because can you just imagine what the people who run that site must be thinking

here are a bunch of great fics I’ve enjoyed and loved reading throughout the month of september. I recommend that you read these great fics in october, if you haven’t already!! also check out the MITAM Fic Fest and the HL Historical Exchange!

(all fics with a star are my favorites and if there are two stars then it was a favorite favorite)

1. The World Still Turns 21k **

They had their eyes on the stars.

Harry and Louis have known each other since they were tiny little boys, both wildly obsessed with airplanes, space, and the stars. More than twenty years later, Harry plans to propose to Louis, but when he wakes up, Louis is gone.

2. Sink Into Tomorrow 13k

For the past five years, she’s been tiptoeing carefully around the subject, steadfastly refusing to talk about the possibility, and putting up a front to hide what she was always terrified of feeling. Maybe it’s been a long time coming. Maybe Louis was just the final push she needed. She tries to see this less as a death sentence and more as an opportunity to tell the truth for once.

Harry is the new (supposedly heterosexual) freshman who gets convinced by pretty blue eyes and soft skin to join a club about body positivity and self-image. Louis is the definitely-not-male upperclassman who makes her come to terms with some things she’s been denying.

3. A Few Very Good Mistakes 12k

He almost wishes there were a better story.

“Fucked up pop star ends five day bender by wandering into a dive bar alone and passing out in public.” That would’ve generated press, he thinks, and if there’s one thing that’s constantly on his mind (or more accurately, on the mind of everyone else around him) it’s that all press is good press, and good press is good press but bad press is great press.

Besides, he’s 25 and trying to do the whole transition from boyband to solo pop star. He’s pretty sure a press-fueled meltdown is, like, a right of passage. The truth, alas, is a whole lot more boring.

Louis falls asleep in Harry’s bar. Harry takes him home to hang out.

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Family Trip

20m, last year my Father had to visit Spain where another company wanted to merge with his. Having been on the rocks with my Mother at the time he thought it would be best to bring her and myself with him. Thinking this would bring the spark back into their lives he booked a five-star hotel for the month. My Mother and I were more than excited having never been there or Europe in general. We did not know what to expect at all. The moment I found out about this I began looking up things to do while there. Making a list at the very top was to hit some beaches since it was the middle of summer there. My Mother had the same idea packing a carry on bag of just bikinis and towels. When we got there it was everything you seen in movies plus so much more. The first two weeks my Father would be meeting his potential partners during the days working with their company to see how they function and stuff. So it was just my Mother and I, which was much better than their bickering all the time when he was around. Our first day we decided to find a beach so she had me look up the closest one. Telling me she can’t wait any longer to get in the water she didn’t care how nice the beach was only that it was the closest. I found a highly rated one on google and we called a taxi and went straight there. It was mid day on a Monday so there won’t be a lot of people there the driver told us. She was even more excited about this since crowded beaches aren’t relaxing. When the driver dropped us off my Mom had me pay him as she ran off to the beach. When I caught up to her standing at the edge I soon realized what she had moments before. Unlike the U.S. this was Spain and it was very very normal that this was a Nudist beach. My Mom’s face was red and not from the sun and I too started to blush as mature men and women walked around with their privates freely flopping in the wind. She smiled awkwardly at me and I shrugged telling her I had no idea this was even a real thing. She said we should just go out there in our bathing suits and act as if its a normal beach ignoring the other people since there really wasn’t anyone there. I accepted and we found a nice spot pretty much secluded to ourselves. My Mom didn’t waist any time running to the water and diving in as I laid out looking at all of the old women in the distance. I had never seen mature women completely nude in person so seeing their unfit bodies was new to me and surprisingly a turn on. I think that was because it was so new and raw that my body couldn’t say no. Once my Mom got back from the water she laid down beside me to get some sun telling me how nice the water is. I could care less about the water at this point trying to make my half hard dick unnoticeable to her. A few minutes passed and I saw two older men walking our direction. The one was fat with his stomach completely overshadowing his dick and the other very average. They came straight over to us and began talking to us. Unable to understand Spanish my Mom told them and they repeated themselves in English for us. The average guy said, “this is a nudist beach and you must know it is very disrespectful to the rest of us that you wear your bathing suits.” Standing there with very aggressive looks they made it a point that we must either strip or leave. My Mom looked at me with a disappointed look as she tried to reason with me on why we could stay. Telling me she didn’t mind if I didn’t I then agreed. She said to the men that was fine we will strip so they can go back to enjoying themselves. They then shot me some mean looks before going away. Mom then smiled at me and said, “I guess it is no big deal seeing your mother naked”, as she untied her top straps. Watching her ample tits bounce out of the top was more than amazing having always wondered what they looked like. Stunned I never imagined they would be so amazing though. She has a thin waist from working out a lot and around 5'7" with 32DD. She then continued to take off her bottom and looked to see if I was doing them same. I froze since my dick was now hard as fuck and I feared what she would say. She seemed to notice my embarrassment and told me she will go to the water now so I could undress in private at least. Watching her walk away as her ass switched from side to side did nothing to help my problem. So I just pulled them off so those two guys wouldn’t come back. I tried to find a comfortable way to hide my dick, but nothing worked as it struck a flag pole pose. I bet if my Mom looked at it from the water she could have (not saying I am huge) it was just that obvious. A palm in the desert. Soon after she  started to come back and I decided to roll over on my stomach. I could feel her walking up from behind me and her voice call to me, “cute bald ass hun”. I couldn’t help but laugh since she was probably used to the site of my father’s hairy body. We hung out for a while like this and no matter how much time passed my dick wouldn’t go down. Buried in the sand beneath me I could feel it twitch at the sight of every naked woman passing. My mom must have figured something was up as she watched my back change from pale to crab red. Telling me she was going to take a nap she also turned over onto her stomach looking the other direction. I took advantage of this moment and rolled over feeling the sand stuck to my chest and stomach. I decided to head to the water thinking it might be best to cool down my manhood. As I walked up to the water it was super cold on my feet so I took my time getting in. This was long enough for a couple of mature women to approach me asking if I was alone. Watching as their eyes flashed from my dick to my face I knew they were after a young eager guy like me. Feeling flattered they were so flirtatious I played along to see what would happen. They were both easily in their 50’s with bodies to match. Tear drop breasts and average aged bodies I never thought I would find them attractive until now. Must be a mixture of curiosity and hormones. This did nothing to help with my manhood problem as they continued to flirt and one even gestured her hands while talking, which slightly grazed the tip. They continued to do this while asking me all about men in the States. The one even went as far as grabbing the shaft one good time giving it a slow stroke while asking if we like experienced women. I allowed this since it needed some attention anyways. We talked for a couple more minutes as they now tried to get me to come lay with them. Very tempted we were interrupted by another as my Mom come walking right up next to me. Surprise by her presence I nearly forgot I was with her. She shot dirty looks to the women who were much older than her as she took me by the hand asking me what they were talking about. I just told her they were wondering where I was from as she looked back at me knowing full well I was full of shit. She then asked if I would come back and put lotion on her back as the older women got the hint walking back to their spot. I followed my Mom to our spot where she handed me the bottle of cream. She smiled and said, “wow I never imagined my own Son would be a target for such mature women.” I told her it was nothing to worry about as I caught her eyes locked on my hard dick. Looking up she blushed and told me she could see why they were so interested. This was like gas to the fire as my dick twitched having never heard something so provocative. Hearing my own Mother say that drove me so wild I felt my dick swelling more as she glanced at it several more times. I almost busted at the thought of this all. She then laughed and said, “maybe you don’t need the cream, seems like you have enough of your own.” I then glanced down at what she was looking at to see a stream of precum pouring from my dick. Looking up at her my eyes drifted up her thick legs to her stubbly pussy then around her round tits and juicy lips. By the time I got to her eyes I could feel my dick throbbing again and more precum was surely leaking out. She saw my lust growing and then asked, “can we act as if we are not Mother and Son for just today?” I nodded my head slowly unable to speak as she crawled closer reaching out for my dick while keeping eye contact. Feeling her hand grab it drove me insane as she bent down putting it straight into her mouth. I collapsed as she took my length. Swallowing my dick like I have never had it sucked before she was so passionate. I couldn’t believe what was happening as she cupped my balls with her hand and swirled her tongue around my tip. She told me that it has been nearly a year since she has done this with my father and much longer since she had sex. The sound of that word was like lightning through my body. She crawled on top of me and lined my dick up with her pussy. I could feel it dripping wet as she slipped my tip past her lips. My heart slammed as I zoned out on her. She slowly slid it in sitting down on it as I could feel inside of her. It was amazing how tight she was and no surprise since she works out so much and hasn’t been taken by a man in such a long time. I am not going to lie all of the energy passing through me was so overwhelming that I couldn’t last more than a minute before I had to come. She pulled me out and stroked me as I came all over my stomach and her hand. I never came so much and she never seen so much come as she told me this laughing with excitement. Squeezing the last few drops out she complimented me on how hard it still was. I then asked her is she still wanted to continue and oh did she! Climbing on top of me without another word she started riding me again this time much harder. The cum was now spilling off of my sides as she bounced around. She even laid down on top of me rubbing her huge tits all over my chest covering herself in my cum. When she rose back up I could see strings of my sticky cum band from our bodies as she rubbed it into her tits. She was wild and going crazy as she then slid her fingers into her mouth tasting me. I could feel her pussy tighten when she did this as she began to come on my dick. Grinding harder now she moaned with her finders in her mouth while her other hand slid across my stomach only to scoop up more cum to taste. Feeling her pussy surging she came and I couldn’t help but cum with her. Trying to warn her it was far too late I unloaded inside of her. I am not sure if she knew so I kept my mouth shut scared she might flip. When she finished she looked down at me with a bright eyed smile and said, “come let go get clean in the water”. I followed her down to the water where she and I washed the cum from out bodies. I was so happy to see how cool she was about what just happened. We left the beach soon after and spent the rest of the night with my Father. Every day after while my Father was working we went back to the beach and continued our fun as a couple. In the end my Mom convinced my Dad this trip saved their marriage so he made the deal and we now spend half the year in Spain.

