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Dating Francis 'Ajax' Freeman would include (Plus Size Edition):

A/N: This is a request by @wolverinesgirl14 and I have written this to be as inclusive as I can! I apologize if you may not feel included. If that’s the case, you can always send me requests for more of these or drabbles/one-shots!
This is more detailed than other lists for a specific request!

- You’d have some sort of friendship with Angel before Ajax even makes an effort.
- You’d gain Angel’s respect through training with her…even after she’d nicknamed you ‘Chuckie’…because you threw up the first three times she trained you.
- Angel wouldn’t admit it but she’d take on Ajax if you’d said he looked at you sideways.
- There being a total lack of privacy in the warehouse and so Ajax accidentally walks in on you changing.
- More than once.
- Trying to hide from him when he does and avoiding him like the plague, in the warehouse.
- Francis finally cornering you and demanding to know why.
- When he finds out it’s because you were embarrassed by your stretch marks and your scars, he gives you the best advice he knows how to give. Simple and blunt.
- ‘You don’t need to be embarrassed by those things. They’re normal. They’re a part of you. Look at how far you’ve come. How strong you are. Stronger than I thought you were. Your body is capable and the only one you’ve got.’
- ‘Between you and me, I quite like your body.’ *trademark smirk*
- Going with Ajax on missions as a ‘bodyguard’.
- Francis being proud of you when you manage to defend him with your powers.
- Getting cornered by Francis when he returns from missions, caged in by his body and kissed like tomorrow doesn’t exist.
- A strong sense of mutual respect and treating each other as equals. You might not be as strong or as skilled as Francis but your powers are second to none and your business savvy is all your own.
- Convincing Francis to let you see your friends…which means you take Francis as a bodyguard and he lurks in the background.
- Your friends pouting because no guys will come up to your group and if they do, they immediately take off again.
- You knowing full-well it’s because Ajax is glaring and towering above anyone who comes close.
- Making physical affection as casual as possible and allowing Francis to become more comfortable with it.
- Stitching up Francis when Wade’s beaten the crap out of him.
- Henchmen returning to the warehouse, mysteriously battered and bruised the day after making comments about your weight and appearance.
- Neither Francis nor Angel would admit to being responsible but you’d see the bruised knuckles.
- Managing to sneak candid shots of Francis and Angel, taping them to your dresser.
- Francis discovering them but not mentioning them. Instead, he takes his own candids of you and tapes them alongside the ones you’d taken. Leaving them for you to find.
- Working out exactly how to push his buttons.
- Like strutting around your room in your panties and Francis’ shirt.
- Usually leading to Francis pinning you against the wall, lifting you and carrying you to the bed.
- Which he’d do, simply because he knew you loved that he could.
- Francis would basically worship your curves. With his hands, his lips. Much like how you often appreciated his muscles ;)
- Getting to realise that 'Ajax’ only comes out when he deems that you or Angel are under threat.
- Seeing more and more of who 'Francis’ actually is.
- Being guided out of your shell and pushed out of your comfort zone. By both Francis and Angel and it only makes you grow.
- Francis laying with you on his chest, telling you how incredibly frustrating you were in the beginning. All smirks and small smiles.
- Then confessing how proud he is…and that he never understood why Wade fought so hard for Vanessa, but after you came into his life…he knows he would do anything to keep you safe.
- 'I love you’s wouldn’t be said often and usually only by you, but when Francis comes out with 'be safe’, 'I’m proud of you’, 'you’re gorgeous’ etc is his way of saying it to you.
- His smile (that’s only ever reserved for you) and his arms becoming your home. As your smile and your embrace is his home.

A/N: I feel like this is missing something, so please don’t hesitate to give me some feedback! I wanna make the best work foe you guys!

Remember when Chuck Palahniuk created this big stir about how people were LITERALLY PASSING OUT at his readings? It was amazing. It was like 1950s horror movie promotion: PEOPLE ARE FAINTING BECAUSE CHUCKY P’S NEW STORY IS SO INTENSE!  HE DARE NOT READ IT ALOUD! PEOPLE COULD DIE!

