because art is far away from that




- Yurio,,,,,,doing whatever he does


- Viktor is happy but lowkey dying because he’s too far away from his gay life force (Yuuri)


- Mickey has no idea what he’s doing there ???



ALSO SINCE EVERYONE IS DOING THE PEACE SIGN ABSOLUTELY NOTHING is stopping me from believing that they’re all trying to bless us with hints for season 2 


i was thinking about @kabuki-akuma‘s art and also i usually stay far away from ships that dont already have tons of canon support but i got hooked onto this one because it just opens up such an interesting part of the story and history

phoenix starts supplementing his income by taking art commissions, primarily steel samurai fanart because maya (who begs fanart off of him and is literally one of maybe two people who could get away with that) spread his name around in relevant circles and now as far as the internet is concerned that’s his Thing. which honestly he doesn’t mind, even though he still doesn’t care about the steel samurai like….at all…… because hey, it pays the bills. 

anyway the point of this is that miles has (unknowingly) commissioned several pieces from phoenix and at some point phoenix is going to discover who his best customer is and it’s going to be hilarious


Answering the question, how are we getting ‘I’m lost!’ rescue requests from far away?

Legendary rescue leader Lucario has Aura that’s hypersensitive to the distress of others. His outlet is to write up every cry for help he hears.

Either he’s got an injury or he stays by the board because it’s more efficient to delegate. He accompanies random teams when his locating abilities will be most helpful, like if a victim is buried under a rockslide, or when a situation moves him especially.

Answer: Instagram @ elleellenic

Yes I do have one! Just made it actually, so I don’t have many posts there yet it’s basically a desert now but I’ll fill it up in no time x”D

Tumblr is where i put my finished art, where instagram is where I put the process of it like WIPs, sketch, doodles and teaser. I’ll put some tutorials/video of the art process in the future :) But I’ll also post some finished piece in there. Feel free to follow me ^^ Actually.. I just think of an idea~! Let’s hold a kiriban~!


Because I love number 4, then I’ll draw a headshot drawing for 444th follower in my instagram lol so far away from 25 For reference it’s like the Choi twins piece.

Well.. Looking forward to the kiriban.. onto the next question~!

Yo just like to mention

Tumblr likes to call any type of fiction with heavy topics “problematic”. Basically saying writers aren’t allowed to write about murder, rape, pedophilia, kidnapping, forced relationships, abuse, ect, even if it’s not romanticized or anything just because it triggers then. Writers are allowed to explore certain genres and topics, as long as they are aware that it’s wrong. I’ve seen interesting yet abused characters all over the place because of writers that aren’t afraid to trend on heavy topics. They don’t have to write in the little box you confine them to. Writing is art. It’s a creative expression that an author should be allowed to explore. If you don’t like what they write. Don’t read it. If you’re easily sickened and disturbed, stay far away from genres with heavy topics. You aren’t a bad person for staying away from things that could seriously make you relive a traumatic experience. For me, those heavy topics help me get over my personal trauma. It helps me, but it won’t help everyone. But if you’re out there, confining writers to only write about certain topics, posting hate about them, and complaining non stop about what they write, then you’re a dick. Don’t stop people from exploring certain topics. A lot of times, writers can learn from writing about heavy topics because of the piles upon piles of research they have to do to make their story worth anything. So basically, stop bring a dick.

New OC!

Teru Amesame (雨々 てる)  is a little tsukumogami born from a teru teru bouzu!

(“Nn, I put it up all day, but it’s still raining…”)

…A discarded teru teru bouzu, of course, because, as far as its owner was concerned, it did not do a very good job of clearing away the rain. …Alright, maybe a human child isn’t exactly the most understanding and patient owner, but regardless, the spirit within was left feeling like it wasn’t very useful, unfortunately.

Teru, naturally, has the ability to influence the weather, although the ability is tied to her mood. Sunshine comes when she’s happy, although unfortunately for her, she gets nervous very very easily, and that makes it cloudy and rainy. She wants nothing more than to be useful to humans and make them happy with beautiful weather, but she’s always messing up by getting nervous and making it worse. As a result, she’s quite shy and worried all the time.

When she’s excited, it gets windy, when she’s angry, it causes storms. When she’s afraid, it gets foggy, and that only makes things worse. Her life is, a little bit hectic, considering that her mood shifts change things, but she tries.