Some quick musings on the new update

Here is the text, with my first thought comments in bold:

I was going to draw this out longer but the truth is, I’m bored.


There is no Lost Special. There never was, and there never will be.

And you know this objectively?

Once again, in their need to keep this midnight train going, TJLC fans created something out of nothing.

Even if that is that case, why do you care?

Seeing this obsession with “The Lost Special,” even though series 4 was clearly over, I couldn’t resist the opportunity to run a sociological experiment with a vicious fandom in denial.

Steven brought it up, not us.  Also, even if the series is over, that doesn’t mean it’s over.  They’ve repeatedly said they have through series 5 mapped out. It was only in December 2016 they started hinting at “we don’t know, this could be it.” Sure Jan.

My poorly assembled website took not more than twenty minutes to cobble together (as some people rightly pointed out) and very little effort to maintain.

This is a lie.  

“By the pricking of my thumbs (something wicked this way comes)”- I edited an ominous message into the code and title, referencing the Macbeth quote used in The Six Thatchers. It was strange to see how many people didn’t recognise the “pricking” quote and even criticised the website because it allegedly didn’t call back to Sherlock in any way- except that I was directly quoting a series 4 episode.

Except most of us did recognize this?  What about your dancing man code reference to Unto the Breach?

Watching fans defend how shoddy the website is, in their need for thelostspecial to be real was especially funny. It was also funny to see the people who guessed the website was fake and said as much, but didn’t even care because they desperately needed something to hold onto, with Sherlock over.

Whichever, why do you care?  Why would it be funny to you?

Then there’s the people who clocked that wasn’t “real”… and yet never question their own dedication to TJLC and/or the existence of a fourth episode of series 4, concepts entirely created by Tumblr.

The lost special site was only one of hundreds of indications something is fucky.  

 Anyhow. Next, I threw a random bunch of numbers and photos out there to see how people would scramble and react, and you didn’t let me down. Mostly I chose the first photo I found of a character that I liked the look of, in Google; there wasn’t real logic. I re-used some images out of laziness. I used an online generator to make the Dancing Men/Henry V code post.

So the meanings we found in everything, tying it somehow back to Sherlock, or ACD canon, or anything else were all coincidences?  

What do we say about coincidences?

40, 27, kra, the various “hints” you think you found on the website and found countless possible meanings of, they were chosen at random. Even the elephant photo was chosen at random. It wasn’t until after I edited it into the main website photo that I discovered the poor thing was named Mary and had been shot and executed for killing a man (on 9.13.16. Everyone overthought that one too much.)  So I used that info because it was serendipitous. “The universe is rarely so lazy?” Friends, the universe is often lazy.

“They were chosen at random.”  “The universe is rarely so lazy?

Sure Jan.

When I added a black image with five pixels of colour to the website, you did not let me down. People played with the image until they became convinced it was QR code spelling something out. It was just five meaningless pixels of nothing, created in MS Paint.

Yet you did the whole thing in 20 minutes.

The static gif was taken from a YouTube video of TV static from some movie, with an old Moriarty close-up thrown in.

We know, 28 days later.  With Moriarty loaded in.  Again, whole thing in 20 minutes.

The photo of John and Sherlock sitting in the watery 221B, I got it from, and scaled it down a little because the photo was large. That’s it. I didn’t change the proportions in any way, or alter the colours, or add anything to the photo. Anything you saw in it, you imagined. I left the big black header on the website as a hint to keep your eye on those, since the thing I changed on 2/11 was in the similar Twitter header.

”That’s it. I didn’t change the proportions in any way, or alter the colours, or add anything to the photo. Anything you saw in it, you imagined.”

Like Murderous Mary being photoshopped into the back picture? Sure Jan:

I changed the plain black header of the Twitter to a black one with a word embedded in it. The profile photo was changed to a plain black photo with XX hidden in it. No one bothered checking it, though clearly the account was active again, so I changed the profile photo to show the Xs, as a hint to look deeper. Finally people found the “clue” today, not that it matters. The word spelled out there is another blind alley that leads nowhere.

Then accept all our follow requests.  

MMTE: The source code message was a hint toward Murderous Mary the Elephant, which some of you guessed but no one looked for it.

(Don’t bother trying to access it, there’s nothing in there.)


There was no set schedule for changes to thelostspecial. I used intermittent reinforcement to keep people frustrated but coming back for more. That’s why I added and removed things at unexpected times. There is no pattern.


For people wondering, wow, why would anyone take so much time to do this? Well, I didn’t. Creating the plain black squares with a few letters, throwing a message into the source coding,  and uploading the new website photo of John and Sherlock took maybe 5 minutes. Creating a side blog with no posts and keeping it private takes one minute.

Except the photoshopping you DID do as established would have taken more.  Even searching for the first image you found would have taken time.

Overall, it takes less than twenty minutes a week to do this, once it was set up, because really? You do all the work for me. You all did what TJLCers do best- you took a bunch of random data, inflated it into something much more complicated than it really was, and created your own narrative out of it. Even knowing it might be nothing, and was probably just a fan-made site, you’ve still allowed yourselves to get worked up over it and allowed yourselves to hope. You’re reading into nonsense and finding clues where there are none, and naturally most of those “clues” pointed exactly where you wanted them to point to. Confirmation bias at its finest.

Well all I get from this is that we’re smarter than you are.

Learn from this.

Stop falling into conspiracies. Trust yourself when you can see that something isn’t real or likely. Alternately, find something that doesn’t make you feel sad or heartbroken.

Seriously?  “Trust yourself when you can see that something isn’t real or likely.”

Instincts are to be trusted, John.  

Also, my instincts have gotten me into a pretty good place. I’ll keep trusting them, thanks, and they tell me something is fucky.  We’ve seen this episode before.  

Goddamn you’re arrogant.

A few final notes:

“And in conclusion *jerk off motion*

I was somewhat entertained by the several dozen times people attempted to reset the password for the website and access the control panel. If I was petty, I would’ve logged your IPs and reported you to your ISP. (Don’t worry, I didn’t. I don’t care that much.)’

You cared enough to look.  

I didn’t send the “mole” anons or any other messages on Tumblr. I think other fans decided to join the game. I imagine they’ll continue until they get bored, too.

Read: I can’t say why everything else is fucky too.  Must be more people like me.

The only twitter account connected to is I have no idea who runs the “contact” twitters but I’m positive they’re fan accounts. (If you think BBC-sanctioned accounts would post like that, I have a bridge to sell you.) As for my twitter, I set up the thelostspecial twitter account, followed some BBC-related accounts and left it alone for a week while TJLC fans went wild trying to suss out who I was following. That’s all I did with it.

Then accept my follow request.  Seriously, YOU’RE SO CLEVER I need to follow you to learn your secrets.

I didn’t start thelostspecial Instagram account. Someone else did that, I don’t know who.

Nobody asked.  Actually, I didn’t even know there was an instragram account.  Did anyone else know?

And if you enjoyed hunting, try a legitimate online riddle game, such as for a challenge! All the fun, none of the TJLC and fandom “fucky” business.

Well, since you brought up “fucky business,” why are they screenshots of the Shrewd Living posts in the “Museum?” Did you do that too? Wow.  In charge of a scam website.  Oh, you don’t know about that?  Then why put it in there?  Why, John?


Sherlock Series 4 is over. This is the end.

Thanks for playing TheLostSpecial! Goodbye and God bless.

Seriously, we’ve seen this episode before.


Something More

IMAGINE: Everyone knew that (Y/N) the youngest Baratheon and ‘enemy’ of Jaime Lannister, was the fairest lady in all of Westeros, she was expected to do traditional High Lady duties. What happens if she wants something more? And how does Jaime Lannister factor into it? 

[gif is not mine. loosely based on beauty and the beast.] 

warnings: one swear word

words: 1796

‘There may be something there that wasn’t there before…’

She was known as the most beautiful Lady in all of Westeros, men flocked from across the seas to ask her hand in marriage -specifically asking her brother for her hand in marriage. Every time though, she rebutted claiming that she was not ready, or they would have just used her family name or her wealth. She wanted to escape, escape the life that she was given, of course she knew that she was being ungrateful. Being the sister to the King of Westeros wasn’t the worst thing in the world, but she wanted more. She wanted adventure, her heart thumping, the adrenaline rushing through her veins.

“I just don’t get why you will not agree to the courtship sister, he’s beyond a great match for you and for the family,” Stannis stated as they sat around the table. He placed a forkful of sausage into his mouth and chewed.

(Y/N) groaned and leaned back into her chair, “I want to be with someone who has passion dear brother, not some coward.”

“Don’t let Tywin hear that.”

She rolled her eyes and drank some wine from her goblet, “Oh please, Tywin cares for Lancel as much as I care for the kennelmaster.”

Stannis quietly laughed at the antics of his sister, “You better tell Robert that.” He looked at sister for a moment and noticed the uneasy look on her face. “Is anything the matter?”

(Y/N) hesitated, not wanting to tell her brother the truth but at the same time it’s been gnawing at her for a while. With a deep sigh she looked at her brother, “Do you think there’s more to this? More to wearing fancy dresses, escorting men to the ball, going to balls, being trained as a mere accessory to a man?”

