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So how about a fic where Stiles & Derek have been dancing around the idea of getting together for awhile, but something always happens to keep them apart. Neither of them are great with emotional talks, which is just adding to the problem & the building tension between them. Stiles finds a spell that he thinks will help…. 

Below is a very bad ficlet/barely a prompt cause i’m not a writer so someone fix it if you want <3!

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Kendra’s death was so frustrating. There was no mourning. And I guess that makes sense, because the only person she had a real connection to was Buffy and Buffy had a lot of other things to deal with, and then we didn’t her for months so we don’t know if she mourned. 

But still, she was a good character and it’s like her death had no weight other than to raise the stakes (I tried to find a way to word that that didn’t make a fucking stupid pun but I couldn’t) which they didn’t really need to do, because Jenny was already dead and Angelus is intense all on his own, and to bring Faith into the picture. 

She didn’t get to have her own character development and problems, really. It was always about being a mirror to Buffy and furthering other plots/characters and that’s just unfortunate because Kendra’s got so much potential. 


btvs rewatch ✞ 2x22 Becoming Part 2

Five by Five. (Trixya) - Vixen

So this is my entry for the fic challenge, and of course it’s Trixya because hello, I am actual Trixya trash. This is just pure fluff tbh, I was going to have the fifth kiss with one of them dying, but I was in a good mood so aye. The title is from Buffy because I’m also Buffy trash. Hope you enjoy, as always, shower me in praise! - Vixen

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so a big part of the therapy session i had yesterday was about my issues with my sister, and how i let people walk over me because of that. so i’m taking small steps to being more Me and more confident, and the first thing i’m doing is putting my wardrobe back to rights! i miss dressing like i used to, which is like … weird ‘n’ comfy. think like, tara from buffy. i stopped because she teased me about it all the time but today i am wearing a full length skirt and t-shirt and i feel GR8

I love the friendship between Buffy and Willow because it’s similar to the friendship between me, a straight woman and my best friend, a gay woman - who I love and am thankful for every day. She’s also like Willow in general as she’s also bookish, incredibly clever and just a lovely and kind person. I wish media portrayed more strong and genuine friendships between a straight person and a gay person of the same gender.

ok but imagine 14 year-old dawn summers learning that willow and tara are together together and being like “oh that’s a thing? girls can like girls too? like with the kissing and everything?” 

and suddenly she realizes that the way she sometimes looks at tara maclay is the same way she looks at xander


Y’know what I see in this scene? I see myself at age fifteen, spouting off the same conservative rhetoric I heard from my dad (and from Fox News, which he had on all the time). I was raised in an environment where “Christian” automatically meant “conservative.” Everything I heard from every authority figure, from everyone I considered a role model, pretty much amounted to that. So I started to buy into it. I started repeating what I heard from everyone around me, and for a while I might have even believed it, because that was all I knew. And because there was always the subtle implication that if you believed any different, it was only because you had been “brainwashed by the liberal media” or “corrupted by the world’s influence.”

That’s what’s going on with Wesley here. He’s spent his whole life around Watchers. He’s been raised to think like they do. The other Watchers hate Giles, so of course Wesley has only heard negative things about him. Of course he’s heard that Giles is too strongly attached to his Slayer, Giles is an embarrassment to the Council, Giles isn’t qualified for the job anymore, blah blah blah. And Wesley buys into that line of thinking because the Council can’t be wrong, can they? Surely all these people Wesley looks up to must know what they’re talking about, mustn’t they?

This is really the only time you see him being blatantly disrespectful of Giles. Over the next few episodes, as Wesley works with him and gets to know him, he begins to change his attitude. He realizes there’s more to Giles than the awful things the other Watchers have said about him. He realizes that Giles’ attachment to Buffy is a strength, not a weakness. Once Wesley gets away from the direct influence of the Council and has the chance to experience the world firsthand and think for himself, he begins to change his ways of thinking.

This is probably Wesley’s most obnoxious moment, and I’m not saying it was okay for him to be such a jackass. I’m just saying I understand why. I get it, because I’ve been there.


Ok here is part 2 of my Riley One Shot- I am not fine at all

Summary-Riley finally breaks, but she didn’t expect the reason she would break would be because her of her parents and best friend.

Dedicated to @buffys because she kept me motivated in writing it.

Can also be found at Archive of our Own and Fanfiction 

Part 1

It’s often said that it takes ten times longer to put yourself together then it does to fall apart and after that eventful day where Riley finally expressed her true feelings it takes ten things, ten moments for Riley to be pieced back together, to finally believe that she is worth it. After Riley storms out of the apartment she ends up going to Josh’s NYU dorm and to say he was angry was an understatement, however he put aside his feelings towards the people that caused this and instead focused on his niece, holding her till she felt better. That was the first day in a long time where she remembered someone putting her feelings first, and holding her like she mattered. After that day, Josh made sure to text Riley every day, his texts varying from a simple ‘How are you’ to providing her details about what he had for lunch, with every text never failing to make her smile. Josh becomes her person and she starts to feel a tiny bit lighter after that.

The first two pieces to be put back together happens two weeks after the event and the first piece is provided by Farkle. Farkle who seemed to be the only one to notice her feelings after Texas, and to help her through starting high school. He came by the day after and sat next to her on the bay window, not saying anything, just sitting with her. Riley laid her head on his shoulder and whispered “Thank you for believing me, even when I don’t believe in myself.” Farkle kissed the top of her head, vowing to bring back the Riley Matthews that made his world light. Besides Isadora, Riley was the best person in his life and he wanted to make her realize that.

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