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ooh, how about nonbinary leo valdez please if you still do pjo!! also @ that shitty transphobic anon: eat dirt, dunkass

i dont think ive Actually drawn leo since the trans pjo zine … i made their hair a bit bigger here~ because drawing big hair is fun - and what better guinea pig than leo valdez? (thank you so much for the request! <3 and the support)

Can we all just take a moment to appreciate the pitch perfectness that was setting Wonder Woman during WW1? I mean, at first I was like…WWI? Why WWI? There was no clear cut bad guy in WWI. It was one of the most tragically pointless wars in human history.

But then I realized that was the point. In WWII it’s easy to point at Hitler and the Nazis and say, that’s them! that’s the bad guy. Just KILL THEM AND BE DONE WITH IT.

But the Point of Wonder Woman is that people, all people, are part of the problem. From Steve Trevor, who’s people, my people, massacred the Native Peoples, to the teenage German soldiers putting gas canisters on a plane, EVERY SINGLE HUMAN BEING IS  MIX OF GOOD AND BAD CHOICES, and a victim and a perpetrator of choices that lead to death and suffering and tragedy.

And that makes Diana’s choice to keep fighting for peace even better. Because she’s not out to defeat one big bad and get it over with. She’s out to fight for peace, and that is a war that will NEVER end. How is that not 10000 times braver than just killing one person and ending a war?

It is Tolkien’s long victory, the victory you only see after the end. And that fight is braver than anything else you can do because it is step by step, day after day, choice after choice.

Soft Gladio Headcanons:

  • Manages to find the softest pj and sweat pants imaginable
  • He thinks his lover wearing his hoodies is the cutest thing ever
  • BIG hugs, 10/10 makes you feel safe and like everything is going to be okay
  • Super ticklish which comes in handy because he is tall and will absolutely hold stuff out of your reach
  • Pro tip: poke his ribs
  • Lets little kids win against him in arm wrestling
  • Is a human furnace A+ for snuggling on cold days
  • Loves cuddling while he reads

To all my overachievers who don’t get praise from parents and loved ones anymore because it’s just expected of you to do well: I’m proud that you passed that test, I’m happy you graduated with honors, I love that you try your hardest all the time.

I know sometimes the lack of support and encouragement from those whose opinions matter the most to you can be disheartening, but keep pushing through and being the amazing person you are.


*sigh* I have. FINISHED.

Today’s prompt for this awesome week is Fusion, so here’s Larimar again 8D !

I slightly changed her palette because I didn’t like the old one. Not big changes, but it’ss till better I guess. And since I was not satisfied with one picture I decided I’d make several shitty doodles because why not - Now, I’m gonna tell you about my stupid headcanons about her ~ (I’ve already talked about some of them, but well.)

  • Larimar likes to tell jokes…and laugh at them. Yes. She likes to laugh at her own jokes. And then she tries to stay serious and usually fails. Yes. She does like fart jokes.
  • Lapis and Peridot’s laughs fused too :^) So as you can see in the last sketch, she snorts, but also have Peridot’s “Nyehehehe !!!” (I’ll never get tired of this laugh)
  • When she feel bad, stressed, or threatened, Peridot’s side will show. It means that she will , by reflex… grab her own arms. And then she’ll tell herself it’s okay. Sometimes she will let go, sometimes not.
  • She’s usually kinda calm. If someones makes her angry, she will *cough* resolves the problem with an authentic Lapis Idon’tgiveashit Lazuli’s face™.
  • Her theme would be electro-swing. Electro because Peridot (I don’t have to explain I think) and swing for Lapis, because well…it fits her personnality tbh (seriously the first Larimar picture I made was while listening to Parov Stellar, Alice Francis and Caravan Palace. So yeah it’s visible on her XD)
  • Something like Alice Francis’ voice. Just…imagine. (Or go listen if you don’t know her because she’s  a m a z i n g)
  • Also she’s a good tapdancer. Just because Shelby said she’d like Peridot to tap dance to fuse. So boom tap dancer Larimar.
  • She loves Steven. Well, like all his family and friends. But I just needed to remind you because
  • If someone touches the child *angry Sr Pelo noises* she turns into the Giant Angry Woman ™. Don’t touch the child.
  • She likes to hug Steven or herself. She’s basically a giant mom/aunt/being that have plenty of love to give.
  • Again, don’t touch the child.

