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Prince Oh showing you the world; shining, shimmering, splendid  ゚*。(・∀・)゚*。

  • Suicide Squad: has a black man as main character together with a woman. A black woman is the most badass and strong character. Has a cast of mostly poc and the cutest dude ends up being a Mexican cholo
  • The lesson is that the World is not black and white. People are human and capable of good
  • Not everyone is completely evil and you shouldn't judge for appearances
  • Reviews: the movie is bad and I can't like the characters

Shoutout to Captain Boomerang because having your gimmick be throwing things and getting matched up against the dude that can outrun light seems like a pretty shit arrangement but you know he perseveres

Imagine having fire powers like Diablo and helping him fight incubus and him not dying because of it
  • You: We did it!
  • Flag: Good job you two, let's move on.
  • Diablo: You were great back there.
  • You: WE were great back there.
You guys ever just look at your favorite actor/actress/character- anyone in general, and you blush and try to bury your face because you just can't handle them?

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While I love the headcanon, it wouldn't really work because the Aurebesh alphabet is used in the Star Wars universe rather than the English one. However, the closest letter visually to a V in that alphabet is 'Yirt', so maybe the name begins with a 'Y'? Just a thought.

^ that’s cool too. I never really thought about his tattoo it just seemed like a really cool boomerang to me


For all my trans, nonbinary, and crossplaying friends, @because—boomerangs showed me this magical product. It’s NYX butter lip balm in nude.
“Before” is my natural feminine lips. “After” is with the lip balm. Gone are my days of putting concealer on my lips and looking chapped and dry for days when I don’t want to be a female. Moisturizer and masculinize all at once.

I got this one at Nordstrom Rack for $4, but I bet you can find it anywhere NYX makeup is sold and online.

oh i keep meaning to say something about it, but i have seen the new samurai jack episodes that are out so far and i am veeery happy.


character aesthetics → the hawkeyes; clint barton & kate bishop

“aw, kate, c’mon. that’s my net arrow. you gotta respect the gear there, hawkeye.
like this thing here, boomerang arrow, kate- it comes back to you in the end.
boomerang. respect it.” 

“why the hell do you need an arrow that comes back to you after you shoot it, clint?” 

“because…. boomerang.” 


Trick arrows I made for my Hawkeye cosplay. From left to right: normal tip, net arrow, electro-arrow, suction-tip arrow, normal tip, bola arrow, explosive-tip arrow, sonic arrow, smoke bomb arrow, acid arrow.
I also definitely want to make the cable arrow, putty arrow, USB arrow, rocket arrow and boomerang arrow. Because … boomerangs.
Gosh, I love arrows! c:


Because. It’s Friday. #findingpaola #fanmdjanm #paolalostinnewyorkcity @noriranemua #boomerang

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in one upcoming flash episode, I kinda want them to show a shot of the central city skyline as they do and just have a little cameo of captain boomerang flying using one of his boomerangs like

no explanations. no mention of it afterwards by any of the characters. just one random shot of a flying captain boomerang because this is the kind of ridiculousness that goes on in central city