And it took a few months for everyone to realize that the opening lines of the story tell you to hold your breath through the whole thing.  Bless the hearts of the apparently 67 people who took him at his word and passed out from oxygen deprivation while listening to his gory but mediocre story that is boring as fuck because honestly it was ripped from the headlines of John Edwards’ first successful lawsuit and he (Edwards) brought up a less intestine-focused version of the story up during the 2004 primaries all the time. 

Anyway, this is a metaphor for how Chuck Palahniuk is a genuis at edgelord self-promotion and that Fight Club is not actually a satire or That Deep. 

okay I love creepy things but honestly fuck “homicidal doll” movies

they contribute significantly to the decline of an already dying branch of antique sales/collecting

doll museums and stores have been closing by the dozens for the past 20 or so years

the most common reaction I get to saying I work with antique dolls is “oh my god that’s so creepy,” even though these dolls are incredible works of art

people who have the skills and knowledge to preserve these dolls (which are literal pieces of history) are aging and dying with very few young people coming in to take up the torch, in no small part because of movies like Chucky and Annabelle

and when people do buy broken or damaged dolls, they tear them up or splash them with red paint for art projects or Halloween decorations instead of trying to restore them

so those writers and directors can go fuck themselves. forget dolls killing people; the dolls and the history they embody are the real victims here

100 Reasons Why - 06

BTS 방탄소년단 - Soulmate!AU

Warnings -  polyamorous relationships, swearing, smut

Summary - Love is a powerful thing. Let it settle under your skin and in your bones. Let it live, let it breathe. Do not beat it down and know that your love doesn’t reach one person, but everyone around you.

Glossary - 01. 02. 03. 04. 05. 06. 07. 08. 09

“Take my jacket, it’s cold outside.” He says, turning you around to slip the coat over your shoulders. You blush, looking down to avoid his eyes. Yoongi bends down to press a kiss to your forehead, “Don’t stay long.”

“I’ll be back before you can miss me.” You tease, running our thumb across his cheek as you hold him in place.

Yoongi chuckles, arms hands wrapping around your waist. “I already miss you.”

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so here’s the thing: flames had zero (0) penalties against them, played a beautifully disciplined game (because lemme tell you Chucky looked like he wanted to go), had five (5) power plays and scored on three (3), there was no penalty against Matthew Tkachuk being punched in the face (even though it was pointed out by a commentator) and the refs spent who knows how long trying to decide if a goal should be allowed with a high stick (pro tip: it shouldn’t have been) and then we lost 5-4 in an OT which shouldn’t have even happened

Writing Prompts (weird things my preschoolers have said to me edition):
  1. Remember yesterday when I met you?
  2. I’m really smart. I know 2 and 3 makes 5. 
  3. I am a police cat. 
  4. If a boy gives you pink flowers, he wants to marry you. 
  5. You have lipstick all over your face. *talking about eyeliner*
  6. I told you we have to eat cheese like this. Slow, so you can taste it. 
  7. Tuck me in like Darth Maul. 
  8. *quietly from underneath a fitted sheet* gotta catch em all
  9. I have to go to the garden to get the macaroni and cheese flower.
  10. I was born with the force. For real life. 
  11. First you put coffee on it and then a bandage.
  12. I used up my speed. 
  13. This is the leaning tower of pizza. 
  14. I’m the manager, so I tell everyone what to do. 
  15. My phone number is 600.
  16. My favorite movie is Chucky because he cuts off a guy’s head. 
  17. You have to go to jail because you’re a zombie. 
  18. Yes, I want to be naked.
  19. I’m playing a game called kick the cheetah in the butt.
  20. There are 300 bees here and they’re angry. 

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1) Bruh I just woke up (it's 10 am where I am) and like, I woke up crying because I was hit w/ a wave of sad nostalgia??? Like, I was having a dream about Barry being in the Rugrats universe? I was watching Rugrats a few days ago so I get where that came from but it was so sad because Barry was basically Chuckie and really missed his mom and dad.

