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Prince Oh showing you the world; shining, shimmering, splendid  ゚*。(・∀・)゚*。

Shoutout to Captain Boomerang because having your gimmick be throwing things and getting matched up against the dude that can outrun light seems like a pretty shit arrangement but you know he perseveres

Flash Rogues - Queen Edition
  • Flash Rogues Team: Bohemian Rhapsody
  • Flash Rogues Team on a Good Day: We Are The Champions
  • Captain Cold: I Want It All
  • Heatwave: Misfire
  • Golden Glider: Killer Queen
  • The Top: Another One Bites The Dust
  • Weather Wizard: Ride The Wild Wind
  • Pied Piper: We Will Rock You
  • Trickster I: Don't Stop Me Now
  • Captain Boomerang I: Innuendo
  • Mirror Master I: Good Old-Fashioned Lover Boy
  • Abra Kadabra: It's A Kind Of Magic
  • Mr Element: Good Company
  • Dr Alchemy: I Can't Live With You
  • Rainbow Raider: Brighton Rock
  • Trickster II: The Great Pretender
  • Captain Boomerang II: Father To Son
  • Mirror Master II: The Hitman
  • Peek-A-Boo: Save Me
  • Magenta: Crazy Little Thing Called Love
  • Blacksmith: The March of the Black Queen
  • Reverse Flash: Jealousy
可憐 (Karen)

Sorry, I don’t have the English version of the novel so I don’t know what it’s translated to or how it sounds in English, but I just need to say this. 可憐(Karen) is a word that we usually use to describe something lovable or beautiful with a deep admiration. ( Deeper than Kawaii )

Before Kido went to the orphanage and met Kano. (nov. 7)

Kido: “I’m not 可憐.”

After Kido met Kano at the orphanage. (nov. 5)

Kano: “She is 可憐.”

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hey this is an actually normally anon, and all I have to say is harrison has probably thrown his hat at someone like a boomerang at least once or twice

you heard it here first, ladies and gentleman: the holy truth itself

Imagine having fire powers like Diablo and helping him fight incubus and him not dying because of it
  • You: We did it!
  • Flag: Good job you two, let's move on.
  • Diablo: You were great back there.
  • You: WE were great back there.
Suicide Squad ships

Looks like a cinnamon roll but could actually kill you: Quinnshot

Looks like they could kill you but is actually a cinnamon roll: Flagshot

Looks like a cinnamon roll and is actually a cinnamon roll: Moonflag

Looks like they could kill you and could actually kill you: Kaboom


For all my trans, nonbinary, and crossplaying friends, @because—boomerangs showed me this magical product. It’s NYX butter lip balm in nude.
“Before” is my natural feminine lips. “After” is with the lip balm. Gone are my days of putting concealer on my lips and looking chapped and dry for days when I don’t want to be a female. Moisturizer and masculinize all at once.

I got this one at Nordstrom Rack for $4, but I bet you can find it anywhere NYX makeup is sold and online.

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You know the thing I wish they had kept exploring was how similar Tim and Bruce are, particularly their flaws. It'd have been interesting to see Batman in a position in dealing with Red Robin (who's grown up a lot and become a lot colder/unhinged). RR is and isn't his perfect soldier anymore and he's finding out RR can lie like the devil to him. Heck, we know Tim didn't have a contingency plan on Dick, but would he get one for Bruce or even himself?

Sorry friend I just??? love this ask so much? Because this is something I feel really strongly about and is another thing I’ve very bitter about the ending of Robin/Red Robin.

Because Tim was going in a new direction, it had been a long, hard, slow process but Tim was changing and not always for the better. It was fascinating to watch the trials he went through and to be uncomfortable with how he was being twisted and adjusted. He still was the same sunny kid that said Batman needed a Robin but he was getting further and further away from him. I think if RR had continued, we would have gotten further exploration into how Tim had changed and how the batfam would react to it. 

