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Hi I LOVE your work and you totally don't have to write this but like you know the au where people's hair color change with their emotions what if like it was like that in a muggle au for wolfstar!

hi I’m so sorry I hate to be annoying! but I’m the anon that sent in the hair color changing au and I kinda just realized how cute it would be for jamesxteddy :)(again you can totally just ignore this I’ll understand, I’d hate to be a bother!)

You’re definitely not annoying! Thanks so much for your prompt(s)! I have a load of others in my inbox but this really appealed to me and I just had to write it and I was actually able to write all of it in one day whereas so many others I was only able to write half! Anyway this is my first james x teddy fic and I changed the ages a bit (teddy’s a year or two younger and all the other next gen kids except Victoire is well about a year or two older because I wanted to age gap to not be so big)

So yeah I went with the James x Teddy fic because I think that’s what you wanted in the end so I hope you like it! 

Being a metamorphmagus was something that Teddy honestly loved about himself.

As a child he loved changing his face into animal faces like a duck’s or one time he even gave himself a giraffe neck and almost stuck his head through Harry’s kitchen ceiling.

Once he got to Hogwarts he would impress his dorm-mates by showing them how he could make his fingers any length he wanted and how he could make himself taller than the others and make his voice deeper, managing to make his friends ever so slightly jealous but also intrigued.

It made him likeable but Ginny always said it wasn’t being a metamorphous that made him special, it was the things he chose to do with it.

Like turning into Professor McGonagall and pretending to give a lecture just to make a first year Slytherin laugh after she’d been crying, it was turning into Harry and telling Granddad Weasley made up facts about the muggle world until he was caught.

Harry once told him that Teddy used his gift that his mother gave him to continue his father’s legacy and that was what Teddy loved the most about himself. How he was equally both of them, even if he had never met them.

But unfortunately his gift had a price.

He could change anything about his body just by thinking of it except for his hair on his head. 

For some crazy reason, his head hair was controlled to his emotions; well there was some actual logic behind it as other metaphorphmaguses had the same condition, apparently Hermione and Percy had researched it when he was a child but Teddy didn’t really care why it happened, he just wanted it to stop but unfortunately there was no way of doing so.

He’d tried dyeing it in third year after he was left mortified when his hair turned a shade of pink when he saw a sixth year boy shirtless in the quidditch locker room.

Pink he realised on that day meant he had a crush and that wasn’t good because now everyone could tell he had a crush on someone.

However dyeing it didn’t make one bit of difference, he’d walked down from his dorm with his newly dyed brown hair and the second his friend laughed and made a comment about what happened in the locker room, his hair turned orange, orange which was for embarrassment.

For about a year and a half after that Teddy decided to just not have crushes on people but that turned out to be rather difficult being a bisexual teenager surrounded by attractive people every day at Hogwarts.

The worst part of it was when he started dating and a few times even though he and the other person said they were casual, Teddy could tell the other felt hurt whenever their eyes flitted up to his hair and it was blonde for friendship or fondness and not pink.

So after that he decided beanies and hats would become his new best friends. He’s seen a few photos of his dad wearing hats and found a few of his old ones. His mum had a few eccentric ones too so he wore those on his rebellious days but he preferred his dad’s old beanies because they covered all of his hair.

He started taking them off during the breaks though ever since he came home for the summer holidays and saw Harry’s worried frown at the train station.

That was an embarrassing conversation in which Teddy had to insist he wasn’t ashamed of who he was, he just didn’t like the whole world being able to tell what he felt at any moment.

But Teddy knew it worried Andromeda and Harry slightly though they tried their best not to show it and realistically it was rather stupid wearing beanies during the summer holidays so he didn’t wear them outside of Hogwarts.

But everything changed during his seventh year and the summer before it started.

That summer he’d spent a lot of the time with Andromeda and weeks here or there with the Potters and Weasleys. He loves all the Weasley cousins and thankfully several are in Hogwarts now so they’re all really close.

He’s always been the closest with Victoire though as she’s only a year younger than him but there was never anything romantic between them, the only small moment they had was at King’s Cross at the beginning of seventh year when he kissed her to make her ex jealous and they laughed about it afterwards.

Once he’d calmed down enough and looked around to see if the ex saw their kiss, he was at first happy on Vic’s behalf that he did but instantly he felt his heart plummet to his stomach when he saw James staring at them with wide eyes.

James Sirius Potter, Victoire’s cousin who was starting his fifth year that year.

James who Teddy had spent the summer laughing with, playing pranks on James’s cousins with and talking about everything with.

Because Victoire was great but Teddy just always felt he and James could talk about anything with each other.

In that moment James and Teddy looked at each other for what felt like eternity, Teddy saw hurt in James’s eyes and put that down to James thinking Teddy liked Victoire, maybe that they were even dating and that he’d never told him, even though they’d sworn that summer that they’d told each other everything.

Teddy takes a step forward, forgetting about Victoire beside him, wanting to talk to James, explain himself and the situation, anything to rid himself of the tightening knot of guilt in his stomach.

James merely shook his head, turned and ran from him to where his family were standing around Lily who was starting her first year at Hogwarts this year.

Teddy swallowed down his feelings and forced himself to turn back to Victoire and smile, pretending he’d been listening to her words of gratitude.

Teddy was Head Boy this year so thankfully he was too busy giving talks to the prefects and organising patrol schedules on the train to think about James’s heartbreakingly sad brown eyes but once the feast started and James ignored Teddy’s silent invitation to sit beside him, Teddy couldn’t stop thinking about them.

While the first years hurried up the steps one by one to be sorted and as the headmistress and the sorting hat gave their speeches, Teddy thought about the times he spent with James that summer.

He thought about all their late nights on the roof of the Potter’s house under the stars.

He lets himself remember the one talk in particular that he’s been trying to forget all summer.

The night when he told James more about the loneliness he feels without his parents than he could ever dream of telling Harry or Andromeda.

He remembers James repaying in kind, revealing how he hates how people look at him as the son of the Boy Who Lived and one of the greatest chasers the Holyhead Harpies ever had and how he sees himself as a disappointment because he struggles to pass his classes and can’t play quidditch if his life depended on it.

Teddy had looked at him and reassured him that he was the farthest thing from a disappointment and that he was so proud of him and he knew Harry and Ginny were too.

James had smiled, that dazzling white bright smile of his and Teddy had felt his stomach clench but not in a bad way, instead it was in a weirdly happy way.

He didn’t understand it until a second later when James’s eyes flickered up to his hair and he whispered into the night, “Why is your hair pink? What does that mean?”

Teddy’s eyes had widened in horror, he’d given some feeble excuse that he couldn’t even remember now and soon insisted he was tired and they should go to bed.

The next morning Teddy came down to the kitchen in a baseball cap and wore one for every day that summer regardless of what the others said.

After every conversation Teddy had with James, or after James so much as smiled at him, Teddy would find the nearest mirror, close the door and take off his hat and sure enough his hair would be pink.

But over the summer the pinkness turned into a light red shade and Teddy knew what that meant, he didn’t even need to look it up in one of Hermione’s books.

He knew it stood for romantic love.

And that was something Teddy really couldn’t handle in his final year of Hogwarts.

But then James had looked at him with those wide, sad eyes and he just wants to run over to the Gryffindor table and tell James that the kiss didn’t mean anything, not that James would care who he kissed but still he has a right to know.

Teddy wants to find James after the feast more than anything but he has to lead the first years back to the dorms, give them the usual speech and give everyone in Hufflepuff house the password so he doesn’t get a chance to talk to him.

The following two weeks are extremely busy too; he has to manage his own timetable while helping out the first years and balancing his patrol schedule and tutoring group at the same time so he rarely gets to talk to his friends in his dorm let alone his cousin in another year and house.

But in the middle of the last week of September, Teddy decides he has to try so he goes out of his way to see James, learning his timetable and waiting outside his last class, eating near him at the Gryffindor table at the feasts, thankfully inter-house unity is common now so this is normal but whenever Teddy approaches James, he won’t even look at him let alone talk to him.

James just skilfully avoids eye contact and talks to someone beside him or walks in the other direction and every single time Teddy’s pace falters and he doesn’t need to take his hat off to know that his hair has turned blue.

James succeeds in his avoidance techniques until the end of October but it’s not Teddy or James that brings this to an end, instead its Emma Bones, the sixth year prefect of Gryffindor house who Teddy used to tutor last year for her OWLs  

It’s at the end of their second prefect meeting when she lingers behind and asks to talk to him.

“Look I wasn’t going to say anything but I thought you’d want to know because I know how close you two are.” Emma starts, her eyebrows are drawn together but her eyes stare fiercely at him.

Teddy smiles and tries not to be worried, “What’s going on Em?”

“It’s probably not a big deal but it’s about James.”

Teddy frowns and stops packing his stuff away, focusing his full attention on her now.

“James? Is everything okay with him?”

