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He’s Got You High

For @a-simple-rainbow. ♥♥♥

She wanted something based on this post: Kurt sends an email to his TA while high on pain meds after a wisdom teeth extraction.

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Blaine is in the middle of his theatre history class when his phone signals a new email in his inbox. Discreetly hiding the phone from his instructor’s view by keeping his hands behind a stack of textbooks on his desk, he goes to his email folder and checks the sender.

It reads, Kurt Hummel.

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it’s ugly how people act like ‘oh ka//ura sucks because keith would have to put up with being with allura’ like back all the way up
i’m more worried about allura having to deal with keith’s emotional immaturity and his inability to connect than anything else. it’s neither of the character’s fault but maybe having a little sympathy for her wouldn’t hurt

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andrew/andreil through the eyes of the foxes? all of them maybe? :D

sure i’ll write abt each of the foxes’ povs but like…. this would get 2 big so here’s dan’s!! i’ll probably make this a 6-parter in ao3 or here idk. if i do here’s the link for ao3

i based this off this post from nora’s extra content

The first time Dan had seen the cousins, she’d been reasonably hopeful. She wasn’t a hopeful person per se; she’d had to fight tooth and nail for everything she had of positive in her life and had learned prayers helped only in spirits. Still, the Foxes had been in need of a better defense line and the cousins were offering exactly that. Dan had been willing to see past their risky files if it meant a chance to help the Foxes up the rankings and out of rock bottom.

It took only a few minutes for Andrew to extinguish that hope inside her. He hadn’t been aware of her presence on the booth behind him but he’d hit all the right spots past her defenses. And it wasn’t just because he’d hurt her; it was because Andrew honestly didn’t care about the game or about getting lifted up by a team that needed it. He was high risk even then when she didn’t know the extent of his apathy and the insanity his meds could raise out of him. Still, Dan had gotten past her prejudices and accepted the cousins into her lineup. She hadn’t even accepted the team’s insistence of calling them monsters until halfway through their first season.

Andrew had been quiet throughout most of the year, even towards Nicky and Aaron. It was a silent agreement between the upperclassmen and him; Andrew would not turn his blades in their direction unless they gave him a reason to. In Andrew’s mind, that meant his teammates needed to keep quiet about his temporary withdrawals during games and occasional violence. Dan had thought she could run the team like that. Nicky was a decent peacemaker and could convince Aaron to try. The Foxes were slowly making their way through the ranks. It had been years but still Dan couldn’t completely understand why Andrew had chosen that moment, in the exact middle of their season, to act out against the upperclassmen. Giving Matt drugs at Columbia had only been the first thing he did to change her mind about him. She still remembered what Matt looked like in those first few days he started using again. She’d never forget the desperate look he had whenever he’d come down from the high. She’d never forget Andrew’s apathetic face as he watched it.

It seemed incomprehensible to her that Neil Josten—who had experienced all things bad in his entire life and was just now letting himself choose the good stuff—had chosen to be with someone like that. He asked them time and time again not to call Andrew a monster, saying that the upperclassmen didn’t know who he really was under his mask, but was left speechless whenever Dan retorted that was how Andrew wanted them to see him. It wasn’t like Dan thought Andrew was being cruel to Neil, because she trusted Neil not to let himself get into that situation—and Andrew had gone through too much abuse in his life to flip sides. But Andrew was not good enough for Neil Josten. Neil needed something solid to lean against, not a bodyguard who’d fight his battles for him and fuck him to let out frustration. Dan had asked Neil before why he kept by Andrew’s side when he knew Andrew didn’t love him. Neil had simply smiled softly and said she wouldn’t understand it, which made Dan even more furious about the entire situation.

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In the video you recently posted of Ruby Rose, it looked like she* was using an Ace bandage for a binder. I'm not trans myself but I've heard that using Ace bandages for that purpose is unsafe. I thought you might want to add a warning about that to the post in case anyone doesn't know, because you don't want anyone getting hurt because they saw the video and tried to bind that way. (*I googled Ruby Rose's pronouns and what I saw said she prefers female pronouns, but if that's wrong I apologize)


First of all, I appreciate you double-checking those pronouns! :) As far as I know, Ruby does indeed use she/her at this time.

As far as the binding goes- I’m afraid adding this disclaimer is a little late on my end, but fortunately several rebloggers made sure to do it themselves. I appreciate you bringing up the issue anyway, so let’s use this ask as a PSA!

Yes, binding with an Ace bandage is very dangerous. Because it restricts the body’s natural movements, binding with Ace can lead to bruised ribs, muscle damage, and breathing problems. Fortunately, there are a number of alternatives to achieve the flat-chested appearance with other, safer garments.

Here’s a great website guide for finding binders that work best depending on your individual body and goals. The language may not be up to snuff inclusivity-wise because it focuses solely on FTM people, but the information is helpful regardless. Here’s another site that helps youth get access to professionally-made binders for free. The organization mails them in discrete packages, so you can receive them at home–even if your parents aren’t supportive of your identity.

Stay safe, crew! And if any of you have more information to add/correct, please shoot it my way.

your email address actually said a lot about u like

mine was to start off with and literally the only reason it was that was because one of my friends was brisoup like as in bri soup but i misheard hers and i thought she said bri super so i was like hey i will copy her but i spelt it supa because thats when it was cool to shorten words and then 72 came from nowhere i remember mum saying ‘why 72’ and me being like BECAUSE I WANT 72 WHY DOES IT MATTER anyway so thats how my email came about, because i wanted to copy someone but i couldnt hear them properly so i fucked up and made an email address that didnt make sense and had nothing to do with me at all which is a representation of me as a person - confused and doesnt make sense 

then there were people that were just like



or pretty_britty

and then there were the deeper ones that would always have lyrics as their personal message and their email was like innocence_is_fake666 or like demonic_princess88 

then there were people that had no real care for what epople thought and just loved havin fun like bingobop or hellothisisgod

then there were the guys that had no originality and they were like v8_supercars_rox and like surfer_jarrod84 or footy_is_my69life

omg then a girl moved from england to my school and i remember her giving me her msn because like the first thing you would wanna know about someone was their msn it was pretty much like closing in the deal like 'ok were friends now’ anyway her email was so long and so unheard of it was like xx_hottie_gabz_crazybabe_luvs_u-xx and she wrote it down and i was like omg im so proud that is so long she must be fun so we became friends

your msn name/email address were your brand, it represented u and it said a lot about u. like if you look back on your friends email addresses im sure youll find a few that represented them so well

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I just talked to an anti friend of mine i've never really told her my stance just because she's very annoying when you disagree with her. anyways, she told me all about the concert tonight and when she didn't bring up the AIMH tweet i said that i saw a few tweets about it and she got serious, looked me in the eye and said "well it wasn't really that important everyone loves harry anyone could have tweeted that" like, i didn't ask but ok sweetie ok

well fukc

no one ever said that you cant ship rory with anyone but literally when all you do is talk about what boy she should end up with, thats when it becomes a problem because youre taking an interesting, complex, hard-working, intelligent, caring character and treating her as if shes a trophy for whichever guy is the least terrible and thats literally not okay