2) And like, everyone was dancing with their parents and being happy and Barry was really sad until Iris offered to dance w/ him bc she didn’t have a mom and then Wally and Snart and Lisa all sort joined in to make him feel better and it sort of ended in a group hug with everyone including Cisco, Caitlin, Joe and I’m so sad help.

that’s fine i didn’t need my heart anyway

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Price, Gallagher and Galchenyuk

1. Price- Sorry Freddie and Holts, but Carey was my first goalie love

2. Gally- like he does so many dumb things and I just… I don’t know what to do with him but at least the Habs love him

3. Chucky- Because he’s American and not Russian and I swear to god I’m as confused as Gally is by that XD 

At some point in NC’s review of the Child’s Play films, it’s mentioned that Chucky is not good at “getting to the point.” But that’s alright in this case, because Andy would rather someone else fill in the silent void.

yes Andy is stroking his cheek, and yes I’m dying inside

meanwhile, somewhere in Indiana...

“Are we there yet?”


“Are we there yet?”  


“Are we there - “

“I swear to fucking God,”  Mickey turned around to glare at Svetlana in the passenger seat.  “You say that one more time and I’m turning this car around and you can spend the rest of your extremely limited guest-star appearance sucking off the entire cast for all I fucking care.”

“Are we there yet?”  A small voice popped up from the back seat.

Mickey looked in his rearview mirror, stunned to see to see the boy in the back, belted in next to Yevgeny’s car seat.

“Liam?!”  he turned to stare at Svetlana, who shrugged.  

“Believe me, no one will miss him.”


For the 113th time today, as it was loudly pointed out to her, Mandy peeked through the blinds onto the empty drive, and heaved a deep sigh of disappointment.  

“They’ll get here when they get here,”  Karen told her, exiting out of the kitchen with a neatly sliced sandwich on a plate in one hand, a frosty drink in the other.

“Is anyone else hungry?”  Sheila poked her head through the kitchen doorway.

“Me!”  Several voices spoke up and Mandy was nearly stampeded in the sudden wave towards the kitchen.  With a sigh, she turned back to the blinds, looking again, just as the sound of gravel crunching in the drive met her ears.

“THEY’RE HERE!”  Mandy yelled over her shoulder, and with that, she threw open the front door, raced down the steps, and flung herself into Mickey’s arms just as he was getting out of the car.  

“Heeey!”  Mickey stumbled backwards under the force of her leap before he hugged her back.  “Long time!”  he released her and then suddenly leaned forward and grabbed a handful of her chest, twisting mercilessly.

“Hey!  No titty twisters!”  Mandy shrieked, jumping away from him.

“That’s for leaving with that fucktwat and not even saying goodbye,”  Mickey smirked as he turned to help Svetlana take unbuckle Yevgeny from his car seat.

“Is that my nephew?”  An excited voice burst out behind them.  Mickey turned, handing the kid to Svetlana.  There was a tall girl coming down the steps towards him, light red-brown hair in a ponytail, arms outstretched.

“MOLLY? What the hell are you doing here?”

Molly ignored him, snatching Yevgeny out of his arms, running back up the stairs, and disappearing from view.  “Hey, look everyone, I’m an AUNT!”  Mickey heard her calling to persons unknown.

“Hey, bro, about time you got here!”  A near crippling back slap sent him stumbling forward a foot before he turned around to see his brother Iggy grinning at him.  He was even more stunned to see his other brother, the mute, next to Iggy, smiling vapidly.

“What the fuck are you two doing here?”  he broke up before he finally looked up at the enormous white house in front of him, then turned to survey the endless green lawn bordered by forest.  Distantly, he could see the sparkle of a swimming pool.  And he could have sworn when they drove out of Chicago it was bleak, gray, and icy, but now the sun beamed down on them, bathing his surroundings in warmth.  “Jesus.  What is this place?”

