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who the actual FUCK is Cheryl? I can't check bc their blog is now gone

very long story short cheryl made a tumblr a few days ago and was already obsessed with cam @jack-o-dantern and when she heard cam was in the ogrelords she wanted to be in the ogrelords too but she couldn’t because apps are closed and then she got mad bc ppl who hadn’t applied were getting added so she sent cam hate anons with the intention of then swooping in off anon, condemning the anon and befriending cam. this kind of backfired bc we joke about everything and cheryl couldn’t take being made fun of

so she kept sending really bad anons over the next week or so and cam was getting sick of it so cheryl went to zayan who also made fun of cheryl so we then compiled a list of ogrelords for cheryl so she could come to all of our inboxes one by one and roast us bc it’s fun. she then gave a few too many hints about who she was, we found her blog and uhhhh all hell broke loose

most of the ogrelords were sending her messages and asks, she was a homophobic little shit and said ableist slurs and told us we all needed jesus and then she called me lame so i got into the fight and then cam told her to deactivate so she did? so yeah that was the wild ride of cheryl

Bruce is Jason’s DAD ok.

I mean Bruce is all of his kid’s ‘dad’ but he’s Jason’s only dad.

Allow me to elaborate.
Dick grew up with loving parents before bruce took him in, and Tim reconnected with his dad as a teen, and Duke had loving parents up until recently and Damian calls him ‘father’ very formally but Dick is also pretty much his dad too (he’s also his brother but still), so like Damian basically has two fathers. But Jason? Jason’s birth father was an abusive drunk who repeatedly beat the shit out of Jason and his mom, and got sent to prison and killed in there while Jason was really little, Jason’s only semi-healthy/loving parental relationship was with his mom Catherine, and she overdosed in front of him so that’s not wonderful but hey at least she never beat him. Sheila was his birth mother but she’s the reason he’s the vigilante representative for why it can be a bad idea to tell people your secret identity, she watched and stood by while he was getting beat to death. So, the others all had healthy father son relationships with other people before Bruce right? BUT JASON DIDN’T. BRUCE IS HIS ONLY DECENT FATHER FIGURE AND THAT’S ONE OF THE MANY REASONS THAT THEIR RELATIONSHIP IS SO IMPORTANT.

This is basically a long winded way of saying that I want Jason to call Bruce ‘Dad’ in canon. Also for Bruce to be very obviously, awkwardly emotionally moved by it because no one else calls him that.

                “Mercy is a human luxury,

                                                          and responsibility.” 

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Best part of those Elly posts is I kept imagining them coming from Seven and waiting to see pics of Elizabeth the Third


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This night your blog somehow ended up in my dream (which already sounds weird I'm sorry and have zero idea how did it happen), where you've held A VERY IMPORTANT SURVEY (yes exactly) on the matter who we should ship Alucard with and I entered it. The description said that we can vote for whoever we want EXCEPT for every character whose name starts with an S, but Soma was allowed. I was like 'okay' and closed it. Then suddenly I woke up. This was too wild for me

Oh my god. I love it.

Since flinging myself head first off the cliff of Reylo shipping since the trailer as opposed to just quite liking it in a vague way, I’ve been wondering how I can square happily shipping Reylo and the importance of distinguishing between fiction and real life, and my deep concern with the message about romance and relationships and what is/isn’t healthy in things like 50 Shades of Grey and Twilight. I don’t want to be a hypocrite.

Anyway, I think I’ve figured out where the difference lies.

50 Shades is a completed work of fiction focusing on a romantic/sexual relationship. We know its beginning, middle and end and we can also interpret what the author wants us to take away from it and whatever values it may imbue. If you have a problem with Christian and Ana’s relationship, then you’ve got three books to take it up with.

Reylo is not a canon romantic relationship. There is literally no romantic relationship there to take issue with at present. Until there is actually a canon Reylo romantic/sexual relationship to discuss, then there is absolutely no point worrying about whether it is healthy or abusive or whatever. Because we have no evidence either way. Sure, the relationship at present is not exactly sweetness and light, but that’s because it’s only at the beginning of its development. The challenge of making a fictional relationship work is doing so against the odds. The further away from a happy, loving relationship two characters are, the longer and more difficult their journey, the more satisfying it is when that is accomplished. That’s just, like, the rules of fiction. But at present, we don’t know if/how that will be achieved. We don’t know if the issues in their dynamic will be addressed suitably or how successfully. Until we do, we cannot comment on how healthy/abusive a romantic/sexual canon Reylo relationship will be.

Currently romantic/sexual Reylo only exists in fanfiction and fanart and it is up to those individual writers/artists to be convincing in the journey they take the characters on. And I have to say, I haven’t read such high quality fanfics for a long time. The Reylo fandom seems incredibly well-qualified to deal with and aware of the problematic aspects of the relationship. It’s absolutely delightful. 

