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Hey, I'm new to the fandom, and I'm having a really hard time keeping track of the batfamily. You wouldn't be able to have a reference or be able to make one that lists who they all are and the order in which they came in, or something? I don't know if this made any sense, but thank you!

Let me be the first to welcome you to the Batfandom, I hope you enjoy your stay. : )

There are a bunch of great references floating around on here, and I’m open to anyone linking them if you guys have them at the ready.  

I’ve only been in the Batfandom for around a year so I’ve got some holes in my knowledge, but I’ll do my best to give you an overview. If anyone would like to add to this or correct me on a detail please feel free to.

Because this is sooooo long I’m going to put it beneath the cut.

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I don't know if you're still in the writing mood but here's a prompt if you're up for it: clark non-explicitly asking bruce out in the middle of conversations and never being taken seriously

(AN: I’m sorry this took a little longer, I’ve been working more days lately and there is a couple days between me writing the beginning of this and the end if things seem a little wonky. I hope you like it either way)

“He has to know right? I mean, it’s Batman.”

“Let it go, Bear.” Hal said not looking up from his magazine. The two were supposed to be on monitor duty, but the Lantern normal took this time to relax and maybe catch up on some sleep if he was partnered with someone reliable and there were very few more reliable than Flash. Except apparently when there was drama afoot.

“I can’t just let it go.” Barry sighed but reluctantly turned back to the monitors, far used to his friend’s routine. Between Justice League missions and Green Lantern duties, he couldn’t really complain if the guy fell asleep while working. Much. “It’s like watching someone slip on something in slow motion. It’s too late to warn them and you know it’s going to end in disaster.”

Hal snorted but didn’t object to the hyperbole. Of course Batman had to see it, they all had. It had been going on for months. Hell, maybe even years considering the two had known each other for far longer than the rest of them had.

Then again, he thought, glancing up towards where Batman and Superman were huddled over the plans for the Watchtower renovations. The guy does have the emotionally intelligence of a potato.

Supes was standing shoulder to shoulder with the Bat, a proximity that seemed only to be reserved for him, Diana and his forty friggin kids. The aforementioned Bat’s shoulders weren’t as tense as they normally were. If it was anyone else, Hal would have just narrowed it down to the years of familiarity they had on the rest of them, but the Lantern had only seen that particular extent of relaxation around the other man’s fifty-seven bat kids. Hal shook his head, turning back to his magazine and taking his own advice, letting it go.

“We need to fix the water pressure in the en-suite showers, but that can wait.” Bruce said, lens covered eyes scanning the plans as Clark nodded along. “It’s the satellite that needs immediate attention.”

“Did you see that new restaurant by the Planet earlier?” Clark asked as his friend lapsed into brief silence, most likely doing calculations in his head.

“I did. That meteor shower on Monday caused more damage than J’onn and I anticipated. Some of the panels will need to be replaced.”
“Well that’s probably because I needed to destroy an asteroid to make it a meteor shower. We should go there for lunch tomorrow instead of the diner.”

“Rosanne would stop giving you that free cheesecake if she found out we skipped out on the usual place. I can get new panels, but it might take a couple days.”

“I can loop around the planet a couple times every day until we get them. And okay, that’s fair.” Clark chuckled, thinking of the older waitress that normally took his and Bruce’s order whenever the former was in Metropolis. “Well how about we go there for dinner?” He suggested albeit hopefully.

“Can’t. Charity dinner. One that you’re covering.” Bruce hummed without missing a beat. “That’s impractical even for you, Superman. There might be a way I can get them as early as tonight, might have to involve Malone though.”

“Oh. Right, day job.” His shoulder’s sagged only the slightest bit and he raised a half amused eyebrow. “Malone has those kind of connections?”

“You’d be surprised. I’ll make the arrangements for after the dinner later. If I can get them, you’re going to have to do the heavy lifting.”

“Yeah, I can do that, B.”

