’t go”: his head is still on Doctor’s chest, laying on the ear, probably still listening to his heartbeat in his dreams; what once was a firm grip of the Host’s arms is now a loose, exhausted hug and his warm body seems way more tempting than whatever the world has to offer to the Doctor in this cold morning.
But after all, he knows he can’t stay and so he sneaks out of the bed, trying his best to not disturb his little night owl and giving him a goodbye kiss on the forehead, whispering by himself “tomorrow I’ll be with you all day, I promise”.

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      MONSTA X





            BLOCK B


            ➽  meeting the girl of his dreams

            ➽ seeing you walk around the kitchen like a zombie with bed hair while wearing only his shirt

            ➽ accidentally falling for a very young fan

            ➽ his s/o going thru a hard time because of fan hate

            ➽ what kind of a movie would you two be?


            ➽  meeting the girl of his dreams (giri and iron)

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