“Yes everything’s fine, he’s just been getting into a bit of trouble recently. And I know that’s something you or me or any of those cousins are partial too but” Emma sighs,

“I don’t know it seems off, he’s doing stupid things like staying out late in stupid areas where he’d surely know we’d catch him on patrol. I think he’s been giving back cheek to teachers which isn’t really like him, he’ll banter with them but he never disrespects them so that’s why this is so unusual and he just seems so angry all the time. He’s gotten five detentions already and a letter’s going to be written home soon if it hasn’t already so I just thought…maybe if you could talk to him then he might settle down a bit?”

Teddy blinks twice, frozen in place and unsure of what to say.

Emma is right, Teddy can certainly be rebellious at times, and he was definitely partial to sneaking out here and there when he was in James’s year or even when he was younger but being disrespectful to teachers is another thing and as for being angry a lot, that’s definitely not who James is.

“I’ll talk to him” Teddy says eventually, “I will and thank you, I appreciate you telling me this, I really do Em.”

Emma smiles and nods before slipping out of the room and leaving Teddy alone with his thoughts.

The next morning is thankfully a Saturday and when he goes down to the Great Hall for breakfast he’s glad to see that James is there already, slowly eating his eggs and bacon like every other tired student who managed to drag themselves out of bed for breakfast.

Teddy sits beside Victoire at the Ravenclaw table and makes small chit-chat with her as he quickly eats some cereal and all the while he notices James’s eyes on him. He wonders how long James has been secretly watching him and why he won’t just talk to him or at least let Teddy talk to him.

From the corner of his eye, Teddy later catches James standing up to leave and Teddy knows that he needs to talk to him right now or he mightn’t get another chance so he politely excuses himself from the table and follows James out of the room.

He waits until they’ve both left the Entrance Hall to slide into step beside him and it’s rather fortunate that there’s nobody else around for James to talk to or anywhere James can run off to this morning.

“We need to talk” Teddy tells him softly.

James lets out a long breath that Teddy can’t differentiate between a sigh and a huff,

“Look I’ve lots of studying to do so if you don’t mind I’d rather-“

“James come on” Teddy says, coming to a halt and putting a gentle hand on James’s arm, causing him to stop too and face him, “What’s going on? You haven’t talked to me at all since we started term and I…I miss talking to you, can’t you just spare five minutes? Please?”

James finally meets his eyes and his eyes are a mixture of emotions, ranging from guarded, hurt and defiant, “Can’t you just go talk to Vic? You guys are dating now right so why-“

Teddy shakes his head clearly, “No we’re not.”

James stops talking and his mouth drops open, “What? What do you mean? Then why did you kiss her at King’s Cross?”

“She wanted to piss off that twat of an ex-boyfriend of hers.”

“The one that cheated on her?”

“Yes Jamie” Teddy says, a smile playing on his lips, “We’re definitely not together. I was just helping her out.”

“Oh” James says, his voice is soft and Teddy didn’t realise James’s shoulders were tensed until they drop and relax, “I didn’t…I didn’t know, the cousins, well they were all saying you were together.”

Teddy snorts, “I love Rose and Albus to pieces but how reliable are they for information, really?”

James laughs and Teddy forgot how much he missed that sound, “Yeah that’s true.”

Teddy smiles broadly now, “Look can we talk? Actually talk, please?”

James nods, “Yeah, yeah sure okay.”

They head down to the kitchens even though they just got food and spend an hour passing jokes back and forth while helping the house elves clean up from breakfast and then they sit side by side on a table, their shoulders touching and Teddy’s hair most definitely changing colour under his beanie.

“What’s going on with you?” Teddy asks softly

James’s eyes are focused on his fidgeting fingers that rest on his knees,

“Nothing, I’ve just been busy.”

“Jamie I’m head boy, I hear about all the kids getting in trouble, especially ones with five detentions for disrespecting teachers and getting caught after curfew.”

James scoffs but there’s no meaning to it, “Like you never did it.”

“James I know you. If you wanted to really rebel, this wouldn’t be how you’d do it and if you wanted to sneak out at night you wouldn’t let yourself get caught! I know you’ve your dad’s cloak and the map your grandfather and my dad made. So what’s going on? Why do you keep purposely getting into trouble?”

Teddy watches the varying emotions flicker on James’s face as he stares at his fingers that have stopped fidgeting to rest on his lap.

“I…” James whispers “Do you remember our second night on my roof at home last summer?”

Teddy nods, the night he rarely lets himself think about, the night of revelations and stupid pink hair.

“Yeah of course I remember” Teddy replies, his voice just as quiet as James’s, “Why?”

“Afterwards, about a month later when you were back at your gran’s I…well I borrowed one of Uncle Percy’s books and I found the part on metamorphaguses and those whose head hair are connected to their emotions, it’d been bookmarked I think he’d used it when they realised you were one of them. I…well I looked up what it meant when they…when you have pink hair.”

Teddy felt his breath catch in his throat.

A hundred thoughts, worries, fears and hopes ran through his mind but the main thought screaming in his head right now was ‘shit, shit, shit, shit’.

He wants to apologise, to lie and make something up, anything that could possibly explain this situation. He racks his head to remember what he told that sixth year in the locker room all those years ago, at least if he said that, it would be something but he just can’t remember.

James still doesn’t meet his eyes but Teddy is shocked to see a small smile on his lips,

“I thought…well I thought at first that…well that meant you liked me, that you had a crush on me.”

The words, ‘you thought right’ linger on Teddy’s lips but Teddy can’t find a voice to speak them.

“But I wasn’t sure you know?” James continues his voice surprisingly casual for this conversation, “I thought you could have been thinking of someone else, you could have been daydreaming of someone completely different and that’s why you were so embarrassed when I pointed it out, it would explain the rubbish excuse you gave. So I was going to wait until you came back to see what your hair was like” He laughs, “I even studied and learned what each hair colour stood for, I mean most of them I knew of course but some I didn’t but anyway then you came back wearing that stupid baseball cap that you never took off, not even that time we went swimming in the lake! I wanted to ask about it but…I guess I was just afraid.”

“What were you afraid of?” Teddy finds himself asking, even though his words are barely audible

“That your hair turned pink for the realistic reason, you were thinking of someone else. I didn’t, I didn’t want to hear it because I’d liked you for so long. And then, well, then I saw you kissing Victoire and I knew you didn’t like me and that you liked someone else, her to be exact and I was…sad and angry even though I had no right to be. I did all those stupid things to get your attention, hoping one day it would be you who caught me on patrol. I couldn’t just talk to you like you wanted, anytime you approached me I just felt guilty or annoyed or hurt so I just avoided you and kept getting in trouble to catch your attention, maybe to get your attention more than Vic, it makes no sense I know that but I…I don’t know, I didn’t know what else to do.”

Teddy opens his mouth to say something but he knows if he tries to talk, all that will come out would be a squeal of joy that James liked him back. So instead he reaches up to his head with one hand and takes the Hufflepuff pride beanie off his head.

He doesn’t need to look into a mirror to know that right now his hair is a light shade of red.

James finally looks at him and when he sees Teddy’s hair, his beautiful brown eyes widen and his eyebrows rise to his hairline.


“Romantic love” Teddy answers for him, unable to resist the grin spreading over his face, “I…James my hair turned pink that night because I liked you, I had a crush on you because you were open and honest with me and I liked that James, I liked the real James that you showed me that night. I swear I never liked Vic, I never told you I was falling for you that summer because I didn’t want to make you uncomfortable, we grew up together, your cousins see me as another cousin and I thought you saw me like that too so I said nothing. The last thing I wanted was to make you uncomfortable or to hurt you and I’m sorry I did.”

“I’m sorry too” James says, tearing his eyes away from Teddy’s hair to finally meet his eyes, “I should have come to you sooner, I should have talked to you whenever you tried to talk to me. I acted like a ridiculous child I know.”

Teddy smirks and lets himself kiss James’s forehead, “Maybe a small bit” and he laughs when James lightly hits his arm.

“I love you too, you know?”

Teddy does know that now but he can’t deny that his heart soars when he hears James say those words.

“Yeah I do”

James smiles that perfect wide toothy grin and hesitates only a minute before closing the space between them and kissing Teddy on the mouth.

It’s good for a first kiss, really good and it’s the best kiss Teddy has had in his entire life simply because it’s with James.

He knows there’s a lot they need to talk about and think about but for right now Teddy’s perfectly happy to keep kissing James on an old table in the Hogwarts kitchens and relish in the feel of James’s soft hand in his as their fingers intertwine.

One thing’s for certain though, Teddy’s not going to be wearing any hat, beanie or baseball cap for the next while, not if this is the reaction he gets from James at seeing his hair.

Maybe having hair that was attached to emotions wasn’t as bad as Teddy originally thought.

Imagine: Benny Turning You

Request: So I saw that your requests were open and I couldn’t resist. Could you do an imagine where the reader is like dying but she doesn’t cause she asks Benny to change her and he does and he helps her adjust and live a ‘normal’ life like he does?? Thanks 

Pairing: Benny x Reader

Word Count: 2,500

Warnings: Blood, near-death experience, basically dying to become a vampire, being a vampire? Is that a warning?