He has to know. Dick thought watching Bruce and Clark crowd the monitor (Batcomputer as Nightwing had mentally dubbed it) looking over the results of the tests Bruce had ran on a strange metallic object that Clark had ‘ran into’ during one of his most recent battles. Clark’s hand rested on the top of the computer chair as he leaned forward for a ‘better look at the screen’, invading Bruce’s personal space. Rather than objecting to the proximity, B didn’t even seem to notice it. Which Dick knew was bullshit since his father figure was aware of almost everything in his environment. He was sure Clark was aware of this as well.

It was a familiar routine, one that Dick could trace back to his Robin days, when Clark and Bruce first began their uneasy truce that surcame to years of true friendship. Of course, back then he hadn’t been totally aware that Superman had been flirting with his guardian. Not until Jason had taken up the Robin mantle at least. He shook his head. At this point he wasn’t sure if Bruce was toying with the other man or if this had actually managed to evade the Batman’s noticed. Which he seriously doubted. The pattern was always the same; they did some actual work for a few hours, standing or working closer to each other than strictly necessary, then Clark would bring up a movie he was thinking about seeing (this week was the new King Kong movie, go figure) or a concert or restaurant he wanted to go check out and would casually invite Bruce along, only for it to go over the Bat’s head.

The worst part was, Dick knew Bruce was interested. He knew Bruce better than the older man knew himself sometimes. They all saw the softness in his eyes when it came to Clark, the inside jokes, the way the Man of Steel could just ‘pop by’ without getting the whole ‘my city’ speech (most of the time) anymore. So it baffled the eldest child a little. He didn’t know why he toyed with the other man like that. Maybe he decided he would lose interest, maybe he had somehow convinced himself that he was somehow a danger to the indestructible man like he had most people in his life. Maybe he convinced himself that relationships themselves were too dangerous, too distracting from his work.

Maybe, Dick thought as he watched Bruce’s lips twitch a little at some corny joke Clark had made before falling back into their neutral scowl. He thinks he’s the one being toyed with.

He shook his head and headed upstairs for something to eat, ruffling Damian’s hair as he passed him on the stairs.

“Try not to be as hopeless as them when you get older, okay?” He muttered, smirking at the confused look he got as he walked away.

Clark yawned and stretched, pushing up his glasses to rub at his eyes. Alien or not, staring at his computer screen for six straight hours had done nothing good to his eyes, or his back for that matter.

“So, even Superman gets uncomfortable in cheap office chairs.” He looked up in brief panic before his brain registered the voice. The shadows of the empty bullpen seemed to naturally surround Bruce, even when his Batsuit was traded for a nice Armani one. His lips were quirked in a small, amused smile as he approached his desk as he had many times before. “The job of an investigative journalist is never done I see.”

“Unfortunately not.” Clark chuckled, leaning back in the chair to better look up at him better. “To what do I owe the pleasure, Mr. Wayne?” He asked with a bit of a teasing grin. Bruce said nothing, just studying his face with those calculating blue eyes in a way that always made Clark want to squirm. Of course, if he did, that mean Bruce won. It became a game at some point, though he couldn’t say when, one he was almost sure he wouldn’t win. There was no winning with the Bat. He had even resigned to stop his advances, forfeit the game. He was content with being friends, that would be enough for him.

Of course with Bruce, it wasn’t that simple. Because, like most things with the Bat, the moment Clark thought he was out, Bruce changed the rules. The billionaire leaned down and pressed his lips against the reporter’s, who responded to the long dreamt about kiss immediately, cradling the back of his head, afraid it would end just as suddenly. When Bruce did pull away, he was smirking.

“Come on, you owe me dinner.”

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Do you have any headcanons for which batfam members have the most merch of themselves in stores? Which members might buy these things?

Batman: At first he didn’t like it when companies started making merchandises about him because it would ruin all the Scary Dark Knight Aesthetics he was going for, he even tried to use the Wayne Enterprises to pull some of them out of stores but it became to much for him so he just gave up on it, and over the years he just stopped caring it cuz really if people take him seriously while he’s jumping form buildings wearing a bat costume a few merchandises wouldn’t hurt.