Stannis sat quietly not knowing how to start the conversation. “Of course you’ve never had to deal with this, you’re a man. You get to fight, to have that adrenaline rushing through your veins. You get to travel and see the world!”

He was about to reply when the door to the hall opened and there strutted Jaime Lannister. “Ah, the stags are here already.”

(Y/N) scowled at his behaviour. “I mean we have to, unless we want the lions to be selfish and eat all of the food.”

Jaime walked to the table, making sure that he was behind (Y/N), leaning over he took a piece of fruit from a bowl in front of her. She would never admit it but she enjoyed the way that his body felt against hers, even if it was just for a short moment.

“You know princess, with that kind of behaviour it’s no wonder why you’re going to end up alone,” the words were meant to be cutting, and it would have been if it was the first time that he’s spoken it to her. Instead of feeling hurt she gave him a sardonic smile and accidentally elbowed him.

“Oh, I’m sorry did I hurt you?”

Jaime gave her a fake smile and moved towards his seat.

“You should know better than to provoke the lion,” Stannis berated her quietly. “He’s known as a beast (Y/N).”

“Am I supposed to be in fear of him Stannis?” (Y/N) looked towards her brother, placing her knife and fork on the plate.

They both looked at Jaime who was now looking at a maiden who was placing food on the table, sensing the looks from the Baratheon siblings he looked over and gave them a wink, then turned his sole focus on (Y/N) and smirked.

Stannis turned back to his sister whose focus was on Jaime. He watched intently as her eyes narrowed when Jaime placed his hands on the so-called wench. He didn’t like this, he didn’t like what this could be. Jaime Lannister and his sister were not a good sign, especially the way Jaime looked at his sister and disregarded the maiden when she stormed off from the table. Clenching his fist, he decided he needed to talk to his brothers.

“LANCEL LANNISTER?” (Y/N) bellowed into the room, her black hair flying around her face, her brown eyes lighting up with anger. She stopped at the table where Robert was seated at, papers scattered around the table and men sitting around him. “I DID NOT REALISE THAT I WAS SOME PROPERTY THAT COULD BE SOLD TO ANYONE!” The men looked at each other and discreetly got up and walked away, knowing that if they were there they would be collateral damage between the two Baratheon’s with the biggest tempers.

Robert merely leaned back into his chair, “We have to agreement that you need a man to take care of you sister.” He raised his goblet, “Plus you already know that Lancel was in the contracts.”  

(Y/N) screwed up her nose, “You think I need a man to look after me?”

Her brother’s eyes widened, “No, of course not.” He rebutted.

“Then what is it?” She hissed, not noticing a certain blonde-haired Knightsguard watching with amusement.

“We need to fortify our allegiance with the Lannister family, they’re one of the strongest and wealthiest houses in Westeros,” Robert explained.

“Those aren’t your words Robert so don’t say them,” (Y/N) scowled at her brother. “Also you’re married to a Lannister if you didn’t notice!” She stalked up as close as she can to her brother, leaning on the table to do so, “Once again, I am not your property to be traded as you wish, other families can do that because they won’t say anything but you should know better. I will be married to a man when I choose to do so. I will not be one of those women who are forced into marriage when they are not ready nor do they love the person.” With a final glare at her brother she stormed off, slamming the door as she went.

(Y/N) paced back and forth, occasionally taking the time to look at the harbor and enjoying the ships and the ocean. “You know if anyone ever talked to a King like that their head will be on the pike.” She closed her eyes and took herself mentally to a place far away, far far away from where she stood. “But of course you can never shut your mouth can you?”

She finally opened her eyes to look at the man in front of her, his smirk firmly placed on his face, eyes glistening with amusement. “Do you have to be so…” (Y/N) pursed her lips trying to find the right word.

“Charming? Good looking? Dashing? Hung-like,” before he could finish his sentence he was cut off by her making a disgusted noise.

“So on all the time? Especially around me?” She always did wonder why it was only her that Jaime was so…Jaime like. The innuendos, the comments that can scathe a person’s ego if they didn’t brush it off.

Jaime hopped up and sat down on the balcony, “Because I enjoy the tormented look on your face.” He was quiet for a moment, a rare site to witness. “Lancel?”

(Y/N) groaned, “Don’t get me started. If my brothers can honestly think that they can just partner me with some blonde-haired coward.”

“He’s not a coward any more though,” Jaime interrupted. “Turned himself into a knight.” There was bitterness in his tone.

“He’s still a coward to me,” (Y/N) pointed out. “Always will be. He can hide behind that mask all of his life but we know better. He was the snivelling pathetic excuse of a man.”

Jaime let out a low whistle, “You don’t hold back do you?” (Y/N) laughed quietly, soon Jaime joined. It was a sight to behold, two so-called people who were barely friends laughing with no care in the world.

(Y/N) leaned against the balcony, holding her stomach, “I don’t want to marry him, everyone expects me though. Get married, bear his children and be the doting wife.” She bit her lip and furrowed her brows. “I want more than this life, more than dress nice, act nice, have sex with your husband but don’t get mad if he sleeps with other people.” (Y/N) let out a deep breath that she didn’t know she was holding. “I want to be able to dictate my life. It’s mine not anyone else’s.”

“You could always run away,” she looked at Jaime with an odd look on her face. It wasn’t one that she usually wore around him which ranged from scowls to disgust, this was mere curiosity.

“I think that can work if I’m not a princess,” (Y/N) reasoned out. Silence took the situation, (Y/N) looked over the harbor, while Jaime stared at her. “Am I so unwanted that the only person I can attract are men like Lancel?”

Jaime was taken aback by her comment. She was one of the most beautiful women he’s ever seen, a certain eye catcher for any men. “What are you talking about?”

“You must think of me as shallow but I want someone who wants me for more than my looks. There’s more to me than that.”

He was quiet for a moment, “I feel the same way.” (Y/N) arched a brow and he continued, “Everyone refers to me as this beast who enjoys nothing but killing and fucking whores.” Jaime hopped off the balcony and faced the view with her. “No one ever thinks of what else I am.”

“To be fair you never let anyone see any other side of you. I mean I’m probably the closest, I see the witty, rude side of you.” She winked at him and he chuckled.

Jaime fell silent, “No one ever wants to see that side of me. No one ever gives me that chance.” Again the silence took over the conversation. They were both thinking how did they get personal in such a short time.

“You’re not a beast Jaime,” the comment made his heart thump against his chest faster than ever before. “An arsehole sometimes but not a beast.” She reached for his hand and once she found it, she held it tightly and squeezed it. “If anyone dares to call you that to your face, or even a hint of rumour send them my way.”

Maybe it was the way she said his name with care for the first time, or the way her hand felt right against his, or actually willingly touched him without fear that they would be hit with his sword. There were too many factors, but what he did know was that he suddenly felt something for her that was definitely was not there before.

“Buried” (Chapter Three)

Well… Tony and Steve see each other again. It goes about as well as you think lol Excited to hear what you guys think!

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Enjoy :)


South America

“Mister Stark!” A woman came jogging towards him through the soft layer of mud, one hand stretched out invitingly, the other trying to keep her hat on her head as the helicopter wound down. “I am so happy you made it! We were starting to think no one would ever come!”

Tony waited until he was clear of the helicopter before answering. “Sorry about the last minute reply. We spoke on the phone right? You must be–”

“Melissa.” She supplied helpfully, shaking his hand and leading him onto drier ground. “Forgive the mud, it’s the end of the season you know, so we had an early burst of rain and it about washed us out.”

Tony glanced down at his sturdy boots and jeans. “A little mud isn’t going to hurt anything. It’s not like I’m wearing two hundred dollar shoes.” Tony smiled faintly at the pretty blonde, thinking about another blond ten years ago who had just outright laughed about the amount of mud Tony was trudging through.

He definitely preferred the pretty girl who apologized for the mud.

“Rain is coming already this year?”

“Yes, we are actually packing up a week early because the weather is changing too quickly. Can I take your bag?”

“No.” Tony laughed a little and hefted his backpack. “It’s fine. Heavier than it looks, don’t want you struggling with it

“Why did you bring a bag? Are you staying overnight here? I assumed you would be staying in the city?”

“I’d like to stay here.” Tony admitted. “I’d like to see the camp and site and take some time to make an informed decision. My dad funded this for so many years that I’m not going to just shut it down because I took over.”

“I was so sorry to hear about Howard.” Melissa put her hand over her heart sympathetically. “He was so wonderful about funding this project and when it got bigger he even paid for the security team we needed to–”

“Security team?” Tony interrupted as they ducked under the low door of a thrown together cabin. “Why a security team? I wasn’t aware that there were more than just college kids and some staff at the site. There wasn’t anything in the file about a security team.”

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1. Fifty Two (M)

sehun/baekhyun x reader, 19.6k, soulmate au; you have the same scars as your soulmate

warning: mentions of death, self harm, sex and alcohol use

“It was…” you choke a sob through your sentence and Sehun can feel the burning on his knees where you’re digging into broken glass before him. He wants to stop you but he can’t even talk to you right now – unless he wants to lose his final moments with you. “You were…this whole time? Sehunie, please. You can’t leave me. No, Sehun. No, you can’t.”

Originally posted by intokai

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@neoomlet : “I was wondering if i could get an imagine where the reader is about 5 and shes the daughter of Joker and Harley and shes kind of half insane so like shes a normal innocent child and every so often she would kind of switch (like if someone got hurt)”

Pairing: Joker X Child!Reader X Harley Quinn

A/n: I hope you don’t mind but I changed the age to eight instead of five because at that age, I’m pretty sure the child still wouldn’t have a good sense of their surroundings yet.