@weirdnewbie sorry it took so long, hun! I loved this idea so much and wanted to really get it right.

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How would you like the reveal to go? In my ideal world Kara would tell her, because I want Lena to see that she trusts her However, I don't think it will go that way because it would be less drama. But if she finds out any other way then she will always think that Kara would have never told her and it's kinda awful that your bff didn't trust you with a big part of her life. So, what do you think/want? Someone else tells her, Kara gets accidentally exposed, Lena starts to suspect and finds out?

Well they could go the direction they did with Alex’s secret reveal to Kara (that she killed Astra) and have Lena surprise accept her immediately. And while that’d be pretty nice to see in some sense, that situation tends to gloss over the tension that’s been building a bit too much for me.

When Kara forgave Alex immediately, Kara still had some stuff going on underneath it all that wasn’t… fixed. It was addressed later, but in the worst way for Kara. After Kara had had just like a really shitty couple of weeks in which the world and it’s people wronged her in like 20 different ways, she had the Red K incident. 

She lashed out at everyone, against her will, and put even the irrational issues she had with people at the surface so that it then made her the bad guy. So she had to go on a tour of sorrys to people she didn’t make the choice to hurt and who had hurt her beforehand, effectively silencing any of the issues that we actually legitimate.

When Kara woke up, Alex said “There’s some truth to what you said. We’re going to have to work on that.” but we didn’t get to see if that was a conversation, and it’d be so easy to focus on the intrusive, obviously untrue thoughts Kara had versus the ones that had merit.

Of course, Kara didn’t see any of it this way, she was genuinely sorry and felt responsible. 

And I’m afraid of that happening with Lena. 

That Kara (as is true to her character) will just feel terrible that she had trouble telling Lena, and that the reasons won’t go deeper than the surface betrayal.

Listen, I’m a slut for drama, so I need there to be a confrontation. Either Lena finds out and brings the information to Kara, asking for an explanation, or Kara tells her.

And I think Lena has a habit of lashing out when hurt, so I kind of want it to go… horribly?

But I want her to gather her senses after the initial negative reaction (like she did when Supergirl told her that her mother was the head of Cadmus) and come at it from a more empathetic standpoint (possibly with the help of Alex, who… idk Lena is forced to work with instead of Supergirl- because Alex stepped in so she wouldn’t have to see her yet- and Alex kind of begrudgingly helps Lena understand Kara a little better.)

I’d like Lena to eventually come to the conclusion that it’s not about her and her trustworthiness. Not really. It’s about Kara. 

It’s about how Kara has been told to hide her alien-ness from humans at all costs, (even at the cost of human lives) since she was 13.

It’s about how Kara didn’t tell a single soul about her family or her powers or Krypton or her alien-hood for 12 years. Her entire identity, everything that made her who she is, hidden because the Danvers told her that she would be in great danger if anyone found out.

And she has since only really willingly told one person- Winn. Who was like aliens’ #1 fanboy, and whose opinions she could easily have seen in written form on the literal website about aliens he was submitting to in the pilot. Who, even if she didn’t 100% trust, was the only viable option for someone to be excited for her, so she was at the end of her rope and willing to risk it.

And honestly… she didn’t really seem to come out as an alien, just the woman with powers. And given that Kara was arguing that aliens didn’t exist earlier in the episode, the two weren’t necessarily linked.

Aliens weren’t even like… a thing until this year. There wasn’t political commentary surrounding the personhood of these beings until very recently. And Lena’s first on-record response on the matter was “here’s a device to find them” which, to someone who has been hiding herself for half of her life, who has been told that she or the people she loves will be hurt if she’s found out (case in point: Jeremiah), it’s terrifying.

When you are an alien, you are willing to sacrifice anything, everything, betray your fundamental instincts just to fit in. To belong somewhere, to find your place in the world.” 

Kara has shown again and again that her instinct is to trust Lena. But this is about more than if Kara has faith in Lena. 

This is about the fearful environment that Kara grew up in.

Perhaps Lena was raised to hate and has grown tremendously from that point, which Kara knows. But Kara was raised in fear of being hated, in fear of what real danger hate will put her and the people she loves in. 

So perhaps logically, she knows Lena would eventually accept her.

But logic cannot always touch fear, because what if she doesn’t? 

And it kind of… doesn’t matter who Lena is. Kara would be in the same situation with almost anyone else who she had had, at one point, reason to believe they wouldn’t accept her.

And in some ways, I think it’s a matter of Kara’s acceptance of herself in this world. Of if she feels like she really fits in, or ever could.

So… that’s what I’d like to see Lena realize. And I’d like to see the whole messy process of it. 

And at the end of it all, when Kara can show her unyielding trust in Lena and Lena can return the sentiment in full, it’ll have been earned.  

I Don't Want To Live Forever - Part 2

When she was notified of someone being at the gates of her home, she was having a quiet evening just writing some music, having a cup of tea. She wasn’t expecting anyone, her plan was for the quiet to last the whole day but apparently the universe seemed to have a different idea for her because right when she saw who it was, she was a mess of nervousness.

She opened the door and there he was, standing a bit awkwardly at her footstep with a sheepish grin on his lips, hands on his pockets. Wearing a t-shirt that she suspected she had bought for him.

“Hi!” He cleared his throat. She smiled gently.

“I see you’re finally off the crutches now, huh?”

“Yeah, got rid of them yesterday.” He told her. “Would you mind if I come in?”

“Oh! Yeah, sure! Come in!” She stepped aside, chuckling lightly. Adam stepped inside and he noticed something different in the house, the pictures in which he was in had been replaced with her friends, he felt his chest tightening at the reminder that they had actually broken up, that they had moved on with their lives without each other. But he quickly snapped out of it, not wanting her to be uncomfortable.

“How are you? Is everything alright?” She questioned as they moved to the living room.

As if remembering just then the reason for his visit, Adam’s eyes widened. “Yeah, I just wanted to see you. I’m sorry I didn’t call or anything.”

Biting her lip, she tried not to look at his eyes. I just wanted to see you seemed like such a strange thing coming from the man that had broken her heart, the man whose heart she broke just a few weeks ago with nothing but the truth and irony of life. “Oh, it’s okay. I wasn’t doing much so it’s fine.” She shrugged and he nodded his head. “So they gave you the all clear on everything? You’re okay now?”

“Yes, everything is great. They said I recovered fast. It’s just my memory that is a bit messy. They said I may be able to get it back but there’s no way to know for sure and it may never happen.” He explained.

“Oh well, it’s better than nothing. Thank god it wasn’t worse than this.” Worst scenarios crossed Taylor’s mind for a moment and she refused to think about it. The thought of what could’ve happened left her little breathless. Because she still cared about him, you don’t just go from loving a person for a year to hating them. She could never hate him and that’s what she hated about this. It was easy to ignore when they didn’t talk, when they didn’t cross paths and when they agreed to just be friendly when they needed too but this…actually having him here was making her rethink a lot.

“Taylor, I’ve been trying to remember everything that happened, you know? Going over pictures and articles and stuff people tell me. I’ve been trying so hard but I can’t understand what I did, what we did. It’s so confusing.” He sighed.

“Adam…I don’t think I understand either and I remember it.” She smiled softly, placing her hand over his for a second that was far too short in Adam’s mind. “It’s okay. It’s in the past.”

His lips stretched into a smile as he looked at her. “Can I tell you a secret?”

Her brows furrowed and she chuckled. “Sure.”

“I lied. I didn’t come here just to see you.” He told her. “I came here because I have a proposition to make.”

“And what’s that?”

“Ten days is what took me to convince you to date me. So I want to ask for ten days to let me convince you again.” His words were so certain, he seemed so sure of this. “If after those ten days, I’ve made no progress then I’ll give up on you. I guess what I’m saying is that I want us to start over. Everything.”

“Adam, you can’t just do this. This past year has been hell for me, for us. I can’t risk getting hurt.”

“I can assure you that I know what mistakes I made to lose you, Taylor and I know that I won’t make those same mistakes again. I can’t promise you it’ll work but if you give a chance to try, that’s all I’m asking. A chance. So please, let me try.” He begged, grabbing her hand. It was hard to say no to a face like that. But what he was saying was substantially insane and she should totally be against doing it but there was something about having someone handing out what you wanted for months right in front of you.

She didn’t speak for few seconds, turning to look at him. “Ten days. You have ten days.”

“Thank you.” He laughed, hugging her. She was surprised at the contact but soon relaxed under his touch, her arms wrapping around him before she pulled away not wanting to get caught up.

“So this starting over thing, how does it work?” She smiled.

“Well, Taylor Swift, would you go on a date with me?”

“Why are you freaking out over this?” Gigi laughed, laying sideways on Taylor’s bed as she came in and out of the closet pulling different outfits. “It’s not like you don’t know him. It’s not that hard, Taylor.”

Taylor groaned. “I know! But still, I’m just nervous about it all.” She came out of the closet wearing a black dress. “What do you think?”

“It’s perfect!” Gigi grinned at her.

She frowned, looking down at herself.

