because clace is everything

I missed the first ten minutes and idk what happened, but the rest of this episode is really good. A lot better than I expected.

The Seelie Queen is creepy, but I like her. If she appears to be that young, I hope they will get rid of the ugly Seelie Queen/Sebastian stuffs and the whole Fair Folk join Sebastian will be thrown out of the window. Because, let’s be real, it ruins everything.

The Clace/Climon stuffs are not as bad as I thought. I kinda hate it because Simon hurts and he doesn’t deserve this.

Luke finally gets his chance to confront Valentine and Alec being reasonable leader give me live. Rizzy dies, I’m living. Shadowhunters look sane for Meliorn and I’m loving it. Alec calls Magnus his boyfriend and Magnus being so extra by calling him Mr. Lightwood because they have to be ‘professional’ and Alec goes along with him by “Mr. Bane,” that’s just the cherry on top.

Shadowhunters isn't only Malec, ya know? Jace, Clary, Simon, Izzy and (so excited) SEBASTIAN exist. JUST IN CASE YOU DIDN'T FUCKING KNOW
The fandom demands a Malec promo and I say...

People. Chill.
I want a Malec promo too but we all know what happens with those promos.

If you keep asking for them, chances are that they are going to put everything in just 1min and then you are going to be disappointed and angry because of that. The show doesn’t need more disappoinments, not after that clausterfuck that was Malec first time

So, relax. Let Clace and Climon have all the trailers and really enjoy when the second part begins and you will get all the surprises you want with Malec