“Daddy?” you mumble with a big frown on your face. It was another day without your beloved mother, and you missed her to pieces. She’s been gone for four months now, and everything around you seem to have become dull and glum, even your own daddy couldn’t put a smile on his face. He sits in this room, surrounded by knives and weapons he could find in his arsenal, even your old baby clothes were placed in the corner.

You waddle over to him, small arms wrapped around the worn down jester stuffed toy and you sniffle. Immediately when he hears you, he points his gun toward you. You don’t flinch, knowing how normal this was. The split second he knew that it was you, he puts his gun away. The fake drawn smile on his tear-streaked face made you even frown deeper, knowing that smile could never compare to his real silver grin.

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Truth or Dare, Part 2 - Drake x MC (NSFW)

Hello, fandom friends! Here is Part 2 of my Truth or Dare fic. You can read Part 1 here

This kind of wrote itself and I really didn’t intend for it to be a NSFW sorta-AU fic, but that’s what it is! Also, it’s WAY LONGER than I thought it would be, but I kinda love the way this one turned out. I really hope you all like it!

Originally posted by ourmagiclovestory

After dinner, the party rages on for long hours. It’s the same ridiculous over-the-top antics everyone has come to expect from the Beaumonts. Drake rolls his eyes, but with Louisa nearby, her joyous laughter filling his ears, he finds himself actually enjoying the night. As the party finally winds down, he’s coerced into a game of truth or dare, unable to deny Louisa almost anything at this point.

He follows the others into Hana’s room. Maxwell flops onto the bed. Hana takes a seat in a plush chair. Louisa sits on the floor and pats the spot next to her, smiling up at him. Drake knows should probably sit somewhere else, keep his distance, but she’s like some celestial body and he’s drawn in by her gravity. As he lowers himself down next to her, she leans over and nudges his shoulder with her own gently. A simple brush of her body against his sends a shiver through him. She must notice because he sees Louisa smirking at him out of the corner of his eye.

After everyone has a drink, Drake suggests that Louisa start the game and she sticks her tongue out him. Drake just grins and tosses back a drink of his whiskey.

After she chooses truth, Maxwell asks who she’d want to be stranded on an island with. Without hesitation, she says, “Drake.”

“Me?” he asks teasingly, trying to hide the happy feeling her answer brings him. “Be honest, Tennant, you just want me there to so I’m suffering as much as you are.”

“Mostly just to see you how’d you look in a grass skirt,” she giggles.

“Hey!” Drake laughs. She’s a little tipsy, cheeks a rosy red. He’s learned she gets silly when she’s had a few drinks. He likes it. He likes the way her eyes sparkle when she laughs, the way her nose crinkles when she giggles. It makes him want to kiss her and find all the spots on her body that are ticklish.

“Just kidding,” she nudges him in the ribs with her elbow. “I think you’d be gruff and grumpy, but deep down, when it counts, you’d probably save me from a tiger or something.”

“Well, I’d feel terrible if a tiger ate my only companion,” he smiles down at her.

“And there wouldn’t be any nobles around or courtly intrigue or gossip,” Louisa sighs wistfully. Drake can hear in her voice how she longs for that sort of life as much as he does. “In fact, I think you might enjoy being stranded more than palace life.”

“You never know,” he murmurs looking down at her, eyes searching her beautiful face as she looks up at him. Hidden behind his back, out of the others’ view, Louisa tangles her fingers with his, squeezing his hand tightly.

The game continues and it’s strange for Drake. He’s not used to this. Having fun with people? Feeling like he’s part of a group? Feeling like he belongs? It’s surreal, but there’s something about Louisa opens him up, makes him want more. He wants to live a real life when he’s with her. It’s confusing and exhilarating.

Eventually someone brings up streaking, because of course they do, and it ends up being Louisa’s choice. She glances between Hana and Drake, back and forth, finger tapping on her chin as she considers them.

When Drake catches her eye, he murmurs, low and quiet so only she can hear, “Don’t do it, Tennant.”

Louisa bites her lip, trying to keep from smirking at him. His eyes widen and he shakes his head imperceptibly.

“Drake” she declares with a mischievous smile.  

“Damn you, Tennant,” Drake shakes his head but she just laughs.

*continued after the break*

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Korotan D: English Translation of Chapter 7 (Last Chapter) 

Finally, we have reached chapter 7! It’s been a fun ride, but all good things must come to an end :’D

In this chapter, Karma confronts Nagisa about Kayano, so Nagisa’s thoughts are revealed to the reader a bit more. Only a bit, though, as it seems that Nagisa might be better at reading Karma than Karma is at reading Nagisa. Also, a good portion of this chapter is Kayano being amazing and the class’s well-read folks (Hazama, Fuwa, and Mimura) appreciating her amazingness. Well, I guess everyone in 3-E found her amazing, but those three’s conversation about movie adaptations was fun to read ^^

Chapter 7: Performance Time

“We’ll start filming in 10 minutes! Hurry it up with your preparations!”

Nathonni raised his voice through a megaphone. The art group was busy working to reproduce an authentic-looking street of food stalls. Sugaya, too, worked as a member of the art group, painting one of the stalls so that a feeling of livelihood could be felt.

Kimura, Isogai, Kataoka, Okano, and Maehara, the members of Class E who were particularly confident in their physical abilities, hurried to put on their costumes in the waiting room. After hearing about Class E’s efforts to recover the golden Buddha statue from Jerome, the director suddenly decided to add another scene. It was a scene where ninjas who pursued Rin from Japan have a showdown with Jerome, a scene that was once rejected because they didn’t have enough stuntmen. He offered to have Class E play the part of the ninja group.

Knowing that he was about to take part in an action scene, Kimura was itching with excitement as he checked out the ninja costumes, which Hara helped make. Karma peeped in on the five ninja figures as they waited in the waiting room.

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Voltron Detective AU

Voltron Detective AU

Originally posted by planced

In which I make all the characters of Voltron into a cop show for your enjoyment! (Not gunna like, I loved writing this!)


Lance had wanted to be a cop for as long as he could remember. His dad had been a small town cop, inspiring Lance to do the same. Even though his dad had been a cop for his entire career, the most dangerous thing that had happened was the one time Mr. Shaver stumbled, drunk, into a town council meeting, and tried to take all the mini-muffins hostage, growling at anyone that came close. Despite this, Lance’s dad never failed to to be his hero, the bravest and strongest man ever. As soon as he was old enough, Lance signed on.

After graduating, top of his class, Lance was assigned to a precinct at the heart of the city. Unlike his father, Lance was dealing with things like drugs, prostitution, and robbery on a daily basis. He was partnered with a large samoan man, named Hunk. The dude was downright scary looking, but after working with him for only a week, Lance had concluded that Hunk was one of the nicest people he had ever met.

Lance and Hunk worked well together, doing what they could, doing their jobs, for about a year. That’s when Lance met Detective Keith Kogane, the most pretentious pretty-boy on the face of the earth. The first time Lance saw Keith was in Chief Allura’s office when Lance found out he would have to work with him for the next couple of weeks. The reason for this was because a few days prior, Lance had discovered a body behind a dumpster, and because he was the first officer on site, he was assigned to assist detectives, Shirogane and his partner ( Keith) with the investigation. Lance would never forget that case, Keith was critical of every decision Lance made, and judged his police work mercilessly.

Filled with indignant anger, Lance worked tirelessly to prove him wrong. He stayed up for days on end, running down leads, and working the street for answers. He began to close in on a suspect, believing he had the right man, he showed Detective Shirogane all of the evidence he had to back up his reasoning. Thoroughly impressed, Shiro permitted Lance to make the arrest, and interrogate the suspect. To Keith’s surprise, Lance managed to pull a confession from the man, leaving him crying out, confessing his guilt. Lance remembered leaving the interrogation room to be met with a proud Shiro, and a disbelieving Keith. Shaking Shiro’s hand, Lance flashed a confident grin at Keith, who simply looked away.

Word got to Chief Allura, Lance assumed Shiro must have spoken to her, and she promoted him to detective. Not only that, but he was assigned to Voltron Squad, a murder investigation unit, lead by Detective Takashi Shirogane. This meant that he would be working with some of the greatest investigators in the city, unfortunately, it also meant that he would be working with Keith as well.

Lance was reluctant to leave Hunk for Keith, but Hunk didn’t seem to mind. In fact, Hunk still worked closely with the squad, acting as their informant, working the streets. Though the pay was better, the work got a lot more dangerous, investigating homicides tended to attract trouble. At first, Lance and Keith could hardly stand to speak to one another, as you can imagine, this greatly hindered the investigative process. When the squad started to generate negative results, Shiro had finally had enough. He handcuffed the two of them together, and mad them stay that way for the duration of an investigation. It took weeks. Desperate to have their limbs back, the two worked together and solved the case. It may have been a bit unorthodox, but it worked, now they worked as a team, as partners.

The squad formed a comfortable groove, working efficiently, Lance caught on quickly, learning the new procedures, and meeting the people that he would work with on investigations, such as the forensic scientist, Pidge Gunderson. Who Lance liked immediately for her brash and straight forward attitude, though he didn’t understand half of the things she said. And the Medical Examiner, Coran, Lance wasn’t really sure how long Coran had worked there, just that he had been there longer than Chief Allura. He and Keith still got into arguments, and Shiro tolerated it, as long as it didn’t affect an investigation. Things were working smoothly, and that brings us to today.

Lance loved his job, loved his team (even Keith), loved the feeling that he finally belonged… and then, everything changed. A series of gruesome murders leads the team to a dangerous cult of criminals, working for an unseen commander. Lance would have never imagined he would be involved in something like this, and to think, it all started with a stray cat.


