because butterflies

As per request, miraculous ladybug Cinderella style. I still really love the 2015 Cinderella and I had a great time drawing this. I really loved her dress and I decided to keep it very similar. I kept the butterflies because they reminded me of purified akumas, so I tried to vary them from a dark blackish red to the brilliant white one in her hair.


Decisions decisions… so many to make.

Had quite a bit of fun trying to take more time to make the audio edits sound nice, overall I really liked the comic, so it was fun making a dub of it.
The comic was this one right…..


Which was made by the talented @spatziline​, so thanks for making cool stuff!

That’s right, no one is safe from my voice, haha!

Anyway, thanks for watching!

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GOT7 as Tourists
  • Jaebum: stressed tourist dad that just wants to lay down on the hotel floor and pass out after the kid behind him wouldn't stop kicking hiS DAMN SEAT ON THE PLANE (its probably yugyeom)
  • Mark: falls asleep at the beach but forgets that suntan lotion is a thing and ends up with the worst sunburn ever. maknae line will not stop slapping his sunburn because "hyung, it's just SO funny"
  • Jackson: spends the 6 hour flight trying to learn an entirely new language. uses a really broken version of said language on literally ANYONE he passes. most likely offends the locals but gosh he's just so charming they can't stay upset
  • Jinyoung: extensively researches where he's traveling to. probably wears a dad cap and a fanny pack full of emergency supplies. plans too many excursions and now has a surfboarding lesson and a mountain hike at the same time
  • Youngjae: will stop at every street vendor and buy something from each because he can't say no to the nice people making him buy a snack, a crappy t shirt,- wait did he just buy a timeshare on an island?
  • Bambam: spent so much time planning out his day to day wardrobe that he forgot the amenities like a tooth brush and socks. promptly rushes to the nearest store. takes like thirty pictures of the local culture on his way there to post on sns later
  • Yugyeom: seems like the type to stray from the tour group because he saw a butterfly or something. looks up and the tour group is already back on the bus about to leave without him. cue the frantic running


Taking a break from all the Ososan stuff, finally!
Went to the hospital yesterday because of my wonderful immune system, then doodled this at the waiting room~
I messed up her wand, I know, I couldn’t remember it all by memory

Most people kicked, talked, or walked in their sleep. But then again, Merlin was not most people. Arthur shook his head fondly, watching the little creatures dance. He’d kept the idiot’s secret so far, a little longer wouldn’t hurt. (Or the one where Arthur already knows that Merlin conjures odd things in his sleep, but he loves to watch them so much that he drags Merlin everywhere with him.)


The Many Faces of Yuuri Katsuki - Episode 5

Onwards to episode 5! We got a lot of Yuuri skating in this episode but, in the midst of it all, we actually got to see a wide variety of expressions. There’s a surprisingly lot of foreshadowing to later events in this episode if you consider that we see pride, determination, and anxiety from Yuuri over his skating as well as his decision to not listen to Victor’s skating instructions. That said, I hope I was able to adequately capture the diversity of expressions we see! Enjoy!

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Bonus because I adore this butterfly entry and picking just 1 Yuri on Ice gif was agony:

Regardless of if you see Bellamy and Clarke as platonic or romantic, their dynamic is pretty astounding.  It’s one of the purest forms of love, self sacrificing at times, and forged with trust, respect, forgiveness, and equality.  The type of bond that cannot be easily undone, even when put to the test against the harshest aspects of a morally ambiguous world.

You know that feeling when you’re watching the person you love do something? For example, they’re talking to someone, and you feel all proud and get butterflies because they’re so awesome and everyone knows it and they’re yours. Or when they’re doing something, and they just look really happy and proud, and it’s the sweetest thing.