“Sanctuary,”  Colin the Mute said and laughed at Mickey’s shock.  “I get lines here.”

“Sanctuary?” he started to ask.

“That’s right!”  Mickey turned to see a blonde woman coming down the steps towards him.   She stretched out her hand to shake his lightly.  “I’m Jasmine.  We’re all from the same place you are.  This is where we went to when we were abandoned.  We’re safe here.”

“Safe from what?”  Mickey demanded.

“Lots of things.  Lack of character development, half-ass storylines, being used as a plot device and then abruptly shuffled off when you’ve served your purpose.  You ought to know all about that one,”  Jasmine gave him an understanding smile.

“Or complete and utter character assassination,” another voice chirped from the immense porch, and Mickey looked up to see Karen Jackson waving at him.  “Hi, Mickey.  Come on in, my mom’s making dinner.”

Still feeling stunned, and fairly certain he was dreaming, Mickey shuffled forward, following Jasmine up the stairs.  Iggy and Colin bounded ahead of them and disappeared through the double front door.  Mandy had taken Liam’s hand and was following close behind.

“Who’s your friend?”  Jasmine asked as they reached the porch.  Her eyes were fixed on Svetlana.  Even as he watched, she winked at his wife and Mickey felt slightly nauseated as the eye-fucking began.

“None of your business!”  Nika appeared out of nowhere, grabbed Svetlana’s arm, and pulled her into the house, only pausing to shoot Jasmine a hostile glance.

“Oooh, this is going to be so much fun!”  Jasmine rubbed her hands together and followed them out of Mickey’s sight.

“Don’t look so freaked out,”  Mandy ushered Mickey through the front door into the foyer.  Mickey could hear light, running footsteps, and laughter just beyond his vision.  Somewhere upstairs, a door slammed, and the laughter grew louder.  “You’re going to love it here.  Really.”

“Everyone does!”  Mickey jumped as Tony the Cop passed him, wearing jeans and a t-shirt instead of his usual uniform. A toolbelt was hung around his waist. “Hey, Sheila, I fixed that window for you!”  Mickey heard him calling as he disappeared down the hallway.

“Can I go play?”  Liam was tugging on Mandy’s arm.  

“Sure,”  Mandy knelt down to help him off with his jacket.  “Jody’s in the living room with Hymie.  Go find him and he’ll show you where the toys are.  And we’ll all take you and Yevgeny to the playground later, OK?”

“OK!”  Liam beamed and ran off.

“Hey there!”  Another endlessly cheerful voice chirped and Mickey saw another blonde, young woman who appeared vaguely familiar descending the staircase.  She paused for a moment, looking at him curiously.  “Don’t I know you from hiding a body?”

“Don’t I know you from boinking Frank?”  he countered.  The woman just laughed.  Mickey stared at her again, eyes narrowing.  “Didn’t you drown yourself in the ocean?”

Bianca shrugged.  “It was kinda vague.  Besides, who wouldn’t fake their death to get away from that loser?”

Mickey found he couldn’t argue with that.  Bianca tossed him one last smile and headed down the hallway towards the kitchen.  

“All things are made right here,”  Mandy said quietly.  “Look,”  she pointed out the window, back at the circular drive.  Mickey followed her gaze and his jaw dropped.  His non-descript family car that he’d driven up here had disappeared.  It its place was his vintage Beatermobile, which he hadn’t seen since that time Ian had picked him up in it.  He’d always wondered what happened to that car and how he’d gotten stuck with the MomMobile instead…

“Fuck me,” he whispered.  “Do we get…”  he could barely dare to say the word.  “Consistency here??”  

“That’s right!”  Mandy beamed at him.

Mickey was still staring at the drive, only now noticing that Sheila’s RV was parked off the side, and next to it was a shiny European specimen, glinting in the sunlight and just begging to be jacked for one hell of a joyride.

“Hey!”  he turned to his sister.  “Is that JimmySteve guy here too?”  

