because beautiful blue eyes

stop saying that brown eyes aren’t brown! whenever i’m like “i have brown eyes” ppl are like “nooo they’re green in some places and they kinda have gold flecks” like they feel bad for me???? like they’re trying to make me feel better about having brown eyes by saying they’re “not just brown”??? like sis my eyes are just brown!! and you don’t have to make me feel “better” about having brown eyes because i love my eyes! brown is the color of hot cocoa and earth and caramel and smokey quartz and warmth!!!! brown is a beautiful color and i want people to stop disregarding my brown eyes and saying they’re another color,, because they ARE just brown and i love them the way they are


黒執事のセバスチャンの目 -Sebastian’ glowing eyes // Different Shades

you didn’t think
you were beautiful
because your eyes
were brown and not blue
because your hair
was the night sky
instead of the sun
but to me you were perfect
your hair was my favorite time of day
and your eyes were like stars
your smile gave way
to crescent moons
and I couldn’t help
but fall in love
every single time

The only way in my entire existence to accept lancelot is if lotor fell in love with lance and instead of trying to force lance to come with him. He instead changes his ways and joins voltron for lance. Because of the beautiful blue eyes and his lovable personality.

So instead of it being abusive, fetishist ship its sweet and full of love and care.

I am so glad that when Phil was singing in the spotlight they did a close up of his face because I remember that his eyes looked really beautiful and blue in that specific lighting.

Sometimes Castiel likes to give Dean a lapdance, facing away from his loving boyfriend so he can grip at his plump cheeks and fuck his cock between them, making Cas writh above him because he can feel his thick shaft rubbing over his fluttering hole.

And he just grinds his hips back while Dean moans from behind him and nears his orgasm more and more by the minute because he has pure ecstasy running through his veins from the feeling of his twinky little boyfriends arse.

Even just watching Cas grind above him, no friction or anything, would probably make him come untouched because he sees beauty whenever he look into those blue eyes and trails his gaze over Castiel’s flushed skin.

Everything about him is just so beautiful to Dean and Castiel doesn’t even know that he has Dean under his control just by standing in front of him and batting those pretty, innocent blue eyes.

Lily was beautiful. Not in a supermodel sort of way, with blonde hair and blue eyes. Lily was beautiful because her red hair was vibrant, her green eyes always looked like they were concealing a secret and she was always smiling, happy and a bundle of positive vibes.

James was handsome. Not in a movie star sort of way, with shiny white teeth and well-kept hair. James was handsome because his hair was all over the place, a reflection on his scattered mind. His hazel eyes seemed to already be laughing and he always had a smile etched upon his face.

They were beautiful together and all eyes clung to them. They were so young and so attractive. They were beautiful, but then they were a beautiful tragedy.

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I'm jealous of my cousin because she has beautiful blue/gray/green eyes

Oh angel, I think you aren’t giving yourself enough credit!!

You know that not pair of eyes is the same, right! they are all unique, they all tell a different story, you can have fire in your soul and water in your eyes, or wind inside your heart and life on your eyes! there is really not rule on which eyes are better based on color or something like that, because they are all wonderful, unique, and beautiful pieces of art, like the ones having them!!!

Of course, feeling jealous is ok!! is a normal feeling, you are allowed to FEEL, but try to not pull you down because of that! Your eyes are as lovely as earth itself! and thats amazing! 

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That kiss was really awkward but the look on Julian face both before and after took my breath away. I don't know why, maybe it's because of his beautiful blue eyes. Or maybe he takes my breath away no matter what because he is Tom - I'm hot as hell - Felton :))



Nine + Ten + eyes for sarahjag

teacher!luke Detention or extra credit? -requested

“teacher!luke smut?” 


“Alright class today we will just be reviewing polynomial functions!” Mr. Hemmings gleamed. He has only been our math teacher for about 3 months and he already had all the girls wanting him. He was my favorite teacher not because he had beautiful blue eyes, an amazing smile, toned arms, or anything else like that but because he was kind and sweet and made sure that everyone knew the topic before we moved on. I understood polynomials but a lot of the students didn’t. Luke could read that he connected really well with everyone mainly because he was only 2 years older than everyone else but also because he is an amazing teacher. 

“First you separate the problem in to to halves and work from ther-”

“Mr. Hemmings!” Miranda the school know it all interrupted.

“Yes Miranda?” He politely asked. 

“could give work for the ones that understand this there is no point going over this when we get it.” 

God i hated that and her. “oh shut up Miranda. There are only two of us that understand it me and you. The rest don’t that is a 2 to 30 ratio. So only 1 out of 15 get it so shut up and let Mr. HEmmings teach then maybe the rest of them can catch up and learn the material and we can move the hell one. You bitching about this doesn’t make you sound smart makes you sound just like a goddamn bitch. I don’t mind reviewing this. it doesn’t hurt. Beside i know for a fact you are still fuzzy about the material that’s why you scored a 70 on the test. No for the love of god shut the fuck up and let the man teach. I swear if you open your dumb mouth again i will come over there and make you be quiet for the rest of the year.” I spat out. 

at first the whole class was quiet then a couple of kids clapped and cheered for my outburst. 

