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I need some help with my Braixen. Recently, she accidentally broke her stick while playing, and has been very distressed over it. I tried to repair it, but all I have right now is duct tape, which she swatted out of my hand. Do you have any good suggestions on what I can do? I really want to make her feel better, so meal time doesn't feel like a chore. (She's not too interested in eating right now because of this...)

Braixen choose their own sticks, and when it’s broken, they get rather dismayed about the whole thing. However, I’ve never heard of one getting so upset that they won’t eat. She’ll find a new stick in time, but I’d recommend taking her to the Poké Center as soon as possible- there might be a more serious issue here.

"But why did Serena win when she did the SAME performance in Dendemille Town? Should’t she have done something different?”

She DID do something different, Pokeani Fandom. If you had paid attention rather than just guessed at things based on their appearances, you would have known that.

While she still uses Flamethrower, Dark Pulse, and Stone Edge, it’s because she’s using Braixen and Pancham. You don’t expect her to teach her Pokémon entirely different sets of moves between each Showcase, do you? And she even adds in Arm Thrust and Fire Blast, which she hasn’t used before. 

And the dancing. The dancing inspired by Eevee. The Dancing Eevee taught them. Eevee’s Dancing.

The entire point of those cartwheels and that jump was because that’s how Eevee dances, with lots of spins and jumps

And Eevee’s first reaction?


As the performance continues, Serena, Braixen, and Pancham




Serena wasn’t just in sync and coordinated with her Pokémon on stage Her heart was in sync with Eevee’s as well. She totally understands it’s feelings and wants to share it’s dancing with the world, and this was the first way she could: by allowing Eevee to teach them how to dance and performing on stage.

Serena did the work and earned her key.

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Miss how does fire come out of your stick?

Lady Norra: Ah! An excellent question indeed!

You see, a lot of fire types tend to have what is called a “flame sac”, an organ inside of their bodies that keeps their internal flame.

For the Fennekin breed however, they’re born with a flame sac, but it isn’t able to keep a constant flame like most fire types. The habit of eating twigs and sticks mainly is due to the fact that it fuels the inner flame!

As the Fennekin grows older however, the flame sac inside them actually begins to shrink. After the flame sac is rendered useless, the Fennekin evolves into Braixen, and they begin to develop their psyche.

If you have ever noticed, Braixen uses fire type attacks from a stick/branch of their choosing. There’s reason for this!

After evolving, Braixen and Delphox completely lose the ability to creat fire from the now deteriorated flame sac. In it’s place their psychic abilities become very important!

Their psychic abilities now also become their fire type skills. The reason for this is because Braixen and Delphox have the ability to convert their psychic energy, and ignite it into fire energy!

It all happens in the arms! While psychic energy flows throughout the entire body, there’s a point in the arms where the psychic energy converts to fire. The stick is used to stabalize the flow of energy and channel it as it travels up the arm, and through the stick, which acts as a medium.

As it reaches the tip of the stick, the fire energy is then ignited, and fire type attacks are produced based on the amount of energy used for each kind of attack, ranging from a small ember, to a furious Fire Blast!

x and y are objectively good because they added braixen and goodra and sylveon and honedge and gogoat and noivern and hawlucha and you can pet every single one of them, if you think x and y are bad you’re just wrong and you’re going to pokemon jail sorry i don’t make the rules