“He has the basement apartment,” another voice chimed in.  Mickey turned to see a drop dead gorgeous woman next to him.  She held out a hand.  “Angela,”  she introduced herself.  “We let him out sometimes,”  she continued.  “Hurry up and get settled in.  Dinner’s almost ready,” she reached out to touch Mandy’s shoulder next and Mickey couldn’t help but notice the way her fingers lingered, trailing down Mandy’s arm before Angela turned and went the way of the others.

“You want to tell me something?”  he demanded.  Mandy just smirked.  

“Hey!  Where the fuck is Kenyatta?” he suddenly remembered, apprehension making him tense all over again.

“Oh, we killed him ages ago,”  another man, with a strong accent and a thinning hairline, was passing by now, carrying a giggling Liam.  “Buried him out back.”

“That’s Beto,”  Mandy said as the man walked away.  “You’ll like him.”

“Oh,”  Mickey shook his head slowly, trying to shake off the confusion.  

“Don’t just stand there,”  Mandy poked his shoulder impatiently.  “Relax a little.  Let me show you around.”

“I was actually kinda hoping I could do that,” another voice broke up.

“What the fuck?!”  Mickey leapt away several feet when he saw who was speaking to him.  

“Hey, easy there, tiger,”  Sammi held out her hands in a gesture of surrender as Mickey adopted a ‘fight or flight’ stance.  

“Are you fucking kidding me?”  he turned to glare at Mandy.  “Are you fucking kidding me?”  he turned to glare at her this time.  “That bitch chased me off of the show!”

“Hey now!”  Sammi put her hands on her hips.  “I know that things didn’t go exactly well between us, but I was hoping we could put all of that behind us.  After all, you did drug me, leave me for dead, and locked me in a pod for a week.  Which is totally implausible, by the way, I would have suffocated that first night.”

“Yeah, well, you turned Ian into the MPs!”

“Well, that’s because Chuckie…I mean…”  Sammi gave up with a sigh.  “Don’t ask me.  I don’t understand it either.  But I was awesome once, right?  I was ‘I love a sleepover!’ gal!  I gave Debbie her first pads and painted her toenails, remember?”

“No!”  Mickey looked around for a weapon, hoping his new roommates wouldn’t mind a bit of a mess.  At least the shiny hardwood floors looked stain resistant; he was pretty sure blood would wash right off.  They could bury her out back with Kenyatta.

“Character assassination, remember?”  Mickey heard Karen yell from the other room.

Sammi sighed.  “That’s what I get for being female where we come from.  There’s only room for one decent woman at a time, and Fiona’s got that shit contractually locked down.”

Mandy snorted.  “Define decent.”

“I can see you need some time to adjust,”  Sammi was now backing away slowly.  “That’s OK, I’ll give you space.  I’m going to go upstairs and get Chuckie’s room ready - he should be out of a plotline any day now,”  she turned and dashed upstairs.  “We’ll talk later!”  she called over her shoulder.

Talk, his ass.  She was gonna wake up with a gun barrel pressed between her eyes, more like it.  Mickey glared after Sammi for a moment before his shoulders relaxed and he let out a long sigh.  Slowly, he walked back over to the huge window in the entryway, looking again at the drive, and the long road leading up to it.

The doorbell rang suddenly, chiming loudly throughout the house and making Mickey jump.  

“I’ll get it!”  Sheila hurried by him, still wearing potholders on both hands and wafting delicious cooking smells behind her.  She managed to pry open the door after some difficulty.  “Amanda!  Just in time for dinner!”

It fell quiet again after the latest newcomer was ushered down the hall.  Mickey could hear more laughter, the sound of chairs being pulled back, and silverware clanking.  It was dinnertime.  He knew there was a seat at the table for him, but he couldn’t quite bring himself to finish that long walk down the hallway.  To admit to himself that he was now one of them.

“Hey,”  Mandy’s voice was quieter now.  She came up behind him, putting an arm around his waist and her chin on his shoulder.  “You’re thinking about him, aren’t you?”