Because through most of the series, Tim was on the move and saving the world and crap and there was very little downtime for him and the rest of the fam to reflect on how he’d been shaped by his recent experiences. Except for the last issue, the Captain Boomerang issue which hooooooot damn was that issue telling. Because Tim breaks out his father’s murderer from jail, manipulates the man into coming to red’s location all the while convincing himself that if Boomerang wants to escape, Tim would let him but he calculated everything to know that he won’t. And then he starts wailing in on the man and as he does he wonders why he’s gone to this trouble to directly or indirectly kill Boomerang. Because things have been so stressful that Tim hasn’t taken the time to acknowledge how he’s changed, he still believed that he was still mostly that cute little robin but he’s finding out now that he’s put that behind him. It’s startling, to realize you’re not the person you thought you were.

And then Bruce comes along and puts a stop to it. He doesn’t acknowledge the fact that Tim didn’t kill Boomerang even though he was given the opportunity or that Tim had been through quite a few traumatic experiences himself. Instead he tears into Tim for manipulating events with the intention of killing Boomerang. Reasonable? Yes but also I think Bruce is a little shocked to think that Tim, his Tim, who cried and fell into depression the couple of times he thinks he’s killed a villain, would do this. It’s a slap in the face how much things have changed since Bruce has been gone if stubborn, immovable Tim is acting like this. I think we would have seen a lot of the fallout of that relationship and the consequences of Tim’s actions.

Because Tim is dangerous now, oh he’s always been technically but he’s more willing to push himself and others to extremes and to bend his morals slightly to do what he thinks is right. I think B and Dic would start paying more attention to Tim to not only make sure he doesn’t go over that edge but also to heal him. Tim’s been through the ringer and come out altered, Bruce is finally seeing that and it would definitely have consequences.

Classy-El Diablo Imagine

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 “Could you use your pinky to light a girl’s cigarette? Cause that’s real classy,” Harley said.

   It was the first time that Harley and Chato spoke to each each other. They were getting ready to head out to Midtown for their first mission as Task Force X and Chato was being as quiet and brooding as usual. He was surprised when the Joker’s equally insane girlfriend spoke to him since he usually kept to himself. However, Harley talked to anyone who would listen or even if they didn’t, and when Chato processed her words, he almost rolled his eyes. It was a ridiculous thing to stay but also kind of funny. Besides, there was no way Chato would ever let himself near a girl again. He had already hurt Maria and their sons when he lost control of his fiery abilities and he had no desire to do it again. He was a monster and he deserved to be killed or locked up, which was why he didn’t understand his being a member of Task Force X. Sure, the other guys were bad but they had never killed a loved one. Therefore, Chato decided that he would help when he could during the mission without using his powers—-he had already caused enough destruction.

   Just as they were about to leave, Flagg introduced the team to two other members who had just arrived on their helicraft. The first person to exit the helicraft was a petite Japanese woman in a red jacket, black leggings, and a white mask that covered the top half of her face. She had a katana on her hip and did not look like one to be messed with.

    “This is Katana, a world renowned assassin. She will kill you on my command,” Flagg said.

    Katana gave everyone a pointed look over as she stood next to Flagg. The second person to step off the helicraft made Chato lose his breath. Her long y/h/c hair was pulled away from her face in a single braid, accentuating her pretty y/s/c face. She had wide y/e/c eyes framed by long lashes. The beige tank top and army green skinny pants she wore showed off her perfect figure. She had a whip slung across her back as well as an array of knives in her belt.

    “This is Whiplash, infamous hunter and torturer. That whip of hers cuts through flesh and bone and she will use it on you with or without my command,” Flagg said.

    Whiplash smirked as she stood next to Katana. Her eyes scanned over the group, her face void of a real expression. When she made eye contact with Chato, she seemed intrigued. He felt hot as Whiplash looked over all of his tattoos and the rest of his form. Chato felt drawn to her and wanted to talk to her first, but Harley beat him to the punch.