End Part 1

 I hope you all liked it! Give me some feedback please, leave a comment or message me telling me what you liked! Look for part 2 soon!

Part 2 : Here

Part 3: Here



Finally, you thought. Chulgoo finally gave in to letting you go watch a recording of School Rapper. After much persuasion, or more so after a threat of exposing his mishap last family gathering he gave in. Who would’ve thought it would’ve taken a simple thing like that to get him to give in? Iconic if you ask me.

“What to wear~!!” You open your closet and your eyes begin to roam the plethora of material hanging on each hanger.

“Just, *scruff* wear something simple *crush* but affective” your best friend, Y/BF/N, says mouth full of chips with another handful ready to stuff in her mouth.

“The hell does that mean” you say, turning around and narrowing your eyes at her.

“It means look presentable but don’t look like your trying so hard because damn there sure as hell might be some cute boys there” she says stuffing another handful of chips in her mouth mid sentence.

“Oh my god Y/BF/N, this isn’t meant for me to go and find a freaking boyfriend, and you know chulgoo would flip if he knew I had that goal in mind” you roll your eyes causing her to shrug.

“Atleast show some leg, you’ve got some sexy legs I must say” she smirks making her way to your closet.

“I’ll help you”


You make your way to the film site and once your there fans outside quickly recognize you. You smile and wave to them all having been used to it at that point.

Once you make it inside you immediately make eye contact with Chulgoo and run to hug him.

“Oppa~ !!” You smile pulling him tighter into the hug.

“You don’t have to act all innocent because there’s other people around” he squints at you causing you to laugh and let him out of the tight hug.

“You’re right” you smirk and turn your head to the other mentor who is also partnered with him on the show, Giriboy.

“Hello~! I’m Y/N chulgoo’s sister. Please take care of me~! I’m a huge fan of your music !” You beam causing him to laugh and you guys are immediately wrapped into a conversation.


Seoul Gangseo, the regions name pops into your head multiple times throughout the filming. More specifically, Yang Hongwon the name and face itself never seems to leave your head.

You were completely aware that hongwon would be participating in School Rapper but what were the odds that he would be in the region your brother would be a mentor for?

It’s not like you’ve never met the boy and you were awkward around him or something, in fact it was quite the opposite. Ever since the iconic ‘Snoop Dog’ mission on SMTM chulgoo and hongwon hung out a lot more, meaning you also got the chance to meet him. Gradually, causing you to develop feelings as he was around so much.

But, I mean who could blame you? It’s Hongwon for christs sake! Out of all of your brothers friends that you’ve met this one really just happened to be the one that interested you the most.

You thought you’ve made it obvious a countless amount of times that you were practically obsessed with the concept of the boy pretty much breathing, but apparently not. Evidently causing you to push down your feelings for the sake of your friendship.

Life sucks am I right ? Why you couldn’t seem to get his name out of your mind at the moment was far from the actual problem, in fact the actual problem was that-

“Hello? Y/N are you even paying attention ?” He asks. Right, that was the problem… he was right in front of you and you have COMPLETELY blanked out. Dick move Y/N.

“Yeah yeah sorry I lost track for a second there” you blush quickly covering your cheeks to hide any evidence, no risks will be taken.

“Right…. anyway like I was saying I want to choose the movie this movie night, you always choose” he pouts, you quickly remove your hands from your cheeks and get closer to his face.

“Why on earth would you make such a comment” you squint. “It’s practically ritual for me to choose the movie” you say quickly moving back in your seat feeling another blush arise from being in such close proximity to him.

“Because, i want to choose something I actually like and pay attention to unlike your random ass movie taste” he groans looking dead in your eyes.

“Yah! For your information I choose some great movies! Plus what could you possibly be distracted by!” You say face getting red from speaking so fast.

“You” he says, making you also choke.

“I’m sorry!?”

“You, you make it so hard to focus” he smirks causing the spirit in your body to vacate.

“I- who, why- when…” you begin rambling causing him to laugh.

“Hmm… how about we go on a date instead I think I’d like that situation much better then any movie any of us could choose” he says face moving closer to yours.

“Yah!? Hongwon when did you get to slick and sly…” you say face completely a different shade… so much for trying not to make anything obvious.

“I like you Y/N, and I can easily assume you like me too” he smiles quickly pecking your lips and leaving you a blushing mess.

What a recording day.

A/N: this was so fluffy and smol I’m emo anyway thank you anon for requesting feel free to send in more requests yall !

The Art of Grieving

Prompt: emilycowley said: “Can you do an imagine where your dating reggie and you’re in bed togther in the morning and then your best friend (keller) calls you saying Jason died and you tell reggie and he hits rock bottom? He gets drunk and shuts you down and you cant reach out to him. But u find him when vulnerable, you just hug him and comfort him?”

A/N: I hope I deliver. I also changed the title and this is the first thing I’ve written in a really long time so I apologise if I’m a little rusty.

Tags: Murder, spoilers but not really spoilers if you’ve watched the show, sad reggie, angst, underage teenage drinking, mentions of drug use, minor violence, swearing, repetitive language, fake spoilers, non-canon events, dealing with death, emetophobia, vomit

Word Count: 3.9k

   The day Jason Blossom went missing my phone didn’t stop ringing for hours, my friends visited me to see if I was okay, they all knew how close I was with the Blossom boy. 
I didn’t care too much about the people checking in to see if I was okay, I only cared about Reggie Mantle.

   My door almost flew off its hinges with how hard Reggie was banging on it, I opened it and was greeted with the upsetting site of a puffy eyed Reggie. It was obvious he’d been crying; the only person who cared about Jason more than Cheryl was Reggie. Those two boys were practically inseparable, always spending time together, almost like brothers.

   It was obvious that Reggie didn’t care about most things our small town, but when he did care about something he cared with all the parts of his being and it was like he was being torn to shreds when he lost it. Jason Blossom meant the world to Reggie and then some, I wasn’t even bothered that he loved Jason more than he loved me, his own girlfriend, because I understood what it was like to love something with such an intensity that I couldn’t be upset that he didn’t love me the same way he did Jason.

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anonymous asked:

hello~ idk if your still doing random aus but how does a odd jobs!seventeen one sound ahah?? i would also like to say thank you for creating amazing writing and i love the details you put into it!!

i did career!seventeen a long time ago, but this one since it’s odd jobs i decided to make it a lil more fun ^^
i only did half the members because i wasn’t sure if like,,,,,,,,,,,this was what you wanted LOL 


  • bike courier 
  • delivers express mail all over gangnam district 
  • is super athletic and is more enthusiastic about biking than he is about anything else in his life. like honestly ask him some bike facts nO oNE else would know and he’ll know them. 
  • wears a cute snapback with his companies logo on it backwards and like old jean cut offs and like probably has a cool tattoo sleeve
  • you’re carrying like forty pounds of paperwork from your office to down to block and it’s like kILLing your back and you keep having to put the pile down because ow and cracking your back and suddenly this bike comes to a stop in front of you and you look up to see this cute guy with a big grin and he’s like
  • “hey, you need help?” and you’re like “oh no im not going far-” and he’s like pointing to your hand on your back like “you look like an old person c’mon give me half your pile ill walk the block with you.” and so you hand him over half the paperwork and he like chains his bike to a nearby street pole and runs back over to you and literally effortlessly carries all of the paperwork in like one hand and you’re like holy shit
  • and he’s smiling down at you like “so, what’s your name I’m Seungcheol and my bike over there’s named Mansae.”
  • and you’re like one: who names their bike but two: he’s cute so why not give him a chance hehe


  • flower arranger 
  • is an apprentice at a flowershop in your neighborhood 
  • likes arranging flowers for couples the most, especially when he gets to tell them what the combinations mean in flower language 
  • wears a different flower tucked behind his ear everyday
  • you see him through the window of the shop fixing the display a lot and like if you make eye contact you always look down and blush because oh my god he’s so handsome,,,,like a real life flower prince
  • jeonghan thinks your shyness is super cute and he always makes an effort to smile and wave at you even if you just run the opposite direction
  • one day you almost forget to get flowers for your friend since it’s her birthday so you run into the shop and since it’s pretty early you don’t think jeonghan will be there BUT GUESS WHOSE AT THE COUNTER 
  • jeongahn. with a pretty lil lily behind his ear and he’s like “hello ^^” and you’re like asfksllhg but you’re also like quick what are good flowers to get a friend on their birthday
  • and jeonghan is like i know just what you need! and he brings out this bouquet that is beautiful and colorful and you’re like omf thank you and he’s like no problem let me ring you up
  • and like when he tells you the price you’re like ??????? what so cheap??????? and he’s like “yeah it’s a discount we have, it’s called the “cute discount” and since you’re cute you get the discount (-:” (how smooth jeonghan)


  • camp counselor 
  • kids love him because he can play songs from their favorite cartoons on his guitar 
  • reminds everyone to say thanks before eating lunch (not necessarily in a religious way but like he makes them say thanks to the cooks or something LOL)
  • is always trying his best to give good advice and be a role model but kids still laugh about how he tripped over a twig during one of the catch the flag games two years ago
  • you’re actually one of the lifeguards out by the lake where the camp comes to swim and joshua has had a secret crush on you for like every summer since he first saw you
  • and like the kids he’s in charge of know it. the other counselors know it. the damn fish in the lake know it BUT he refuses to confess 
  • like the most he’s done is shyly ask if you had any extra water noodles for the kids to play with and when you were like “yeah, wanna come with me to grab them?” he was like uM juST TELL me WHERe i cAN Do It mYSELf,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  • literally joshua isn’t even the one to confess, one of the kids sneaks off and hands you like this bracelet and is like “josh hyung made this for you in arts & crafts it’s obvious because he put a little fish charm which means the lake except he didn’t want to give it to you because he’s a big baby so here you go. also: he likes you. ask him out please!!!!”
  • and you like looked down at the bracelet and burst out laughing because wow that,,,,,,,,,,,is the cutest lil thing you’ve ever heard
  • and so the next time there’s a big party being thrown and everyones over at the main campsite you tap joshua’s shoulder and he’s like oh OH oh my hello,,,,,,,,and you show him your wrist with the bracelet and he’s like 1!!!!!!! WHERe,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,oh my god one of the kids,,,,,,,,
  • and you giggle like “it was cute, but you should have given it to me yourself,,,,,,,,”
  • and joshua’s damn ears turn read he’s like AH ,,,,,so adorable