Barbara: Thought that a Batgirl doll was cute so she bought one and brought home to her room but she makes sure to throw it under the bed whenever her dad enter the room so he wouldn’t suspect anything, I also headcannon that during her time as Oracle she would decorate her computer desk with many of the Batfamily plushies to keep her company while the rest are patrolling.

Tim: Had a big collection of all the merchandises before he joined the team, he mainly played with the Robins action figures where he would pretend to be one that goes on missions with Batman and do all sort of cool stuff, he stopped playing with them when he did become a real Robin and found out how uncool Batman & Robin really were, he made sure to sell all of those toys before anyone fond out about them and use them to embarrass him with it. All except for the second Robin figure, he kept that one for himself as a reminder.

Damian: is offended that someone would do such a juvenile thing to his public image, he also goes all Flynn Rider on them by criticizing how none of these merchandises looks like him: “Why is my toy barely half the size of the Batman toy?? I’m NOT that short!” or “Why doesn’t my toy have any weapons with them while Todd’s toy still has it guns with it?!” and the one infuriate him the most “I know that I mostly work at night but come on! WHY for God sake would they make my toy look like a pasty white boy!!”. But in the end since Alfred the cat like to play with them he would allow them inside the house.

Jaosn: Was salty that the only difference between his Robin toy and Dick’s Robin toy is that his was scowling and had pointy teeth and for the fact that they didn’t sell as well as Dick’s merchandises, as Red Hood he is slightly concerned about how popular his merchandises is among young boys not that he thinks that what he is doing is necessary wrong but because he thinks it’s a hard dirty job that someone need to do and he doesn’t want these kids to think it’s something “cool” that they shoul look up to but at the same time he would be lying if he said that he didn’t like the fact that his merchandises are coming close to out-selling Batman merchandises. He also buy some of it for Bizarro to play with and he when his toy head get eaten by Bizarro only then does Jason really get concerned.

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Hey I noticed the tags on your Teen Titans dream team post to do with Anarky. I don't know the character at all but you mentioned him not being that much of anarchist despite being literally called Anarky (or something)? Which seems incredibly dumb. Anyways I just want to ask how you would handle the character in a Teen Titans run considering an Antifa guy might not be that kid-friendly haha

listen… i’m not an expert on anarky so i could be talking shit but lonnie hasn’t been relevant for years and when he was “relevant” he was pretty much a v for vendetta rip-off/a c-list batman villain. to make it even worse, his defining anarchism and hard-left views were watered down by other writers who didn’t like anarchism. so now you have a guy called anarky who’s not really an anarchist, it’s super dumb. 

to modernize the character, i’d have him be part of the antifa/black bloc crowd like i mentioned in the tags. he’s not afraid to fight police, destroy property and set shit on fire to get a point across. he’s yet to kill anyone but can get pretty violent, he’ll threaten people with baseball bats and guns if needs be. this brings him into skirmishes with bruce, duke and the gang. as well as this, he’s an extremely talented computer hacker and child prodigy. i remember in his new 52 storyline, he was masquerading as ‘moneyspider’ which i believe was an online persona he used. i would push that even further and have that as his hacker identity. he steals from rich businessmen and gives the money back to the poor people that were conned out of their pensions and wages. he also exposes corporations and powerful world figures, which makes him a target. 

maybe this is how he meets duke, they probably fought at protests before but bruce asks duke to track lonnie down and protect him when a bounty is put on his head. also…. my version of anarky is gay….. and lonnie and duke have a little bit of batman/catwoman flirting going on. 

he joins the teen titans as a favor to duke but gets heated with them over methods of taking down supervillains just because lonnie is so hardline with his politics and ideals. 

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Two part ask: Part two Bruce Wayne who says something bad about bats and flash defends him very passionately. And Bruce obviously knows who he is, and flash doesn't even know he gave himself away. It's been in my head but I don't know how it ends.

