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okay so: here is my Big Post on Rewriting SU. this is super long like 7 pages in word so here it is under a cut, mobile users i am so sorry. the basic gist of it is to keep it as close to the original as possible while dodging character assassinations, giving underdeveloped characters some breathing room, sorting out the mess that is rose’s character, and so on.

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You know, if Topaz/Aquamarine somehow do manage to find Greg and ask him if he’s ‘my dad’ (there’s lots of ‘dads’ in Beach City- it’d be hard to pinpoint the exact person)

You know he’s going to take one look at these strange Gems and get that awkwardly supportive look on his face 

And you know there’s a 70-80% chance he’ll say something along the lines of “No??? But, uh, I mean, sure? I mean, I’ll be your dad if you need one. Everybody could use a dad. Sooo… I’m your dad now. Yeah.”

And Greg basically adopts two random aliens because Greg Universe is an Awesome Father Like That.

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Hi! Could you do one where you tell your best friend WInn that you have a crush on Kara?

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YAY! Thanks for the request!

“Alright. I’m gonna tell you something, but you have to promise not to freak out.”

Winn looked at you confused before becoming slightly suspicious. “You’re not gonna tell me you’re an alien too are you Y/N? Because as awesome as that would be, I don’t know how much more I can ta-”

“What? No.” You interrupted. “No, I wish. It’s nothing like that.”

“Oh, ok good. So, what’s up?”

“I think I might have a crush on someone.”

“Whaaat?” Winn smiled, getting excited. “Dude, that’s awesome! Who is it? Do I know him?”

“Uh, yeah. You do know her. Quite well, actually.“ You said as you looked away and locked eyes with the girl in question as she ordered a drink from the bar.

“Her, huh?” Winn said while looking around, trying to spot the girl you’re crushing on. “Well, then who is-” Winn cut himself off as he follows your line of vision. “No way…”

“Yep.” You said as you looked back at him.

“Been there. You’re in trouble.” He told you and you put your face in your hands and sighed.

“Tell me about it.”


This is Thunder Hawk, that is like Korean Power Rangers :) I really wanted to do some paintings and designs for this movie because the movie has cool super hero characters, scary alien villains and awesome robots as well! Nevertheless, it is just so fun to play around with my childhood, I remember myself as a kid who was so scared at those bad Aliens and then Esperman, the red guy would appear and kick their ass for me. The girl is Esperman’s love interest, Daili(I am not sure about the spelling) Please enjoy~

Are You Nervous pt 5

Summary: Your first official date with Taehyung as your boyfriend.
Members: Taehyung (V) x Reader
Type: Fluff
Length: 1,538 Words

Sorry this chapter took so long and it is so short and not smutty. I just really liked how this ended up as an ending to the Are You Nervous series. I really hope you guys like it just as much as I liked writing it <3

-Admin Kat

Pt. 1, Pt.2, Pt. 3Pt.4

“Get your shoes on.” Taehyung demanded as he pushed open your door. You looked up at him in surprise. You were still sleepy from the night before and you hadn’t honestly expected to see your new boyfriend awake already. Boyfriend. You almost laughed at the new title. It was so weird. Seeing the boy who you had only ever seen as a best friend, now being your boyfriend. Ah, my boyfriend! You practically screamed. Honestly you had expected to wake up and realize that it was all just a dream or a joke. But nope. Here he was, standing in your doorway, fully dressed, and waiting for you to get up for whatever adventure he had planned for the day.

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I need to know everything about your AU rn

Here’s what I have so far!

Finn and Rey are bffs forever and are always around each other when their schedules permit. Finn used to hang out with Kylo, Phasma, and Hux when he was a new kid but he quickly realized they were giant tools so he kinda bailed on them and it’s relatively awkward so Finn just tries to avoid them all together. Rey is pretty much a loner outside of hanging out with Finn, the only other person she really chats with is Han Solo who is like a father figure to her (and Chewy his hairy friend who doesn’t speak english.)  Before school she does a lot of work on her junker/ anything really she loves fixing things/ tech/mechanic shit at Han’s mechanic shop near the school (which everyone knows is a front for Han’s shady smuggling shit, and also that he has some weird history with Leia who is like the sports coach who Poe idolizes) Also, Rey is almost always eating/munching on something

Poe and Rey have hilariously never actually met in person before because their schedules never match up but they have heard a lot about each other via Finn who hangs out with Poe when Rey is busy and vice versa. Bee Bee Ate is Poes fat ball corgi who when not loyally following Poe everywhere has taken a real liking to Rey and Finn and will follow one of those three at any given moment.

Poe and all the rebel pilots are jocks (their team the Rebels, orange uniforms obvs) currently soccer season because I needed to draw Poe in short ass soccer shorts. Poe is an adrenaline junky and likes all forms of transportation and is a flying nerd. He wants to be a pilot and has a bunch of shitty models that he builds in his room. He also has his kickass black car he drives to school. Finn and Poe are bffs and once when Poe forgot his letterman at the field Finn found it and started wearing it and when he tried to return it Poe was all like nah man it suits you and Finn was like whoa am I super gay for Poe? (the answer is yes) and Rey’s like u should bone him and Finns like yah totes. 

