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Shinigamis and suicide

I’ve read several theories about how the shinigamis/ reapers in Black Butler committed suicide and would like to give my own interpretation. 

From the picture above it’s fair to say, that Sascha hanged herself. Her silhouette is the easiest to recognize.

For Grell I would guess, that she slashed her wrists, because she likes to “paint things red” and in the picture you can also see, that the nails seem to be manicured. Something Grell is apparently fond of. 

Othello probably didn’t get his name out of nowhere and in Shakespeare’s drama, Othello kills his wife Desdemona out of jealousy and than stabs himself. So I guess, that’s what exactly happened to our Othello.

Now it’s getting diffcult…

I would assume, that William jumped to death, because in the manga he’s often shown standing on high buidlings, which also gives some vibe of authority.

Ronald probably shot himself, as modern handguns weren’t invented until the middle of the 19th century and Ronald seems to be a newbie reaper and not long on the job.

For Alan I would guess that he overdosed, as he was already sick as a human and it would fit to the musical, where he’s infected with the Thorns of Death.

Eric is the hardest to guess in my opinion. I would ascribe the picture between what I would see as Sascha and Grell to him, which is barely recognizable. Given his cold demeanor in the musical, he probably chose a violent way like causing a horrible accident or something.

Ludger/ Rudgar is the only shinigami we’ve seen smoking so far. That’s why I would say, that he burnt himself to death, as cigarettes can be associated with fire.

Which leaves us with Undertaker. In my opinion he drowned, as he suddenly was very eager to leave the Compania, when the ship started to sink. I’m also picturing him to think, that drowning is the most romantic and artful way to die.

Harry Imagine for sydnyctx

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Hi love! I’m literally obsessed with your stories! I was wondering if you could write an imagine where Harry is in the process of writing his new album in Jamaica and Y/N works on the production team or is filming the movie for the HS1 behind the album film and always around him and harry become infatuated with her and falls for her idk something along those lines. Thanks!! Xoxo


You had just arrived in Jamaica for your next job. You had been hired to come to Jamaica to film the recording process for an artist. Apparently, things were to be kept secret, which is why you didn’t know beforehand about who you’d be working with. Not that you really cared because you were just looking forward to doing what you loved and the fact that you were getting paid to be in Jamaica wasn’t a bad thing either. 

You had just gotten off the flight and all your stuff packed away in the van sent to pick you up. You gave the driver the address that had been sent to you in the arrangements. As the driver drove through the town, you got your first glimpse of Jamaica. From what you could see, it was beautiful and you couldn’t wait to really see it. 

By the time, the car pulled into the driveway of the house, you saw that it was a huge beach house with cars parked around. You wondered how many people were going to be here. Once the driver stopped the car, you got out and started unloading your things. Between your personal luggage and all of your camera equipment, you were going to have to make several trips into the house. 

You started to grab your bags when you heard someone coming outside. 

“Here, let me help,” a husky voice said coming from around the van. 

When you came face to face the person the voice belonged to your instantly recognized him. 

Harry Styles. 

You were hoping your mouth wasn’t actually dropped in surprise especially since he was sort of staring at you. 

He shook his head and grabbed some of your bags. “Are you the videographer?” He asked. 

“Oh uh, yeah, I’m Y/N,” you said. 

He smiled. “Nice to meet yeh, I’m Harry.” 

“Yeah, I know who you are, but uh I’ll be honest I didn’t know you were the artist I was going to working for,” you said. 

“Disappointed?” He smirked. 

“No, no, it’s just I kept trying to figure out who it might be, but your name never crossed my mind,” you laughed. 

“Well, uh, not that I don’t trust you or anything, but uh I wanted to keep this whole album thing a secret until I’m ready, so I just wanted to make sure it didn’t get out,” he said. 

“Understandable,” you nodded. 

“Now, I’ll warn yeh, you’re the only girl here,” he said. “There’s plenty of rooms here at the house, but I don’t mind paying for a hotel for yeh if you’d be more comfortable.”

“I’ll be okay, as long as everyone keeps their hands to themselves,” you joked. 

He laughed. “Trust me, we will.” 