“What is it?” Gigi asked.

“This was one of his favorite dresses that I wore.” She mumbled, running her hands over the fabric.

“Babe, it’s okay.” Gigi stood up to hug her. “You’re gonna be fine. I’m sure you’ll enjoy yourself. It’s Adam. He did screw up big time but he’s a good guy and you know him in and out.”

Sighing, she grabbed her phone, checking if anyone had texted her, if Adam had texted her. Thankfully he hadn’t said anything which meant she still had time until he came to pick her up.

“Do you think I should’ve given him the chance? What if he remembers everything suddenly and then he hates me?”

“You’re overthinking it, Tay, honestly. This is good, I mean, you can just end up as friends but maybe it can work out this time. I know you still have feelings for him and I wanted to cut his balls off for a second there but you should give this a shot.”

Taking a sharp breath, she smiled softly. “Okay. It’s gonna be fine.”

Gigi smiled at her encouragingly and Taylor’s phone started ringing. Her eyes widened.

“Oh god.” She groaned and swiped it right, answering Adam’s call. “Hello?”

“Hey, Just letting you know I’ll be there in like ten minutes.” His voice came from the other side of the line.

“Okay, yeah, great!” She smiled nervously. “I’ll see you in a bit then.”

“Can’t wait.” He said before hanging up the phone.

“Isn’t this crazy? It’s crazy isn’t it? I made a mistake.” She muttered, running a hand through her hair.

“Okay, stop!” Gigi held her shoulders, looking into her eyes. “You need to breath, Taylor. You gave him a chance to get you back, which is super brace and I think that maybe if it doesn’t work out, you can get some closure on the Adam thing, which you and I both know you don’t have right now with everything that happened, okay?”

Taylor nodded and then smirked softly, looking at Gigi. “When did you get so wise?” Gigi laughed, shaking her head. “I need to get ready!”

Adam was driving the car, his hands gripping the steering wheel as he tried to calm himself down. He wasn’t even sure why he was so nervous, it suddenly felt like this was his first date ever with a girl. Perhaps it was the fact that this was Taylor or just the fact that he lost his memory and now the girl he loved, who he wanted a future with, had left him. Too many things had happened for his liking. How he managed to screw up so badly was beyond him, he kept wondering how on earth did he not fight for her to stay. He knew she had made mistakes but from he’d been told he was the biggest reason for their break up and he wanted to make sure that he would never make the same mistake twice.

He was driving through the familiar street that led to her house, telling himself it was going to be fine. That he could actually convince her to take him back.

Thinking back to the moment she told him what happened, he never knew losing her could hurt that much. He felt suffocated, his lungs collapsing as his heart broke into tiny pieces. It didn’t make sense. Everything people told him about, the articles he read about what he said, it just didn’t make sense. How he had hurt her, pushed her away like that. How it all went down, from the break up to Taylor and Tom, it was very confusing and the only thing he knew was that he needed to get her back.

‘I’m outside.’ The text message read as Taylor checked her phone. Taking a deep breath, she made her way out of the door quickly. Excited yet nervous about that night. She hoped she wasn’t making a mistake by doing this. This was Adam, the guy she was still sort of, very much in love with who didn’t remember anything about their break up, who was a completely different person than the guy she left, in a good way.

His car was parked in her driveway and she saw him wave before he exited the car, heading towards her with a grin on his face.

“You look absolutely beautiful.” He complimented her with a huge smile on his face. She giggled, walking towards him. He planted a kiss on her cheek. “Shall we get this whole date thing started?”

“Let’s do it.”

Sidon’s Epic Pining Adventure

Summary: Sidon can’t quite place when it was that he realized his feelings for a certain Hylian Champion had gotten out of hand, but it suddenly feels like he is so overwhelmed with emotion and unrequited feelings that he can hardly breathe.Goddess above, he’s too afraid to even question what his dear sister would think. After all, Link was her beloved. How could his own foolish heart threaten to tarnish Mipha’s memory?Thankfully, if Sidon has one thing going for him it’s that his pining is so ridiculously intense that it actually leads to a great awakening in the one person who could help him.

Chapter 1: Mipha’s Gone

Author’s notes: ….you better believe this fic is going to be as fucking ridiculous as the title suggests. Just. absolutely. Ridiculous. 

Although I will warn you this first chapter’s gonna be quite angsty. Sidon has some much put off grieving to deal with he needs a moment to be sad before he can realize he’s fucking gay for the smol wild man.

Don’t worry though, to anyone whose read Bed Time, you’ll see a character that I’ve introduced in this chapter that shows up in that fic, which takes place after the events of this one. So rest assured that this story will most definitely have a happy ending ;) 

You can also read here at Ao3!

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Hello and welcome to the arrowverse (or legends of superflarrow or whatever)! Here is a list of characters and the important thing to know about them, starting with Arrow!


First off is Oliver Queen.

He’s basically robin hood with daddy AND mommy issues. He also has a sister complex and more ex girlfriends than Jack Harkness. Quite a few have tried to kill him.

He was a total playboy before he slept with his current girlfriend’s sister on a boat and crashed, getting stuck on an island for five years. He went crazy and started killing people on the island. But not to crazy. Mostly just murderous. I mean he wasn’t even on the island the whole time and he never went to see his mom and sister. He was to busy killing people.

So he eventually went home n everything and became murderous robin hood to protect his sister from drugs and kill of all the people on his dad’s hit list. Yay?

He sorta starts a gang of vigilantes.

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anonymous asked:

do you think Boa Hancock would have been as half as interesting if she didn't have the mero mero fruit? cause I don't know about you, but if it hadn't been for that ability, her attitude would have rubbed everyone the wrong way a long time ago. I feel she's got a lot of "growing up" to do despite her age and status.

I disagree with what’s being put forward here. First off, I don’t believe that Hancock’s powers are what make people attracted to her. By saying. “if it weren’t for her ability,” you’re supposing that it’s her DF power that makes people enamored with her and lets her get away with so much stuff. However, if that were the case why did her powers have no effect of Luffy? People will answer that it’s because Luffy’s asexual, which IMO is true. However, with regards to being immune to Hancock’s powers, how is being asexual any different from being a straight woman? Why would Hancock’s powers make straight women attracted to her, but fail to work on someone asexual? Neither one of them are attracted to women, right? My answer is that Hancock’s powers don’t change whether or not people are attracted to her—plain and simple. Take the women of Amazon Lily. They are of a culture that believes that strength is beauty. That’s why Sandersonia and Marigold get the exact same treatment that Hancock herself gets

The women of Amazon Lily don’t act this way to the two younger Boa sisters—fawning over their every motion and talking about them with hearts in their voices—because of Hancock’s DF power. They do it because they find their strength beautiful. And Hancock herself is the most powerful person they’ve ever seen, so it’s no surprise that they are so heavily enamored with her. Regardless of what Devil Fruit power she had, or even if she had no DF power at all, so long as she’s powerful the people of the island wouldn’t change how they feel about her. Hancock’s DF power doesn’t make people attracted to her. It just lets her turn the people who are attracted to her into stone in a heartbeat.

Second, and more importantly, I do not like the idea that Hancock’s attitude is something she just needs to “grow up” from, rather than something she deliberately does as a coping mechanism, and as a tool to advantage and protect herself and her sisters.

Do you think Hancock actually believes this? Because I don’t. If Hancock believed that everyone loved her unconditionally and that she could do whatever the hell she wants because she’s beautiful, then why would she also say things like this?

To me, Hancock’s vanity is a shield—used to cast herself as invulnerable and without weakness. Something she does to help her and her sisters fool the people of Amazon Lily, fool the Marines, fool other pirates. She’s not immature—she’s guarded. She believes that if she shows weakness, that if the truth about her history as a slave was revealed, people would hate her, betray her, reject her, or seek to hurt her. Hancock and her sisters were completely helpless to the abuse and the torture of the Celestial Dragons, and once they escaped they made sure to never let anyone see them as anything but insurmountably strong, both physically and emotionally.

People latch onto Hancock as “man hating,” and indeed she is, but for the most part she treats men and women alike—manipulating them, keeping them at a distance, and not hesitating to turn anyone who opposes her to stone. However, Amazon Lily is her home, and her all female subjects alone are loyal to her, and thus she speaks of hating men, which to the people of Amazon Lily, effectively means “outsiders.” Additionally, it’s always been men who have tried to hurt Hancock and her sisters in the worst ways. It was men who kidnapped them, men who tortured and abused them for years, and men who continue to harass her.

Pirate or Marine, the men that Hancock meets are gross as hell to her. Even after making it brutally clear to the Marines that she would kill any one of them in a heartbeat, some of them still went and tried to spy on her. Rather than being arrogant, demanding, and cruel to these people, what would you have her do? Be nice to them and ask them politely not to slobber all over her? She’s a pirate and an empress, not a woman at a bar looking for dates. She acts cute or confident, depending on what the situation calls for, in order to manipulate people to do what she needs them to, but the rest of the time she’s pretty damn clear about wanting these people to keep the hell away from her. If they’re going to disrespect her regardless, I don’t blame her for kicking their heads off.