I really, really, really, like this, and I’m going to steal this idea and use it at some point in Speed Dating because I really like this idea.

like, ok, ok, and sorry if it’s redundant for when I incorporate it into Speed Dating for those of you reading

“What do you think about superheros?” Wally asked before biting into an apple and lounging on a couch that was way too comfortable to be a couch, belonging to the billionaire, okay fine, Bruce Wayne, now his boyfriend, god, boyfriend, and Wally got so sidetracked with that train of thought he almost doesn’t realize Bruce is responding.

“What, like, Superman and Batman?” Bruce asked from in the kitchen, chopping something or another because Wally had demanded dinner well after Bruce had already dismissed his chef for the day. Of course, Bruce could’ve called him back, but Wally had proceeded to whine about how home made meals should be made with love, and Bruce had rolled his eyes but laughed.

Also, Wally tried not to acknowledge the mild resentment that at the mention of superheroes, it’s Batman and Superman that come to the forefront, rather than…Well, The Flash.

He wrinkled his nose, changed the channel and then shrugged. 

“Yeah, like them.”

“Well, one of them is an alien who seems too good to trust,” there’s a pause here, and then, a slight chuckle, “and the other dresses in all black, stalks my city, and has a severe savior complex.”

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Hi! I'm fairly new to comics and I'm wondering how I should read the ones with Jason Todd in them? I don't know where to start there's so many haha

Robin Jay

  • Batman #408-412: Origin Story
  • Batman #416: Jason meets Dick
  • Superman Annual #11: Jay meets Wonder Woman and Superman (loads of Jay in here)
  • ***Batman The Cult: 4 issues with some Robin Jay
  • ***Batman Annual #12: 2nd half has some solo Jay Robin stuff
  • Batman #424-425: This deals with the Felipe issue (the serial rapist) and runs into ‘A death in the Family’ 
  • A Death in the Family (Batman #426-429): While I don’t think this is particularly a well written storyline…it’s definitely a must-read.

Flashback Robin Jay

  • Gotham Knights #43-45: Flashback of Jay and Barbara working together written in early 2000s.
  • Nightwing; Year One (Nightwing #101-106): Mostly Dick centric (deals with Dick getting ‘fired’ as Robin and the aftermath but deals with Jay meeting and bonding with Dick. Most Jason appearances in #105-106 and written in early 2000′s.

Resurrected Jay

  • Batman: Hush (Not really Jay centric but a good read)
  • Batman: Under the Red Hood (Batman #635-641, 645-650 and Annual #25): Deals with his resurrection
  • Red Hood: The Lost Years: Deals with his return in more detail
  • Teen Titans (2003) #29 (collected in Teen Titans: Life and Death): Jay meets and confronts Tim.
  • Nightwing: Brothers in Blood (Nightwing #118-122): Jason in the Nightwing costume and some scuffle between Jay and Dick. ***
  • ***Green Arrow: Road to Jericho (Green Arrow #69-72): Jay fights against Green Arrow.
  • +Countdown to Final Crisis: Loads of DC characters, has Donna Troy, Jay and Kyle Rayner team up.
  • ***Robin #177-183: A better written interaction between Jay and Tim…this is Tim Centric.
  • ***Batman: Battle for the cowl
  • ***Batman and Robin: Revenge of the Red Hood (Batman and Robin #4-6): I don’t personally like this…not much to say, Jay tries to unmask Dickbats and Damian Robin.
  • *** Redhood and the Outlaws
  • ***Redhood/Arsenal: There are some nice moments (Jason meeting Amnesiac Bruce)
  • ***Robin War: Some okay moments between the robins (not Jay Centric)
  • ***Batman and Robin Eternal: A let down in general but some nice moments between Tim and Jason.
  • ***Redhood and the Outlaws Rebirth: I don’t trust Lobdell with Jason.