Someday, she believes, she’ll be the best teru teru bouzu anybody has ever seen. Someday. Please.

Not surprising… :D

The decision on ‘who’ was … I won’t say easy but… yesitwas. I JUST LOVE HIM. Can’t help myself.

‘Why’ is a bit harder to answer. Because frankly Iwaizumi is not the character I’d typically go for. Visually he’s as far as it gets from what I’m usually drawn to.

My usual fav has fair skin (nope)
tall lean type (well he’s the shorty of the third years so .. no xD)
light hair (uh.. no)
LONG light hair (double no)

Well long haired men are nonexistent in Haikyuu so that category fell away anyways. No Asahi doesn’t count as ‘man’ sorry. *pets him*

I think what drew me in initially was actually how well balanced his character is (before I got to appreciate his looks). He’s strict and serious when it comes to things he loves (Vball, Oikawa), but he’s also not only ‘grumpy’ but supporting when needed. He knows when to be kind, he works hard, he does get disappointed and doubts himself when things down’t work out which is, thank god, normal. (I always find it weird when a character is this passionate about something but never seems to get really crushed when stuff doesn’t work out…).
He’s also a lovable dork… (the thing where he shows Tooru the fish species named Oikawa? priceless dorky proud face <3 so cute)

And since I’m a sucker for voices… I LOVE HIS VOICE. I totally approve of the seiyuu they chose. It gives me chills.

Before I forget uploading them again. Here are some goldies (+ requests) in fantasy designs. I’m sorry for the low quality (scanner is dead yay)

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Edd’s world has begun to stop spinning…

Since the FANDOM JUST RUINED EDDSWORLD, don’t get me wrong but JUST LOOK AT THE FANDOM. EDD’S POOR WORLD IS STOPPING TO SPIN, AND ONLY MATT IS LEFT! Please, do not ruin the fandom, i got inspired from Edd to animate, the ONLY inspiration was Eddsworld. Nothing more. Please, whatever you do, DON’T RUIN AND MAKE US HATE EDDSWORLD JUST BECAUSE OF THE FANDOM! No, i still love it, but so much harassment was given to Dudul and Paul. STOP THIS RIGHT NOW, BEFORE EDD’S WORLD WILL STOP SPINNING.

Please. Just don’t draw this fucking bullshit you call ‘art’, people are begging for you to stop this madness or Edd will be gone from our hearts, of course we don’t want that to happen. Stop this shit, right fucking now.
Everyone’s leaving Eddsworld, and if Matt will leave, Eddsworld will be gone far far away. We all don’t want that, we all have feelings. But that doesn’t mean YOU NEED TO HARASS AND DRAW PORN! Stop this, please.

Thank you for reading thus far.

A project I did for my art class. 

Revenge era Frank Iero made with ink dots on A4 white paper.

It would be so nice if you could reblog this drawing because I’m trying to get some popularity and sell some of my work to raise some money to go visit my best friend who moved last year so far away from me.

Thank you so much for your help!!:) -xoxInés


Okay. So. Before anything, this is quite inaccurate. I made alterations to the original story requested mainly because my heart could not take Law taking the hat away from poor Sanji.

As far as I can remember, this is the first multi-page comic that I’ve done digitally. Making manga used to be a hobby for me way back then but I got depressed in college and I stopped drawing manga. And this is the first time I’ve drawn a multi-page comic in more than a decade. I was a bit uncertain about myself and my skills when I started on this. I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to finish. I was very, very anxious. BUT!!! It felt good finishing it. Despite the messy lineart, weird paneling, my shaky hands, my stiff shoulders, and my sleep-deprived self, working on this has been worth it.

Thank you for requesting this, anon. :)

Also, thanks, @rei-the-rat for moral support. I don’t know how you were able to put up with my whining about not finding proper shit to do the panels.

