because constantly not caring is constantly losing

SHOUT OUT TO THE ‘VISUAL HOLE’ OF EACH GROUP, WHO PERSERVERE THROUGH SO MUCH HATE AND PAIN ON A REGULAR BASIS. The idols who have suffered endlessly because people force their own standards of beauty on them, or tell an idol they aren’t as attractive as another member. To the idols who are constantly degraded and told they should leave their group because they are ‘dragging to other members down’. Those idols who are called ugly, worthless, idiotic and no-good every day not only by antis, but by managers and fans. To those idols who are forced to get plastic surgery or lose weight because they are constantly reminded of their flaws.

These are the same idols who spend extra time to work out, or to change themselves to make others happy. These idols who are still so kind and caring to their fans even if they feel worthless and destroyed. These idols who work to make others feel good so no one will ever feel the way they feel.

These idols, these ‘visual holes’ are human too, so don’t think for one FUCKING second that they deserve any less than the ‘attractive’ member or that they deserve less success and love.

quitting a sport because you’re bigger than all your teammates  #growingupfat

wanting to maybe try acting but no one would cast you unless you lost 30 pounds #growingupfat

constantly comparing yourself and putting things off, saying “when i look like this, then i can buy tht cute dress”  #growingupfat

constantly imagining your life as a “better”, skinnier, “perfect” you  #growingupfat

the constant weight loss/weight gain yo-yo #growingupfat

beating yourself up because you can’t lose the weight and you’re too prideful to ask for help  #growingupfat

remembering the days when you used to not care how you looked  #growingupfat

wishing more than anything to go back to before the world told you about your “flaws”  #growingupfat

trying to focus on important things but your negative body thoughts keep consuming you  #growingupfat

Your skinny friends who KNOW they’re skinny calling themselves fat right in front of you, not even realizing the hours you spend hating yourself daily for that word, and having society treat you like dirt like jfc  #growingupfat

knowing you’re disappointing your parents  #growingupfat

trying to promote body positivity when you feel like shit  #growingupfat

people who have never experienced trauma based on their physical appearance just telling you to “love urself hun ;)”  #growingupfat