IDK, maybe it’s just because I cut my teeth in the good old bad old days of HP fandom where literally everyone was shipped with everyone else and we had things like Snape/Harry and Tom/Ginny on the cards - but it seems to me so strange that people are getting so worked up about a currently non-canon ship. Like, part of the fun of fandom is shipping people who are going to need a heck of a lot of help to get from the beginning of their story to wedding bells. That’s literally the entire purpose of fanfiction! As for hating the canon, I also don’t really get that because the relationship simply doesn’t yet exist as romantic/sexual so all arguments against it are based on speculation. There’s as much evidence that it will be a terribly done thing (if it’s done at all) as there is for shippers to find that it will be interesting and well done. Probably less considering the evidence given and what the creators of the films have said. But to say that a romantic/sexual relationship between these characters would be abusive because of aspects of their present relationship in TFA is as lacking in evidence as thinking it would be a healthy relationship. It’s all based on speculation and personal interpretation which is always subjective! 

So yeah, here I am wading into a contentious issue that nobody asked me about. But I’ve been reading the Reylo tag every day for a couple of a weeks and the amount of wank there is just unbelievable. Ship and let ship and get the moral policing out of fandom! It’s really pointless. People have shipped far weirder and more problematic couples before (hello, Tom Riddle/Ginny Weasley shippers???) and done wonderfully creative things with them to deal with all those problematic aspects. If you don’t like it, don’t read it! It’s that simple.

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a03 wouldnt let me comment on chp4 of qpq so. This is amazing omg i love it so so so so so much ash i just he seems such a good lover and person to talk to and he is just amazing in this oh i love how you wrote everything its so so real so real the feelings everything and ash head tilt thing and ooh the food sounds lovely but where did he learn to be a masues? and the love was just awww it was perfect for the h/c i loved the olympian/greek nod as well and how in love but not in love these two

I’m so so glad you enjoyed the chapter. *bounces*

(Ash doing the head tilt thing gives me life, like I kind of love that he’s always calling Gwyn puppy when he is, himself, the biggest puppy, and is happy to admit it).

but  where did he learn to be a masues? 

Ash has spent a lot of time in the human world. He is both a stock-market whiz, has invested in all kinds of gems and a lot of gold bullion, and has gone to like thousands of courses over the years. Thousands. Which is how he became a masseuse.

He enrols himself in free day courses at universities around the world (he is multi-lingual after all), he’s sat in on lectures and he’s done whole semesters. I mean he lives in the human realm, and when he’s not fucking (which he generally saves for weekends) he’s actually kind of a universal student.

Ash not only knows massage, he knows like 60 different kinds. That’s one of the reasons he talks about being rusty sometimes, because he doesn’t have the time to chase a lot of those things up.

Ash is kind of a ‘jack of all trades, master of none.’ Except by human standards, he’d be a master of a lot of things. Though Ash is most interested in psychology since that started trending upwards, and philosophy before that. I mean Ash knows how to repair and drive cars and he doesn’t even own one. Ash is that dude who could hotwire a 4WD and then drive one pretty damn well while Gwyn and Augus just watched with their mouths half open like ‘what the hell.’ He even has his own microbreweries and distilleries.

I mean Ash has had 3,000 years in the human realm. He’s lacking in a lot of knowledge of fae world politics, but if he had any desire for real power, he could be controlling the human world right about now, lol.

Hey should I delete my old fanfics?

Hey so uhhh just got a quick question for ppl if they wouldn’t mind chipping in their two cents on it. I’m rly unsure and have been struggling to reach a decision on this for a while now, and it’s bugging me a lot lmao… I’m talking about my like old multichap fics like The Beast Within and The Living Daylights, but especially TBW in this regard…

So I’m tossing up two ideas with this: half of me likes the idea of being archival, having everything in one place and settled down for a nice big record and all that jazz. And I guess occasionally someone might find them and like them maybe, so that’s cool and worth leaving them up for, right?

But the other half of me kind of doesn’t want my old works up anymore??? I get easily embarrassed by how obvious I can see all the glaring errors in them and I get really nervous thinking about how other ppl might see them too and hello anxiety my constant companion, cue the screeching. In this, it feels easier to just delete and not have to worry about this, right?

I know they kind of serve to show how far I’ve kinda come since starting all this, and I definitely see that like it’s interesting and I like it! But my anxiety over this is very overwhelming so I’d rly appreciate some extra voices on the matter, and what other people/readers might think please if people wouldn’t mind,,,,,,

Mhn…I’m not very active on facebook ^^; but if you want, of course you can. However, if you add me, please tell me who you are first…!

Oh boy…there are too many pokémon I love ;; Eevee holds a special place in my heart though. Let’s just say that when I was young and dumb (I’m still dumb but whatever) I resetted my pokémon yellow game (my first one) for like 40 times because I wanted THAT EEVEE SO BAD FUCK YOU GARY MOTHERFUCKING OAK - eventually I gave up. Thank god.

AHAHAHAHHAHA NO HE DOESN’T or they would look waaaaaaay better ;D

That I live in Italy and I can’t fucking see them and probably never will unless I buy the foreign dvds because fuck it that’s what I think