    “Hi, I’m Harley Quinn, nice to meet ya, Whiplash!” Harley stuck her hand out towards Whiplash and the woman eyed it suspiciously before grabbing it.

    “And you as well.” 

     It was in that moment that Chato vowed that he would look after her during the mission. It was obvious that Whiplash could take care of herself but no one was perfect, even though  Whiplash sure looked perfect. So, throughout the mission, Chato was always glancing over and checking that Whiplash could handle the amount of aliens that would swarm her and the rest of Task Force X. She was incredibly graceful with her whip, slicing through air and alien flesh. Her mouth was always fashioned in a snarl as she fought ferociously against her enemies but she was still beautiful. They never spoke during the mission, even though Harley, Deadshot, and Boomerang were pestering the both of them too, but Chato was too nervous and Whiplash, well, he didn’t know why Whiplash kept shaking her head at Harley and Deadshot. However, they finally spoke once they got to the abandoned building Waller told them to go to.

    They were surrounded by aliens in the office space, each member taking three or four members on their own. Chato easily killed the ones he had to deal with and when he turned to check on Whiplash, she was in the middle of turning to another alien when it snatched her up by the throat. Whiplash gasped for air and kicked at the creature but it wouldn’t let go. She tried to lift up her whip only for the creature to smack it out of her hand. Rage flared through Chato and he was on fire as he charged the alien. He stretched out his hand, burning the alien. It screamed and dropped Whiplash on the ground, making her cough a lot. Chato didn’t stop burning it until it was a crisp and calmed down once he knew it was gone. He turned to look at Whiplash and she seemed intrigued by his powers. Chato quickly helped her up.

     “Are you all right?” Chato asked.

     “Yeah, thanks to you, Diablo.” She glanced down at his hands. “What you did was…I’ve never seen anything like it before.” 

    “Oh, uh, is that a good thing?” Chato scratched the back of his neck.

    “I think so.”

    She turned on her heel and joined the rest of Task Force X as they prepared to rescue Amanda and her unit. Chato was elated, this new woman wasn’t afraid of him and it felt really good. However, they didn’t speak again until the task force went to the bar after Joker’s helicraft got shot down. Harley was playing bartender and making everyone’s drinks.

    “Whiplash?” Harley asked.

    “Tequila, straight,” Whiplash said.

    Harley raised her eyebrows as she filled a shot glass with the desired liquor and slid it in Whiplash’s direction. The woman caught it and downed the shot in one movement. 

    “A woman after my own heart,” Boomerang said as he wrapped his arm around her shoulders. “Are you seein’ anyone?”

   Chato felt his fire flare up. He could’ve killed the idiot Australian right where he sat.

   “No, and just because I’m not doesn’t mean I’m taking applications from the likes of you.”

   Deadshot, Killer Croc, and Harley “oohed” and Chato smiled to himself. Then again, just because she turned Boomerang down didn’t mean that she was interested in him. After a couple of drinks, the force began opening up to one another, revealing emotional and physical scars.

   “And what about you, Whiplash?” Deadshot asked carefully.

   Whiplash shifted in her stool. “My story isn’t very interesting. Got recruited to work for some organization right out of college, killed a lot of people, and I got whipped by my biggest enemy. I use the whip to take back my dignity and I’ve been hunting that animal ever since my organization released me.”
   “That’s how Waller got you to cooperate, she knows where your enemy is,” Flagg said.

    “But being in this force isn’t that bad. I get to take out my rage and anger on some weird lookin’ aliens and do some good.” Whiplash did her last shot. “What about you, Chato? What’s your deep and gritty back story?”
    Chato hesitated. He didn’t want her to know what kind of a monster he was, how destructive he could be. “I don’t know…”

    “Oh come on, you listened to the rest of us unload our issues, it’s only fair,” Boomerang argued.

