because apparently thats whats happening


Beauty blue eyes, my order of fries
Long island kindness and wine
Beloved of John, I get it all wrong
I read you for some kind of poem

                                      What can be said of my heart? 

part 3 of johnlock songs


and don’t worry about me.


“The fuck are you laughing at?”

“Come on, kid, I’d been sitting here trying to will you out of my periphery for a week, you were bound to fall on your ass at some point. You’re what I’m laughing at.”

Ray has no idea who the guy is, the one that lounges in the metal stands of his local rink, hidden behind a baseball cap and a newspaper (or the light of his iPhone), but when he hears the motherfucker snickering after he takes a spectacular spill on the ice, he figures he must not know who Ray is, either. But hey, if it lets him take a break from the pressure of preparing for the Championships, Ray’s all too happy to find someone to laugh with.

(aka the figureskating au, coming soon for your viewing pleasure!)

asoiaf au: thousands of years after westeros, close to two thousand years after the destruction of pompeii, and a century or so after the klondike gold rush, robb stark and jon snow move into an apartment together, expecting only to have to repair their new home, find a steady source of blood for jon, and a cage for robb for his “time of the month”.

in retrospect, they probably should’ve listened to the rumors of there being a ghost - though even if they did, it probably wouldn’t have prepared either of them for the ghost being a familiar face.