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How do you think antiblackness is going to to/ should be addressed within Asian communities, esp. within Asian countries?

good questions i dont have answers to. ive also never lived in an asian country so im not clear on what ppl are more receptive too, but for example in china its very difficult to initiate movements like black lives matter partly because the govt views mass mobilization as a potential threat to its hold on power. also pls dont expect me to come up with a collective solution for all Asian Countries because asia might be the most diverse continent of countries ever and even 1 asian country is outside my scope but i have been thinking about this so ill just address china / e asia bc thats what ive been reading about. 

my first thought was increasing/diversifying media representation of black people – the film industry is obviously still dominated by hollywood which still makes up a good chunk of what media people outside of north america and europe consume. but then i realized i’m not sure how well thatd work – obviously a lot of media still reinforces one-dimensional or negative stereotypes of black people (a lot of chinese views on black ppl seem to revolve around either: NFL/NBA superstar or ‘lazy doesn’t care about education relying on govt aid why don’t they just pull themselves up by their bootstraps’). 

but antiblackness is so deeply embedded in chinese history and society that even when there are black actors in movies, film distribution will deliberately downplay the role of that black actor in order to ‘keep ticket sales up’ which is DISGUSTING. see john boyega in star wars and how the movie poster made finn like 4 times smaller in size. so i don’t think the solution can even begin to start with media like it ‘could’ in the US for example (beyonce and solange, kendrick, moonlight, all of these black creators telling their stories through their art in the ‘mainstream’).

but anyways maybe more instruction on racial hierarchies in schools would help (not just in asia lol!). idk. idk how classrooms across asia work or how exactly they teach and i dont fully trust bbc reports on how much rote learning there is in chinese schools. talking about how the concept of race was introduced to asia (bc race is entirely a western european creation – other countries have created ‘us vs. them’ based on other stuff like ethnicity/clan/tribe etc but the race framework dominant today was an invention of those british, french, german, italian etc philosophers ha) and how it categorizes the world today – thats a good segway into antiblackness bc u cant talk about white supremacy w/o acknowledging its very foundations! 

idk dude. i think more research needs to be done on antiblackness in china, beyond just the ‘china did that racist laundry ad once’ stuff u feel. some links: