because as much as this is not about *who* carrie ends up with


I just wanna say how much I loved this scene. Abusive relationships are a thing and it’s so subtle. It’s common not only with couples but with friends too, it’s so easy to get carried away by emotions, sometimes you end up hurting the ones you cared most about. And it’s hard for both sides to even realize this is happening, and then here we have Conner getting possessive and overprotective over M’gann, who feels uncomfortable and shuts it down immediately, then we see Conner confused because he is just trying to help, he doesn’t realize he’s smothering her. Then I love even more what happens next, Artemis intervened, she stands up with M’gann in a  way that empowers both of them instead of just making her feel even more helpless, pointing out how Conner’s behaviour is unhealthy. It’s important to have friends to rely on.

By the end of the episode Conner apologizes to M’gann, expressing his concerns, she sees where he’s coming from, and helps him understand he can’t always protect her and that she is capable of taking care of herself. They work it out through communication.

I’m really happy they’re giving us a third season.

okay but dudebro Shiro who absolutely loves drinking protein shakes and wearing muscle shirts.

On the one hand, the paladins are super happy that he has so much body confidence after losing his arm, on the other, he won’t stop picking Pidge up and carrying her around like a briefcase. When Lance is being stubborn, he just throws him over his shoulder and puts him where ever he needs or wants him. When Keith gets snarky, Shiro just tackles him onto the floor and pins him until he calls uncle. When Hunk refuses to do something because he’s too afraid, Shiro just acts like a human shield, walking in front of him or alongside him, ready in case anything happens. 

He’s the first to start drinking, but the last to actually get drunk. He screams at the TV when football is on, either yelling at the refs or cheering his team on. He starts or ends just about every sentence with “dude…” and refuses to acknowledge he does this.

But he also walks everyone home, just to make sure they feel safe. He makes sure he flexes obnoxiously when they go to a bar or club and stays close to everyone to make sure no one harasses them. It gets him into fights, but at this point, he’s learned how to stop one so quickly it barely even starts.

He’s simultaneously super protective and loving, but also won’t ever stop making shitty jokes and walking around in basketball shorts and tank tops even in 30-degree weather. 

[ image description: A screen shot of a post that reads “Don’t cross oceans for people who wouldn’t cross a puddle for you.” Someone has crossed this out with a big grey X and underneath added “No, do it. Do cross oceans for people. Love people, all people. No conditions attached, no wondering whether or not they’re worthy. Cross oceans, climb mountains. Life and love isn’t about what you gain, it’s about what you give.” End of descripton ]

I hate this post, I hate it so much. And let me tell you why.

At first it seems like a pretty good post, right? You should love people and do things for them because you want to or because it’s nice, or just because you love them, not because you expect something in return. Yeah. We learn that as kids. But listen. Listen to me. It is not that simple. Yes you should do nice things for people. Carry in your grandmother’s grocerys even if she forgets to say thank you. Sure. But you should never, never, pour yourself into someone who does not give back to you.

Doing everything for someone who gives you nothing in return is not love.

A friend of mine worded it really well “The point of the original post was to emphasise that your own mental/physical health is more important than someone’s selfish needs.” It’s not romantic to run yourself into the ground for someone who can’t even be bothered to care about you. And not only is it not romantic, it’s unhealthy.

I have, on more than one occasion, “crossed oceans” for people who I do believe loved me, but who didn’t even come close to crossing them for me. And do you know what I got out of that? The first one I lost 10 pounds because I was so miserable I could barely eat and I was throwing up what I did eat. And I was still doing whatever I could to be with them, and make them happy, even though they didn’t seem to be willing to put any work in themself. Why bother, I was always there. The second one I ran my own mental health so thin that that literally could not do anything for him, all I could do is sit in the bathtub and think about how I coudln’t feel anything. But I still refused to turn my phone off and ignore his messages. I still made myself avaible to him because he “needed me.”

There was nothing romantic about either of those situations (note: only one was a romantic relationship but the idea of giving and giving and giving when you’re gettin nothing back is romanticized whether it’s in a romantic or platonic relationship.) There was nothing beautiful or selfless about it. It was miserable. I was miserable. I can remember one of my friends telling me he missed me because all I could talk about was the person I had allowed to become my whole life.

And in the end, both of them stopped talking to me.

Don’t believe anyone when they say the second part of that post. It’s bullshit and I’m really tired of seeing it romanticized. It tells people (especailly young girls) that this is an okay way for a relationship to be, that this is what they should be doing. 

