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(TRANS) Haru*Hana Vol. 22 BTS Twitter Q&A

[Individual member Q&A]

[Rap Monster: No secrets]
To Rap Monster

Q: Why is Rap Mon the leader? I really like Rap Mon.
Rap Monster: I am the first member of Bangtan Boys. We had several member changes during the trainee period. The current members were fixed when we debut. Afterall, we are a hip hop group and it was formed around me, who is a rapper. So that was how I naturally became the leader.

[V: I’m not 4D]
To V

Q: There’s a video where V suddenly started dancing by himself on the street at night. Why were you dancing alone?
V: When we first came to Japan, we finished an interview and there was some time left. I wasn’t hungry yet and the interview shooting was a bit noisy. The temperature outside was just right so I went outside. Even though there’s pedestrians around, they can watch if they wanted to. I jumped around to kill time.

[Jimin: I like my own eyes.]
To Jimin

Q: Jimin always wear sleeveless shirts. Are you the most confident in your arms? Or is it your abs? (^ v ^)
Jimin: I’m not wearing sleeveless shirts because I’m confident in my arms. I never thought I would have to wear that even in the winter… (laughs). My favorite part of my body is my eyes. I like the type of eyes that look a bit puffy.
(V: Even if you’re confident in your abs, wearing shirts that bear your midriff is too much….)

[J-Hope: In fact I am quite attentive.]
To J-Hope

Q: During self-introductions, J-Hope always says “hope, hope.” What’s the thing you hope for the most right now?
J-Hope: First is for Bangtan Boys to be a big success. After that is for me to continue to grow to become the best artist. Also, to work hard and study Japanese. In Japan I need to be able to introduce myself to everyone. Full of hope! (laughs)

[Jin: Pajamas are a necessity]
To Jin

Q: What kind of singer does Jin want to become?
Jin: I like a British singer called Daley. Listening to his soft singing technique and sweet voice makes one feel very calm. It’ll be great if I can also become a singer like that.

[Suga: My personality is exactly the same as my dad’s.] To Suga
Q: Suga oppa said before that he steals Jungkook’s underwear. Was it successful at other times?
Suga: It seemed like Jungkook became very careful after that so it wasn’t successful. Well, I also don’t steal Jungkook’s underwear everyday (laughs). I only borrow when I don’t have anymore to wear. I bought a few pairs now so I’m all set.

[Jungkook: A manly Busan child]
To Jungkook

Q: Why does Jungkook always pierce his right ear?
Jungkook: There’s no reason. Even though I have piercings on both ears, my ears got hurt when I was training. That’s why I didn’t get anymore piercings there but I also hurt my right ear practicing this time. So I’m pretty much not wearing any on both ears (laugh). (Jin: I also only wear on my left ear. It’s because in the movies I watched when I was younger, all of the actors I liked only wore earrings on one side… I always thought when I was younger that I will only wear it on one side.)

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A: Mihashi, you’re supposed to tell me when you need help, not wait until the day before the test so we have to cram everything!!

S: Maybe he doesn’t say anything because you dig your knuckles into his head every time he does, Takaya. :)

T: Ren, Ren! What’s for dinner today?!! Did your mom leave food? Or are we getting takeout??

M: !!!

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Stuck With You - Ashton Imagine (Part 2)