Over the next few days, you’ve been filming practically everything. From the recording process in the studio, songwriting sessions around the breakfast table, and just a bunch of nonsense that always happens with a group of drunk guys. Speaking of the guys, they were out doing their own thing, which didn’t need to be filmed, so you were able to stay back and just enjoy yourself for a bit. 

Since you were the only one home, you decided to take advantage of the pool and hot tub that the house provided. You changed into your swimsuit, grabbed a towel and your iPod with your speaker before going outside. The sun was just starting to set when the music started to play through the speaker. You laid your towel on one of the chairs and walked over to the pool. 

You slowly walked down the stairs before just diving underwater. You popped out of the water slicking your hair back out of your face. You swam a few laps in the pool before getting out to get in the hot tub. Normally hot tubs weren’t your thing, but knowing this was a private house, settled your nerves about a bit. 

You closed your eyes as you let the warmth and jets soothe your aching muscles. You heard the sound of a chair skid across the concert, which made your eyes shoot wide open. 

“Uh, S-sorry,” Harry said holding his hand up. “I uh…I heard the music…” 

“Sorry, I didn’t realize anyone was here,” you said quickly getting out of the hot tub. 

You picked up your iPod and pressed stop. “I didn’t mean to bother you.” 

“Oh, don’t worry about it,” he said. “That’s one of my favorite songs.” 

“Really?” You said. 

He laughed nodding. It wasn’t until you noticed his gaze shift a bit downward, that you were standing there half naked in a swimsuit. You discreetly grabbed your towel to wrap around yourself so he wouldn’t know you caught him looking at you. 

“Um, so you didn’t want to go out with the rest of the guys?” You asked. 

He shook his head. “Today was a long day, I just want a chill night.” 

“I understand,” you nodded. 

“Have yeh eaten dinner?” He asked. 

“No, actually,” you laughed. “Now, that you’ve mentioned it, I haven’t really eaten all day.” 

“We’re not working yeh too hard are we?” He asked. 

“Oh, no, when I’m working I tend to only focus on the task at hand and forget about a rumbling stomach,” you laughed. 

“Well, I made myself some dinner, and there’s plenty, so come have some,” he smiled. 

“Okay, thanks,” you said. 


You had now been in Jamaica for almost a month and you were becoming close with everyone, especially Harry. You were in the living room uploading some footage onto your computer, while Harry and the guys were outside working on a new song. Mitch and Adam were talking about something so Harry took that as an opportunity to look over at you. 

He’d be lying to himself big time if he said he wasn’t attracted to you. Hell, he knew that the second he saw you. But now that he’s gotten to know you, he definitely had some sort of feelings towards you. 

“Could you be any more obvious?” Jeff laughed waving a hand in front of Harry’s face. 

“I don’t know what yeh talking about,” he said turning back to look at the words he had written in his journal. 

“You have the hots for Y/N,” he smirked. “You want to make your own little movie with her, don’t you?” 

“Shut the fuck up,” Harry said. “We’re friends.” 

“You can be friends and still fuck,” he shrugged. “I get it, she’s beautiful and she’s the only female in the house full of testosterone.” 

“Will you shut up, please?” Harry groaned. “Jesus, I’m here to work on my album and that’s it.” 

“Just because that was the purpose of this trip, doesn’t mean you can’t jump an opportunity that comes available,” he said. 

“Even if I wanted to take her out, she’d never go with me,” Harry said. “She technically works for me, doing that’ll compromise our business relationship.” 

“Are those your words or hers?” Jeff asked. 

Harry didn’t say anything. 

“Look, just ask her out already because this whole staring from afar is really annoying and fucking creepy,” he said. 

Harry rolled his eyes looking back over at you. You had looked over in his direction giving him a smile when you locked eyes. As cheesy as it was, he felt his heart flutter a little and he knew Jeff was right. Not that he’d ever tell him that. 

It was settled. Harry would ask you out, he just hoped you’d say yes.

since it apparently needs to be spelled out for yall cis fucks:

  • you cant be born as the “wrong gender”
  • you dont have a gender when youre born. gender is a social construct. gender is something you develop.
  • there are as many genders as there are people, because everyone has their own unique experience with the concept
  • biological sex is also a social construct. genitalia can not be easily divided into two subcategories as society would lead you to believe
  • trans women are the same exact thing as cis women, the only difference being their genitalia, and sometimes not even that.
  • same with trans men vs cis men ^^^
  • many different non-white/european cultures have more than two genders
  • it really is not that hard to respect people and their gender identities! it really isnt!