Aaaand I guess that’s all ? I don’t know actually, if you want to ask something go ahead lmao

Also the Larimar + Morganite picture was kinda random first but I found that fun. There was another one, but maybe another day, because now I’m just too lazy to finish it :v

(Also before I forget - boop @lapidot-anniversary-week / @jenhedgehog cuz‘ the tags don’t always work :| )

guess who ;)

When anyone tries to tell me how much better education was “in the good old days”.


5 important shows/books/games that saved my 2016 - silent hill 3.
tu fui, ego eris

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Not to be rude or anything, but that was the end of the comic? It was cute, but kinda anticlimactic. Is there going to be anything else? Because I really love this AU and I can't wait to see what happens.

shit youre right, theres some missing panels

now thats an ending!


This is just to illustrate how deeply moved Jensen was that the hotline could help people, maybe even save someone who was thinking of hurting themselves. If you read Jared’s chapter in the new book from Fangasm, Family Don’t End With Blood, you know that he was in a very dark place two years ago right around JIBCon and needed help. This is a big deal for Jensen because he wants to make things better for other’s who felt the same way. And the rest of the cast really tried to comfort Jensen this weekend when all of this hit him and he had to (as he put it) “take a knee”. That’s a beautiful thing. (JIB8)

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But imagine greek!jason and annabeth meeting roman!piper and percy and thinking at first glance that they're in a relationship but nah they're just best bros and imagine how awkward will be jason

all four of them would just assume things about the other two and act accordingly without actually confirming because they are All awkward babies

though i THINK because piper would be a child of venus, she’d still have that ability to sense?? relationships between people? so she doesn’t think jason/annabeth are dating–just thinks they are literally related. and her and percy are defs the kind of friends to have entire conversations w/ nothing but the word ‘bro’ and very expressive eyebrow signals, so, it would really confuse jason/annabeth on that front. 

like jason’s just “you two aren’t a conventional couple, are you” when percy/piper high five each other after a long-ish separation. and they just freeze mid-high five and laugh like “a couple?? US?? why would i date THIS loser omg” 

also: jason being a TEEEENY TINY bit jealous of roman!pipercy tho. imagine. just a tiny little bit jealous bc piper is Cute As Fuck and percy can just casually put an arm around her like it’s no big deal, but jason has yet to say two words to her that don’t involve him completely losing his train of thought every time she sMIRKS at him. annabeth is forever just rolling her eyes at this bc jason is Hopeless

The good news is Louis Tomlinson has a solo article in “Variety”!

The bad news is Simon Cowell is in that headline with him.

They also couldn’t seem to find ANY solo picture of Louis. Not even a single one from the actual thousands there are of a Louis Tomlinson. Amazing. The subtitle baffles me a bit (all the boys went elsewhere, besides Louis) – why did they need to emphasize that? 

In fact, it’s the same thing - all  about SYCO and Simon in articles and tweets from Hits Daily Double (they managed to mention RCA, thank God), Official Charts UK, Just Jared and the radio stations that have tweeted about it. 

The whole announcement just seems more like a press round and propaganda for Simon and SYCO - but are we really surprised with Simon Jones at the helm of this PR?

The decision to go with Armin’s more subtle approach was unanimous.

Nobody Wants to Know the Truth (rough draft)

It’s a song! Thing. Yeah. Anyhow, this is for @world-builder and was originally inspired by @kerbabbles Musical Falls AU. It’s a really rough draft, and it’s just me singing a capella (I need to learn how to orchestrate things), but I had fun with it. I thought it would be fun if, early on the hypothetical musical, one of the kids asked Stan why he’s a conman and if Stan responded with a 100% in character, extremely cynical lie (Cuz people are dumb and ya can make money off of dumb people, kid. Now stop asking). In song form.  

Lyrics under the cut. 

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I think what I love most about Laurent and Damen together is that they don’t lose themselves, they become more like themselves instead. They become more like the people they were supposed to be. just because they’ve finally found the person who loves and accepts and sees them for exactly who they are.