So no. I do not think that Hancock needs to “grow up.” You said “despite her status” as though that’s not something she took for herself. At only age 18 she went on a brutal campaign in order to become a Shichibukai to gain protection for herself, her sisters, and all of Amazon Lily. Living with your guard constantly up, mistrusting and using everyone, is not a good way to live, but it is something born from tremendous trauma and self preservation, NOT immaturity. Hancock may have an immature sense of how romantic relationships work, but that’s it. She isn’t some ungrateful brat who was handed the world on a silver platter and thinks she still deserves more. She suffered unspeakable horrors that scarred her and used raw power and calculated manipulation to gain security for herself and her sisters, rest of the world be damned. This is why I love Luffy’s relationship with her. By being so selfless and accepting with her, he proved himself to be a ray of good that allowed her to be open and honest with him. He helped to ease her traumas and let her feel at peace with him, something she had no chance to do with anyone aside from her sisters.

It bothers me that some people look at Hancock and rather than see her as calculated and cold—a deeply scarred survivor of horror doing whatever it takes to protect herself and her little sisters, using her beauty to manipulate enemies and allies alike for her own purposes—they see someone “immature” who needs to “grow up.” Hancock is aware of the effect she has on other people, and she uses it to her advantage. But because she’s a woman using her beauty it’s classified as immature? No thank you. I can’t imagine another pirate who successfully gets Marines to happily hand over their own cargo being told he needs to grow up. I respect and sympathize with Hancock for surviving what she’s been through and using the tools at her disposal to protect herself—using her strength to pull herself up to the status of a living legend.

Not Falling Apart (Aiden)

Originally posted by quotesxoxo23

Requested: No

Prompt: Y/N was Aiden’s girlfriend, she was completely in love with him, when he started to back up, he didn’t call her “pet” names, he went out every night, and she started to lose him. (Based on “Not Falling Apart” by Maroon 5).

Warnings: Cursing, crying, depression.

Words: 1554

A/N: Sorry for my shitty writing, is just that English is not my first language so please tell me if you find a grammar mistake

Y/B/F/N = Your best friend’s name

Third Person POV

Y/N looked out the window, silent tears streaming down her pale face. While the memories of that night played like a bad movie inside her head. She replayed all the good times, but suddenly the good times turned into bad ones, and then into the worst of them all. She couldn’t believe it just yet, she just couldn’t, it was so hard to process that he wasn’t her’s anymore, that she’ll probably never get him back.

“Aiden” she kept whispering, her arms wrapped around her knees, silent sobs escaping her mouth.

What could she say about him, other than she was utterly and completely in love with him. He was the stars to her dark night, the light of her sun, he was everything for her, and at some point she was everything to him too. The slight difference is that he started to drift apart for her, he stopped loving her, and that broke her heart, it broke her into pieces. After that she couldn’t even live, she couldn’t breathe…

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Preference #47: Fighting

Jack: ‘I can’t believe you’re leaving again! You’re never here anymore!’ ‘Look, it’s not like I fucking ASK them to whisk me to all these fucking places. I have to go or otherwise all those pretty things I buy you, this fucking flat I got for us, and that car I bought you for your birthday, are ALL going to go away!’ He always did that in fights. He’d mention how HE paid for everything with the partnership money he receives from companies. Jack guilt tripped you. Not today. ‘Don’t start making this about money, because we both know that’s not it! It’s you constantly missing everything important to me because you’re not being paid to be there!’ ‘You know that’s not how I am! I don’t care about the money! The only person I end up using it on is you.’ ‘You purposely miss events that mean something to me so you don’t have to deal with them! You even missed the most important one and didn’t even apologize! Not one fucking single phone call or text! I ended up having to fucking text you and your dumbass didn’t text back!’ ‘What have I missed exactly? Please,’ He sat on the arm of the sofa, ‘Tell me what I’ve missed. What is SO important to Y/N that she has to get all strung up about it?’ You couldn’t believe he forgot. He-above all people-should have remembered the day he missed. ‘The promotion party Zoe threw for me, two birthday parties, the office picnic I invited you to months ago, and…and our fifth anniversary! Your stupid little India trip came in and ran over our fucking anniversary! I even bought you a present and everything! I had to make reservations a month in advance because I wanted to take you to that fancy restaurant you’d wanted to go to! I had an entire day planned out and you fucking ruined it with your fucking stupid charities!’ Tears blurred your vision and stung your eyes. You quickly turned away so he wouldn’t catch them. The hurtful disappointment of realizing he’d be missing your anniversary came rushing back into your chest. You felt so ignored and insignificant in his life. You thought about leaving him once or twice since all this YouTube fame started. ‘Baby…I…’ His voice had softened, though it didn’t melt you any less. ‘I’m so sorry,’ You heard his footsteps approach you, though he kept his distance, ‘I didn’t mean the things I said. You’re right; I haven’t been that attentive to you lately. I must be the worst boyfriend ever,’ ‘You are.’ ‘Heh…Y/N, I never meant to push you away. I love you more than anything in the entire world…as cliché as that sounds. I never want you to feel like you don’t matter to me because you do. I really, really, really wanted to take you to India with me. I really wanted you to come to VicCon and Playlist Live with me because viewers actually want to see you as much as I do.’ ‘Sorry for having a job that demands my actual presence.’ ‘I’m NOT saying that’s wrong. I’m glad you have a job you love. I’m not completely at fault here. Your job keeps you away from me too. They lock you up in that office building day and night…and away from me. I wasn’t completely upset about leaving you because I knew you wouldn’t just be sitting here twiddling your thumbs, waiting for me. We both have lives, busy ones but that doesn’t mean that we don’t love one another, does it? I’m sorry for missing our anniversary and not even acknowledging that I did. I got so caught up in the India trip I barely noticed.’ His arms came around you. He held you tightly to his chest and pressed his lips to your head. His nose buried into your hair. You could smell his cologne faintly on his plaid shirt, the one he always wears for the day that you love taking just a whiff of. The one that reminds you of home all the time. ‘I’m sorry,’ You said, ‘That I make such a fuss over things like that.’ ‘No. Don’t be sorry. You have nothing to be sorry about. I’m the idiot. I mean, I have a gorgeous girlfriend and I ignore her.’ ‘And I have a gorgeous boyfriend and I ignore him.’ You shared a smile, ‘Come with me? I’d love it if you came with me. We can have an anniversary do-over there…’ ‘Yeah. I’d definitely come.’

Finn: The nerve of fangirls never ceased to amaze you. Being the girlfriend of Finn Harries, you adjusted to the occasional mean tweets you received from the jealous fan girls who felt they owned Finn or shared some sort of personal relationship with him. Words like ‘slut’ and ‘bitch’ bounced off you like a game of burn-ball. However, once in a while, you get the persistent ones. The ones who want you truly know how pissed off they are that you’re making Finn happy. So, when muFinn_lover92 decided she’d flood your twitter page with hate comments, you found her obnoxious and annoying. ‘YOU’RE his girlfriend? Sorry to say this but, ur not that pretty.’ ‘@(yourtwittername) is such a slut. Did you see how she was all over Marcus in that video they did? She’s FINN’S gf.’ ‘@(yourtwittername) @(nameofanotherhater) i kno. She actually thinks she’s pretty. She’s so fat in that pic.’ ‘@(yourtwittername) @(anotherhater) LOL ur right. she so doesn’t deserve him.’ This bitch was at it all day. You normally ignored all the comments. However, one thing did bother you. At one point, the girl began tagging Finn in her comments. You thought he’d really show her something. He’d defend you because he loved you…Nope. Finn said it was better to pay no attention to her than start something. The worst thing he could do was argue with a fan, which might affect their subscriber number. ‘So, you care more about a stupid number than my feelings?’ You questioned him. ‘That’s not what I’m saying.’ ‘Then what are you saying?’ ‘That I don’t want to ruin things for me and Jack. If I argue with that girl, she’ll just end up making me look like some kind of bully. They always do that. Fan girls can be dangerous people.’ ‘Clearly, since you’re afraid of a fucking fifteen-year-old.’ This enraged you. He was supposed to defend you. You supposed you’d have to defend yourself. ‘@muFinn_lover92 You know, I will congratulate you on one thing: You have some fucking persistence. Like fuck, I get it. You’re jealous that I’m dating the guy you wish you were dating and who will probably never date you.’ ‘@(yourtwittername) pfft, I could sooooooo take him from you if I wanted.’ ‘@muFinn_lover92 you’re like what? 15? I doubt my boyfriend will violate the law to date you. Get over yourself and goodbye.’ And then you blocked her from your page. A few minutes later, Finn came storming into the kitchen. ‘Why’d you say those things?’ ‘You were too pussy to say anything, so I said it for you. Nice to know you have my back.’ ‘Do you realize what you’ve done?’ ‘Oh boo-hoo, your channel is gonna lose ONE person. Cry me a fucking river.’ ‘This girl posted your little tweets everywhere! She twisted the story to make you look like a bitch!’ ‘Good, if they think I’m a bitch, then they’ll think twice about it.’ ‘People think I’m dating a horrible person.’ ‘You know I’m not horrible.’ ‘Do I?’ You stopped cooking to look at him. ‘The fuck does that mean?’ ‘It means that sometimes you do really mean things. You purposely do shit to spite people and hurt their feelings.’ ‘Because they did it to me first. Did you even SEE what she put? Did you even bother looking at what I was talking about? Or did you put it on the backburner like you do with anything that concerns me?’ ‘I did see what she wrote. I was just as hurt as you. It bothers me when people say hurtful and hateful things.’ ‘Then why didn’t you speak up? You never speak up. You always let things sweep under the rug because you hate confrontation! You’re such a…a…’ ‘A what? A pussy? A girl? What insult are you going to throw at me to try and puncture my ego?!’ ‘A pussy! A fucking pussy! The only time I’ve ever seen you act like a fucking man was when that guy called me a slag in that pub…and you were drunk! And he was drunk! And you barely touched him! It’s like defending me is so difficult for you! Your mummy babied you too much and now you’re afraid to do anything remotely manly!’ ‘I don’t act like a man?’ He edged closer to you. ‘No. You don’t. You wouldn’t even tell a little girl to go fuck herself!’ ‘I don’t act like a man? I’m not a man?! You little bitch!’ He suddenly grabbed you and threw you to the wall. You thought you’d free-fallen onto a concrete floor by the pain in your back. Finn didn’t even give you time to move. He trapped you between him and the wall. Fear twisted your stomach seeing the anger in his eyes. He turned you around, pinning your arms to the wall as he separated your legs. He wasted no time in undressing your bottom half, bruising the side of your neck with bites and hard kisses, and groping parts of you he’d be gentle towards. This surprised you. It excited you. It even scared you a little, though your arousal slowly took over the longer Finn kept you against that wall. ‘I’m going to show you,’ You heard the jingling of a belt and him unzipping himself, ‘That I’m a man. I’m going to fuck you exactly how a man would fuck a bitch like you,’ He fisted a bit of your hair and growled into your ear, ‘You understand that?’ ‘Yes.’ ‘Good.’ He then fucked you.