  • magician
  • thinks the cap and top hat make him look “cool” and “edgy” so he wears them even though everyone’s like “you look corny”
  • mostly performs outside on the street for change but because he’s incredibly witty and handsome sometimes people will hire him to do birthday parties and things like that 
  • pulls bunnies out of hats, makes flowers appear out his sleeve, and can even sneeze out a 5,000 won bill
  • can also do a handstand on one hand and other physical stuff that gets everyone even more into his show than just bad magic tricks
  • you always pass him by when you’re on the way to study and he’s always got a crowd of people around him but one day he’s doing a trick and instead of choosing someone from his mini audience he calls out to you and you’re like looking around  with your books in hand like me??? and he’s signalling for you to come over
  • and people are looking so you like awkwardly shuffle over and he’s like “im going to let you pick a card any card” and you’re like oh my god seriously but you do and it’s the ace of hearts but you don’t show it and jun’s like “put it back in my pile” and you do and he like does a fancy hand motion and winks at you then takes the top book from your hands, opens it to a page and pulls out the ace of hearts
  • and you’re like holy shit how
  • and he’s like (———; magic
  • and the audience is clapping and you’re still trying to figure it out so jun hands you the card to see that it’s really your card but when you turn it over it has his number on it and you’re like !!! and jun just winks and bows like “thanks for helping me with my trick (-: 


  • personal trainer 
  • half personal trainer half life coach
  • thinks everyone should take up dance as serious exercise and eat egg whites everyday because it’s healthy
  • probably the kind of personal trainer that compliments you every step of the way instead of ever scolding you
  • but it works because like,,,,,,hearing him be proud of you makes you wanna work hard
  • and like he’s not even your personal trainer, he’s training a coworker of yours and like you come with them to the gym just to like see if it’s worth it to run on the treadmill for like 30min
  • and hoshi comes over and starts talking to your coworker and then he smiles at you and you’re like ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,he’s so………cute,,,,,,,,,,,what the hell
  • and hoshi’s like “instead of that treadmill how about taking one of the gyms dance classes. you’ll have more fun, i promise.”
  • and you’re kinda shy so you’re like ahh dancing and me don’t mix
  • and hoshi’s like “i bet you’re just fine, and if not - ill help you out.” and you’re like aklfkwf
  • your coworker standing there like “ahem i thought you were my personal trainer hoshi” and hoshi’s like “ofc, your friend’s cuteness just caught me off guard”
  • and you’re like oh my gOD
  • but we all must admit, that was a good one


  • ethical hacker 
  • works for the police department by hacking into virus filled computers and breaking algorithms set up by criminals
  • works strictly from home. spends like 95% of his time hunched over his laptop with these cute round glasses on doing complex math in his head
  • sometimes, one good days, his friend mingyu drags him out to a coffee shop but even there wonwoo’s on his laptop probably hacking into someones hard drive 
  • you know him because you work as a delivery person for a takeout place near his apartment building so you’re always the one they send to drop off his food
  • and wonwoo orders the same thing no matter what time of day it is so like you don’t even need to know his name, you know him by his order
  • and you notice every now and then how worn out he looks like he hasn’t slept in days when he opens the door so sneakily you also add in coffee to his order and like an extra order of vegetables to help 
  • and you think it goes unnoticed, but wonwoo knows and secretly he gets excited to see you at his door and one day even musters up the courage to ask you how the weather is and like you have minimal conversation and when you ask what he does all day he’s like
  • “oh, i hack computers.”
  • and you’re like oh my god. are you running some kind of illegal site or something……” and he laughs like “that’s fun! no i hack for the police!”
  • and you’re like that exists and he’s like yep it does and idk how this au would even progress one day he asks if he can take you out on a date (to his living room to play video games probably) since you’re so sweet to him LOL


  • vocal tutor 
  • is incredibly picky and strict and has no tolerance for people who don’t practice
  • WILL rip you to shreds if he finds out you’re being lazy. finds imperfection in everything
  • but like he’s the best tutor in the world, he really knows what to listen for and how to improve anyone 
  • like even people with no pitch and horrible voices become decent under him and it’s obvious that under his cold approach, he really loves singing and is proud to help other people grow their talents
  • ok tutor!woozi in a lil pink sweater vest or something imagine with his hair all neatly combed ok not the point
  • and you’re in need of a vocal tutor because in all honestly someone said you sucked at karaoke and you want to prove them wrong
  • so you find woozi in like idk the yellow pages and you’re like “i want to learn to sing” and woozi’s like “are you joking around?” and you’re like what no and he’s like “you better not be because if you are i will unleash hell. ok first lesson-”
  • and you’re like intimidated at first because his approach just seems way too hard but like the more you spend time with him and the more you learn
  • you see the passion woozi has for this and how gentle and caring he can be when it comes to like encouraging your obvious improvements 
  • and like woozi won’t say this but he went a little more easy on you because like,,,,,,,he thinks you’re kinda adorable and seeing you sad makes him also sad…………
  • but yeah once you’re ready to tackle that song that messed you up at karaoke you’re like “do you wanna come with me?” and he’s like “oh to karaoke? like to mentor you? that’s fine.”
  • and you’re like “no woozi like on a…………”
  • and woozi like his heart feels like it’s gonna jump out of his chest but he tries to play it cool like “oh, that’s fine too. pick you up at 8?”
  • but when you leave he immediately calls up seungcheol like HELP ME  
Fight club

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Betty x reader

Request: Can I request a Betty Cooper imagine where Reader is new in Riverdale, Betty shows her around they become friends but Reader is really shy and quiet who also gets bullied. Then when Jughead visits his dad at some underground fighting ring where he sees Reader fighting some dude that was twice her size but easily took him down, Jughead tells Archie who tells Betty who then becomes worried cause she likes Reader and confronts her about it? Only if you can of course, if not I understand

When you moved to Riverdale you weren’t really interested in making friends.

You only moved to the small town because your manager, who was also your legal guardian at the moment, convinced you that you could make some easy cash in their underground fighting ring.

On your first day at Riverdale High you met Betty, who showed you around campus and you two easily got along.

Due to your reserved nature she was the only person you really got close to and because of your lack friends you were an easy target for the school’s bullies.

You knew you could kick their asses if you wanted to but you were more concerned with just keeping your head down low and minding your own business.

After a few months in Riverdale you had gotten yourself situated into the fighting scene ran by the Southside Serpents.

One night you had a fight scheduled with a man over twice your size but you weren’t worried, you had taken on guys before that were even bigger than he was.

The fight started and he took the first strike, confident that it would be an easy win for him.

He shouldn’t have been so presumptuous because you surprised him by easily being able to stand your ground.

Within five minutes you had him pinned and the fight was over.

You raised your hands in the air as the crowd cheered for your victory.

You were so caught up in your win that you didn’t even notice Betty’s friend Jughead standing with FP, the ring leader.


“Arch, we gotta talk,” Jughead stated frantically as he entered his temporary bedroom he was sharing with his best friend Archie.

“What is it Jug?” he said sitting up in his bed.

“You know that girl Y/N? Betty’s friend.”

“Yeah? What about her,” he asked confused.

“I just saw her go all Fight Club on a guy twice her size at the Serpents underground fight ring.”

Archie raised an eyebrow, “Jughead you must be mistaken, Y/N wouldn’t be involved with some fight ring, what were even doing there anyway.”

“I was seeing my dad but that’s not the point Archie, it was Y/N, I’m sure of it,” he said confidently.

“Alright, if you’re sure, I’ll talk to Betty about it at school tomorrow.”


The next day Archie approached Betty and Veronica who were sitting at a lunch table in the cafeteria.

“Betty, I got to tell you something,” he said as he took a seat across from them.

“What is it Archie?” she asked.

“I know this sounds crazy but… Jughead said he saw Y/N at the Serpents fight ring last night.”

“Why would Y/N be interested in watching people beat each other up?” Betty asked skeptically.

“She wasn’t watching, she was fighting, apparently she took down this massive guy,” he said unsure of himself.

Veronica laughed, “Jughead must be seeing things. Y/N is tiny and shy, there’s no way she’d be in a fight club.”

“That’s what I told him but he says he’s positive that it was her.”

“Thanks for telling me Archie, I’ll go talk to her about it,” Betty stated standing up to go find you.

Afger a few minutes of walking around campus she found you outside siting alone underneath a tree enjoying your lunch.

“Hey Y/N,” she greeted you.

“Hey Betty,” you responded smiling.

She took a seat next to you, “Okay, there’s something I need you to clear up for me… Jughead thinks you were at a fight ring last night… you know, fighting,” she questioned.

“Why was Jughead at a fight ring,” you asked trying to change the subject.

“His dad is a Serpent, he also run’s the ring.”

“FP is Jughead’s dad?” you said surprised.

“I never told you his dads name… so you were there,” she said disappointed.

“Shit,” you muttered, “listen, Betty, I just do it for some extra money, my foster dad was involved with the fight rings back home and he got me into it.” 