Meanwhile Rey who is busy with school and her mechanical fixing shit interests has noticed Jessika “Jess” Pava, their schedules don’t match since she is almost on the same schedule as Poe, but she was put into one of Reys classes and Rey is like haaaay gurrrl. 

Kylo Ren, son of Leia and Han, formerly Ben Solo, has started a shitty hardcore garage band (Lead guitar OBVIOUSLY) (He wants to name it The Knights of Ren, Hux wants to name it The First Order. they get into way too many fights about this) with Phasma (drums), Hux (writes the songs and vocalist), and Snoke (band manager) Snoke is that guy who is way too old to be hanging out with high school kids, and he wears a shitty halloween mask for?? some reason?? every one is like what the fuck is his deal, and Kylo and Hux are like omg he is so coool and can get us beer. The band is terrible, but kindof good if you like garbage. Hux is a garbage hipster who likes to wear 1940s inspired clothing, smokes a pipe, and is a huge tool waaaaay too interested in dictators and war history. Phasma doesn’t say much but always wears silvers and grays and could kick anyones ass.

Also after initial high school au setup I am debating having an Attack the Block situation happening where they all get to fight aliens, because Attack the Block is fun and awesome and aliens and John Boyega! so! Stay tuned! Also if anyone hasn’t seen Attack the Block you really should its a fun movie!

But yeah thats all the garbage i have so far! self indulgent trash aus 4 ever <3

if Vimes was in starfleet he would absolutely be one of those captains who’s too principled and dedicated to their crew to ever be promoted past captain-

except he would be promoted, for the exact same reasons that Vimes in the books was made an aristocrat. 

can you imagine how vimes would react to all the obstructive beaurocrats

getting in screaming matches with admiral and ambassadors

it would be sight to behold

can you imagine vimes finding out about section 31


The bottom-line is that every instance of dysphoria is valid and important, no matter who is going through it or how they experience it. To be transgendered doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll deal with dysphoria. The experience is different for everyone. The spectrum of emotion you can encounter is a wise one. But for those who do deal with it, here are some tips that have helped me cope:

#1 Watch episodes of Adventure Time: AT is full of totally relatable characters that are alien and have awesome adventures. Because bodies can be alien, time-traveling, or capable of transforming themselves at will. Imagine your body as a slimy sacred thing that has come from another corner of the universe to save the world, even if it feels icky at times.

#2 Breathe/inhale like you’re taking a big puff of smoke/air: When your feel your chest tighten, concentrate on your heart. Up and down, in and out. You’re inside a body, make your body your home.

#3 Talk to People who love you: Let them remind you that you don’t deserve any of the negative mojo floating through your head. You’re a gift. They’ll validate your experience.

#4 Suppress it: Ignore it. It’s like an annoying pesky fly. Shoo it away. Try to think “No need to be worked up, I won’t see that person again.” Or distract yourself. Movies, Museums, Tumblr, all great ways to move your mind away.

#5 This is my go to, analyze, reflect, embrace: Dysphoria is a part of transitioning. Just remember you aren’t uncomfortable with your body, you’re just shit pissed on how others perceive it. Remember things change, and they will get better. Cry if you need to. Remember your experiences, force yourself to think positive thoughts and be stronger than ever.


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Prelude: Ever Homeward (TMNT 2k12, GaVG 'verse)

This little piece has been rolling around in my head for a while, and the only way to get it out was to write it. 

So, apropos of nothing, how about some Christmas fluff? Why Christmas? Why not? Apparently it’s the only kind of fluff I can write. 

For reference: Casey and April are 19, and the turtles are 18, so this pre-dates the main events of the GaVG ‘verse. 

(for hotmilkytea and snuffes)

TMNT Masterpost


“Are you sure it’s enough?” April asks for the nineteenth time. She’s been chewing her bottom lip since the seventh time she asked, and if Casey wasn’t more interested in her not asking again, he’d kiss her just to get her to stop. 

He decides to kiss her anyways, a quick smacking kiss right as she’s closing her mouth, and even though he gets a whack on the arm, April’s smiling when he pulls away. 

“It’s plenty, Red. Scout’s honor.” 

April rolls her eyes and blows her bangs out of her face. “Yeah, sure. Like you were ever a Boy Scout, Casey.” 

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Trying not to cry . Put every era in order because how long ive loved u for! And the bottom, all the memories from that weekend i went to billboard and rio! And that magical nite i met u ❤️. I would’ve never believed i could have a phone case with our picture on it. Even ur alien space piano from that nite because , it’s just awesome of course!!! kAnd I’m way to emotional right now, and can never ever put into words how much I love u and you mean to me, so just simply thank you for loving me , and being an inspiring friend. because I love u kinda more than alot xoxo lisa! taylorswift


30 Day Film Challenge Day 03: Favorite Action/Adventure Movie - Pacific Rim

It was a tie between this and The Avengers, and the only reason I can think that I picked this movie was because of how awesome the giant alien monsters were. I mean seriously - the aliens in The Avengers were cool, but I dunno. I bought a NECA figure of Knifehead if that tells you anything about how awesome I think the monsters in this movie are.