Dan: ‘I can’t take this anymore!’ 'What can’t you take? Me wanting to be with you? Me wanting us to go out and do things together?!’ 'But does it have to be everything, Y/N? Do you HAVE to come with me everywhere and cling onto me like a bloody life support system?!’ 'What are you talking about?!’ 'You are so clingy, it’s unbelievable sometimes. You constantly call me. I get tons of texts from you on my phone all the time-’ ’-Because I want to talk to you. I don’t do it ALL THE TIME.’ 'I just want my space, and it’s like you don’t understand that! You don’t get that I can’t constantly have you involved in everything! It’s like we’re always a pair now. Can’t have one without the other!’ 'Oh, but I don’t see you complaining when people refer to you and Phil!’ 'Don’t…No, don’t do that. Don’t start bringing up that 'Phan’ shit again. That is totally different.’ 'How is that different?!’ 'We’re friends. We work together. I HAVE to see Phil, but he doesn’t call me ten times in a row just to know where I am!’ 'I did that when you were out of town! That was once! Excuse me for fucking caring for you! I’ll stop then! I’ll stop giving a fuck about you! I’ll stop going places with you, hell, I’ll even completely disappear if that’s what you want!’ You can’t say this isn’t surprising. As you stormed off, you thought about how people usually didn’t want you around. People made excuses all the time not to hang out with you; they left you behind when they had fun. Dan was the first person who didn’t make you feel so forgettable. Now you’ve driven him away too. Sitting in the bedroom, you tried not crying. The worst thing to do in a fight is cry. You always do this. They always end up hating you for being so clingy. You can’t help it. It happens without any real intention. A few hours later, you stepped out of the bedroom to find an empty flat. He left. Of course, he’d leave. You were alone again. On your own. You walked into the kitchen for some food and found a note on the refrigerator. 'Went to the store for some groceries. I’m sorry for snapping at you. I love you so, so, so much. Please be here when I come home. I don’t want to lose you. xxx Dan’ The letter made you cry. Somebody still wanted you.

Phil: You two don’t fight. Fighting isn’t something you both do since you’re so well-connected and know when to leave the other alone. Phil isn’t the shouting type. It’s actually odd when you see him angry because anger doesn’t suit him. Today turned out to be a horrible day for you both. YouTube was being a bitch and not uploading his video, which bothered him at first. Tumblr was going into some maintenance, so you both just waited around on twitter. It’d been raining and thundering all day; you were completely soaked on the way home from Tesco. He’d gotten into the marriage argument with his mother again. The world seemed to enjoy picking on each of you today. Then…it happened when the lights went out. 'Are you fucking kidding me?!’ You nearly slammed your spoon down onto the floor, 'Really?! Now?!’ 'Shouting is not going to make them come back on.’ 'I know that Phil! I’m not dumb!’ 'Really? Because the pasta sauce goes in the pot, not on the counter….’ 'What? Aw fuck me!’ 'No thanks.’ 'Phil!’ 'Look, I’m just trying to lighten the mood!’ 'Go get the torches and lighten up this ROOM!’ 'Would you stop ordering me around? What do you think I’m doing in here in the first place?! The torches are in here.’ 'Well, I’d assume you were in here bugging me.’ 'Oh, I’m sorry that I’ve irritated you! I didn’t realize that was part of your personality!’ You wanted to hit him. You couldn’t even see where he was, but you wanted to hit him. He eventually found the flashlight, turned it on, and shined it on you. 'Aw, baby…’ You saw him pout in the dim light. You saw him point towards the little puddle of tomato sauce on the clean counter. 'Ugh, this stuff is never going to come off!’ You began wiping it up, before some got on your shirt. 'Oh come on!’ 'That’s because you’re not paying attention. Here…let me.’ He put down the flashlight and helped you clean up the rest. When the puddle was gone, the light suddenly flickered back on. Phil looked…apologetic. 'I’m sorry I-’ ’-No, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have snapped at you like that. I’ve just been having a rough day and I took it out on you. I’m sorry, Phil.’ 'It’s okay. Me too.’ The both of you hugged, him pecking your forehead like he always did. 'Want to order some pizza then? We can’t use that sauce now.’ 'Sure. Keeping in the Italian theme…’


You've Fallen for Me


Harry doesn’t like guys. 

He likes one and only one guy who’s just too dumb to notice.

Or at least that’s what Harry thinks. 

Pairing: Niall/Harry


a/n: I had this idea lying around and it’s probably really bad, but I haven’t posted a narry fic in a while and figured why not?

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You don’t get to tell Dearies how they feel about Belle French

I saw a post I shouldn’t have. To be clear it was properly tagged, XKit should’ve blocked it. But it didn’t and I was so affronted by that post I felt the need not to respond but to clarify.

The gist of the post, which was one short sentence, was that Rumple fans see Belle as his property and not as a character in her own right. I was surprised it was an Evil Regal saying this, I thought there was enough communication between one side of the fandom to the other to see and know this is not true. And this are all my issues with the post:

A) The SHOW treats Belle like that, and therefore so do all your faves: The people who reblogged it where all Evil Regals, CSers and the like. And on the show their favourite characters have CONSTANTLY treated Belle as an extension of Rumple, a weak spot of his to exploit instead of a person.

  • Emma did it when she blackmailed Rumple into going to the Underworld and when she was Dark Swan.
  • Snow did it when she ratted Belle out to save her neck from Hyde.
  • Regina did it when… well, take your pick. When she locked her up for over 30 years, when she took her heart to manipulate and control Rumple, when she made her into Lacey….
  • Hook did it… Well, he still does. When he shot her, when he punched her so hard she lost consciousness, when he admitted to helping her because it would annoy Rumple.

B) Even when the characters are not treating Belle as “Rumple’s object” they ARE treating her as some sort of useful tool and then promptly forget she’s a human being with feelings.

  • Belle went to Camelot to help Emma, and on a mission with Hook she got kidnapped while standing right next to him and went missing for over two days and he did not notice.
  • The heroes are constantly going to Belle for help researching things but when Belle needs help… no one does anything? Other than Rumple, I mean.

C) Dearies where almost the only people I ever saw fighting for the show to treat Belle different: We used to be so vocal about getting Belle more screen time and her own plots and story development, back in the days when we thought this show just needed to know how much the fans loved Belle. Sure, there were Belle fans doing this that weren’t also dearies, of course, but 90% of the effort I saw into trying to give Belle more of a role in the show was done by dearies. We have the countless tweets to prove it, pleading for more Belle time (NOT Rumbelle time, BELLE time), gushing about every single Belle scene to make the writers aware of how much we WANTED Belle and liked her as a character, showing them the disparity between Belle’s screen time and the screen time of the rest of the cast, etc. We have the tumblr posts to prove it, about writing to ABC, doing a twitter event for Belle, trying to see how we could possibly get the writers to give us more of Belle as a character. We have the e-mails and letters sent to ABC studios, begging for more Belle.