There is nothing selfish about demanding that your emotional labour be reciprocated. That’s what makes a relationship (romantic, platonic, or otherwise) healthy. That’s what love is. Both people giving. Both people supportin each other. Not one person giving until they have nothing left for themself. 

i guess my point is really that christine sinclair means so much to me, and to be one of the greatest of all time on a team that could never really keep up w/ you or get you the kind of glory and results you deserve couldn’t have been easy, and she carried canada for so long asking nothing in return and just being this strong, quiet, dignified leader with an unrivaled passion for the game. and i’m so happy that as her career gets closer to its inevitable end her team is starting to catch up with her, and i’d imagine she’s proud that her legacy is gonna be these young women like fleming and rose and beckie who grew up idolizing her carrying the torch, and none of them are gonna have to do it alone because she fought so hard to make canada soccer what it is today. anyway this is just like run on sentences about how much i love christine sinclair, but i mean she fully deserves the whole world and, i don’t know i feel like her impact on the canwnt and on woso in general is really understated


Strong Woman Do Bong Soon Episode 3 Preview

Seriously, next week’s episodes are GOING TO BE SO AWESOME! First, Min Hyuk ends up with a broken feet because BS purposely steps on it at the police station, where MH is yet again trying to get BS off the hook and out of trouble. But you know how they say that  no good deed goes unpunished, right? But perhaps MH won’t mind that much since it gets him more quality time with BS as she ends up helping him walk and caring about him in the hospital.

Then he will get shot on while PROTECTING HIS OWN BODYGUARD. But now he is downright enjoying the experience because HE GETS BEING LITERALLY CARRIED BY HER BRIDAL STYLE AND THEN SHE EVEN TREATS HIS BULLET WOUND. Plus he gets to sleep with her, too! 

And finally, THE WAY HE LOOKS AT HER! I’m literally melting here! And then he ever so slightly shifts his eyes to her lips! I can’t wait! It’s a pity BS is drunk here because if she were sober she would have realized that a man who looks at a woman like this couldn’t be a homosexual. You should never believe things written by some random people in a comment section.

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Is nando really thattt extra???? (Lets pretend he isnt trying to sell emojis) because there are players who roll so much after a dive that they're not on the pitch anymore, there are players that have bitten other players, players that dive so dramatically they end up in the dugout??? Nando is a fav either way, but is he really that extra or have I just not seen his extra-ness??

okay, lemme help you on this one with a few random examples:  

he talked himself into getting a yellow (thanks @ikecarus )

‘it didn’t touch my arm, i don’t have arms’ 

can we talk about this game when he was a bb!captain?

i still have no explanation for this one (iris makes the best gifsets for me lmao)

look there’s dedication and there’s extraness. this is extraness

THE WHOLE BOOK HE WROTE i know i didn’t put any quote in this post but trust me i am not exaggerating at all. like when i say he’s extra about stevie g? HE WROTE ALMOST A WHOLE CHAPTER ABOUT HIM AND HIS QUALITIES. WHO DOES THAT ASLDKLKGHDKL ALSO HE KEPT THE FIRST TEXTS HE RECEIVED FROM STEVIE AND CARRA JFC HELP ME I AM SO SO SO DONE. 

oh and remember when he hit his head and everyone was scared to death and the next morning he was signing autographs and taking selfies with fans JUST OUTSIDE THE HOSPITAL BECAUSE WHY NOT HAHA IT’S NOT LIKE HE NEEDED REST AND CALM LMAO ASDFGHJKL

Not but 6x10 was soooooo much about Daryl and Jesus! Like come on!
-Daryl and his personal vendetta against Jesus when it’s Rick that should’ve been pissed (Jesus stole the keys from /Rick/ and Rick is the leader and the normally the most suspicious)
-Daryl trying so hard to be an asshole when he’s normally quiet and keeps to himself (shaking the soda and throwing it at Jesus, flipping him off, calling him names, punching Jesus even though he just saved him, wanting to leave him on a tree, insisting Jesus wont be staying in ASZ)
-Jesus saving Daryl
-Jesus ending up hurt kinda because of Daryl
-Even if he wants to put him on a tree it’s Daryl who picks him up
-It’s Daryl who ends up in the backseat with Jesus and becomes Jesus’ cuddle pillow because Rick Grimes is that much of a genius.
-It’s Daryl who carries the upper part of Jesus body when they knock on Denise door. I mean, considering their positions when we last saw them in the car (Jesus leaning against the door) it should have been Rick holding the upper part and Daryl holding the feet.
-It’s Daryl who leaves water and a cookie to Jesus when they leave him in the “prison”. Besides, a cookie, he could have given him anything (or nothing at all come on, he wasn’t gonna starve) but he gave him Carol’s cookie!!