“But it’s so dangerous Y/N, you could get seriously hurt,” she reprimanded.

“I can take of myself Betty,” you said defensively.

She sighed running her hand through her hair, “I’m just… I’m just worried about you.”

“You don’t need to worry about me, I know what I’m doing.”

“What if something happens to you, what if you got hurt and I never got tell you how I feel about you-” she stopped talking as soon as she realized what she said.

“How is it that you feel about me?” you asked softly.

“I really like you Y/N, as more than a friend and I’ve been trying to tell you for a while now and knowing you’re going out and purposely putting yourself in danger, it just scares me.”

Before she could say anything else you were kissing her.

You pulled away with your hand still on her cheek, “I like you too Betty but I can’t just give this up… maybe we could talk about it more over milkshakes at Pop’s?” you asked her.

“Sure… I’d like that.”

1,000 Followers Celebration! 

As someone who has built most of their lives on words-the intricacies of them, how a few simple letters can combine in an infinite number of possibilities to create words and paragraphs and ideas-it’s not often that I find myself speechless. But I am now, because I’ve reached a milestone that I never thought I would ever reach. So you’ll have to excuse me while I do a bit of storytelling. 

I first became aware of tumblr last year and I’d always had the idea of creating a more specialized sideblog, but it wasn’t until March or April that I started seriously considering making it. Not only was Game of Thrones beginning to take over my life again, but I had (surprise, surprise) been writing a lot of fanfiction. And I was stunned at the lack of Jonerys fanfiction. So of course I figured ‘since they probably won’t get their happy ending, why don’t I write it instead?’ From the beginning it was mostly just going to be oneshots so I could write a lot in between the constraints of school and keeping up the appearance of having a social life. 

But I didn’t think I’d get any more than 150 followers, at most. I guess I happened to come at a good time. Like, I don’t know why I have so many. I don’t write long and complicated meta, I don’t make amazing edits, and I’m not a super great artist. I’m not even really a part of the community, really-I only started really being into GOT in 2014, right before I turned 13, and started watching it this past season-so it’s not like I’ve known everyone for years. I just write fanfic and reblog other people’s posts and generally love my ship, because Jonerys has done so much more for me than I can articulate. I don’t know if I really understand it myself, but it’s helped me cope with anxiety and high school (which are both awful, in case you were wondering). And it’s so much easier to reach out to people when I know we already have something in common. 

And you might not think it’s a big deal that most other people who ship the ship are in their twenties and thirties but to me it is, because that seems like a lot of years and I always feel like I have to overcompensate and not seem immature. Because like I’m not used to being a part of a fandom. I’m used to writing thousands of words every night, just not so much posting them online. But I’m getting better. 

Lol I don’t write fics for any of you. I write them because the ideas are in my head anyways and I figured ‘maybe someone wants to read this shit instead of just having it sit on my computer so I can read it on long car rides’. And apparently, someone did. 

So thank you for making this community such a wonderful place and giving a young writer room to grow and build her craft (and occasionally make some shitty edits because she doesn’t really want to shell out a lot of money for Photoshop). Where it’s totally not weird that I’m obsessed with a fictional couple and have their family tree written out seven generations into the future (well, maybe it is a little bit, but I’m used to it). In less than three months. 

Now I’m going to start praising all of my talented mutuals because once I get started writing it’s hard to stop. But I just want to thank all of you so much-for this milestone and all the ones before. Really. Every time I hit another hundred I’d think ‘but that’s it.’ And it hasn’t been. 

Thank you all so much for everything that you do for our community. You all deserve the best in the world <3 Love you all

Now let’s actually enjoy Jonerys tonight! 



You’ll notice I don’t have very many. Firstly because this blog is only a few months old so I haven’t really had time and I’ve been hesitant to follow multifandom blogs for a while because I need lots of Jonerys content for this site. But feel free to reach out to me whenever. I promise that I’m a really nice person lol and I can talk about things other than GOT. Really. 

I’m also really anxious so I haven’t gotten to know any of you as well as I would like to, especially since it’s only been a few months. I’d really like to change that, if that’s all right with all of you. I’m going to have to get through hiatus somehow-unless tonight kills me and the Sex That Was Promised sends me to heaven on Cloud 9….

In no particular order (I could go alphabetically but I just don’t have the time for that right now) : 

@jxlight : I remember when you left a comment on my second story No Regrets back in May and I flipped out because I love all of your artwork and I couldn’t believe you’d actually read my fic lol. You make the cutest comics and I always look forward to reading them-they always make my day, no matter what I have going on! 

@trueloveforeverbeautyandthebeast : I love your blog so much! It’s so pretty (and I love your url)! You’ve been here since the very beginning and I always love it when you leave comments on my stories or like my posts!

@mpaty1475 : Another of the perennials lol. Always leaving kudos on my work. I always looking forward to seeing your username and the comments you add to your posts. Thank you so much! 

@ellimomo : What is there to say about you that hasn’t been said by someone already? You’re the Queen of Positivity and the Queen of AUs, a total optimist, and the nicest person to the new people in the fandom. Your AUs make my day whenever I see them. Seriously. You’re so creative. You were one of the first people I (finally) got up the courage to talk to when I was new to the fandom and I’m so glad I did. The Jonerys community is so lucky to have you, whether it’s for your reaction gifs or your ship positivity when we’ve been getting a lot of anti hate lately. Our ship would be a lot different without you and I’m so glad you’re here! 

@sweetorganza : Beautiful edits, always. You have such a talent. Also so kind to everyone. I’m always honored whenever you like or reblog something of mine, especially something that I write. Your recent Alliances edit? Almost made me cry. From a set of moving pictures. I don’t know whether that says more about me or you. 

@jonerysthrones : You run a lovely Jonerys blog! I love seeing all your answers to questions (especially those from antis) and I’ve also seen some lovely edits! A really great source for everything Jonerys (and staunch Daenerys defender). 

@bemywiggins : You reblog some of the most interesting content and you never fail to make me laugh, even if it has nothing to do with Game of Thrones or I don’t get the reference. Like, I reblog so much content from you. It’s lovely. Never stop lol!

@scarletstonewood : Another one of my Jonerys friends! I still have to listen to those songs you said reminded you of Jonerys because I’m terrible at listening to music if it’s not composed by Ramin Djawadi… Also love your tags! You just summarize all of us shippers (or at least me) so well! Love it love it love it love seeing you on my dash. 

@oadara : I’ll just flat out say I’m still lowkey nervous whenever I add onto your posts or whatever because you’re like the definition of Jonerys royalty and you were writing meta for the ship when I had no idea who Dany was other than she raised her dragons as her children???? Your meta is amazing and so are your answers. Thanks for shutting down all of the damn antis-and yes, for discussing the mysteries of life with me that one time. I can’t imagine what it must have been like to watch this ship develop over time but I do know it would be a lot different if we didn’t have you spearheading it all. So thank you for your kindness and your sheer willpower and for being the closest person to Daenerys Targaryen that’s actually real. And believe me, that is not a compliment I give out lightly. I am literally still in awe of you. 

@gleeksoccergal : Also a great source for content. Thanks for reading my stories and for always sending me random Jonerys photosets when I need something to cheer me up. Really, your timing is quite amazing. 

@naerysv : Congrats on your own milestone by the way! I love your blog and the way you fiercely defend our queen whenever. You’re so lovely and I love seeing your stuff on my dash :)

@sleeplessme : My source for all of the leaked dialogue that I don’t let myself look at. But seriously-you’re another rock solid member of the fandom and I always look forward to hearing your take on characters, episodes, and theories! You do so much for our community and your opinions are absolutely invaluable. 

@luvd80s2 : Another source of content because you reblog everything. I love whenever I see that you’ve reblogged my stuff because it just makes everything seem more…official. I can’t explain it but I love seeing what you add on to things-especially your reaction gifs! Absolutely amazing. The fandom is lucky to have you!

@truegodofthearena : Creator of amazing edits that I’m always stunned by because some people (like you) have such an amazing handle on Photoshop. I also love when you reblog my fics and then add something in the tags about how much you like it because there’s always this little bit of time after I post a fic when I regret writing it in the first place and it’s always nice to know that even just one person liked it. I always look forward to seeing you on my dash. Thank you for being so kind to a newbie :) 

@mhysaofdragons : Again, what is there to say about you that people haven’t already? I remember when you just had 300 followers lol. And now you make amazing edits and answer questions and write meta and write fics and…lol, you could put me out of my job and write all my fics and I bet no one would mind. You’re so kind and caring too. One of my favorite blogs that I follow-I’m always excited every time you like one of my stories. Also amazing at gifsets. I know I already said that but I’m still thinking about what I want to do about my request because I don’t want to muck it up…I’m so glad you were one of the first blogs I started following. You welcomed me to the fandom on one of the Daenerys posts I made on my multifandom blog and I’ve never forgotten that. 

@letdaeneryslive : I love your url, by the way. And your blog. You always have the best content and I love seeing you on my dash :)

@thesilverrqueen : Probably one of the sweetest people I’ve met on Tumblr. Always reblogging my stuff, even if they’re just random posts about my writing updates or how no one in my family understands GOT in any way. Thanks for the compliments you put in the tags (and your url is also lovely) !

@khaleesiwhitewolf : Another newbie! And yet you run a high quality blog and deserve all of your new followers. I always look forward to seeing what you add on to everyone’s posts and the way you always talk straight about Game of Thrones and the joy/struggle that comes along with watching it.