We tried to make this an OUAT issue. We tried to get help from other people, other ships. NO ONE listened. I saw NONE of the people reblogging that post that annoyed me fighting for Belle’s screen time or for a story of her own. We were ALONE. You left us all ALONE.

C) I feel like that post perfectly embodies this new trend of “protect Belle French” I see. Just to be clear: I don’t think EVERYONE is doing this, just that most people who now flood the Belle French tag (and whom I’d never seen before) do. What is this trend about? It’s about caring for Belle French… now that she can be used as a way to shit on Rumple. Ironically this is the worst insult to the character ever, the idea that people would suddenly start caring for her just to shit on a character they hate. These people are just now wanting to protect poor Belle from evil Rumple. They were FINE when THEIR fave was being an abusive asshole to Belle (Regina, Hook, Zelena, Snow, Emma, take your pick). Most people take it a step further and gush about Belle now getting close to their fave (which is how she entered their radar as sudden “person of interest) as something cute and positive.

No, I don’t think it’s cool to think about Emma and Hook being Belle’s baby’s godparents. Don’t we have to characters that HAVEN’T tried to kill her that could fill those roles? Archie and Granny? Leroy and Ariel?

No, I don’t think Belle and Zelena are being best buddies. Zelena raped and later led to the death of a man Belle risked everything to save and outright killed Belle’s stepson. Zelena tortured Belle’s True Love and toyed with the idea of having him kill her.

No, Regina did not ask Belle forgiveness for all the horrible shit she’s pulled on her. Did I miss the part where she said she was sorry about the taking of his heart? Did I blink and miss that?

D) Yes, now that OUAT has written both Rumple and Belle so badly there are people who are taking sides. And some people who identify with Rumple are taking his side. But that doesn’t erase how much they loved and fought for Belle before A&E made her act reckless, stupid and sometimes insensitive and cruel (that is NOT Belle French, I refuse to see it as part of her actual characterisation). Then again this show has committed character assassination en masse so everyone should feel like they can relate (I imagine Snow fans were enraged when the show had their heroic princess selling off a pregnant woman for her own safety, for example).

Bottom line is… We dearies fought for Belle French. We fought for years. We fought for her when you were nowhere to be found. When you had better things to care about than the diminishing screen time and lack of own storyline of a minor character. So now you don’t get to tell us otherwise. You don’t get to say that we are doing to Belle what the show did to her and we fought against.

This is PURE angst. Liam REALLY lays into Emma and Emma feels bad about some things, but it’s really not anti-either of them. Ultimately though, I think it rings true to both of their characters and isn’t just mopey for the sake of being mopey.

Liam had been shooting her icy stares from across the room since Killian introduced them 2 hours ago. Everyone else was pretending they didn’t notice, but Emma found it hard to ignore a look that probably could actually kill, if they’d not been in the Underworld already. She stood up and walked over to the stairs leading up to the loft. 

“Liam, may I speak to you alone for a minute?” Emma went upstairs, praying he would follow. She stood by the drop cloth-covered bed for a moment, planning how to begin. When Emma turned around Liam was there, leaning against the chimney with his arms crossed, glare still firmly directed at her. “Look, Liam, I don’t know wha—“ 

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anonymous asked:

What do you think Jasper meant when she said all those who don't fit within the order of the diamonds must be purged?

I think that this is Jasper’s rhetoric against the Crystal Gems rather than it is suggestion that Homeworld lives in a police state- because again, as I’ve stated before, if anything the worst Homeworld does to Peridot leans more towards abandonment than overbearing. Peridot is given what Homeworld deems suitable accommodations and then she’s turned loose on assignments with access to information, but it’s on her to look it up and sort through it all which leaves her furiously googling things while she’s trying to respond to unexpected developments.

So I think that this is Jasper talking about the Crystal Gems. Those who willfully defy the order of the Diamonds, because in her eyes, there’s nothing that could be worth that. And she’s also justifying this because Jasper very much has a sense of fatalism. Everyone gets what they deserve, applied to the extreme that if she herself is suffering, or former soldiers that she might have felt some sense of kindred to, her takeaway is not that if she was less fortunate she could be just like them, but it’s that they must have done Wrong and deserved what happened to them.

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“I ain’t gonna let you go...”

Oh, is it time for my post-analysis yet? It’s Friday, so it must be…. :)

Hasil Farrell has made a number of really consequential decisions over the course of this series (even though there have only been 6 episodes!): instead of serving as the lookout when Big Foster and crew go down to steal the guns in Episode 1, he goes to ask Sally-Ann to get chicken wings and beer with him – and as a consequence, 8-year old Elon goes in his place and ends up getting killed. He steals the two bottles of Farrell Wine so he can have money to go on his date, leading to the loss of two of his fingers and the murder of the coal company executive when his moonshine-wrecked son stabs him (which in itself brings greater scrutiny to the Farrells from local law enforcement). 

And then, of course, there’s the decision he makes in this most recent episode, which is to ignore Sally-Ann’s warnings and try to talk to her brother – and we all saw the brutal consequences of that… 

(On a side note, I just want to point out that I think this is the first time in the series where I genuinely disapproved of something he did: I mean, it was so obviously a violation of her boundaries and her instructions to go to her home and talk to her brother – she could not have been more clear about what she wanted. Even in Episode 5, he pushed the boundaries a little – “Could you just leave me alone?” “Why would I do that?” – but even then he didn’t totally ride roughshod over them – “Just go away…” “Look, can I at least give you this?” [the bear], implying that after he does, he’ll leave.

It’s hard, because I do want to give him the benefit of the doubt, but, jeez, Hasil, for being such a good reader of people, could you not see the fear in her eyes when she talked about her brother? He’s so blinded by his feelings for her that he just doesn’t seem to understand – or even really want to see – how much danger she’s in. And I know we’re all mostly on his side, because we want her out of that situation and Hasil would serve as the catalyst for that, but for Sally-Ann at least, Hasil’s interference would have beyond-serious consequences: it’s a question of a semi-constant state of fear (status quo) vs. a pretty-much guaranteed state of terror and physical abuse (if their relationship is known). She has to get him to give up and leave her alone. That’s why she gives him such an emotional wallop with her parting words; it’s literally the worst thing she can think to say to him, the equivalent of the racial slur they talk about back in Episode 2.)

Anyway, there are bunch of things underlying the decision he makes in Episode 6, but I there are two in particular I want to talk about.

First, I’m certain that Hasil absolutely believed he would be able to (eventually) convince James to let him continue his “courting” of Sally-Ann. As we’ve all seen, Hasil is incredibly charming and a smooth talker – it’s not a coincidence he was originally sent to distract the store cashier when they came into town for the run and that he was supposed to be the lookout when Big Foster and crew went for the guns (lookouts not only serve as eyes and ears; they also can distract passers-by and downplay what might look like suspicious behavior) – and he clearly knows this about himself. Hasil also has a standard method to his charm offensive – compliments, gifts of carved animals – and it’s what he tries to employ on James when he first opens the door (”You the one lookin’ out after her? That’s a right carin’ thing for you to do”). Of course, we all knew it would never work, because a) James is terrible and b) he hates the Farrells, but Hasil doesn’t know that – or, at least, it takes him a little while to figure it out.  

Second, I keep kicking around the idea that Hasil has no real clue what “things will get real bad for me” actually means. Back in Episode 1, G’win said that in all the time they’ve been up on the mountain (200 years!) “no Farrell’s ever killed another” (which is also impressive, given that Big Foster attempts to kill two Farrells within the space of just that episode). But could it also be possible that within this isolated society – with its female leadership (both the current Bren’in and the Elders) – they could have also found their way beyond domestic and familial abuse, maybe even beyond sexual assault? It’s kind of a tantalizing question, and might explain why Hasil is so cavalier with Sally-Ann’s fears – the same way he seemed to have no conception of racial slurs (and perhaps as a consequence, racism), he might not understand how members of a family, who claim to love each other, could possibly raise their hands to each other in violence. (Again, the only one on the mountain who seems to display any real kind of bullying, violent behavior is Big Foster – another reason why Lady Ray doesn’t seem to want to let him become the next Bren’in.)

Oh, man, can’t wait until next Tuesday! 

Arrow Fic: Claim My Place Beneath the Sky

A/N: post-4x01 fic, because clearly Diggle is not going to make this OTA reunion easy on Olicity. Also because maybe he has another reason for continually reminding Oliver about Baby Sara. Also, because Oliver basically told the brunch buds that he wants babies.

Title from “Deuteronomy 2:10” by The Mountain Goats.

Claim My Place Beneath the Sky (AO3)

When they decide to come back to Star City for good (can you really return to a place you’ve never been?), Felicity anticipates a rough re-entry. She expects the newly-restructured team to have a difficult time accommodating the man who once was their de facto leader, expects it may be slow, stubborn going at first. What she doesn’t expect is John Diggle, antagonist.

