because anon requested it after i made it. creepy. but awesome

Title: A Proper Thank You

anonymous requested: Could I ask for a Negan imagine please :) based on how I appear, green eyes, dark almost black hair, and pale skin and can the reader be called Laura (not my name but similar) can the reader be underestimated by the saviours (because she’s like 21) she saves negans life with her amazing killing and shooting skills and Negan repays her with smut?

Character(s): Negan and Laura (original female character)
Summary: An underestimated, young Savior saves Negan’s life and he repays her the only way he knows how.
Word Count: 2,568
Warning: SMUT!
Author’s Note: Thank you to the anon who requested this! I love it when someone saves Negan’s ass, even more so that it’s a young woman who is just as badass. It’s awesome! Makes him more human and less invincible like he makes himself out to be lmao. So, I hope you enjoy this! Thank you for sending it in! :-)

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If Hiyori and Akon were locked in a room...

As requested by anon. :)

Long ago, Hiyori and Akon were in Squad 12 together. What if they met up again? And found themselves locked in a room? What would they talk about?

Hiyori: You!!!

Akon: Hey again. What’s up?

Hiyori; Don’t “hey again” me!! We haven’t seen each other for more than a century! I was exiled! Declared a hollow! Sentenced to death! And meanwhile you sat in my old squad, doing god knows what!

Hiyori: So don’t act like I just stepped out for a smoke!!

Akon: Okay…

Akon: Hi, Sarugaki. Long time no see.

Akon: You look exactly the same.

Akon: Only apparently you like pink track suits now.

Akon: Better?


Hiyori: You may be taller, but you’re still a little shit!

Akon: I have horns now too.

Hiyori: ….yeah, I was gonna ask you about that.

Hiyori: Why the hell do you have horns?

Akon: They came in when I hit puberty.

Hiyori: Really?

Akon: Nah, they were body mods.

Hiyori: And the bald line down the center of your head?

Akon: …it’s a part.

Hiyori: No I think you’re going bald.


Akon: Still as pleasant as ever, I see.

Hiyori: Ha! Like I would be pleasant to you!

Hiyori: You were one of the weird science guys my “captain” Urahara brought in!

Akon: I actually heard you pronounce those quotation marks. Amazing.

Hiyori: And I heard Kurotsuchi is your captain now?

Hiyori: I remember when he was in jail!

Akon: Yes, he very quickly took over after all of you left.

Hiyori: Got EXILED!

Akon: Exiled, yeah.

Akon: Made himself a lieutenant, too.

Hiyori: …made one?

Akon: Made one, yeah.

Hiyori: How do you MAKE a lieutenant?

Akon: Science.

Hiyori: That’s really creepy.

Akon: Eh. We’re a creepy squad.

Hiyori: And that pisses me off! Because Squad 12 isn’t supposed to be a creepy squad! It’s supposed to be a kick-ass and warm and loving and awesome squad!

Hiyori: If Hikifune hadn’t left, you’d never have gotten in, that’s for sure!

Akon: I don’t know why you’re yelling at me. It was Urahara Kisuke’s decision.

Hiyori: Oh, believe me, I made him pay for it!

Akon: Oh? I heard you’re working for him now.

Hiyori: Not working for him! Temporarily working with him!

Akon: Whatever works for you.

Akon: Are you still in love with Shinji?

Hiyori: WHAT 

Hiyori: THE FUCK


Akon: I always shipped it.

Akon: It was cute the way you yelled at each other constantly.

Hiyori: Well that just shows you were wrong as well as weird!

Akon: If you say so.



Hiyori: Well this has been fun.

Akon: Yeah let’s not talk again soon.

My favorite Urahara moments

As requested by anon. :)

Here are my all time favorite Bleach moments starring everyone’s favorite shady shopkeep!

#10: Urahara appears in Ichigo’s window.

Ichigo has just realized that Rukia is in trouble, so he decides to transform into a soul and go after her. But Kon refuses to cooperate - something about not wanting a fist rammed down his throat. While Ichigo and Kon argue, who should appear in the window, but Urahara….who holds out his cane and casually asks Ichigo if he needs a hand. It’s a perfect example of how Urahara (a) always shows up at the right time, (b) always knows exactly what you need and © does it in the creepiest way possible.

Ichigo: It’s creepy to come in through the window….?

Ichigo: No wonder Byakuya seemed so upset!

Byakuya: …you learned that from your teacher?

#9: Urahara gets advice from Shinji.

