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黒執事のセバスチャンの目 -Sebastian’ glowing eyes // Different Shades


Nine + Ten + eyes for sarahjag

“At my first wedding shoot, I took pictures of everyone at the party, but there was one girl, maybe 14, who dodged me the whole time. She didn’t want her photo taken, which I couldn’t understand because she was beautiful: blue eyes, blond hair, just gorgeous. I kept trying, when someone finally told me that the reason she didn’t want to be photographed was that her mother had told her she wasn’t photogenic. I couldn’t believe it! So I told her, ‘Listen, I bet that I can take a good picture of you.’ I photographed her, showed her the pictures, and she almost started crying because she realized that she was indeed very, very beautiful. That affected me in a huge way—that I can help people see how beautiful they are, and how beautiful they look to others.”

Stamford, CT

I actually think people are actually pretty disappointed when they see me in public because, in the movie I have this beautiful, long hair, piercing blue eyes and wearing incredible armor riding a giant elk,“ Pace said, laughing. "When they see me on the street, they’re only seeing boring me and are disappointed.

Lee Pace, who is either being too modest or has no idea how people pass out for him

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Lily was beautiful. Not in a supermodel sort of way, with blonde hair and blue eyes. Lily was beautiful because her red hair was vibrant, her green eyes always looked like they were concealing a secret and she was always smiling, happy and a bundle of positive vibes.

James was handsome. Not in a movie star sort of way, with shiny white teeth and well-kept hair. James was handsome because his hair was all over the place, a reflection on his scattered mind. His hazel eyes seemed to already be laughing and he always had a smile etched upon his face.

They were beautiful together and all eyes clung to them. They were so young and so attractive. They were beautiful, but then they were a beautiful tragedy.

Can not wait for TFA to release on dvd & stuff so we can take beautiful screen shots of the beautiful cast and not have these fuzzy gifs and pictures
That’s when the quality trash will arrive

Batter Up

Prompt can be found here

Softball was your sport, you had played it ever since you were three with your father, and you loved it. Not to mention you were particularly good at it too, and it was hard work but playing it brought back childhood memories for you.

You were currently doing softball practise for the Beacon Hills High team and you were the pitcher. It was hard for you to concentrate because of the heat and your pretty bad shoulder but especially because of the lacrosse team. You both played trained on the same oval after school on Wednesday, not to mention half of them had their tops off too.

But you always kept an eye out for Liam, he was always so swift and fast, he had a great arm and you’ve never once seen him miss a goal. But the reason you kept an eye out for him was because you found him quite attractive. With his beautiful blue eyes and light brown hair what’s not to love about him.

“Earth to (Y/N)” your coach was calling you, “your turn to pitch.”

You walked up to pitch and rubbed your left shoulder, it hurt so much due to excessive practise, but you weren’t going to let that stop you. Just as you were about to pitch you looked up to see the entire lacrosse team looking your way.

“Great”, you thought, “That’s just what I need now.” You noticed Liam staring at you particularly, all you could think of was “Don’t stuff it up, don’t stuff it up.”

You did a little run up before swinging your arm almost perfectly resulting in an amazing fast ball the batter couldn’t return. It wasn’t until the catcher caught the ball you realised the searing pain in your shoulder. You grabbed your shoulder and motioned to the coach who told you to sit out.

You made your way over to the bleachers by yourself and sat down, your shoulder was already bad enough and this just made it a whole lot worse. You rubbed it gently to ease and numb the pain but it wasn’t working.

“Would you like a massage?” Somebody asked you, you looked up and saw Liam standing in front of you.

“What?” You replied to him.

“I can see you’ve hurt your shoulder, do you want a massage?” You were going to say no but you couldn’t resist. The thought of Liam’s hands on your back changed your mind.

“Uhhh yeah, that’d be great.” You gave him a small smile as he kneeled on the ground behind you, you could almost feel his torso against your back, he was so close.

Liam began to rub your left shoulder causing you to let out a small unintended moan.