“oi oi shimmer down simmer down. Y/N is kinda right we do need to review and if you would like Miranda you can go to in school suspension and study seeing how that is the only quite place to study since the library is closed. AS for you Y/N you and i will have a chat later.” 

Miranda jumped up “A chat!? thats al-” 

“It is none of your business. I will handle the matter how i see fit. It is a detention but i didn’t think the whole class needed to know.” Mr. hemmings said aggravated. 

Then some random kid yelled “Yeah sit down before Y/N tells you off again!” 

“Oi let’s talk about math!” Mr. Hemmings gleamed again and shot a wink in my direction. wait was that really a wink?

once class ended and everyone left Mr. Hemmings locked the door and walked to my desk. “Miss Y/L/N that was very naughty what you did today. Cursing at a classmate and interrupting my class bad girl. “ he tsked. 

I looked him in the eye “I know but someone had to shoot that bitch down.” 

He smirked then pushed my hair behind my ear “True but I don’t like seeing you pretty mouth saying dirty things unless.” he moved closer and whispered “they are to me when i behind you over my desk.”

I turned my head to where i was inches apart “Well Mr. Hemmings i am sure the school would not approve. don’t you have homework to grade anyhow.” I pushed hime away and walked to his desk “Seems like a big pile of papers to me.” 

HE followed me down to his desk and pushed me into his chair on hand griped the arm rest and the other my chin “You are going to sit here and not make a single sound. Don’t worry about the school baby doll I am only a replacement i leave in a couple of months any how but before i go i wanna fuck you on the desk and eat you out right now.” 

his words sent shivers down my spine. i slowly spread my legs open and pushed my skirt up. “good girl.” He pushed my panties out of the way and went straight in. First he licked long strips then swirled around my clit making sure not to actually hit is. 

“Mr. Hemmings please don’t tease.” I moaned.

“Princess don’t question the teachers methods. If i wanna tease i will and you. will. love. it” 

I gasped at his dirty words but before i could reply he sucked my clit and shoved two fingers in me and and curved them brushing my g-spot.”fuck Hemmings.” 

He moved them faster and faster “Dont cum yet.” he stopped and pulled out his fingers and sucked on them. “You taste so good. ready for my cock?”

I nodded quickly “Yes Mr. Hemmings i am so ready.” 

“Good girl now stand up and bend over my desk.” 

I followed his directions and i heard the condom wrapper rip and him roll it on. HE pushed into me slowly and gentle. 

“God you are so big please move.” I begged. 

He pulled out them pushed in fast but sweetly. HE was a very kind yet fulfilling lover. “You feel so good baby girl. you should see how hot you look bend over my desk.” HE kept thrusting over and over till i was almost about to burst. 

“Mr. Hemmings i am so close.” i whined. 

“Me too on the count of three 1, 2 3 fucK!” he screamed as he came the same time as me. he pulled out then took me underwear and placed em in his pocket and pulled up his own pants. “these are mine.” 

I walked over and kissed him hard. “That was fun was this detention or extra credit?” I winked.

He pulled me close and wrapped his arm around my waist. “A bit of both? how about i take you out some time?”

I smiled widely “I’d love that Mr. Hemmings.” 

He kissed me then sat at his desk. “you can call me Luke when we aren’t in class or fucking Y/N.” 

“Alright then yes luke i’d love to go out with you sometime.” I kissed him on the cheek and walked away.

“where are you going?” He pulled me into his lap and kissed me very hard. 

“I have homework luke.” I giggled.

“Fine” he let me go “But remember there is a test friday and that if anyone asked i made you sort papers” 

I nodded and walked to the door and fixed my skirt. “Yes Mr. Hemmings. And i assume you would like me to come to class early to finish stacking papers.” i shot him a wink. 

“Yes Miss Y/L/N that would be lovely. drive safe.” He looked down at his papers and played with my underwear in his pocket as i left. 


possible part 2? Hope you liked this anon! 

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Dark features? So are you not a fan of blue eyes? Because I have some beautiful blue eyes I'm trying to catch you with 😉

My preferences aren’t set in stone, I could happily go for some pretty blue eyes

Batter Up

Prompt can be found here

Softball was your sport, you had played it ever since you were three with your father, and you loved it. Not to mention you were particularly good at it too, and it was hard work but playing it brought back childhood memories for you.

You were currently doing softball practise for the Beacon Hills High team and you were the pitcher. It was hard for you to concentrate because of the heat and your pretty bad shoulder but especially because of the lacrosse team. You both played trained on the same oval after school on Wednesday, not to mention half of them had their tops off too.

But you always kept an eye out for Liam, he was always so swift and fast, he had a great arm and you’ve never once seen him miss a goal. But the reason you kept an eye out for him was because you found him quite attractive. With his beautiful blue eyes and light brown hair what’s not to love about him.