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Embarrassing the distance between Sam and MM at the concert, which is usually heard embraced by gf .... by who and what and who is protecting Sam? Himself? Cait? his family?

It is more than a bit awkward, the way those two are sitting.
There is room for quite a portly Jesus, or even two Caits, to sit quite comfortably in that space. And that portly Jesus wouldn’t even inhibit their conversation either, because there doesn’t seem to be any going on between them. They are, as usual, apparently ignoring each other. She is looking, and facing, straight ahead and Sam, though he is angled toward her slightly as he sits with his legs stretched out in front of him, is looking down at his hand at his side, and not at her.
This sort of thing, though it is the usual for them, is quite a contrast to the people surrounding them: several couples are sitting close, even arm in arm, and in another the man is reclining with body curled loosely around his seated lady- those two aren’t in close proximity, but it is obvious that they are interacting. But not our two. MM appears to be staring straight ahead. And Sam is keeping his own council as well. If it wasn’t for the large blanket that both are sitting at the extreme opposite ends of, I wouldn’t have thought that they even knew each other, much less were supposed to be “on a date”. Even the groups of friends are sitting close and most are talking to each other as the gathering crowd waits for the start of the first act of the evening. But not our two: it’s just sitting, and waiting, for them.
Ouch. We can only hope that things will get more lively for this little group when that portly Jesus, or the Caits, get back from the snack bar. To me these two look like the awkward two that don’t know each other well but came to watch with a mutual friend and are quite unsure how to keep up the conversation when that mutual friend is momentarily absent…

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How was the performance did Louis killed it I couldn't watch it

Okay so imma be honest here - I don’t think it was the best vocal of either of them. It’s apparently really hot and windy out there, so you run out of breath fairly easy. If you watch the video, you can see they were both just going fucking crazy being happy and excited and jumping around - which kinda affected his vocal. At the bridge, he didn’t have enough breath support (I think lol I have no clue what I’m talking about) to hit the low notes, but he recovered fairly easy and quickly. 

Thing is, I don’t even care if maybe vocally at least for livestream watchers it wasn’t the best, because man, the fucking unadulterated joy was just radiating off of the two of them. It was like watching a bunch of sparklers lighting up all at the same time.


Smiles & Laughs

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Jaewon is really shy and embarrassed but you tell him lame jokes and he gets comfortable around you


Jaewon x Reader - F

“Why can’t a bike stand up on its own?”

“I don’t know, tell me why?” Laughed Jaewon

“Because it’s two tired” you answered followed by a laugh

It honestly wasn’t even that funny, but you wanted to break the ice and make Jaewon feel comfortable around you. He wasn’t a shy person but apparently for some reason he was when he was with you.

“Okay, wait I have another one!” You stated, “why did the baker stop making donuts?”

Jaewon smiled and shrugged his shoulders “I don’t know”

“He got tired of the hole thing!” You answered with another laugh, Jaewon wasn’t laughing at your joke instead he was laughing at the fact that you were laughing at your own joke.

You wiped away fake tears and patted yourself on the back, you were known for being funny but sometimes your jokes were just plain stupid. Still, you made it work.

“Do you have another joke?”

You glanced at Jaewon and smiled “I mean, I might have to start charging!”

He laughed at your joke, his face becoming bright red. Jaewon felt more comfortable around you, feeling silly that he was so shy at first. He was thankful that you took the time to make him feel comfortable and laugh.

“Are you both ready for the shoot?”

You glanced at Jaewon and then at the director “yes!”

The shoot was finished with more ease, there were no mistakes and everyone was just simply enjoying themselves. You had the biggest grin on your face as you continued to tell jokes to anyone you could.

Jaewons laughter was heard from the other room as he listened to your jokes and laughed at you being silly, you were simply a lively and happy person that enjoyed making others smile.

At the end of the shoot Jaewon confidently came up to you “thank you for making us all laugh”

“You’re welcome!” You beamed “I love making people smile”

He gazed at you in wonder “I’d love to make you laugh” he stated, “can I maybe take you out on a date?”