“Am I hurting you?” He asked you.

“What…oh no you’re doing a great job.” You replied.


“Mhmmmm.” His fingers seemed to find the spots all by themselves as he kneaded the knots in your shoulder. His hands worked so well you closed your eyes enjoying the feeling. You could feel his hot breath on the back of your neck which sent tingles down your spine.

“I saw you bowling out there before, you’re really good you know.” Liam spoke from behind you.

“Really” you let out a small giggle, “thank you. Oh and by the way it’s called pitching.”

“What was that?” He asked you.

“In softball we call it a pitch, not a bowl, that’s baseball.” You told the clueless boy.

“Oh.” He said ever so quietly. You both began to laugh at his simple mistake when he took his hand of your shoulder. He made his way back around until he was standing in front of you once more.

“Thank you Liam that really helped.” You told him.

“Yeah anytime” he said shyly while looking to the floor, “well…I mean like…you know what I mean.” His soft looking lips parted into a smile which you couldn’t help but stare at.

“Hey Liam, do you maybe wanna…I dunno…go out sometime…together?” You asked him as you looked up into his eyes. You had been waiting to ask this for a while and now seemed like just the right time.

“You want to go out with me…on a date.” He was stunned as he pointed to his chest.

“Well I guess you could call it a date.” You gave him a small smile as you hoped for his answer to be yes.

“Yeah I think that’ll be fun.” He smiled at you as he walked back over to his team.

Your terribly sore shoulder was the thing that made all this happen and for once you were thankful for your softball injury. After all it helped you score a date with Liam Dunbar.

Dating Jason DiLaurentis would include

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  • Him calling you ‘Beauty Queen’, because he sees you as the most beautiful person in the entire world and you’re his queen. 
  • Him complimenting you on a daily basis. 

“You look beautiful Y/N.”

 "Jason stop…“

  "Never Beauty Queen”

  • Giving him the nickname 'Blue-Eyes’, because of his amazing eyes.Him treating you like a princess.
  • Always going on the most romantic dates.
  • You always being able to make him smile.

“Finally I knew I could get you to smile!!!”     

“Only you.”

  • Always looking into his eyes.
  • Holding hands in public.
  • Jason glaring at anyone who flirts with you.

“Damn, go easy on the glare Jason.”

“ ……..”  

“Jealousy looks hot on you though.”

  • Awesome cuddles.
  • Soft, sweet kisses.
  • Playing basketball together.
  • Jessica and Kenneth approving of you.
  • Becoming close with Alison, something Jason dislikes, and her coming to you for advice.
  • Alison calling you her 'future sister-in-law’.
  • Making sure he never relies on alcohol again.
  • Hating how Jason’s father doesn’t seem to care about him.
  • Being there for Jason when Alison disappeared.
  • Being there for Jason when his mom was killed. 
  • Being one of the first people to know Allison was alive.
  • Movie dates which ends with you two falling asleep together during the 4th movie.
  • Cute good morning texts

Jason: Good morning Beauty Queen

Y/N: Morning Blue-Eyes

  • Jason telling you that he loves you and vice versa.

“I love you so much Y/N."    

"Love you too Jason.”

OTP: Headscarf & Quiff

Headscarf Harry and Quiff Louis are … out of this world … like, literally the hottest and prettiest thing ever.

Let’s start with Headscarf Harry:

Now we move to quiff Louis: I know that Harry likes it more when it’s fluffy and product-free, but damn … he looks hot af with the quiff because it makes his beautiful blue eyes deeper and bluer and it highlights the sharpness of his cheekbones

Can you believe this power couple realness … like, they are the most beautiful human beings and they are in love … with each other … WOW … Amen ! 

I actually think people are actually pretty disappointed when they see me in public because, in the movie I have this beautiful, long hair, piercing blue eyes and wearing incredible armor riding a giant elk. When they see me on the street, they’re only seeing boring me and are disappointed.
—  Lee Pace Interview (X)