because beautiful blue eyes

friendly reminder that mor, THE morrigan from the war, a dreamer born into the court of nightmares, a queen who bows to no one, THE LIGHT OF MY LIFE… has brown eyes. 

Former Employment

Summary: Professor Stilinski is definitely not expecting to see his favorite porn star among the students of his Human Sexuality class.

Notes: Inspired by this ask. I don’t do power imbalance, so nothing happens until Derek is out of Stiles’ class. Also, while there are mentions of porn, there is no actual smut in this. Sorry. (On AO3)

@nogitsunelichen and @cobrilee – this is probably not what you had in mind, but I wrote it!

When Stiles pushes open the doors to the lecture hall, it’s completely empty. He blinks down at his watch in surprise, and realizes he made the walk across campus faster than he realized. There’s always an adjustment period at the beginning of every semester, where he figures out where his classrooms are and how long it’ll take to get there.

Well, he might as well utilize this time, then. He sits at the desk at the front of the room, and gets back to writing his proposal for a class on the influence of society on gender.

He gradually hears students come in as he works, but he keeps focused, because he knows he has at least another ten minutes before class starts.

But when he hears a student ask, “Hey, are you the professor?” he has to look up, and he begins to wish he’d done it a lot sooner.

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黒執事のセバスチャンの目 -Sebastian’ glowing eyes // Different Shades

We all know this happened during that one interview
  • JIDA soldier: so, what is your favorite color?
  • Yuu: it's blue...
  • JIDA soldier: and why is that?
  • Yuu, internally: shit don't say it's because of Mika's beautiful blue eyes, don't say it's because of Mika's beautiful blue eyes...
  • Yuu: uuh, the sky- because it's the first thing I saw when I escaped Sanguinem-
  • Shinoa: LMAO SURE

stop saying that brown eyes aren’t brown! whenever i’m like “i have brown eyes” ppl are like “nooo they’re green in some places and they kinda have gold flecks” like they feel bad for me???? like they’re trying to make me feel better about having brown eyes by saying they’re “not just brown”??? like sis my eyes are just brown!! and you don’t have to make me feel “better” about having brown eyes because i love my eyes! brown is the color of hot cocoa and earth and caramel and smokey quartz and warmth!!!! brown is a beautiful color and i want people to stop disregarding my brown eyes and saying they’re another color,, because they ARE just brown and i love them the way they are

you didn’t think
you were beautiful
because your eyes
were brown and not blue
because your hair
was the night sky
instead of the sun
but to me you were perfect
your hair was my favorite time of day
and your eyes were like stars
your smile gave way
to crescent moons
and I couldn’t help
but fall in love
every single time
Dan Stevens Appreciation Post

Since I watched Beauty and the Beast a couple of weeks ago, I have fallen in love with the man behind the CGI and digital editing for the Beast: Dan Stevens. The past two weeks have been me going on a Dan Stevens spree, meaning watching quite a few of the TV shows and movies he’s in. And oml, this man can fucking act. He’s so good and he masters roles that are totally different from the one before. 

In the FX show, Legion, he plays David Haller (aka Legion) from the Marvel Comics. He’s basically a cool, badass mutant with psychic abilities and other cool powers and is diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia. (LIKE HONESTLY THE EFFECTS ON THIS SHOW ARE SO FREAKING COOL. U HAVE TO WATCH IT IF UR INTO THE SCI-FI SHIT OR SOME PRETTY GOOD GRAPHICS AND EFFECTS MAN)

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AND THEEEEEEN, I found out this boy is also in Downton freaking Abbey. I’ve been wanting to watch it because of Dame Maggie Smith but then when I heard Dan was in it, I had to watch it. AND LET ME JUST SAY THAT MY POSH BOY, MATTHEW CRAWLEY, HAS STOLEN MY HEART. HE’S SO SWEET AND ADORABLE AND UGH I LOVE HIM SO MUCH…..then that Christmas special came and crushed my heart and made me more emo. fuck.

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(this posh little fucker fml) (jk i love matthew)

And then I decided to watch a movie he was in, which was The Guest. This thriller is actually pretty intense though. I’ve only watched half of the movie and daaaaaaaammmmnnnnnn. wtf man. (here’s the trailer: )


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no joke, the first gif on this post is my reaction to this gif ^^^

And finally, we mustn’t forget about the role that made me go on a spree in the first place.

Beauty and the freaking Beast

All I can say that the casting was just perfect. And I love how they got an actor with the bluest eyes EVER (you know since Belle recognized the Beast when he turned human because of his beautiful blue eyes)


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and there ya go. that was mostly me going Dan Stevens crazy but u gotta admit, for an actor to slay these different roles is just awesome and shows his great talent.