“Awh, Jaewon! I’d love to go on a date with you!”

a/n sorry its so short,, but thank u for reading <3

Stuff I learned from watching Voltron Force
  • Force Keith is VLD Shiro

I can’t even say Force Keith is what inspired Shiro’s character because they are literally the same person. I felt like I was watching Shiro and for some reason everyone just kept calling him Keith haha.

  • Force Daniel is VLD Lance 

Just close your eyes and it’s him.

  • The rivalry between Keith and Lance apparently also comes from Force, because it didn’t really exist in DotU or Golion.
  • The bayards idea comes from here also (although I have to say the wrist thingies are way cooler, they should have kept those)
  • The Garrison trio was inspired by the Voltron Force Cadets

Maybe not so much with Pidge and Larmina, but Daniel and Vince are definitly what inspired Lance’s and Hunk’s friendship and characters in alot of ways.

  • Allura’s powers were inspired by Vince’s powers

He’s the only one that can really fight Haggarium.

  • Haggarium is basically the purple quintessence
  • This thing is that thing from the rift

And there’s like alot more that I’m gonna expand on and what I think it means for VLD, because seriously they took so much from Force, watching it felt almost spoilery…

Puerto Rico Update (9/23/17)

One of my cousins tried to go to the island and got kicked off the flight. Apparently, for the time being, they’re only letting people who had tickets before Maria return to Puerto Rico. The government is also begging people not to come because there’s only so much food and supplies to go around.

I know it’s difficult and people are desperate to hear from their families, but please be patient. Everyone is in the same boat. Reestablishing communications across the island is one of the highest priorities, so trust that we’ll be able to hear from our relatives soon.

Most likely the post offices will be inundated with things when they get up and running again on Monday. Please consider sending only letters for now. Do research to find out which areas will be able to receive mail when the post offices open. We don’t want to make things harder for the people on the island.

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On the blacks, you forgot BAELA ON MOONDANCER. Assholes invaded her home, traitors try to trap her, she slips away, and saddles her dragon to fight. Aegon loses to a 13 year old on a dragon half the size of his.

YESSSS brave Baela, I love her. She survived the whole thing too, though her dragon doesn’t.

This also made me realized I neglected to mention my love Black Aly, who commanded the archers of the riverlands and helped win King’s Landing. And who apparently had Cregan Stark wrapped around her little finger, because it took a marriage proposal from her for Cregan to be like fine, I guess I WON’T punish the biggest traitor of them all, Corlys Velaryon.

The blacks had all the badass ladies, and what did the greens have? some smelly old men who liked killing as much of their own kin as they could? no thanks

Just a Rant

So, wow I wasn’t going to say anything but this bothers me to the core it was brought to my attention this morning that @ryudrawingblind had gotten ask from anons. Apparently ryu and I are the same person, that he quote unquote steals art which is another lie right there. I think it is sad when anons have nothing better to do, then try to start rumors of others just because they have nothing better to do with their life. I hope you guys, my followers and friends will not believe such things other’s may spread about me or Ryu for that matter we joined tumblr to have fun and get our children and comic out there. I love all of you guys, I will hold strong no matter what the rumor is and trust in you guys not to believe such toxic things on us.

Thank you,

@turningleafposts omg, down the FRONT OF HIS PANTS! Illya, Illya my darling, my movie love, you need to STOP doing that (he does it in the scene with the Kiss while investigating the contents of his victim’s locker, too). 

I actually asked a “gun guy” friend about this and apparently it’s a “tactical” thing–it makes the gun easy to grab, easier to conceal because it doesn’t fuck up the line of your shirt, and if you’re good with guns and have practice you should be fine and NOT severely injure yourself–but STILL.

The election is tomorrow and i don’t have anyone I could happily vote for who realistically can get any reasonable percentage…. all I want is to vote for “please don’t put these fucks into the government” but sadly that’s not possible. Yeay for voting for the lesser annoyance I suppose??? And yeay for parties with statements I technically agree with but who have the dumbest fucking reasoning or plans to enforce a thing that will just make the thing worse because apparently critical thought is dead when it comes to Good Causes™

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Howdy! How would the UT skelebros react to their sibling coming home later than usual with a Puppy. Apparently, they found the puppy on the side of the road and decided to take it in and care for it? Thank chu! •w•


Sans waits anxiously for his little brother, Papyrus. Since he was surprisedly, late. It made Sans think of the worse things, because Papyrus rarely was late. At first, he thought it was just work but when he called his work, they told him he left hours ago.