    “You didn’t say anything about yourself,” Deadshot said.

     Boomerang smirked and took a long swig of his drink.

     Chato sighed and was conflicted. They had all already seen what he was capable of but that was only on a small scale. Plus, he was terrified that he would scare Whiplash away, though she wasn’t afraid of him when he helped her. So, Chato swallowed his fear and explained everything: about how he was in a gang back in California, about how a fight between him and his wife caused him to lose control, and about how he was haunted by his wife and children’s screams. When he looked up, they all wore sympathetic expressions except for Whiplash, whose expression seemed mixed. 

    “We all make mistakes, Diablo, but our mistakes don’t define us,” Deadshot said.

    Chato nodded and Harley handed him another glass of water. He really wanted to hear Whiplash weigh in on his story.

    “I’m goin for a smoke,” she said as she hopped off her stool.

    The door to the bar slammed behind her and everyone turned to look at Chato expectantly. 


    “Aren’t you going to go after her?” Deadshot asked. “We all know you have a thing for her.”

    Chato hesitated, feeling backed into a corner. “Wha–what makes you think that?”

   “The fact that you’ve been staring at her ever since she joined the team for starters,” Deadshot said.

    “You were overprotective of her during the mission,” Killer Croc said.

     “It was that obvious?”

     The team nodded.

    “I think it’s cute. If you go after her, you can light her cigarette with your pinky and she’ll be all yours,” Harley said with a wide grin.

    Chato stared at the lunatic for a moment. She did have a point, they all did. Chato wanted to be with her but he had no idea what she thought about him.

    “Listen, mate, if you don’t go after her, I will.” Boomerang stood and Chato jumped up.

    “Get out of my way,” he growled.

    Boomerang held his hands up in surrender as Chato brushed past him and outside of the bar. The rain was pouring down and Whiplash was huddled against the wall, trying to light her cigarette. Finally, she cursed and threw the lighter onto the wet sidewalk. When she looked up, she relaxed when she saw Chato.

   “Did it get too hot in there for you?” Whiplash asked.

   “No, uh, I wanted to see if you were okay,” Chato said.

   “I’d be great if that lighter would’ve worked.”

    Chato gulped. “I could help with that.”
    “Really? Thanks.”

    Whiplash walked over to Chato and he tried to keep his hand steady as he reached out to her and made a flame appear on the tip of his thumb. Whiplash cupped her hand over his thumb, leaned in, and lit her cigarette. She pulled away and took a long drag before blowing the smoke to the side. Chato’s hand was tingling from their brief touch.

     “Bonita,” he muttered.


    Chatos’ eyes widened. “Oh, uh, nothing.”

    “Really? I could have sworn you just called me beautiful in Spanish.”

     Chato wanted to smack himself in the face. He only burst into Spanish when he was furious or nervous.

    “Well…um, it’s true.” 

    “You want to know something, Chato? I thought the same thing about you when I first saw you.”

    Chato looked away. “How could you? I’m a monster.”

    “No, you lost control and you need to forgive yourself. I’ve done terrible things, things that I can never tell anyone, but I moved past it because I forgave myself.” Whiplash took another drag. “And the paycheck didn’t hurt either.”

    Chato chuckled. “I don’t know if I can do that.”
    “I can help you,” Whiplash said, closing the gap between them. “I can see your pain and I want to help you.”

    Chato stared into her eyes, feeling as though he could see into her soul. “Quiero mucho a besarte,”  he whispered.

    “Do it,” Whiplash muttered back.

    He gently grabbed her face in his hands and kissed her passionately. Whiplash dropped her cigarette and wrapped her arms around his neck as she kissed him back. Chato found himself smiling again for the first time in a long time and the warm feeling inside of him was no longer due to the permanent fire burning inside him. 

    Unbeknownst to the entangled couple, the rest of the team was watching from inside.

    “Way to go, Fire Boy,” Boomerang muttered.