Tokyo Ghoul AU in which you carry a mark for everyone that loves you/likes you a lot. For the longest time there is just a sun right above Kaneki’s heart, he grows up with it not once missing or fading, just growing brighter in color with every day, and he cherishes it so much because it means that Hide loves him.
And after becoming a ghoul, oh god Kaneki is so afraid of losing his sun. And the surprise when his skin doesn’t get bare but gains colors and marks. There is a bunny mask on his right leg, a cup of coffee on his left shoulder, flowers on his back and Kanei stands in front of a mirror every morning, admiring his marks.
Imagine Ayato glaring at that stupid mark on his chest, telling how in the end he has a home to go to.
Hinami smiling because even though her parents’ marks are gone, she can see how loved she is.
Haise wondering about those marks and who they belong to, while the others cry about their marks, symbolizing Kaneki, fade. Haise/Kaneki thinking about how he carries Arima’s mark, even when it’s so obvious that he would kill him.
Arima never having a lot of marks.
Hide never having a lot either but so many carrying his mark. But it doesn’t matter as long as Kaneki carries his and Hide didn’t want to cry when the mark disappears on him but it did and he hopes the reason for it isn’t death because he can bear with everything as long as Kaneki is alive. Even if he isn’t loved by him anymore.
Yoshimura having so many marks but never the one he desires to see again.
Tsukiyama lighting up when one day finally the mark appears he had wished to see for so long.
Urie denying that the marks on his skin mean anything to him, yet running to a tattoo parlor to get Shirazu’s forever etched into his skin before it fades.
Investigators wishing they wouldn’t carry so many marks, so that they won’t be missed to much should they die. Investigators telling themselves that ghouls’ marks mean nothing.

097; gangster!seokjin

“I’ll pick you up at the airport.” (097)

By the time you had landed, all you could think about was two things. One, it felt like home being… well… home - the environment, the steps felt lighter heck even the air, yes, it affected you that much. It steered you back into a path of certainty to where you know you belonged.

The other? 

The buzzing against your thigh is what cuts you off from your train of thought as you exit the terminal. Bag in possession and need not fuss with people at the baggage area because you’re skilled as hell when it came to packing your things up into just two hand carries - yes, it was something you were proud of. Ah, back to the - “Hello?”

“Hey there, gorgeous,” A voice, as velvety as it runs down your spine greets you from the other end and already, you know who it is despite brushing off not looking at the caller ID. Either that or he’s using another number to not get tracked but whichever it is, you’re smiling.

“Jinnie?” Hope fills your voice, contentment fills his, “So you do remember me. Glad to know,”

You scoff, well aware of the remarks you’ve made that once you return, you won’t remember of him at all because the country you stayed at for two weeks had perfectly sculpted Adonis-looking males from block to block and not to mention gorgeous goddesses. In other words, you were playing around - so was he.

“I’m still very much in love with you, alright? Now, to the important question. Are we going for dinner?”

“Mhm,” He hums, “I’ll pick you up at the airport,”

Lines coming to frown your brows, you’re as confused as it is with - “Wait, what? Y-You said you couldn’t-”

“Left, honey,”

And you can barely process what you were about to say when you turn the other cheek and surprise comes in a light pink button up shirt with a pair of black slacks along with dark glasses framing over his eyes. Plump lips curve up into an amused smirk and he has already put his phone away to welcome you in his arms when you do the same thing. 

The light scent of cigarette clings in his clothes, possibly he came right after some meeting but it doesn’t bother you. What gets you to see the stars is when you feel his grip holding onto you tight, the scent of home that embeds deeper than anything in the world welcomes you and home is surfacing when Seokjin kisses you hard to remind you of what it feels like to be - “Welcome home,”

“It’s always home with you.”

Boyfriend Series - iKON: Donghyuk

- Why do I imagine him to be the really sweet and carrying boyfriend but at the same time he’d be ready to hurt someone if they hurt you?