He Kissed Me!!

guys!!! ahhhh!!! okay it’s a long story so it’s gonna be a lot of reading but heyo if you wanna read it go for it. so basically, i was at a friends house hanging out with our friend group (he is also in my friend group that’s how we met). so everyone was hanging out in the living room and i kinda got overwhelmed because too much noise etc gets to me after a while so i kinda snuck away into my friends room and got into her bed. i heard the door open and he
walked in and smiled at me and was like “watcha doin” so i said “i got tired so i just came in here” so he crawled in bed with me and came under the covers and immediately wrapped his arms around me. i was like internally screaming because we had never cuddled before or anything because we really haven’t had the chance. he was playing with my hair and rubbing my back and we were just talking and i had the blanket pulled over my mouth because i hate my teeth. i said something to him and he leaned over and kissed my forehead and i giggled and pulled the blanket down and he stared at me for a bit and then kissed me. it was super quick but i started hardcore blushing so i covered my face with the blanket again and he was like “see, that wasn’t hard was it” and i pulled the blanket down to argue but i kinda just stared back at him because his eyes are an absolutely beautiful shade of blue, they are like sky blue and they are just ahhhh! but yeah so i kinda was just staring at him and then we kissed again. this time longer. and then i snuggled into him and we were just talking and cracking jokes and my best friend who is like my dad friend texted me “kiss him” so my boyfriend yelled “we already covered that” and then everyone came into my friends room because i’m pretty sure they thought we were doin the dirty but yeah!!!! that’s my story!! i’m super happy it finally happened and ahh i get to see him today for the first time after that!!! (i’m sorry it’s so much but hey leave a comment if you read it all!!)

Because when I saw his blue beautiful calming eyes, the storm immediately disappeared from my head.
—  Melwowz
We are, aren’t we?

Jim Kirk x Reader. Also can anyone spot the lines I used from the Beyond gag reel? *thank you Karl Urban*

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Keenser  was watching you eat lunch, his eyes following every movement you made. You smirk ripping apart the sandwich and handing him half. He makes a noise that could only be described as a squeal, before turning his attention to the food in his hand. You lean back into the chair and try not to think of the Captain. The two of you had a nice romp, as they would say, a few nights ago after a long tiring day on the Enterprise. You try not to think of his lust filled eyes or the way his mouth felt on your skin. Especially not the feelings you were starting to have for Jim. Nope not that. Definitely not thinking of that.

“Aye, another break you two!” Scotty strolls into his office, scoffing at the sight of Keenser and you eating.

“Working hard makes us hungry, am I right Keen?”

Your friend nods, taking a bite of his sandwich.

“Lassie, you’re lucky you are the second best engineer down here,” Scotty picks up his PADD and starts scanning through it, trying to hide the smile on his face. “Anyways, you are free to go. I just had to go see the Captain, he’s in the Medbay.”

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It’s 3 A.M., I Must Be Lonely

“Uncomfor- no, Steve, that’s not,” Bucky runs a hand down his face, trying to keep from staring at Steve’s impressive pectoral muscles and abs because he doesn’t want to make the blond angrier than he already is.

“Then what,” Steve growls, leaning into Bucky’s personal space, and Bucky might faint dead away like a Victorian maiden in a romance novel, he really might. Because he is not prepared for that low, hoarse voice or that intense stare or the way Steve’s nose nearly brushes against his own. “Is your problem?”

In which Bucky Barnes is slightly bowled over by his neighbor’s lack of clothing, and Steve is shy and grumpy until he isn’t.

Read it on AO3 here.

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Daryl Dixon x Reader - Perfect (Request)

Pre-Apocalypse AU

Fic based on “Perfect” by Ed Sheeran

Teen Daryl x teen Reader (18 years old)

@kingdixonreedus : please please please make a DarylxReader with the song Perfect by Ed Sheeran



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2 if you're still up for it 💕

Always love 💜

2. How long have you been standing there?




Even’s eyes flew open. He looked up at his ceiling and pulled the blanket up to his chin, sure he had just imagined the noise. But then




Okay this 100% was not in his head. This was happening, right now at…Even picked up his phone and checked the time. 2:45am. He sighed as he slowly threw the covers off his legs and headed down the ladder of his bunk bed. He suspected the noise to be some sort of cat or rodent so he wasn’t thrilled as he pulled his sweatpants on.



he flinched, it was coming from his window. He furrowed his brows and ran his fingers through his hair as he walked over to the cause of all the noise. 

He looked into the window and suddenly felt every single muscle in his body relax and his heart quicken with excitement, but more than anything; love. 