His frantic thoughts was disturbed by a gentle knock. Sans, praying, that it was his brother opened the door. There revealed Papyrus holding a small pupper. Sans sighs and smiled at the sight of the puppy. “Is this why you’re late?”

Papyrus chuckled nervously and looked at the puppy sadly. “I SAW PADFOOT IN A STREET LOOKING SAD! AND HE IS A STRAY!” Sans rose his eyebrow, “Padfoot?” Papyrus nodded, “THAT IS HIS NAME!, CAN WE KEEP HIM?”

Sans looked at his little brother and the puppy giving him pleading eyes. He sighs and chuckled, “Fine, don’t expect me to take care of him though.”

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Do u like rwby?

*sweats* i dont aaahahaa >>;;

When i first got introduced to it, i through it was cool. But eventually i got bored of it, plus i heard how some of the things for their models are stolen and im just not fond of how it’s animated (it really just looks like something you could do with MMD, which is weird because apparently its a team of people using a very expensive program? And even then ive seen much better animation on MMD)

But the first intro song is damn cool, I’ll give it that bahaha

a few days ago the person i was cycling next to thought she heard something drop from her bike when we were riding home, so we dismounted and walked back a few paces to see what she’d dropped. she hadn’t dropped anything; what we had heard was the distinctive ‘pop’ you apparently hear when you ride over the back of a beautiful green frog. it was early in the morning, everything very clear and still. the frog was entirely intact, eyes open, grass-green, gold and perfect; not moving. the only thing visible was a tiny bit of red foam running from its mouth. 

there is really nothing especially profound about this but i haven’t been able to forget the frog, maybe in part because i was so aware that this was an entirely normal way for things to go. the image just seems to be burned into the back of my mind. the strange stillness of the moment. the way death seemed inexplicable and unreal, but in the kind of morning light that makes life seem very new and entirely foreign too, nothing feeling quite real and at the same time the outlines of everything drawn so sharply, like the lines of a drawing. i didn’t really feel anything except the feeling of my mind just not being able to grasp the world i live in at all, sliding past some sort of perfect, merciless geometric glittering in the sun. or alternatively; encapsulated in a perfect dead grass green frog in early morning light. 

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So now anti's are saying they're glad they didn't get the crossover wedding because apparently they're fighting nazis and they said this whole thing is a mess. I swear had it been them they would not have cared at all. But of course the one time WA gets something good the writers have to fuck it up but adding nazis -_-

Luckily I am not focused on what anti’s are saying right now. 🤷🏾‍♀️

i didnt wanna add this to that last reblog because what im saying here isnt about cosplay and i dont wanna take away from the point of the post (that cosplay =/= consent)

but in general, just dont go up to random people and kiss them or touch them AT ALL regardless of if theyre in cosplay or not?

also regardless of if you know them well or not. you still dont know if they could be a trauma victim. you dont know if your sudden touches (let alone a sudden kiss) could potentially trigger them into a huge panic attack or flashback. even if theyre your best friend, you still dont know that shit.

the only thing youll know is that you apparently love to violate people’s boundaries without their consent (oh and such things CAN be considered sexual assault btw).

regardless of if someone is in cosplay or not, just learn to respect people’s boundaries, dont be so fucking creepy, and just dont randomly touch or kiss people because you think theyre/it’s “cute”???


Okay so don’t panick ! I’m just moving out. I’m gonna close this blog, but you can find me at @lesyeuxdelarenarde . In french it means “the eyes of the fox”, i choose this name because my astral apparence look like a woman-fox. Like i said i’m planning to do a lot of things so follow this blog for stay tuned !! I will close this blog in a few days

My fitbit told me I was pregnant???

No seriously 😂 one of the very first “signs” that I noticed was that my once very consistent resting heart rate started to spike upwards. Now I knew that it can be a sign of pregnancy because I had just read a story of a women who noticed the same thing even before a pregnancy test would come up positive. Obviously I was skeptical but turns out that it’s apparently a legit pregnancy sign!

It’s also consistently 10-15 beats per minute higher than it was pre-pregnancy! So cool to see so plainly ❤️❤️