- Like you’ll have a classic gentleman if you’re dating him

- His doors open for you, pulls out your chair for you, gives you his jacket if you don’t have one, etc

- Makes sure everyone knows he loves you and that you’re dating him

- Tries to dance with you but it’d end up with both of you having a competition to see who can dance the worst

- Tickles you because he loves your smile and your laugh

- Loves to be around you even if you two aren’t doing anything

- Bags about how you’re the best to the other members

- Sings for you randomly and when you’re going to bed

- Spams your phone whenever he wants your attention

- Always wears a bracelet you gave him

- Just might actually threaten someone physically if they hurt you because he cares that much about you

- Gives you his hoodies to wear whenever they’re on tour

- Loves kissing your cheek, nose, and forehead

- Always makes sure you know exactly how he loves you

- Tells you everything because you’re his best friend

- Tries his absolute hardest to take complete care of you

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He fucks me up just as much B.I my god lol. I hope you like it- Admin Sunshine

Remember Me (Part Two - Dean)

Pairing: Dean x Reader, Sam x Reader
Summary: Faced with the choice of her boyfriend that she doesn’t remember or her best friend she seems to be developing feelings for, the reader makes her decision about which Winchester she’s choosing to love.
Reader Gender: Female
Word Count: 1,888
Warnings: fluff, smut
A/N: This was so much fun and I got way too carried away with it. Keep an eye out for a note at the end of this fic because THERE IS A PART FOR SAM.


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this is how my brain responds to angst

that is, by refusing to shut up about all the beautiful co-parenting shenanigans we could’ve had. so imagine:

  • Jingyan and MCS fighting over who gets to spend more time with Tingsheng
  • passive-aggressive use of “tell your other father”s when they’ve been disagreeing with each other and neither is willing to back down
  • Feiliu periodically “abducting” TS from the jing manor to play with him
  • MCS having to send him back at the end of the day, usually stuffed with sweets and carrying with him a new book on military history
  • once TS was late, and JY arrives at su manor only to see TS and feiliu chasing each other with snowballs, MCS laughing merrily sitting on the steps, and JY has a moment of yearning so sudden and strong that he has to stop and pull himself together
  • JY’s generals getting increasingly annoyed that TS’s being taught another fighting style that’s “interfering” with his training (well, everyone except zhanying because he’s a sweet natured boy, but there are a lot of grumbling, is what I’m saying).
  • the gift of TS’s armor gives rise to a ridiculous game of gift one-upmanship (you’d think JY is too practical to descend to MCS’s level, but no)
  • seriously, it’s a miracle TS later grows up to be as level-headed as he is
  • JY pretending like he’s not low-key prying TS for info on how MCS is doing, is he eating enough, has his cough returned recently during this sudden cold snap, etc
  • doing that thing where, instead of being adults who actually TALK ABOUT THEIR FEELINGS, using about TS as a proxy (i.e. “yes, tingsheng has missed you”)
  • basically, just give me all of the co-parenting shenanigans
One thing I need to see IF Psycho Pass gets a 3rd season

I just want a scene where Kougami actually HOLDS Akane for a time (doesn’t even have to be that long), and she ends up just breaking down because of all the feelings shes been keeping inside over the years just overflow. I wish to see this for 2 reasons:

  1. I wanna see him comfort her like he used to back in season 1
  2. It would be healthy for Akane to let some of her burdens go. She carried too much weight as it is, given she’s one of only like 2 ppl who know the truth about SIbyl. Not to mention, she’s constantly trying her damnedest to save people. It worries me how she hasn’t cried at all since season 1 (given she lost her beloved grandma in s2, maybe it just didn’t show it but…if she didn’t cry or mourn, I worry about her state. Like I said before, everyone has their breaking points….so where exactly is Akane’s?)

I’ve been thinking a lot about why the fandom is so much more vocal about Gary hate than they are about, say, Bill Macy, who is imo the most despicable character in the series. 

Apart from the obvious “this fandom doesn’t care enough about Rick Macy” angle, I think it’s because Gary is the less frightening of the two. 

Think about it, what does Gary actually get done? Pretty much nothing. His attack on Amy in S1 is horrible but Amy picks herself up and carries on because she knows she’s better than him; his foul language in the pub backfires spectacularly when he ends up being choked by Simon; as close a call as the Blue Oblivion incident is, Kieren overcomes it. 

At the end of the day, our heroes are stronger than Gary. 

Bill, on the other hand, Bill is destructive. He might not achieve his ultimate goal of goading Kieren into a second suicide, but that doesn’t make the murder of his own son any less horrific. 

Kieren is the only survivor, but he certainly hasn’t won. 