@annabelleebythesea : I remember exactly where I was when you started following my blog-I was having breakfast in an airport with my dad on the way back from NYC and I got so excited it was hard not to make him think I was any weirder than he already does. Because your gifs are so amazing and you have such talent! I have no idea how you gif everything so fast (are you sure you sleep?) but I have a lot of respect for it because everything you make is lovely. The fandom is blessed to have you making edits for us. Honestly. I love talking with you about our lovely ship <3 And cats. See above. 

@princessdany : You have the cutest blog and the greatest aesthetics. It’s lovely. And you’re lovely, obviously. And I love your color edits-you really have a lot of talent. It’s been wonderful being a part of the community with you :)

@daenerystubborn : Great aesthetic, beautiful edits. Like, really beautiful edits. Shamelessly reblog yourself all you like, please. You deserve it. 

@inside-the-overthinkers-mind : One of my fellow fic writers! I love your fics sooo much honestly and I love it whenever you reblog mine because you’re such a talented writer. I hope you write something else soon; our fandom always needs more fanfiction and sometimes I feel kind of bad because I’m just consistently spamming you all the time with random drabbles and oneshots…but your blog is quality. High quality. 

@arriannemvrtell : CINNAMON LEMON CAKES. If you don’t understand that reference I got your name change wrong-in which case, please redirect this post to the person whose username used to be eliamartvll. You’re soooo sweet. Thanks for being my beta reader even though technically you haven’t betad anything yet lol. Thank you for messaging me at two in the morning your time and for always being so kind to everyone. I have to say, I was hesitant to follow someone whose blog also ships Jonsa-but I was pleasantly surprised to find that you’re one of my favorite blogs I follow. Though you’re such a lovely person that shouldn’t be surprising. All the internet hearts in the world. 

@forcenturiestogether : New mutuals here but I love your blog. You’re always posting something GOT related. Thanks for liking all of my shit posts lol

@winter-comes-with-fire-and-blood  : You’re so sweet! I love your blog and all your opinions on Jonerys-you’re so knowledgeable and know how to make a young one feel welcome. I’m so glad I met you, honestly. And your fanfics are amazing too :)

@sethkatejonerys : Such a sweetie. Welcome to the ship! You have a great blog, just so you know. I love seeing you on my dash! 

@arya4queen : Lovely edits and soo nice :) We’re new mutuals but I love talking to you and your edits are so amazing. Never doubt that-I will always reblog them. Multiple times, if you’d like lol. 

@heylowday : Literally the best. You always make my day and I’m so honored that you like my fanfics and are making me edits because seriously your edits and manips are some of the best I’ve ever seen. I can’t believe it. Thank you so much lovely! And also your fan videos are AMAZING!!!!! Everyone should check them out if they haven’t already. 

@loyalbarbarian : Love seeing your comments on stuff. Keep on keeping it real. Never change lol 

@dreamofspring : One of my favorite gif makers. They’re incredible. Honestly. Goals. I always look forward to seeing your edits and icons. This is a depressingly short thing but just know you’re one of my absolute faves and I’m so glad that we’re mutuals :) 

@mrsharington : Kit Harington and Richard Madden source I never knew I needed. I love all of your creative posts, even though we’re recent followers. You’re so sweet and kind and I always look forward to your amazing content! Already one of my faves! 

@mudinyourlungs : I’ve been waiting a very long time to tell you just how much I adore your blog. I love reading your asks and answers and you do so much to shut down the hate in our fandom. You’re so intelligent but also ready to fangirl with anyone over how amazing it is that this is Actually Going to Happen and I’ve been a fan for a very long time. Your blog is truly amazing. I absolutely love it. So glad we’re mutuals.

@spaceamazon , @ferosa , @is-there-a-yugioh-fandom , @sakura-bell  My newest mutuals! I haven’t gotten a chance yet to get to know all of you as much as I would like to but just know that I appreciate how much I always see you on my dash :) 

*Also, I’m very sorry if I missed anyone! I just went through a list of my followers and I think I got everyone but it was also 10:30 at night (I wrote some of this in advance because I’m working today) sooo (also why I took a picture of my cat instead of making an actual edit lol)

anonymous asked:

While very much supportive of your "the alt-right must be destroyed" motto, I'm confused: aren't you British? And isn't "alt-right" a US-specific term? Don't you have plenty of racists and fascists closer to home to worry about, in Europe and in Britain? (And that you *should* worry about, if I may be so bold.) So is it just to communicate easier with a (mostly American) tumblr audience? Or are you more interested in American politics? Did *I* get the term wrong, maybe? Just curious.

The Alt-Right is largely American, but considering they got the literal worst person to run the country with the most industrial military power on earth, and what happens in the US tends to trend to the rest of the world, I am very disturbed by it all.
The Alt-Right does exist in the UK, but we don’t generally call it “Alt-Right”. But these are just labels for the same entity.

As far as dealing with facists and racists here, yes I do have people to deal with here, and have been doing so, insofar as I can. 

American politics is literally something I cannot escape seeing anymore, but I have not been able to spend a single day since Brexit not being made aware of how the UK has been striding toward the far-right.

I guess part of the reason I strongly hate the Alt-Right/fascists/neo-nazis/whatever they call themselves is because I’m a Brit. Unlike the US, who had the privilege of not ever having to really experience what years of being a bulwark against a fascist state (or like France, Poland, etc, spent years fighting them in their own homes), we still have the scars.
The city I live in has the remains of buildings that were bombed to shit by the Nazis. 
Our modern culture still has traces of Post-War culture because the Post-War period for us was such a long experience.
An observation my fiancee made is that we Brits have an obsession with death. This obsession seems to be visible in our culture from the 1910′s and peaks in the 1940s, if you look at any Cathedral in the UK, I’ve found.
Our museums are filled with details about WWII Britain, and the evil things the Nazi’s did. We rarely talk of WWII with any glory, for us it’s a solemn thing etched into our collective memory. 

To my mind, the US right now is a collective embodiment of the “Privileged White Guy” who says they don’t understand why other people are so offended at their insensitivity and ignorance of history, because we bled for years after the Nazis fell and it’s still in living memory. The US doesn’t have the bombed and preserved sites, the carefully maintained death-camps, the population that still REMEMBERS how entire communities would disappear, how the bombs fell on your heads, how we barely survived at all.

Well, that, and the US right now is kind of proving everything I was told by my parents growing up, that the US is a place of racist, violent, polarized idiots that rule the world through ignorance and fantaticism, is true.
Now try to imagine that, and think that “these are the people who rule the world through firepower”. Imagine if, once again, fascism truly took control of the nation with the biggest firepower in the world.

So yes, I’m worried about the UK, I haven’t forgotten things here in the least. But I am absolutely terrified of what the US has been, and is, becoming.
And yes, I consider the rise of the far Right and White Nationalism here to be a betrayal of the experience we had as a culture. We fought and bled and we are STILL finding the successors of the Blackshirts on our shores, in our communities.

The Alt-Right (or whatever they want to call themselves, the white nationalists, the fascists, the nazi-wannabes, etc) MUST be destroyed.
We have lost too much in the past, to have so short a memory of where this led before.

Smartest Thing He Could’ve Done

1k Weasley Ficlet, following Fred’s funeral and the aftermath of Percy’s betrayal. 

The Burrow was uncharacteristically quiet. You’d never know it had been the site of a near civil war only weeks before, following a funeral that had gutted everyone involved. Molly had not wanted to take sides, had not wanted to choose between any of her children, but her hand had been forced.

The Weasleys had been orbiting each other for weeks - Molly and Arthur hadn’t spoken to each other since their fight - the fight that had collapsed everything Molly believed about the children she had raised and the husband she had raised them with. Nonetheless, she worried the factions created by the family fight to end all family fights might become permanent.

She needed something and she needed it now - her grief was going to eat her alive if she didn’t figure out a way to rationalize this. She had lost a son during the War, and another in the Battle of Hogwarts. Somehow, her husband had the audacity to imply that she should have to live without two of her children, when only one of them was dead. 

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ONE SHOT - Reader!Queen of an Island outside Westeros, and Jon and Daenerys asking for her help (Part III and last)

(GIF Credit [X] )

-So, what should I do?

You asked, to no one of them specially. That morning the outsiders had come to you island. You are the Queen, and because that, you have spended almost all day with them. Knowing them. Knowing their problems, their stories, their trues and lies. Or, at least, the most you can know someone in some hours; you doesn’t believe them completely. Who can? Trust someone you have just meeted is not the wiser desition.

As soon as your first meeting ended, you all had a really needed meal and some free time. One of your husbands served them as guide, to show them the castle and explain the foreigners your history and culture. They want your help; at least, they should know what are the place and who are the people they are asking that help of. 

And now, you was on your bedroom, with your three husbands, and instead of having a long and beautifull sex session, you four are discussing about the foreighners.

- I think you should decline their petition, my Queen. - said one of your husbands, seated on your bed. The bed was enough to fit three persons on it at a time, but only him was seated there. Other of your husbands was on his feet, resting his back against the wall, silent by the moment. But his face said it all for him; he was thinking exactly the same as the first one. - We owe them nothing.

- That’s right. We owe them absolutely nothing… But what if that danger is real?  - you said, taking out your gown.

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One super sad Chilty coming up for you, my dear @rauliskafan 

I do change points of view momentarily but the Frederick POV is marked by a new section-header-line-thing on both sides. 

Also, no one offense to anyone from Indiana hahaha I’m sure it’s a lovely place.


Please more Chilton! Could you write something where he and his girlfriend have a huge fight on account of his many insecurities? She storms off to go on a business trip or visit family or something. She turns back at the last minute only to find Chilton frantic because the plane she was scheduled to be on crashed and he could not get a hold of her. Then fluffy smut!!!

“I cannot do this with you right now, Frederick! I have a plane to catch!”

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