Part 1 here

I laid in bed, my laptop resting on my stomach as I scrolled through my Facebook. I was trying to get the memory of kissing Ashton Irwin out of my head but nothing worked. Yes the kiss was amazing and so hot but it was Ashton, the guy who had been a dick to me my whole life up until a few nights ago. I remembered the feeling of his tongue leaving a warm, wet trail along my bottom lip. The feeling of his rough fingertips climbing higher up my thigh, bringing parts of me to life like no one ever has. I groaned and slammed my laptop shut, angry with myself for letting it happen and enjoying every moment of it. Rubbing my forehead in frustration I tried to think of something other than Ashton. Cookies. Chocolate. Whipped cream. Whipped cream on Ashton. Licking it off his chest. “Crap!” I sighed, slapping my hands to my sides. Ashton would never leave my mind. Especially sexual things about him. “Y/N honey?” Mum said, opening my door. I sat up straight, paranoid that somehow she saw the dirty thoughts in my head. “Hey did you know of this magical thing called ‘knocking’?” I asked, annoyed that she just walked in. “Sorry but I just had something important to tell you.” Mum said, staying at the door. “What?” I frowned, moving my legs off the bed and leaning forward from curiosity. “This weekend you’re going to stay at the Irwin’s house. That’s what Anna and I were talking about when we went over there. Your dad and I have a business meeting.” Mum explained. “What?” I cried, shooting up from the bed. So much for trying not to think about him. Knowing that I would be in the same house as him was already sending my mind to places it shouldn’t be. “Don’t you dare complain Y/N,” Mum said sternly, pointing at me, “It’ll only be for one night. Now start packing, you’re always terrible with packing on time.” She huffed, shutting my door as she left. I really didn’t want to go to Ashton’s house. If I couldn’t control my thoughts now then how on earth was I supposed control them there. I had to pretend to hate him, act like I wasn’t interested. Yes. That’s what I’d do. Even when he was in the next room I’d ignore him. And if that room was the bathroom and he was having a shower then I would definitely try to ignore him. I’d ignore how his slick body would be easier to slide against, to grind against. Oh crap. Not again. I groaned and headed to my wardrobe, mentally preparing myself for the weekend I never wanted to come.
I lugged my luggage through the doorway. It was really heavy even though it was packed for tonight and tomorrow. “Thanks Mrs Irwin.” I smiled, dropping my suitcase in the front hall. “That’s alright. Anything for Y/M/N.” Anna replied. Of course. It’s just for my mum and I meant nothing in this. “Yeah..” I breathed, looking around the room awkwardly. Anna gave me a light smile before calling out for Ashton. “Ashton! Can you please take Y/N’s luggage to her room?” A few moments later Ashton came half jogging down the stairs. I prepared myself for this moment. Crossing my arms, I leaned my weight onto one leg, trying to look like I didn’t care. “Hey Y/N.” Ashton said coldly. I frowned and straightened my stance. Wait… I was supposed to be the one who didn’t care. “Heeey.” I said slowly, unsure of what was going on. Ashton grabbed my suitcase and went back upstairs, with me following behind. He disappeared into what I was guessing was my guest room. As soon as I walked in I was pushed up against the wall, Ashton’s lips against mine. At first I was shocked but my body soon remembered his rhythm and moved with him. I grabbed his shirt again, pulling his chest to mine while I pushed my hips against his. My body awoke as his hands roamed to familiar places. The sensation I felt from last time returned, making me feel warm. My mind quickly snapped back to reality and I remembered that I was supposed to be hating and ignoring him. I shoved Ashton off me, furious with him and myself. “Ashton what the hell?” I snapped. “What? I thought you would want that.” Ashton laughed, scratching the back of his neck. “No! What made you think I would?” I cried. Ashton stepped closer to me, his face inches from mine. “Because you seemed to enjoy it so much last time.” He whispered, leaving one last kiss to my lips before leaving the room. I let out a faltering breath, Ashton’s words leaving me speechless. So much for trying to ignore and hate him. I sighed and rubbed my forehead, worried about how the next 24 hours would go if in 2 minutes I already couldn’t stop myself from making out with Ashton. This was going to be a long weekend.
So far I had made it past dinner and hadn’t even looked at Ashton. He tried to start a conversation at the table but I only responded with one word replies. I was now in my bedroom, on my laptop I brought from home. “Hey Y/N, did you take the blow dryer?” Ashton asked, standing at the doorway. I looked up from my screen to see a shirtless Ashton with a towel hanging incredibly low on his hips. My eyes drifted down to where the towel dipped down a bit, my cheeks flushing a light pink. “Like what you see?” Ashton smirked, causing me to snap my gaze back to his. I cleared my throat and sat up. “The blow dryer’s over there.” I said, pointing to the small desk on the other side of the room. Ashton sauntered over, ruffling up his damp hair with his fingers, obviously trying to show off. My heart rate sped up and I started to imagine him without the towel on. “No.” I whispered to myself, looking back at my laptop