“Earth to (Y/N)” your coach was calling you, “your turn to pitch.”

You walked up to pitch and rubbed your left shoulder, it hurt so much due to excessive practise, but you weren’t going to let that stop you. Just as you were about to pitch you looked up to see the entire lacrosse team looking your way.

“Great”, you thought, “That’s just what I need now.” You noticed Liam staring at you particularly, all you could think of was “Don’t stuff it up, don’t stuff it up.”

You did a little run up before swinging your arm almost perfectly resulting in an amazing fast ball the batter couldn’t return. It wasn’t until the catcher caught the ball you realised the searing pain in your shoulder. You grabbed your shoulder and motioned to the coach who told you to sit out.

You made your way over to the bleachers by yourself and sat down, your shoulder was already bad enough and this just made it a whole lot worse. You rubbed it gently to ease and numb the pain but it wasn’t working.

“Would you like a massage?” Somebody asked you, you looked up and saw Liam standing in front of you.

“What?” You replied to him.

“I can see you’ve hurt your shoulder, do you want a massage?” You were going to say no but you couldn’t resist. The thought of Liam’s hands on your back changed your mind.

“Uhhh yeah, that’d be great.” You gave him a small smile as he kneeled on the ground behind you, you could almost feel his torso against your back, he was so close.

Liam began to rub your left shoulder causing you to let out a small unintended moan.

“Am I hurting you?” He asked you.

“What…oh no you’re doing a great job.” You replied.


“Mhmmmm.” His fingers seemed to find the spots all by themselves as he kneaded the knots in your shoulder. His hands worked so well you closed your eyes enjoying the feeling. You could feel his hot breath on the back of your neck which sent tingles down your spine.

“I saw you bowling out there before, you’re really good you know.” Liam spoke from behind you.

“Really” you let out a small giggle, “thank you. Oh and by the way it’s called pitching.”

“What was that?” He asked you.

“In softball we call it a pitch, not a bowl, that’s baseball.” You told the clueless boy.

“Oh.” He said ever so quietly. You both began to laugh at his simple mistake when he took his hand of your shoulder. He made his way back around until he was standing in front of you once more.

“Thank you Liam that really helped.” You told him.

“Yeah anytime” he said shyly while looking to the floor, “well…I mean like…you know what I mean.” His soft looking lips parted into a smile which you couldn’t help but stare at.

“Hey Liam, do you maybe wanna…I dunno…go out sometime…together?” You asked him as you looked up into his eyes. You had been waiting to ask this for a while and now seemed like just the right time.

“You want to go out with me…on a date.” He was stunned as he pointed to his chest.

“Well I guess you could call it a date.” You gave him a small smile as you hoped for his answer to be yes.

“Yeah I think that’ll be fun.” He smiled at you as he walked back over to his team.

Your terribly sore shoulder was the thing that made all this happen and for once you were thankful for your softball injury. After all it helped you score a date with Liam Dunbar.

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are we talking about crushes??? because boy do I have one. He has these beautiful blue eyes that I get lost in and just a bit of stubble. with dark blonde hair and he's so sweet, and I've been in love with him for like a year and we've became best friends during that whole yeah but he's going off to college while I have one more year of school left and I haven't told him how I feel. Should I tell him the day before he leave or what?? or maybe the last day of school? should I just do it now?

Ahh omg he sounds SO cute!!! And idk I’ve never been good with these kinds of things 😮😩 and I know this is cheesy but I think you should do whatever you feel your heart wanting !! I mean ya never know maybe he likes you too! ahhhh idk I hope everything works out for you tho!!!!💘💘💘

Can not wait for TFA to release on dvd & stuff so we can take beautiful screen shots of the beautiful cast and not have these fuzzy gifs and pictures
That’s when the quality trash will arrive

Moodboard | Jacin & Winter

Winter had always wanted to travel the world with Jacin by her side. And they did; from Poland and Russia to New York and Rome, on boats and in cars and Winter’s favorite, aeroplanes. She loved packing with him because she would try to take everything she owned, soft red sweaters and pastel books, but by the next morning he had organized and folded a few items neatly into her suitcase. She loved flying with him because she would hold his hand and kiss him and imagine the stars overhead. She loved going places with him because they always found a few hours to escape from their hotel and explore the city, just the two of them, in and out of shops, cafes, museums, train stations. She loved exploring with him because there was a beautiful light in his blue eyes as he looked out at the glimmering water, or at the brightly-lit skyscraper, or at her.

She loved him.

OTP: Headscarf & Quiff

Headscarf Harry and Quiff Louis are … out of this world … like, literally the hottest and prettiest thing ever.

Let’s start with Headscarf Harry:

Now we move to quiff Louis: I know that Harry likes it more when it’s fluffy and product-free, but damn … he looks hot af with the quiff because it makes his beautiful blue eyes deeper and bluer and it highlights the sharpness of his cheekbones

Can you believe this power couple realness … like, they are the most beautiful human beings and they are in love … with each other … WOW … Amen !