  • +Tiny Titans: Loads of DC characters as kids, mosly Dick but has the whole batfam. It’s very cute.
  • +Li’l Gotham: Damian centric but has Jason popping in some issues. Very cute and worth a read

I’ve tried to put it in a chronological order as much as possible.

***This just means, from my personal view, you can live without reading these titles. Tbh Jason is a hard character to recc for because his character as you will see has not been written reliably. His characterisation moves from spectrum to another depending on who is handling him (also after he was first introduced, he was written badly so the audience would vote for his death when it turned out, some people didn’t want the Robin mantle to be passed down.

If anyone has more to add, please do.

HMU if you don’t know where to find some of these titles.

+italics: these are the updated titles that I forgot to add in the first post

Since I don’t have a fic ready I thought I’d share some Dami and Dick head cannons. Enjoy.

  • When they were Batman and Robin Dick sang all the time. 
  • When they were working on the vehicles or on a stake out. Whenever they had down time between the two of them Dick would fill Damian’s awkward silence with song. 
  • And Damian hated it. They were supposed to be focusing not singing some strange song about paparazzi. 
  • But the more Dick did it the more used to it he got. And the more relaxed he got. Because if Dami had a problem with anything in the beginning of their relationship it was relaxing. 
  • He was always on edge about Dick kicking him out. He worried that some day Dick would get tired of him and send him back to Talia, the last thing he wanted. 
  • So when Dick sang he knew all was well. 
  • He missed it after Bruce came back and they weren’t always Batman and Robin anymore.
  • The time he missed it the most was after he was resurrected and he though Dick was dead, at that point he couldn’t even stand a hum in the cave let alone singing. 
  • One time he got in an all out fight with Tim because he’d started singing one of Dick’s favorite songs and wouldn’t stop when asked. 
  • When Dick came back the first song Dami heard him sing was that stupid spy song he’d made up while working for Spyral and now he really likes it. He won’t admit it to anyone, but one time he managed to trick Dick into singing the whole thing while he recorded it.

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I don't know if you've ever said it elsewhere, but why do you like/love Catwoman so much (as well as the BatCat ship)?

Not sure if I have answered this, so thanks for asking!

Catwoman is one of those characters I grew up with, so I have a lot of love for her. I watched her in the animated shows and in Batman Returns, etc. Really, Catwoman had more of a place in my childhood than even Wonder Woman did. So part of my love for her is through nostalgia. I’ve always thought she was so cool and loved her costume and her relationship with Batman. I liked how funny she was, that she wasn’t intimidated by Batman, and she was an ass kicker in her own right. I even shipped her with Batman before I even knew what shipping was. I just knew they were supposed to be together.

Going beyond the nostalgia factor, I still loved her as I got older. I could appreciate her more in movies like Batman Returns. Her characterization in that movie can be debated, but I’ve always loved her in it. Then I was so excited to hear she would be in The Dark Knight Rises, and I do love Anne Hathaway and it was great to see her in the role. Anne once said something about how she always wanted to be Catwoman, even as a kid, and I totally feel the same way. I wanted to have that confidence and intelligence when I was younger, and I still want to be Catwoman. 

I’ve always loved how she is unapologetically sexy. Has that been written badly sometimes? Sure. But as a kid I’m glad I got to see a sexy character who doesn’t find shame in sex. There’s more to her than sex, but I’ve always loved that aspect of her because women, especially from the time she was created, were often ridiculed for being that way. But I dare anyone to call Catwoman a “slut” or a “whore.”

She’s also morally ambiguous, which I always eat up when it’s a female character. We don’t get to be anti heroes a lot. She’s not evil. She’s just out for herself. Like she said in The Dark Knight Rises “A girl’s gotta eat.” But there’s also more to her than that, as Bruce sees, and I’ll get into why I ship them so much but it’s partially because of that. He always knows there’s more than just a criminal to her, and he’s right. She may pretend she doesn’t care, but when it comes down to life or death, she will go back to Batman and save him because she’s not a bad person or a coward. She’d just never admit to being a hero. It’s easier for her to think she’s a bad guy.