  • David Ayer: Jokker's weakness is his love for Harley
  • Margot: ಠ_ಠ Harley's weakness is definitely her low self esteem since she keeps running back to her abuser
  • Jerod Lotto: Harley and Jockeur are true loves. He's a softie in his heart and his weakness is Harley because she's his queen uwu
  • Margot: ಥ_ಥ Harley....definitely needs to find love elsewhere. Like far away. Definitely somewhere not with the guy with green hair. Away from the Jookur. She needs to be away from the Joccker.
  • Every jarley shipper: goals! When will I find me someone as crazy as the Joker to love me like he loves Harley 😩😍
  • Margot: ಠ_ಥ
  • Margot: *has Mad Love art shoved at her to sign* *interviewers bring up Mad Love* *sees Mad Love merch everywhere she goes*
  • Margot: ლ(ಠ益ಠლ) it makes so surprised :) at all the people who like them haha because i really don't haha like them together :) im just so frustrated haha :) i many options for harley and everyone wants her to be with her abuser wow :) i am :) scream :)

anonymous asked:

Omg you should try it anywayyyy omgomg im blushing so hard just from thing about it! It would be cute (and steamy) has hell ahhh~!

(nah i want steamy things to be far away from this cutesy style ahaha but I mean I could draw some in  my original art style? don’t expect anything too explicit because aha i dont do that sorry) -kat

From @hiruma-musouka‘s beautiful wing au because Madara and Kagami were far too cute. Also you may not be able to tell, but I really like painting feathers. 

Although the feet got away from me a bit. They started as normal people feet? But then I added talons because birds and it sort of spiraled out of control? Oh well. I also moved Madara’s beads to his arm, just because they looked weird with the standard Uchiha collar. 

OKAY SO I WAS GONNA STAY AS FAR AWAY FROM ANGST AS POSSIBLE WHEN IT CAME TO THIS DEKU DAD AU—-but….my friend convinced me otherwise _:(´ཀ`」 ∠):_ …

So the idea was, what if Hisashi turned out bad (jealousy at All Might and how Deku looks up to him so much was a thought) and by some chance, met his son in battle. Izuku doesn’t recognize him, but Hisashi does. They’ll fight and Hisashi will gladly take the loss by his sons hand because he knows that he’s a lost cause. And well, in the news the next day Izuku would find out who he fought >w>

And because I go all out with my AU idea’s, why not draw a fake manga page :’D Ow my hand

I tried Horikoshi’s style buuutt as you can see I failed and you can still see my style>v> Especially with Hisashi. BUT!!! I like how this came out!!! ovob This was fun!

anonymous asked:

Since you love them too, can I ask how you deal with all the hatred and aggression towards Sheith, and Sheith shippers? I try not to let it get to me, but ugh, it's just SO overwhelming at times, and I completely understand now why so many shippers get anon messages like 'I love this ship, but I'm too scared to write fic or draw art for them, or even just post about them, because of the harassment :(', and it just feels impossible to enjoy it sometimes :/

Awww anon, come here!

I completely understand what you’re saying. That side of the fandom is vicious and toxic and I try to stay as far away from it as I possibly can. And honestly I’m so shocked it’s come to this. I never expected this series or this (pure and wholesome) ship to cause such a violent reaction. I’ve seen my fair share of petty and violent ship wars, because it’s all this comes down to really, but good God! I’ve been very, very lucky that this is the most I’ve had to put up with so far. And I’ve drawn and posted sheith fanart in the past and everything. 

Here’s the thing anon, I’ve been around this fandom scene for a while. Mostly as a lurker, but still, I’ve seen things. I’ve loved things with terrible fandoms in the past and I learned that you can’t let fandom ruin something you love for you. It’s not worth it. 

The way I personally deal with this is by using the block button. It’s your best friend. I’m just going through the ship tag and blocking everyone who is there spreading hate. Feels great! And like I said, I haven’t had to deal with anything bad in my inbox, but hell, block hateful anons too, don’t be afraid to do that. I just stay in my corner, reblog the things I like, enjoy the show and the ship. I rarely engage with the fandom except for a small circle of people I know are cool. As long as you keep it tagged for people to blacklist as they please, I don’t think anyone has the right to complain. You’re just trying to enjoy this harmless thing that you like. 

This isn’t to say that I’m indifferent to the hate, I’m not. I’ve had anxiety attacks over it when first confronted with it. It’s just I’ve come to realize that, like I said, I’m not doing anything wrong. The antis are. So just block people. Anyone comes into the tag spreading hate? Block them. Anyone comes into your inbox being an asshole? Block them. Block any hate you see, focus just on the positive side of the fandom and enjoy yourself.