“Yeah,”  Mickey admitted after a moment.  He rubbed the bridge of his nose with his thumb.  “Miss him,” he mumbled quietly.

“Don’t worry, Mick,”  Mandy turned her head so that her cheek was pressed next to his.  “He’ll be here soon enough.”

Smol picture intro to Nu’est for anyone interested in them or just likes to see cute pictures of them. made for @boysbewoozi bcos nuest is great and woozi loves them lol

Mkay so this ^ is Aron. He is the oldest member of Nu’est even though he acts like a child and is basically the maknae  and he takes care of not just Nu’est but also SVT especially his “little baby Jihoonie”. No, seriously… Jihoon loves Aron if the way he clings to him during 17TV has anything to say about it. 

He turns 23 on May 21st. He loves dogs…so much he used to post pictures of his dog, Mel on SNS so much I felt like I personally knew Mel. He’s the lead dancer, lead rapper and sub-vocals of the group. He’s super dorky and sometimes his jokes are so lame I have to physically stop myself from rolling my eyes at him. He’s also the American. 

This ^ is JR short for Junior Royal. He’s our cutie pie leader and resident main rapper and honestly this picture is basically him summed up in a nutshell. If only there were mangas behind him and then it’d be him to a t. 

He turns 21 on June 8th. He likes anime/manga especially One Piece (he’s complete One Piece trash) he’s firm, but loving and caring and even thought he’s not the hyung he treats all of Nu’est like his babies. He, along with Minhyun are the most fluent in Japanese. Oh and he’s like BFF with Seungcheol of SVT and Hoshi (not too sure about the Hoshi)

He’s adorable, just look at him. So cute. 

This ^ is Baekho. He might not be your bias, but he’s totally your bias. Main vocals, powerhouse. Muscle. He doen’t look muscley here because I realized I am a p.o.s and have no pictures of Baek on my laptop that clearly show his…well everything. He also has the biggest butt in the group, so when in doubt….

He turns 21 on July 21st. He is also a dork and has a bunch of like underground rapper friends, friends who own restaurants and hangs out with the guys from BeatBurgerz; no big deal. Basically, Baekho is the group “thug” with the heart of gold. Also he had vocal cord surgery and his voice is even better now??? like???

This^ is Minhyun. 

He’s a piece of shit. I couldn’t find a single goddamn picture that didn’t make want to either hug him or make me want to rip his clothes off. (he’s my bias list ruiner, clearly). He’s the lead vocals, and (second) visual of the group. He turns 21 on August 9th.

Anyway, he’s MARVEL trash, loves transformers and is prooooobably the biggest fanboy of JYJ on earth. Seriously he took time off from his schedules to drag himself and Aron to their concert in Japan, and also to see Dracula when they got back to Korea.

And this ^ is Ren. He’s our baby and we must protect him at all costs. 

He turns 21 on November 3rd. He’s the maknae, visual and sub-vocals of the group (even though nowadays he has a lot more lines because DAMN he improved). He’s our resident weirdo because he loves Chucky probably more than his life. Jk. It’s Lady Gaga. He loves her so much he cosplayed her like 3 times as her already. God bless, bcos….thighs in tights. 

He’s also the selca king because of how many pictures he’s uploaded in his life and then taken down almost immediately, lmfao. Oh, and he was the lead character in a Japanese movie called “Their Distance” in which not just him, but the rest of Nu’est participated in. 


OK bonus points for Jason:

He’s the only added member to Nu’est M which was Pledis’s strategy to get NU’est popular in the Chinese market. You might recognize him from that terrible vampire drama that SVT’s Junhui participated in. Anyway, oddly enough, Jason turns 27/28 Chinese age on May 21st, making him and Aron like best buddies, apparently. 

He was subvocals and he is now focusing on his solo career as JA. Formerly as J&L with his partner in crime, Leo. From China. Not VIXX Leo. lol

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The way you draw leatherface is kinda cute .... I'm gonna fall down the rabbit hole arent I?

Yes. Yes you are.

I hope anyways ….