because apparently that's what happened to me

Im sorry for waisting your time

Okay I dont wanna rant for long but.

All I wanted to say was even tho most people are getting embarrassed/angry/confused about the current situation in the ew fandom at the moment I would just like to say that we all have different views on the show and thats fine…

But their are limits to everything and when a few individuals break that limit others get affected so please Eddsworld fandom, think about what you are doing. Think: Is it acceptable and am I doing the right thing for others around me?

As for the fetish artists, not everyone will understand, if you have a fetish and would like to express it through characters I guess thats fine? I will never understand fetishes honestly and if you could not tag the main eddsworld tag that would help? Because not everyone wants to see it.

As for the harassment of Paul and Patryk, you people are pretty sick tbh. The same thing had apparently happened with Vanoss (Evan Fong) and his girlfriend Sydney. Sydney was harrased by fans because they wanted H20vanoss (H20 Delirious being one of his close friends) to be real and tried to scare this poor girl away from Evan. The people who think this is okay to do need to seriously get a life, a job or something else other than obsessing over something that will most likely never happen.