He grinned as he gazed down at the golden haired boy whose cheeks and nose were red from the bite of the cold and his arms furiously embracing his chest, trying to protect  himself from the icy wind. He looked so tiny, standing in the glow of the street light by himself and Even felt so much adoration radiate from his every cell. 

Isak saw Even and visibly relaxed, letting out a long breath which became noticeable in the cold air. 

Even laughed “How long have you been standing there for?” 

“Long enough to nearly freeze my fucking balls off” Isak shouted back and Even threw his head back in a light chuckle. 

Isak shook his head impatiently “well, are you going to let me in or not? This is not nearly as fun as it might look you know.” 

Even smiled fondly “Of course, anything for my Romeo.” he waved him towards the door and went over to let his icy-pole of a boyfriend in. Quietly of course.

As soon as Isak was inside Even wrapped his arms around his small shivering body and kissed every single inch of his cold beautiful face. Isak giggled and melted in Even’s warm embrace. 

“I’m sorry I just had to see you” Isak breathed in between kisses. 

Even rested his head against Isak’s “never ever say sorry for giving me a chance to hold you in my arms.” 

Isak rolled his eyes, his smile painted on his lips “You are such a dorky sap.” 

Even pressed a long kiss on his lips. “I hate to break it to you my love but you’re literally the one who just threw rocks at my window to wake me up and let you in at 3am.” 

He pulled back “I mean that is like the biggest hashtag ever!” he mocked. 

Isak whacked him on the arm playfully “shut up.” 

Even kissed him again and led him to his room. They lied down on his bed, Isak never allowed to leave his arms. That was the rule in Even’s room. 

They laid there in peaceful silence for a long moment. Even thought Isak had drifted off to sleep when


“Yes my love?” he breathed into Isak’s ear, kissing his temple gently. 

“I came because I had to- I had to say sorry about before” 

Even brushed Isak’s hair away from his eyes so Even could kiss the spot between his eyebrows that he is obsessed with. “Ssh it’s okay baby. I wasn’t upset. I could never be upset. I understand.” 

“I just- i had to explain” Isak twisted in Even’s arms so he could look up into his beautiful blue eyes, that were almost shining silver because of the moonlight seeping in from the window. 

“My mum already loves you, you know that right?” he asked earnestly. Even smiled and kissed his concerned frown. 

“Of course I do baby. it’s okay”

Isak shook his head “I just- I’m scared because she says it’s okay because she loves me and I know that is true but I don’t-” he looked up at Even, his eyes wide and full of worry “I really don’t want to hurt her again Even.” 

Even’s arms tightened around him, his heart desperately wanting to jump out of his body and into Isak’s, to protect him, to love him, to stop him from thinking he could ever hurt another being from just being himself. 

“Baby you never hurt her. I promise you. You never hurt her. It was just her mind. It was never you. It is never you.” 

he rubbed circles on Isak’s back and gently stroked his cheek with his own, before looking deep into his soft green eyes “I have never loved anything as much as I love you. Do you know that?” 

Isak nodded nimbly. 

“And your mum loves you so so so much. I don’t need to meet her yet. Whenever you’re ready okay?” 

Isak smiled and tilted his head up waiting for the kiss that Even softly gave him, their lips saying everything their hearts can’t. 

They held each other for a long time, their hearts beating fast in the silence echoing through the room. 

Even’s eyes had just closed shut, and sleep was beginning to grasp him when Isak’s small voice brought him back. 

“I think i’m ready.” 

Even pulled him closer (if that was even possible) and smiled against his skin. They both fell asleep like that. Their limbs wrapped together and their hearts belonging to each other. Forever. 

Send me one of these prompts and I’ll try to write it. <3 

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Okay, but what if Lance is oblivious to the flirting. Like he doesn't really catch on to people being into him?


Lotor:  “I see why you are the blue paladin because I am lost in the beautiful blue sea of your eyes” 

Lance: “wow guys, this guy is so nice!” 


Tiny Sweaters 

Words: 473
Tony Stark x Reader
“So like I said I was gonna maybe blow up your inbox lol. Well I have an idea after watching a fluffy movie… lol Again I leave it to your imagination creativity ;) so like I can get a Tony Stark story where reader is going through labor and Tony helps her as she gives birth. This move just made me go aww’d lol Thank You !” - @tonystarksgirl 

“Why did I let you talk me into this?” You sneered at your husband. You had one hand squeezing around his hand and the other wrapped on the bedrail. Your stupid head had told you that you didn’t need an epidural. You were an incredibly brave hero! You were the first woman to tame the infamous Tony Stark! Labor pains were but a minor inconvenience! Oh how wrong you had been.

“If I remember correctly, Sweetheart, you had a lot to say when we were making the baby.” Tony smirk from your side. His smile wavered as you crushed his hand once more. “Ok, not helping. I get it.”  

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