In the TBTP arc, Urahara, as a new captain, gets a visit from Shinji, who tells him that he shouldn’t worry so much about what his subordinates think of him….and then adds that someone like Urahara probably doesn’t need to worry about something like that. It’s a great moment, both because I like any interaction between Urahara and Shinji, and because it’s one of those signs that maybe Urahara isn’t the silly dope he pretends to be.

Shinji: Readin’ psychopaths, takin’ names - that’s me!

Urahara: …did you just lump me in with Aizen?

#8: Urahara shows up with an umbrella while Ichigo bleeds to death.

After Ichigo completely fails to prevent Byakuya and Renji from taking Rukia, he lies on the ground in the rain bleeding to death and probably crying. Then Urahara shows up, Yoruichi on his shoulder, holding an umbrella over Ichigo’s trashed body. It’s another moment that I find hugely representative of Urahara’s character - he’s the guy who shows up with an umbrella after you’re bleeding to death and already totally soaked….because he kinda wanted you to lose that fight.

Urahara: Well, Kurosaki needed to see that he wasn’t strong enough!

Urahara: Visual learning is sometimes the best!

#7: Urahara lets Hiyori kick him in the face.

When Hiyori was Urahara’s lieutenant, she resented him a lot, and showed this resentment by pounding on him whenever possible. Urahara acted like he was either clueless or powerless to stop her…except that one time, when he moved out of the way of her blow, made eye contact, and then deliberately moved back into range, fast enough so that only Hiyori saw. Because as much as he was willing to get beat up for Hiyori’s reputation, he wanted her to know that’s what he was doing.

Urahara: And that was the moment we became friends!


#6: Urahara asks Ichigo’s forgiveness.

It was nice to see Urahara apologize for once - kneeling down, hat in hand, on a flying carpet. Just your normal apology. 

Ichigo: And you did apologize to Rukia too, right? Like you promised?


Urahara: Of course I did!

#5: Urahara touches the senkaimon through which he just sent Ichigo.

This is a very small moment, but I really like it. Right after Urahara sends Ichigo & co. through the senkaimon to rescue Rukia, he touches it, and then jerks back when it, um, shocks him or something. Which is our first hint that Urahara is in exile, that he actually can’t return, and that maybe he’s a little sad about that. 

Kurotsuchi: Not sad enough to return for good now that he’s allowed to, however.

Kurotsuchi: Thank goodness.

Urahara: I can’t abandon my shop!

#4: Urahara uses his shikai to protect Yoruichi and Orihime.

This was when Yammy and Ulquiorra were attacking. Yoruichi does most of the pounding, but at a certain point Yammy fires off a cero, and Urahara moves to block it with his shikai. Which is cool, because Urahara doesn’t use his zanpakuto powers very often. But when he does, it’s awesome.

Renji: Yeah maybe use your bankai already.

Urahara: Oh, surely you don’t need MY bankai!

#3: Urahara calls Kurotsuchi…on the phone he planted on him.

Urahara just recently returned to Soul Society in the manga - right in the middle of Squad 12, to Kurotsuchi’s displeasure. But first Urahara calls Kurotsuchi…using a phone he planted on Kurotsuchi’s body. Because Urahara is kinda a dick that way, but it’s funny when he’s being a dick to Kurotsuchi.

Rukia: Has anyone else noticed that Urahara is kind of addicted to planting things on and in people?

Kurotsuchi: Seriously.

Aizen: You said it.

Isshin: Sometimes he gets permission first though.

#2: Urahara seals up Aizen.

I really love the whole scene between Urahara and Aizen after Aizen’s loss to Ichigo, when they chat in oblique terms about the soul king. Aizen screams. Urahara looks sad. It’s a great moment, whose import will be revealed any day now, I’m sure.

Soul King: Aw, but I like having fans…

#1: Urahara greets kitty Yoruichi by picking her up.

The first scene between Urahara and Yoruichi. Still my favorite. For reasons of sheer cuteness.

Urahara: Thanks! I can be pretty cute!

Yoruichi: …I’m pretty sure she means me.

Submit Anon: I befriended a crazy weeaboo chick.
Hey everyone. I thought I should share my own experience of a crazy weeaboo I came across. I’m sorry if this is extremely long! ALL names have been censored.

Okay, so a little about myself. I’m currently a seventeen year old female who lives in England and attends college. However, this story takes place when I was fourteen up until I was sixteen and was in secondary school. Of course, I’m into anime, manga, cosplaying, blah blah blah. Due to my interests, most of the people in my class thought I was weird. I was very lucky to have a handful of friends in school. Everything was well… until I met her.

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