He’s surly and sarcastic – to both of them – combative and available only on his terms, though he still swears his dedication to saving the city. And he never misses a chance to bring up Sara, to rub Oliver’s face into the too-recent darkness that still hangs over him like a phantom.

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So this is the Discourse™ that ensued with an FB friend after I shared a video (made by a liberal) about how it was the fault of the left the Trump won.
  • Friend: I'm sorry but Democrats did not elect Sanders because he was not a Democrat. He rushed onto the scene using the Democratic party to gain notoriety. He was never a democrat.
  • Also, Hillary remains to be the most qualified candidate to ever have run for the position of presidency. I don't agree with everything she has ever done, but there is no denying that fact. People fault Hillary for shifting views from conservative to liberal as she aged, but never failed to notice Trump was a staunch Democrat in action until the election started. And more to the point Bernie Sanders changed his party stance from Independent to Democratic just to gain enough momentum to spread word about his "movement".
  • If this is the Democratic party's fault, then it's the republicans as well. They could have elected a better candidate. The had three very viable candidates in Rubio, Bush, & Cruz, yet they chose to let that orange circus take over.
  • Don't blame my party for this. Blame the majority of angry, working class, (mostly) racist white voters. Blame the nameless, faceless electoral college that we have no say in choosing who "represent us".
  • I am so tired of people tearing down the Democratic party because a devision happened. End rant.
  • Me: Calling the almost 60 million people Who voted for Trump "mostly" racist white voters is part of the problem. I daresay only a fraction of his support was coming from that. There's no way he would be able to win on that demographic alone. Lifelong Democrats voted for Trump. People who supported Obama for all eight years voted for Trump. Blacks voted for Trump. Gays voted for Trump. Muslims voted for Trump. Women voted for Trump. All the groups The media swore up-and-down would never, ever, ever in a million lifetimes see the appeal in Trump voted for him anyway, because Hillary was not a good candidate. Years of lies and shifty playing was coming back to haunt her. Many in the Democratic Party were weary of her before her campaign even started. They basically had to rig the game for her to even win the primary. Say what you will about Sanders, I certainly don't agree with his politics, but there's no doubt he engendered FAR more enthusiasm than Hillary ever did. Forcing Hillary on us was one of the worst mistakes the DNC could've made and numerous liberal commentators have admitted to that at this point. I am far from saying the Republican Party is without blame. I'm a registered independent because I don't much care for party politics and this is why. I think nominating Trump was a disaster for the RNC. But there is no denying that it was more than simply "racist whites" who brought Trump into the White House. And people blaming the electoral college act like Hillary won the popular vote by millions. She had less than 1% more of the popular vote than Trump did. She didn't even have 51%, it was more like 47%. And I highly doubt any Hillary voters would be complaining about the college if Trump had won the popular vote and Hillary had won the college.
  • There is blame on both sides, but the insistence that Hillary was not a deeply, deeply flawed and unlikable candidate and that mere "sexism" and "racism" are solely to blame for this is simply not taking into account the facts.
  • Friend: He actually did pull primarily white, male, non-college educated voters. *cites a BBC article*
  • Hillary did win the popular vote by millions. The percentages don't make it marginal. Most people took Clinton at surface level, refusing to do any further digging into either candidate other than what they read on Facebook or Twitter.
  • The DNC favoring Clinton over Sanders wasn't a rigging. They didn't see Sanders as a viable candidate because, again he was not a democrat.
  • When you support a candidate that breeds hate, intolerance, and is vocally racist; then yes, I identify you as racist.
  • Me: She absolutely did not win the popular vote by millions. This is the current count: *cites a picture from Google showing Clinton with less than a 500,000 vote lead on Trump*
  • And many, many people, including myself did the further digging into Clinton and didn't like what they saw at all. Keep in mind, I didn't vote for Trump either. But 29% of the Latino vote went to Trump. That's more than Romney got in 2012. I'll say it again; people who voted for Obama all eight years voted for Trump. We can try to ignore it all we want, but the reality is it was not just racists voting for Trump no matter how you look at it. *proceeds to cite articles written by blacks, gays, Muslims, and Obama supporters who voted Trump*
  • Now we can pretend these people don't exist. We can shut them down and silence them and act like their voices, however small, don't matter. But that is exactly the attitude that people are getting tired of.
  • Friend: I've posted the statistics, and again his majority came from white men. 8% of the African American vote is not a large number. It's people not acknowledging the fact that the reason he won was because he was a hate-monger that makes our side get tired of explaining why Trump is not fit to lead a nation.
  • Me: I never said his majority didn't come from white men, I said we've got to stop pretending that the millions of other people who voted don't matter because they don't fit that mold. I'm willing to bet the majority of the people who voted for Clinton were white too. That kind of comes with the territory of being the majority race in a nation. And I didn't say 8% was a high number either but again it *matters*. It means that something he was saying appealed to more than just white men. Those articles I posted above are not just "statistics" they are actual people trying to give actual reasons why they voted for Trump, and we know just by common sense that it isn't because they're sexist and racist.
  • I don't need you explaining to me why Trump is not fit to lead a nation because I don't think he is either. All I'm saying is that it is wrongheaded and damaging to shout down every dissenting opinion or person who dares bring up the fact that maybe Clinton wasn't a great candidate either. To paint every person who doesn't think the way you do as a racist without even hearing with their reasoning might be. To assume it's all just hate and fear instead of a long broken system that people are sick and tired of. Everybody was wrong about Trump winning. The media, the pollsters, the celebrities, everybody. I'm just wanting it to occur to people that maybe, just maybe, they made some wrong assumptions about the mood of the country and what they look for in their leaders.
#52: "Don't..."

WARNING!: Michael’s part may be triggering!!!

Calum: "Don’t go,“ He pleads groggily and grabs your wrist, preventing you from getting out of bed. You look at the boy who’s now pouting slightly, making your heart flutter. You had woken up ten minutes ago with the worst hungover ever, and realizing you were in a boy’s bed naked and sore didn’t exactly make it any better. Though he was in fact very attractive, you knew you had to leave as you weren’t exactly the type to have one night stands. "You don’t have to leave. I’ll make you some breakfast,” He said and you though about it for a while. “But for now, let’s just cuddle.” He added and you couldn’t help but grin widely and lie back down, his arms immediately wrapping around your body which was tiny against his tall and lean figure.

Ashton: "Please, don’t leave,“ He begs, his hands trapping your wrists as he looks down at you sadly, tears flowing down both of your faces. "Ashton,” You whisper, not trusting your voice to speak up louder. “No, please don’t say it. I know it’s hard, but I promise, everything will be alright. Just don’t leave me, I won’t be able to breathe without you.” He whimpers and you bite your lip from preventing yourself to burst out in tears. “Please.” He pleads, desperate for you not to leave. He lets go off your wrists and cups your face with one of his hands, his thumb stroking your cheek and wiping away any tear that streams down your face. You softly nod your head and looks down, a sigh of relief escapes his swollen lips and he leans down to press a soft kiss to your own puffy lips. You wrap your arms around his neck and pull him closer, kissing him back before pulling away. He buries his face in your neck and you comfort eachother as you cry, crying over the fact that you almost lost eachother.

Luke: "Don’t say that,“ He whispers sadly, one of his big hands stroking your hair as you lie in bed, your face covered in tears as you rant about how much people hate you and how worthless you are. "You’re no way near worthless. You’re beautiful and absolutely amazing, you’re worth more than earth itself, and you have to trust me when I say this because you really are and I’m telling the truth.” He says, pressing his body tightly against yours as he comforts you. “I love you so much, and it hurts me more than ever to see you like this. Fuck the haters and what they say, they don’t know you personally so they have no right to fucking judge you.” He speaks, his voice slightly raised, angry at the world for treating you this way.

Michael: "Don’t you die on me, Y/N!“ He cries out as he scoops you up in his lap, his hands pressing against your bloody wrists in desperate need to stop the bleeding. Your chest is slowly rising and falling, your lips blue and face pale. He doesn’t care about the blood ruining his clothes, he only cares about you, not letting you die and leave him. Your breath becomes ragged and he cries out in agony, scared that you might actually die any secound. "No, no, no! Please, don’t leave, I need you here with me!” He begs, his tears falling on your head as he presses his lips to your sweaty forehead. “Please, I’m begging you, don’t take her away from me!” He screams, his throat tightening, making his cries more strangled. Sirens can be heard coming from the streets and a wave of hipe washes over him. “The help is on their way, you’ll be okay, Y/N. You’ll be okay. You’ll be okay.” He frantically rambles, not letting you go as your almost lifeless body lies tiredly on his lap.

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I just read The Snow Queen! (My mom read it to me when I was little, but I don't remember most of it.) AND HOLY CRAPTARDS IT WAS AMAZING. It makes me hate frozen even more, loosely adapted my ass. I checked the snow queen tag and it was fucking frozen! Like, no, Elsa pales even more in comparison to the snow queen. We really need to spam the heck out of the tag with good art and other things. I only saw a couple of actual snow queen posts.

External image

Okay, so this is going to be one long ass rant. This is the main reason why I hate Frozen and cannot stand its presence. 

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