because cuddling

I wanted to write a poem for Minxie in iambic diameter since i discovered the meme and I finally kicked my ass into gear at some point this last week ^_^

i ame a cat
alle byg and whyt
i cuddle up
to friends et nite
as Minxie i
kan keep them warme
and snug together
thru each storme

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Kara x Lena cuteness for everyone

My Other Aesthetics

I was just trying to find a gif for something and I found this and…

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my brain, 2am : smh fuckin go to sleep
me : sSHUT UP i need them cuddling right HERE and NOWHH

Steve wishes he could just smash the virus with his shield so that his (boy)friend would feel better immediately.

Some hurt/comfort Stony for myself ; w ; I got acute gastroenteritis yesterday and kept throwing up and I can’t even sit up straight for nearly a whole day. I ate nothing at all and could only drank very little water even though I felt extremely weak and thirsty… I can’t even start describing how terrible I felt. Luckily I can consume a small amount of food today and I feel much better and at least like a human again.

So yeah, some cuddling Stony for myself.

Cuddling with Draco Malfoy on a rainy day would include...
  • Staring at the raindrops on the window
  • Intertwining fingers with him
  • Draco wanting to be the big spoon
  • But changing to the small spoon because he just wants to be held by you
  • Neck kisses
  • Temple kisses
  • Shoulder kisses
  • Just too many kisses
  • His arm snaking around your waist
  • And you laughing because it tickles
  • “You’re so ticklish, dear”
  • Comfortable silences
  • Your hands brushing his hair
  • And his brushing yours
  • Legs being entwined from being so close
  • Having to share a blanket with him
  • “Stop pulling the blanket!”
  • “I’m not!”
  • Finally falling asleep, pressed against him as the warmth of each other’s bodies embraces the both of you.

More Red Riding Hood AU things~

Been in an art slump recently and finals are coming, so updates might be a little slow T^T

More hamilton art? You bet! This time focusing on Hamilton and Laurens. Lams.

Maybe next time I’ll draw Lafayette and Hercules because I need more of that. 

Commissions are OPEN!