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Riverdale appreciation week (and a half): Day 9 - Favorite AU

The Core Four as Greek Deities (Archie as Apollo, Veronica as Aphrodite, Betty as Persephone & Jughead as Hades


Dale Cooper + Disheveled Hair

“The best one is if he cups your face. It means he’s the romantic type and you make him feel like he can protect you or like you make him feel more masculine. It means that kissing you is hardly enough because he also has the desire to hold you. The fact that he’s paying more attention to your face and less to your body is a very good sign.”


#the second eyebrow raise lmaoo k jughead.


*** I take any character x reader except Jason, Chuck & Ethel (I prefer Reggie). I don’t take moodboard/aesthetic request they are just stress relievers for me. I only take character x reader headcanons not ships, the ships (character x character) are just stress relievers as well sorry and thanks for understanding babes. If the characater is gay don’t ask to make them straight*** 

Character x Reader Fics:

Reggie x Reader:

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Character x Character Headcanons:

Kevin x Joaquin:



Ginger x Melody:

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Jughead x Cheryl:

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Joaquin x Jason:

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Ginger x Melody

Kevin x Archie

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Sorcerer Reggie Mantle

  • Betty: When you’re gay in your house with nobody else you’re homolone
  • Veronica: When you’re bi and there’s nobody else around, you’re biyourself
  • Jughead: When you’re asexual and nobody is present in your vicinity, you’re aceolated
  • Archie: When you’re pansexual and everyone else already left you’ve been apandoned

Ok idea:

Riverdale Musical! episode. But Jughead is the only one who DOESN’T sing. He’s literally the genre savvy one who points out “When did you guys plan this? Where did you get that prop? Why is there an orchestra behind the bleachers? ARCHIE I’M RIGHT HERE. Is this some weird hazing you have to do for the Pussycats?”

UNTIL. The very end when Betty curls up next to him singing a sweet ballad and he sings the VERY LAST line with her. Awkwardly and off key but he loves this girl and he’ll do anything for her. Even follow along with this weird sing along she wants to do. 

Maybe it could be a weird coma dream Jughead has after he’s in the hospital after crashing his motorcycle or something? End episode with him opening his eyes and Betty’s sleeping next to him on the hospital bed. 


Hey, you didn’t have to walk me home. Uh, there’s a killer on the loose. Remember? Besides, isn’t this what … you know? …… what … people like … us who have gone through what we’ve gone through do? … What is it? I mean, besides everything. [She wouldn’t of run away if it wasn’t for me, Jug.]

  • me: *takes deep breath* alice cooper sent polly away not because she was ashamed of her but because she was protecting her from the man that forced her into aborting her child (her child, I'm still rooting for an alice x fp history) asking her to give it up for adoption so it wouldn't have to grow up in a house with a man who wanted it dead and by taking on the role of overbearing mother she was saving her daughters from finding out their beloved father was actually cold hearted and potentially dangerous hoping to save them from the pain she's endured prOTECT ALICE COOPER!!!