So with Gary, unlike with Bill, we feel safe making joke posts about how much we hate him. We can bring it up all the time because we don’t have to think about the consequences of his actions because really… there aren’t many. But we can’t do the same with Bill because when we think about why we hate him we also have to think about what he did, and no-one really wants to think about that. 

The Signs as Stupid Shit I've Done
  • Aries: Touch a test tube warmed by a blue bunsen burner flame and wondered why I got a second degree burn off it.
  • Taurus: Started a fight with a guy who was much bigger and scarier than me.
  • Gemini: Reversed into a lamppost and smashed one of my lights.
  • Cancer: Tried to take a piss while drunk and ended up pissing on my friend's shoe.
  • Leo: Cracked an egg open on my head and got egg in my hair
  • Virgo: Started thinking about League of Legends during sex and laughed so hard I couldn't carry on.
  • Libra: Shouted OH LOOK AT THAT I'VE BEEN IMPALED during sex and wonder why my partner no longer wanted to carry on.
  • Scorpio: Sprinted down the road with my harem pants up to my shoulders screaming
  • Saggitarius: Told a guy I was a vegetarian while eating a chicken salad
  • Capricorn: Tried to take a detour to avoid a massive traffic jam and end up having to reverse back up a hill because the 'shortcut' I took led to a dead end.
  • Aquarius: Mixed cider with guiness and drunk it, telling my friend it was the best alcoholic drink I've ever had
  • Pisces: Pissed myself laughing

I was so hesitant about coming out because I thought it had to be a massive announcement.

Part of the issue was that I didn’t know how to make a joke out of it- like on National Coming Out Day when i uploaded a picture of myself gesturing to a pan to come out as pansexual. I couldn’t do that. The rest of the issue was the death threats I was already receiving for presenting in a feminine way.

Ultimately, I didn’t let myself get dragged down by it all. I knew who I was and I was happy to be it. If anybody didn’t like it, then I didn’t much care for them either. I carried on with my slow progression, badly applying purple lipstick, putting on a skirt and walking five minutes to the shop.

Then I found this dress covered in daisies, and I wore it while I responded to anon hate. It accidentally ended up being a super successful post that still gets notes every so often, and I still have the dress. That was the “massive announcement”, ultimately, though I didn’t realise it until later. That was the “coming out” I’d expected. A huge deal in which I shed a former identity and explode into view as the person I knew myself to be. A powerful trans woman with eyebrows that could probably beat somebody in a fight.

Since then, I’ve gained a lot of followers, a lot of recognition and a lot of support. I wrote a book about a trans woman, went to an open mic night fully presenting how I wanted and even marched through the city to protest against street harassment wearing a beautiful blue dress. It was a pretty big thing.

So, I mean, I’ve come pretty far, and like, call me Dajo. She/her/hers.

I’ve seen a lot of posts make mention of Carrie living with a mental illness but a whopping grand total of one actually saying the words bipolar disorder. I think it’s important to talk about that, because I notice it’s something that nobody on this site ever wants to mention (I guess it’s not a marketable disorder and it makes it difficult for me to want to reach out about it, having it myself). But that was a major reason why she was important to me. Seeing someone who had the same disorder I did making so much of herself and doing and saying so many important things was genuinely inspiring to me and gave me hope for my own future.

The loss of such an important woman is going to hit us all pretty hard. I’ve been in such a daze of grieving these last few days, I’m kind of tired of being sad, so I’m going to try to do something to pick myself up before this year ends. Everyone please do the same. Be with ones you love - friends, family, significant others, etc. Share memories of good times, and celebrate the passing of bad ones. Remember the joy those who aren’t with us brought into our lives and do what you can to keep that joy alive today.

And if it isn’t too cheesy for me to say, may the force be with us. Always.

No more lurking

It’s past 1am, and I have to go to the doctors and then to work tomorrow. And yet I’m still wide awake, flailing around and changing all my tumblr settings because…


I love this fandom so much - have been following it for years, shipping Charles and Elsie, reading every fic and applauding every writer, gif-maker and screenshotter.

Except none of you know that, because I’ve been doing it entirely on my own and never said anything to anyone about it ever.

But after tonight’s episode, I suddenly realised that there was no good reason why I wasn’t speaking up and saying “yes, I love this, and I want to share it properly with other people who love it too”. Downton is going to end quite soon (although I really, really hope the fandom will carry on unabated), and I don’t want to miss this chance to be part of something so wonderful.

So here I am.