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Guess who? It’s me, Star! I have some exciting news for you. Well, first, Marco got kidnapped and I blew up a bunch of stuff, including my wand. And I was super bummed because I thought I was never gonna get to do magic again, but then I got my new wan- My new waaand! Oh, yeah and Marco’s okay. Say hi, Marco


a week into this fandom and ive already made a fucked up au for it. typical

so i wanted to like, formally introduce the “monstar au” and the guidelines ive made up for it. the story as of right now is, this is an au where star wasnt able to fully get rid of marco’s monster arm, and it’s left him in a constant state of fluctuating between his human self and being fully taken over by the monster. later on, when star goes through mewberty, marco does end up finding and using a spell from her book to try and stop it, but it turns out you shouldnt mess with nature and it transforms her mewberty self into a giant gross monster. when she finishes mewberty, instead of reverting to her normal self she, too, is left with a monster form, although this one is permanent. so they kinda screwed each other up. (messup twins, indeed)

basically this started out as designing monster forms for both the kids for completely different purposes but then i started drawing them together and now it’s a thing?? it’s pretty much just an excuse for drawing weird monster kids, but now i have a bullshit reason for it.


Happy Purim, all! I am the butterfly princess. :)

Most people kicked, talked, or walked in their sleep. But then again, Merlin was not most people. Arthur shook his head fondly, watching the little creatures dance. He’d kept the idiot’s secret so far, a little longer wouldn’t hurt. (Or the one where Arthur already knows that Merlin conjures odd things in his sleep, but he loves to watch them so much that he drags Merlin everywhere with him.)

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Do you think,, after Papyrus gets jealous of the dog, he gets kinda clingy to Mettaton for the rest of the day? He's just holding onto him because he's his boyfriend and he has to show it. Jealous Paps is so cute aaa.

Yes, but this is only the beginning of the rivalry between man and dog

“Okay so I’ve been seeing a lot of hate on Starco recently, and I think it’s because it’s becoming more canon as the show moves along. I understand it’s cliche to some people but other people just think it’s cute. Some people have the most absurd reasons for disliking the ship. I even heard someone say they dislike it because it’s heterosexual. I support lgbt+, but come on. That’s a bit rude and hypocritical. I want to stop seeing all the hate towards Starco other ships. The ship war is childish.”

- Anonymous


Human Bog

Look at that, he’s got primroses in his tattoo sleeves >__>
He got them while he was with his first love. When that didn’t work out, he started hiding his tattoos in public, constantly wearing his jacket. He hates seeing them. They’re a constant reminder of his heartbreak. 

The piece of amber in his staff in canon has been turned into a necklace, a gift from his father.

He’s covered in scars, most of them on his left side. He’s rather intimidating, especially when he’s riding around on his motorcycle. To most people he just looks like a thug and stay away from him, though his appearance is rather deceiving.

Taehyung is the type to catch a butterfly because “look, pretty” but would forget to make holes in the jar so he just ends up showing you a dead butterfly.