to distract myself. “Say something?” Ashton asked, walking to the door. “Uh no.” I smiled nervously. “Right.” He nodded, not buying it. I relaxed when Ashton left the room. Now he couldn’t distract me. But I couldn’t help but think about how Ashton had suddenly done a 180 since last week and hated me again at the bottom of the stairs. And then suddenly we were fuck buddies when we came into the guest bedroom. He was sending me so many mixed messages and it was driving me crazy. I couldn’t even think straight anymore. In the bathroom next door I heard Ashton shutting the cabinet, meaning he was finished using the bathroom. I got up when I heard his footsteps walking past my room to his, ready to have a go at him. The frustration in me felt like a knot in my chest, making it harder to breath. “Ashton!” I called, stomping into his room. “Yeah?” He asked, pulling on his sweatpants. I normally would have backed out of the room but I was too angry to care that he was only half dressed. “What the hell was that earlier?” I asked. Ashton frowned before chuckling at my question. “That was you getting distracted by my package.” My mouth dropped open but I snapped it shut, the pent up anger sending my cheeks blazing red. “Not that! Before!” I cried. “Okay okay. Calm down.” Ashton laughed, gesturing at me to cool it. “Well?” I persisted. “We kissed a bit. So what?” He shrugged. I flailed my arms as if that would explain it. “No! Not so what! You kissed me just after you were angry at me! And you practically had your tongue in my mouth!” I ranted, trying to get my point across, “And I mean, we used to hate each other. Like hate each other. And now you think that because you have abs and a V-line you can kiss me and get away with it! Well no way!” During my rant Ashton rolled his eyes and walked over to me, stopping directly in front of me. “You can’t just think that you can use me like a fucking sex toy! You’re just a dic-” Ashton cut me off with his lips on mine, his arms snaking their way around my waist. The knot of frustration in my chest melted away, leaving a warm feeling in it’s place. He pulled away slightly, his breath tickling my skin. “You’re so sexy when you’re angry.” He growled. Once again I was caught under his spell, my body and mind paralysed before him. Ashton licked his lips, looking me up and down, taking in my short shorts and tank top. My breath hitched when he moved his lips straight to my neck, sucking and nibbling on my skin. I moaned when he found my sweet spot, my hands moving up his chest to his neck. Ashton grabbed my thighs and tapped them twice, telling me to jump. I hopped up into his grip as his kisses moved from my neck to my lips. His moist lips moved against mine with hunger again, another reminder of that night last week. I pushed the memory out of my mind as Ashton walked me over to his bed and laid me down, resting his weight between my open thighs. My breath quickened as his hips grinded into mine, causing friction and need. I tangled my fingers in his hair as his hands gripped my bum. My fingers moved down his chest to his belt, beginning to fumble with the buckle. While the heat and intensity rose between us something inside of me switched. I clamped Ashton’s hips tightly between my thighs and flipped us over so I was on top. I pulled away from his lips and giggled at his reaction. Ashton was slightly wide-eyed, shocked with my sudden dominance. I sat up straight, straddling him as I traced patterns on his chest with my finger. This was all new to me and it was amazing. I looked into his eyes, giving him the sexiest look I could muster. Ashton quickly became impatient and tried to sit up to kiss me, but I pushed him back down onto the bed. “Uh-uh. I’m in charge.” I said huskily, having fun taking control. Ashton seemed unsure of me so I rocked my hips, sending a wave of pleasure through me. His hands shot straight to my hips as I rocked again. “Y/N! Stop teasing!” He groaned, throwing his head back. I took the opportunity and leaned down quickly, kissing his vulnerable neck. Ashton moaned as I soon found his sweet spot. “You know, once you get past your personality you’re actually hot.” Ashton mumbled. I froze in my place, shocked by what I just heard. I sat back up slowly, still straddling him. “What did you just say?” I frowned slightly. Ashton smirked at me. “You heard me.” My mouth dropped open and I swung my leg over him, standing on the floor. “You’re such a fucking tool Ashton!” I seethed, tugging my rumpled shirt down as I left. “Whatever.” I heard him say before I reached my room, slamming the door behind me. “What just happened?” I whispered to myself. The frustration from before was back but it was mixed with a weird type of anxious feeling. I knew that I got caught up in the moment again but what made him flip like before. What did I do? Was he just using me to get sex? No, he wouldn’t have said anything then. I fell to my bed, letting my thoughts swirl around in my head. This was way too hard. But I was way too curious to let it go. Climbing into bed, I flicked off the lamp and snuggled into my blankets. What ever was happening I wouldn’t be able to run away from Ashton. I would always be stuck with him because of our parents. I sighed and pushed the thoughts away, trying my hardest to fall asleep.

A/N Okay this isn’t very good because I am incredibly tired right now and I wrote this late. I still hope that you like it though :)
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