So I just touched on why I ship Batcat so much, his believing in her and always seeing the good in her is a part of that. 

but she doesn’t let him down is the thing. She comes back and saves him! He really does bring out the best of her and vice versa. This scene was very nicely paralleled in Gotham. They’re just children in that show, but they write their relationship very faithfully:

For some reason, she actually cares what he thinks. She doesn’t want to let him down. When she’s around him, she doesn’t want to be just a criminal, and if that’s not love, I don’t know what it is. Love should make you want to be a better person, and that’s exactly what Batcat is.

What’s important whenever discussing Batcat is to understand just how alike they are. They do not fall under the “opposites attract” trope at all. They’re almost too much alike to work and yet they do. I think they’re two people who have to be with someone who is like them. They’re both seriously damaged people who have been through a lot of hell. This has driven both of them to dress up in weird outfits and go out at night and beat people up. There aren’t a lot of other people like him. You could argue that it wouldn’t be healthy for them to be together, because they’re so alike, but to me, they understand each other better than anyone else ever could.

This brings me to my next point, they make each other happy. It might not seem like that at times, but some of the only joy these two have in their lives is each other. They’re both miserable in their own ways, but despite that, they find happiness together. They see someone who is like them. You’re never gonna see Bruce genuinely smile as much as when he’s around Selina. He acts unaffected by her banter, but he lives for those moments, I’m telling you. We joke about how Bruce is never happy, but around Selina, he is happy.

For god’s sake, at the end of The Dark Knight Rises, he lives happily ever after with Selina, and he couldn’t look happier about it. She also looks so happy and at peace. SHE’S WEARING HIS MOTHER’S PEARLS IN THIS SCENE. 

They are soul mates, through and through. They are so alike. They make each other happy. They make each other want to be better. He actually trusted her with his secret identity. They love each other.

I can’t wait to see what they do with Batcat in the DCEU, because they are an OTP to end all OTPs.

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Hey I'm just starting to get into comics and stuff Id like to know what book(s) would be good to start with bc I find Damian really interesting If you don't mind !! Thank you !!

Sorry this took so long, you sweet summer child! I replied once but tumblr ate it, and I can’t seem to save these asks as drafts anymore?? *throws computer into ocean* Here are a few books, if you click on the titles I linked it to their comixology page- clicking on each issue has a handy “see what’s inside” option where it lets you preview the first 3 pages, so you can see if it’s something you might be interested in:

I cannot literally recommend “Batman & Robin” by Peter Tomasi and Pat Gleason enough. The characterizations are fantastic, and the art is amazing. I think the best place to start is that series, which starts with “Born To Kill.” It went 40 issues, and leads perfectly into Damian’s new solo book, “Robin: Son Of Batman“, which is only on issue #2 right now so you’re just in time! (WARNING: not for anyone who doesn’t want to fall in love with Damian’s little button nose)

If you want to start a little earlier than that or just want more Damian material, there was an earlier “Batman & Robin” series by Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely (among other artists)- that one features Damian just starting out as Robin, with Dick Grayson as Batman (because Bruce was dumb and went and died just so he wouldn’t have to raise another kid)

And if you want something a little lighter, “Batman: Lil Gotham” by Derek Fridolfs and Dustin Nguyen is the most delightful thing ever. (WARNING: do not read if you hate adorable things)

UGH I’m always so excited when people are just getting into reading comics, there’s too much to recommend! All-Star Superman is one of the best comics to have come out in the last few years in my opinion, and I don’t even like Superman! Fables was my favourite comic for a long time. Scott Pilgrim is amazing, though that’s more in a manga-style. If you find Damian interesting and want to try something other than Bat-books, I’d say give Journey Into Mystery a shot for the adventures of Kid Loki. It’s another “kid is supposed to be evil but is just trying his darndest not to be” sort of story. When that’s over he ends up in Young Avengers, which is a pretty great (and very diverse) comic as well. Cheers my friend!!